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This is a roleplay game, set in an alternative version of the Dragon Age universe. The current year is:

9:52 DA

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This is the latest edition of Game Updates -- pieces of modern-day Thedas!
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Haring, 9:51 | An entire village is found frozen in southern Orlais. The winter has been harsh and terrible.

Harvestmere, 9:52 | Fourteen years after an abridged version of the Chant of light, called the New Cumberland Chant of Light is published and distributed to the faithful, a second, more progressive volume is released by Divine Justinia V. While it is met with much approval from the masses, it angers many hard-line, conservatives within the echelons of the Chantry.

Harvestmere, 9:52 | Senior members of trade guilds across Thedas are troubled by the sudden lack of contact from their Antivan counterparts.

Firstfall, 9:52 | A fierce debate rages within the Magisterium, caused by suspicions raised from a break-away faction who claim that the Archon has become corrupt by the influence of foreign agents.

Firstfall, 9:52 | A cluster of small, affluent villages in northern Orlais are overcome with panic as dozens of children suddenly disappear.

Haring, 9:52 | The head of house Pentaghast denounces the king of Nevarra, claiming that he is a puppet of the Orlesian emperor and calls for the people of the land to take up arms against Orlais.

Haring, 9:52 | The Orlesian emperor receives reliable intelligence of unusual activity in Par Vollen; many cities are engulfed in chaos, whilst the coast is littered with the wreckage of qunari vessels.

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The Last Night are a splinter group composed of the worshippers of Lusacan.

Until the last decade they had been a part of the Religion of the Old Gods within the temple of Lusacan. Since the murder of their high priestess, Lucretia Valerius Atrum, they have openly declared themselves as enemies of the other cultists - specifically the Cult of Dumat - taking all of the cultists of Lusacan with them.

The Last Night want to declare themselves openly as enemies of the Archon, the Magisterium and the Chantry. They do not want to be covert any more, they want their Uprising...

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        Master's Apprentice
        Regions of Ferelden
        Marvin Gray - Posted
        Harriet was mostly right, so Marvin didn’t want to contradict her. His performance had been weak and he knew it, no need for excuses. She was harsh, but at least it showed she cared about him getting better, and he didn’t need her to sugar coat her words. Marvin blamed himself for the poor show of skill, but as he followed his new master into the depths of the mountain, he thought about how all of this would’ve been different if his parents were still alive, if he hadn’t been considered an apostate his whole life. They arrived in what was, according to Harriet, Marvin’s new training room. Good that he had one, and even though it was quite a walk away, it was still closer than the beach he had been training at when in Vigil’s Keep. “Being so deep in the mountain, it seems like nobody will bother us while we’re here, so in this regard I like it” He answered. “Also, the reverberation sounds good”
      • 49
        Let's Kill Tonight
        Other Cities of Antiva
        Rogal Ventris - Posted
        It had been a little while since Rogal had made love to a woman, so he was well aware that he would probably not last as long as he would have liked but that didn't mean he had to go at it like a teenage boy on his first lay. He moved one arm round her waist and lifted her a little off the bed and began to move a little quicker, his mouth moving to her neck and kissing the skin underneath and his other hand reached round and rested over one of hers as he began to thrust deeper, his moans soft. 
      • 38
        To be or not to be....
        Regions of Ferelden
        Alessandra Caradas - Posted
        Lessa got up and finished her ale. "Oh very homely" She swallowed her own mirth "I like other things too, but you are just going to have to find out for yourself aren't you." She walked to the door and looked back over her shoulder "If you think you are up for the challenge, then the next 6 months is going to be very very interesting." She glanced at her dress "I am going to get cleaned up before dinner, i will see you there in an hour then"  Lessa also wanted to spend some time doing something she did enjoy to do but not in the company of any one else. She made her way to her own area of the castle and after washing and calming her mood she walked into her own little drawing room. A room where she and her friends when she was a teenager would stay for hours talking, a place where her and her aunt had hatched so many plans and secrets, some of which had come to pass and some which sadly, would not.  Her mothers mother, her maternal grandmother had insisted that her granddaughter take up a musical instrument and Lessa had done just that, she did it now, played when she was upset, annoyed or just plain in the mood. Sitting at the piano she played a couple of notes then settled down and began to play something. Anything but something that settled her mood before the arduous family dinner.  and not for the first time today she wished she had headed straight for Ostagar. 
      • 38
        The Black Nugs
        Ulricha Aeducan - Posted
        "It was in the palace," Ulricha answered her brother's excited question, "I think King Bhelen was hosting a feast in honor of some human ambassador from the surface, or something like that... I don't really remember it that well. Sorry, it was really a long time ago. I can't even remember what it tasted like." With that in mind, the princess turned her attention to the pie. Its taste was delicious - sweet but not overly so, and there was something familiar in the taste of the apples. "Ancestors! this is realllly good, Kaiden. You've got to taste this pie," she said enthusiastically.
      • 17
        Stranger and Strangers
        Waters of Thedas
        Zanthe Roslyn Stark - Posted
        They were in the midst of walking when something about a bounty caught her attention. A bounty and Billy’s name in the same sentence. What happened that made her a have such a high pay out?  Zanthe didn’t want to stick around to find out, personally! She could ask Billy once they were somewhere away from the vulture men but now was most certainly not the place for that. Not with all these eyes upon them… She didn’t fancy any of them. To say the least! Together, the two mages sprinted towards Billy’s boat. They arrived safely but such safety would not be guaranteed for much longer! What more could she do but leap onto the woman’s boat and pray they could get things going much quicker than the men could! “How far do you think we’ll make it before they manage to get their crew together and ready?” Zanthe asked.
      • 23
        Simple and clean
        Other Cities of Nevarra
        Emmaline Aveline-Revann de Louvencourt - Posted
        Laughing, his wife answered his inquiry. “Yes, my sweet. Cats do that. It’s a display of affection. My grandmother used to call it ‘making biscuits’ because of the motion they make. It’s a bit painful, isn’t it?” The cat was simply charming! Emmaline never imagined herself possessing an undead creature, especially a cat! But coming from Tullius, she’d have taken an undead servant or horse if he so wished. She moved closer to him, smiling slightly as she all but crawled into his lap. Her lips met his with a great deal of love making her heart flutter. “Outside?” She asked with a soft hum of a voice. “I’d love to!” She carded her fingers through his hair affectionately. “Any recommendations?”
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