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This is a roleplay game, set in an alternative version of the Dragon Age universe. The current year is:

9:52 DA

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This is the latest edition of Game Updates -- pieces of modern-day Thedas!
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Haring, 9:51 | An entire village is found frozen in southern Orlais. The winter has been harsh and terrible.

Harvestmere, 9:52 | Fourteen years after an abridged version of the Chant of light, called the New Cumberland Chant of Light is published and distributed to the faithful, a second, more progressive volume is released by Divine Justinia V. While it is met with much approval from the masses, it angers many hard-line, conservatives within the echelons of the Chantry.

Harvestmere, 9:52 | Senior members of trade guilds across Thedas are troubled by the sudden lack of contact from their Antivan counterparts.

Firstfall, 9:52 | A fierce debate rages within the Magisterium, caused by suspicions raised from a break-away faction who claim that the Archon has become corrupt by the influence of foreign agents.

Firstfall, 9:52 | A cluster of small, affluent villages in northern Orlais are overcome with panic as dozens of children suddenly disappear.

Haring, 9:52 | The head of house Pentaghast denounces the king of Nevarra, claiming that he is a puppet of the Orlesian emperor and calls for the people of the land to take up arms against Orlais.

Haring, 9:52 | The Orlesian emperor receives reliable intelligence of unusual activity in Par Vollen; many cities are engulfed in chaos, whilst the coast is littered with the wreckage of qunari vessels.

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The Last Night are a splinter group composed of the worshippers of Lusacan.

Until the last decade they had been a part of the Religion of the Old Gods within the temple of Lusacan. Since the murder of their high priestess, Lucretia Valerius Atrum, they have openly declared themselves as enemies of the other cultists - specifically the Cult of Dumat - taking all of the cultists of Lusacan with them.

The Last Night want to declare themselves openly as enemies of the Archon, the Magisterium and the Chantry. They do not want to be covert any more, they want their Uprising...

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      To Buy, To Serve.
      Manius Ovidius Cato - Posted
      The silence broke this time, and it was in a burst of laughter. Manius laughed so hard, and then calmed in a minute. "You must see the expression on your face now. By the void, you are so damn quick, but you didn't think you are quicker than a Magister, did you?" He tilt his head to the side, so Tita can see the light reflects on the small barrier he channeled in front of his neck, where her blade would strike. "Of course I had all time to make it, because I made the first move" His voice turned thick, and he looked her in the eye as he reached with his magic again. This time, he wasn't casting fire, but reaching for her blood, the magical red that runs in veins of every sane creature. He stood up, and picked up the knife she dropped. Making tiny cut, he draw out some drops of blood, and handed Tita back the knife. Before she takes it, he was all upon her, not physically, but mentally. His brain against hers, his blood fueling the spell, as does hers. His willpower immense as he forced her to point the knife back, at herself, near her own neck. Her limbs were hers, controlled by her mind, but her mind was under his spell. "Now you see my point, sweet little Tita? Do you feel the cold blade drawing at your neck? Do you realize what kind of magic you need to be vigilant for?" He asked, bringing the knife as close as possible, probably cutting the skin, without going deeper to slit her throat. She was too valuable to get rid of, but she needed to learn her lessons.
    • 28
      The Rise of Lusacan
      Lucretia Valerius Atrum - Posted
      Lucretia made love to her fellow Watcher, giving him her heart as well as the full attention of her body. The wife of the magister was a true Tevinter beauty, upper class in blood and as dark as she was beautiful. Caius was a secret she wished she did not have to keep but the part that was secret was also cherished. For years she had been excited by the hiding they had to do, the stolen moments and near misses, but now she merely wanted to preserve the love she had for him. Anyone who thought they knew her would not believe she was capable of such love, but no one knew her like Caius did.
    • 13
      A Tale Of Two Houses
      Amélie Nouvrai-Valleau - Posted
      "I shall let you plan this hunting trip while I go and tell Poppy to expect you both on the morrow." She got up and moved as swiftly as she could while heavily pregnant, eager to get moving again. "I need the walk anyway." She told them, and it was not a complete lie. Amélie left them in the room together closing the door behind her before either of them could speak. [ooc: Amélie leaves the thread briefly. Either skip ahead to the hunting or tag me back in when you want me.]
    • 17
      A different sort of Homecoming
      Alessandra Caradas - Posted
      Lessa was stunned for a moment, and even if she refused such a generous gift it would not deter the Arlessa, maybe that would be the lesser of two evils, a gift was better then her trying to influence a better posistion. She had certainly earnt her place within the Order and it was not for long. Much as she might have liked it to be, the political ramifications if anything happened to her...well that didn't bare thinking about. "Thank you" She managed to say and smiled a little at the Arlessa's words "I would never break your heart Livvy, i already told you that lass, and i do not doubt that vengeance will fall on me and swoop down on me if i should ever do that. But i won't" She stroked the side of her face and ran a soft finger down her neck then lowered her hand "and i have no plans to let anyone take me away from you." Her hazel eyes glinted a little "just dont break my heart, don't think i would ever recover if you did. I can take a lot of BS but that...that would hurt more than most things in life" She held her gaze for a moment then laced her fingers through the younger girls, there was not that much between them in age, a few months maybe "And maybe one day, if Bron comes back, i will thank her, for introducing me to you" Oh yeah she had a lot to thank her aunt for "You are a beautiful young woman with the fire of both Fereldan and Orlais...i couldnt ask for a better partner" She kissed the back of her hand.    
    • 28
      Sheep in Wolf's Clothing
      Korcari Wilds
      Awenya - Posted
      If Aibhilin had aimed too far wide then there would have been little Awenya could have done without raising suspicion. Seeing an arrow sharply change direction mid-flight would have given them away! Fortunately the arrow only needly a slight correction, but enough to secure the shot. When it thudded home Awenya saw the shoulders slump of the others. It seemed even they weren't barbaric enough to punish two Chasind women simply for wandering too far from home. Retrieving the arrow the leader stared at it, then he motioned for the others to scarper. They'd been on the trail of huge prey until they'd found these Chasind, it was time to get on with it or go hungry. "Fine, just go back into your swamp and stay there!" He said, then as he departed another hunter added, "If we see ya here again you'll never see your little shacks again!" His leered indicated that unlike his boss he would not be such a gentleman. Awenya shuddered and then pulled at Aibhilin's sleeve, asking her if they could go back to the village - she was certainly done with wolf lessons for the day!
    • 17
      A different sort of Homecoming
      Olivia Bryland - Posted
      Lessy's words were so sinecure, always sounding the most honest and straightforward person in Thedas, at least in terms of expressing her emotions. It was irony, because these emotions towards a person of same sex wasn't exactly called "straight" "I've had nothing worth mentioning, more trouble that I could manage, and more politics that tire me down. Oh, I can't complain, at least when I'm tired, I get sleepless dreams, no nightmares of the end of the world, or the end of .. me" She sighed, happily to be in the arms of Alessandra. Her nervousness about having another person sleeping so closely like this fading with every touch and every conversation they make. The dark haired woman was a soothing effect. The short life Olivia promised was worth living before Alessandra, sure. Olivia wasn't a loser, and wasn't on the verge of breaking before her for certain. But what effect Lessy added to the equation, have turned the balance of her life upside down. Now Olivia can't stop thinking about her when she's away, and she can't count the many positive things Lessy make by her mere presence. The life was so good before, but now .. Now it carried whole better meaning to look for. "You are the first special person in my life, do you know this?" She told her, smiling. "If you ever break my heart, my vengeance will lay havoc to the pillars of Par Vollen, as well as burn the Tundra of the south" She inhaled deeply. "Worse if someone try to take you from me again" Slaver or former lover, she would not allow it. If she can't physically protect her beloved, she will find other ways to help. "I'll commission you a sword and armor, of finest materials Thedas can afford, and make the mages or the dwarves enchant it, I'll keep you safe, even if you are away" She promised.
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