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This is a roleplay game, set in an alternative version of the Dragon Age universe. The current year is:

9:52 DA

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This is the latest edition of Game Updates -- pieces of modern-day Thedas!
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Haring, 9:51 | An entire village is found frozen in southern Orlais. The winter has been harsh and terrible.

Harvestmere, 9:52 | Fourteen years after an abridged version of the Chant of light, called the New Cumberland Chant of Light is published and distributed to the faithful, a second, more progressive volume is released by Divine Justinia V. While it is met with much approval from the masses, it angers many hard-line, conservatives within the echelons of the Chantry.

Harvestmere, 9:52 | Senior members of trade guilds across Thedas are troubled by the sudden lack of contact from their Antivan counterparts.

Firstfall, 9:52 | A fierce debate rages within the Magisterium, caused by suspicions raised from a break-away faction who claim that the Archon has become corrupt by the influence of foreign agents.

Firstfall, 9:52 | A cluster of small, affluent villages in northern Orlais are overcome with panic as dozens of children suddenly disappear.

Haring, 9:52 | The head of house Pentaghast denounces the king of Nevarra, claiming that he is a puppet of the Orlesian emperor and calls for the people of the land to take up arms against Orlais.

Haring, 9:52 | The Orlesian emperor receives reliable intelligence of unusual activity in Par Vollen; many cities are engulfed in chaos, whilst the coast is littered with the wreckage of qunari vessels.

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The Last Night are a splinter group composed of the worshippers of Lusacan.

Until the last decade they had been a part of the Religion of the Old Gods within the temple of Lusacan. Since the murder of their high priestess, Lucretia Valerius Atrum, they have openly declared themselves as enemies of the other cultists - specifically the Cult of Dumat - taking all of the cultists of Lusacan with them.

The Last Night want to declare themselves openly as enemies of the Archon, the Magisterium and the Chantry. They do not want to be covert any more, they want their Uprising...

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      • Crimes, Punishment and a twist in the tail.
        Regions of Ferelden
        Alessandra Caradas - Posted
        Leaving the newly arrived fellow Order to mop up the mess Lessa stepped outside and let the night breeze flick across her skin. She was tired, she was angry and she was, what ashamed? Ashamed to wear a uniform that had been stained with blood of innocents perhaps? She didn't know but when she got to where she had left her horse she punched the wooden pole and rested her head against it breathing harshly to calm herself. Come the weekend when it was her time off she was going to that little port up the coast, she might even ask her partner if she wanted to come, even if it was for a couple days to just, forget for a while.  She shook her head and waited for the other three. This, this was a mess and by the hand of the maker she was going to make them all fucking pay if she had too, damn traitors. 
      • Amaranthine by gaslight
        Alessandra Caradas - Posted
        There were times and places for this, and this was not the time nor the place. Amaranthine had strict rules about this sort of thing. There was a licensced red light district and if they were not part of a whore house, then they needed to ply thier trade indoors out of the sight of anyone else.  "Put her down theres a good chap" she ordered, her tone going from jovial of the last few moments to serious. "and i suggest uou put that away. Theres a flop house nearby go there or spend the night in the cells, your choice" The one who had been tossing himself off snarled and came at the SO Knight looking to punch her for interupting thier fun. Lessa moved to one side, grabbed his wrist and brought it down and up his back, twisting it a little, not to break it but enough to cause him some pain, she kept a firm grip on his wrist, a lot firmer than he might have thought.  "Silly boy" She muttered "Now what are you three going to do?" She looked at the now staring couple.  "Flop house miss" The lad muttered, he didn't look old enough to shave let alone dip his wick, by his accent she put him from somewhere within the Marches, a sailor more than likely.  She glanced down at her captive "You?" He muttered something "didn't hear that what was that?"  "Ok ok, Maker!"  "No, I'm not the Maker. On your way" She let him go and stepped back letting him stand. Only then realising she had been holding the hand he had been using to pleasure himself with "oh ugh" She scowled "Just ugh!" 
      • Interesting Bed Fellows
        Cornelius DeHavlin - Posted
        The girl was a whip, sharp too. He did not doubt for one moment that she would do exactly what she said she would do. He nodded to himself, more as an affirmation of what he had expected to hear.  There had been recourse over the years when such misdemeanours had been discovered and dealt with, usually he had done it if Natania had not been in attendance. He sat back in his chair and tapped his lower lip for a moment.  "We are shut for the moment, let me show you round. Nicodemus? are you coming too or would you like me to send someone to see to whatever you require?"  As the giant rose he wondered if this young woman would be something a lot bigger than anyone gave her credit for, what was it Nico had said? she carried his legacy? To gain her freedom after such a thing was indeed a shrewd business plan. That girl knew what she wanted and how to get it, that alone was worthy of some respect. 
      • Not what we used to be
        Other Cities of Ferelden
        Domanic Laran - Posted
        Dom did as his Templar sister told him, rank didn't matter much when it was things like this, that blood mage needed to be stopped no matter the cost.  He brought her down to weakling level, shutting off her access to the fade, he supposed that was one good thing about the Lyrium gifts they took, sever the connection to the fade and thier abilities. He respected the schools of magic, but he hated blood magic and shapeshifters, he detested both with a vengeance.  The blood mage backed away when her connection too the fade was severed, even if there was blood flowing she could do nothing about it, she was about to run when her head landed on the floor, yet her legs still moved for a few more paces before the body actually registered that it was headless.  Dom stood over the head watching the body for a moment, a clean strike, a swift strike his weariness starting to show. Although the morbid curiosity side of him wondered if indeed the body still moved when it was headless. Apparently it did for a moment.   
      • Just another day in the city.
        Colm Magnus - Posted
        Once handed over to the city guard both Colm and Cyan made thier way through the red light district and into the middle class area of the city. It seemed the paymaster was a merchant.  Colm rolled his eyes, a merchant? again? as if the city didn't have enough trouble without the merchants stirring things up. That damn Warden Commander did enough of that, taking anybody he felt like to go through the Joining. Colm respected the Wardens he didn't actually want to be one, so this felt to him like good honest work.  He looked at the row of houses before them and shook his head "Cy, you know i cant read, um is that the house we are looking for?" he asked. "and what to do once we get in there, i bet he'll be lawyered up by the time we utter two words" yeah Merchants always had a lawyer or two to fight thier corner, just once he would like to meet one that admitted to thier crime. 
      • Picking up the pieces
        Waters of Thedas
        Raistlin - Posted
        Raist rolled his eyes and shook his head. Frei didn't need much protecting, but maybe the shared heritage they shared sort of made him look out for her. He watched as his sister got up to excuse herself and head outside where she could go, well pee he supposed.  He watched her go and looked at his friend arching a thick set eyebrow "I'm gonna guess that you like her huh?"  If it had been Erik showing an interest in his baby sister he might just have to throw him over the side to the sharks, as much as he liked the Navigator, he didn't necessarily like the idea of him fawning over his baby sister. Frei however, well he was pretty sure that she liked her.  He might be wrong, he was never much good at that hearts and flowers stuff, the oldest, the one most women ran to when he was on leave back home, but not one for wearing his heart on his sleeve and he was pretty sure Frei was the same.  "You fancy staying on shore overnight?" he asked "i can always head back to the old girl and finish up?" he wanted Frei to relax and enjoy herself, hell she needed it. 
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        Upon my return, several or more characters will be retired. I intend to go from 41 characters to perhaps 30 or roughly there about. 
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