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This is a roleplay game, set in an alternative version of the Dragon Age universe. The current year is:

9:52 DA

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This is the latest edition of Game Updates -- pieces of modern-day Thedas!
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Haring, 9:51 | An entire village is found frozen in southern Orlais. The winter has been harsh and terrible.

Harvestmere, 9:52 | Fourteen years after an abridged version of the Chant of light, called the New Cumberland Chant of Light is published and distributed to the faithful, a second, more progressive volume is released by Divine Justinia V. While it is met with much approval from the masses, it angers many hard-line, conservatives within the echelons of the Chantry.

Harvestmere, 9:52 | Senior members of trade guilds across Thedas are troubled by the sudden lack of contact from their Antivan counterparts.

Firstfall, 9:52 | A fierce debate rages within the Magisterium, caused by suspicions raised from a break-away faction who claim that the Archon has become corrupt by the influence of foreign agents.

Firstfall, 9:52 | A cluster of small, affluent villages in northern Orlais are overcome with panic as dozens of children suddenly disappear.

Haring, 9:52 | The head of house Pentaghast denounces the king of Nevarra, claiming that he is a puppet of the Orlesian emperor and calls for the people of the land to take up arms against Orlais.

Haring, 9:52 | The Orlesian emperor receives reliable intelligence of unusual activity in Par Vollen; many cities are engulfed in chaos, whilst the coast is littered with the wreckage of qunari vessels.

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The Last Night are a splinter group composed of the worshippers of Lusacan.

Until the last decade they had been a part of the Religion of the Old Gods within the temple of Lusacan. Since the murder of their high priestess, Lucretia Valerius Atrum, they have openly declared themselves as enemies of the other cultists - specifically the Cult of Dumat - taking all of the cultists of Lusacan with them.

The Last Night want to declare themselves openly as enemies of the Archon, the Magisterium and the Chantry. They do not want to be covert any more, they want their Uprising...

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      Hiding From the Sun
      Jhudora Vacarius - Posted
      "Do you actually mean the books?" Jhudora questioned innocently, leaning forward slightly to try and catch a better sight of the young man who had just walked in, one eyebrow quirked curiously. "I would certainly be surprised if they actually began speaking. Of course, it would likely mean they were possessed..." Unlike her younger twin sister Illusen, Jhudora was not quite the socialite. Any kind of flirting or sarcasm usually went over her head, as it was right now! The young woman hoped that Tiberius was not hearing voices from anything in this room, for that was surely a bad omen!  As the firstborn child of a high-ranking Altus family that was part of the Magisterium, it was expected of Jhudora to excel in her studies. This was why she usually remained to herself, although it remained to be seen if she would be the one to inherit her parents' seat when the time came. She certainly hoped that she would not, for there was no political ambition at all within her, nor was she manipulative or conniving as many of the upper echelons of Tevene society usually were. Luckily, her sister seemed to have more of a drive to prove herself and would likely be the one to become Magistra, leaving Jhudora to apply her magic in different realms! Feeling a draft of warm air sneak into the room, Jhudora increased the amount of cooling ice in the room with a flick of the wrist. "Close the door?" she requested politely of Tiberius, hoping that he would indeed oblige. It was far too warm outside for her, especially in the long, black dresses that she often chose to wear and she had retreated into this room for a reason! As he did so, Jhudora began looking around the room once more, wondering where the sole piece of furniture had disappeared to. "If you can find the chair that was in here, feel free to remove the books," she offered kindly, remaining in her seated position on the floor.
    • 64
      Hall of the Mountain King
      Regions of Nevarra
      Irene Mylonic - Posted
      Working together clearly played out quite well! The dragon—demon, dragon, what-the-fuck-ever—had been distracted by the elf who performed great feats of acrobatics to keep its attention whilst delivering pain at a distance. The front fighters were lucky to say the least; Irene had most of its ire! Sandrin gave warning and she dived out of the way just in time to miss particle of bone that sprayed out in every direction, she gasped as a small fragment embedded itself into her calf. “FUCK!” Irene roared and stood up, ripping the bone from its wound track. The mage and his brother gave no desire to finish what they started. So the injured and very angry elf would! Withdrawing an arrow, she ended up notching two together so that its impact would be doubled. “Stand back. Here goes nothing…” She pulled back on her bow string, took aim, and after a few seconds the arrows were sent forward with a great deal of force. Mhaiessa made the best bows; Irene only had the best thanks to her Dalish falon. There was a satisfying sound as the creature died or whatever fucking happened when demons died in a body it possessed. Its head was officially severed from its body, her two arrows making clean cuts through the damaged bone. “Fuck you!” The redhead chanting in a singsong voice, prancing forward, almost akin to dancing with joy! “Fuuuuuck yoouuuu!” She then proceeded to kick at bones. As she approached the head, it snapped its jaws at her, clearly very much alive even though it had no body! Meaning that Irene instinctively punched it before yelping again. Shaking her fist and hissing. “Fucking demons.” ((ooc: Irene ladies and gents. ))
    • 25
      We Meet Again
      Milena - Posted
      Considering that Milena was literally standing right next to Dethfyn in the dark, he soon felt a soft body pressing up to his own and a hand sliding down into his pants. The elf giggled as she stroked his manhood without any qualms about such an action in this place! Hopefully it was not some sort of shrine or sacred space, otherwise she would surely be struck down for her impropriety! "Well, you said to," she purred as Dethfyn groaned and before she pulled away, a mischievous smile on her lips. Of course, in the dark, the Warden could not see her!  Thankfully, with her elven eyes, she could see at least a little bit in the dim light, although it was difficult to make out more than basic shapes of things. "Do you have flint?" she questioned, wondering if the long blot on the opposite wall was a torch. Without waiting for an answer, she began to make her way over to it, stopping to peer at rubble and objects around the room every so often.
    • 1
      Creating Order from Chaos
      Regions of Ferelden
      Arran Garriste - Posted
      Busy. Over the last ten days Arran had been busy, busy, busy! Before the Warden-Commander had left, he'd been shown his duties and had thrown himself into them with abandon. An office had been picked for him next to Innes' own and had been cleared of all spiders and organized, leaving it pristine. Arran had found a place for every single file of import and shelved them and had made new places for his current records. All in all, everything was in order and Soldier's Peak was running smoothly!  Of course, all the work unfortunately meant less time with Nerys, even if he tried to be around her as much as he could! He was considering a break to go and find her, but the wafting smell of sweet goodness hit his nose just before his best friend entered the door.  "Nerys!" Arran exclaimed, throwing his arms into the air and leaping from his chair to bound over to her. "Sweet Nerys!" It was a rare thing when she baked, but when she did, it was a glorious thing indeed! The elf-blooded mage threw his arms around the woman's shoulders and pressed his cheek to hers, rubbing them together. "How I've missed you!"  ((Cookies!!!! :D)))
    • 38
      Another Party, With More Ice
      Emmaline Aveline-Revann de Louvencourt - Posted
      “Of course,” Emmaline responded in an equal quietness. “Absolutely.” Elie excused himself from the festivities meaning that when things winded down—which wouldn’t be more than a short while later—that the two women could converse privately. It seemed of absolute importance to vocalize her relationship, or rather her father’s relationship, with the man who seemingly made everybody uncomfortable… But that was for later, for now she enjoyed the quiet and the slightly more calm aura around the Marquis and Marquissa. ((ooc: End?))
    • 0
      Frowning on the deed
      Other Cities of Nevarra
      Tullius van Markham - Posted
      9:50 14th haring Nevarra city, necropolis office @Crescentia Falkenrath @Tullius van Markham @mimsymassacre @Zhavirah 1x1 After returning to Nevarra, Tullius finally assumes he gets rest, but more are waiting on his doorstep / Slumping through the halls of the necropolis, Tullius had finally found his way home to the crypts that housed many of the mortalitasi. Each their own room that doubled as an office and study for most. Not every mortalitasi used them, feeling it below their station, preferring a house that was more among the living. But those truly invested in their work would find this a good home far away from the society that could not comprehend the work that was done here.  Sighing heavily Tullius let himself fall down on his bed, first hitting a book that shoved itself against his spine. One day he would clean up and return these books to the library. That day was not today as he was to exhausted to get up again. He had forgotten that teaching the young about their wondrous world could be so exhausting. Orlais had made him spoiled and lacks, a trait he had to get fixed now that he was back in the crypts. But as he assumed that he had finally earned his sleep the first knock was on his door. Another apprentice that sought him out? was his first thought thinking he had again, forgotten one of his many books. With protest he pulled himself together to open the door. It was not an apprentice but a different face that met him. "Crescentia? Why are you here?" the notion that HE was the one who invited her had slipped his mind. usually he wasn't such a scatter brain, today was just an exception to the rule. So his mind gathered many reason; forgotten to report in, a friendly chat, a scolding no all of that was not it. Stepping aside to let her in his eyes found the reason. An open book about anatomy and the extended cut of the practice of healing.
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      Everything's finally falling into place. c':
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      ohai @Momo 

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