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This is the latest edition of Game Updates -- pieces of modern-day Thedas!
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Haring, 9:51 | An entire village is found frozen in southern Orlais. The winter has been harsh and terrible.

Harvestmere, 9:52 | Fourteen years after an abridged version of the Chant of light, called the New Cumberland Chant of Light is published and distributed to the faithful, a second, more progressive volume is released by Divine Justinia V. While it is met with much approval from the masses, it angers many hard-line, conservatives within the echelons of the Chantry.

Harvestmere, 9:52 | Senior members of trade guilds across Thedas are troubled by the sudden lack of contact from their Antivan counterparts.

Firstfall, 9:52 | A fierce debate rages within the Magisterium, caused by suspicions raised from a break-away faction who claim that the Archon has become corrupt by the influence of foreign agents.

Firstfall, 9:52 | A cluster of small, affluent villages in northern Orlais are overcome with panic as dozens of children suddenly disappear.

Haring, 9:52 | The head of house Pentaghast denounces the king of Nevarra, claiming that he is a puppet of the Orlesian emperor and calls for the people of the land to take up arms against Orlais.

Haring, 9:52 | The Orlesian emperor receives reliable intelligence of unusual activity in Par Vollen; many cities are engulfed in chaos, whilst the coast is littered with the wreckage of qunari vessels.

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The Last Night are a splinter group composed of the worshippers of Lusacan.

Until the last decade they had been a part of the Religion of the Old Gods within the temple of Lusacan. Since the murder of their high priestess, Lucretia Valerius Atrum, they have openly declared themselves as enemies of the other cultists - specifically the Cult of Dumat - taking all of the cultists of Lusacan with them.

The Last Night want to declare themselves openly as enemies of the Archon, the Magisterium and the Chantry. They do not want to be covert any more, they want their Uprising...

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      • 79
        Growing Closer
        Regions of Orlais
        Briana Talon - Posted
        What was Innes doing!? Briana couldn't believe what she was hearing. Innes was divulging far too much about her and she glared at him. "Stop." She didn't yell, she didn't plead. Briana merely requested in a very firm tone that nothing else be said about her 'condition.' It was quite obvious by the way the Keeper reacted to her and her comment about lyrium she sensed what Briana was. And that put them both in a very dangerous position. Briana understood she was seen as a threat to the Dalish, not her personally, but because she was a Templar. Whatever happened to them would be her fault and she felt weighed down by the guilt. Briana met the Keeper's gaze when she made the comment about her losing her mind and Briana tensed further but remained tight lipped. There was truth the in elf's words and at this point Briana had nothing to say. She was busy trying to think of how they could possibly escape this mess but at the mention by the other elves that they kill them she panicked and became desperate.  "No. Don't listen to him. He is of no threat to you. Please just let him go." Briana addressed the Keeper, for the first time her hard resolve weakened. "He is not ... like me." She tried to keep from saying 'Templar' to avoid riling up the Dalish that surrounded them. So far the Keeper had not given away what she was and she felt there was reason for that. Maybe the others would react on that alone and do what they had to to protect their Keeper. Briana was all too aware of how some of those in her Order had treated the Dalish and if she were to be honest the elves had the right to feel how they did.  "I am at your mercy and I am more than willing to give my life." Briana did not look at Innes but kept focus on the Keeper. "I'm already lost. It doesn't matter for me but please just let him go."  
      • 4
        Old but shiny
        Bryce Owens - Posted
        The smile was honest but a bit awkward at the sudden compliment. "Well...it is...amazing! The first bits I learned about your culture. They were mindblowing. Living without city walls and actually standing up to humans!" He carried much admiration for them. With every bit of history that was recovered and solved it only grew.  "Maybe we'll find some shards today! We found a couple but aren't sure yet what the while thing once was. It overflows with magic which is really interesting. Maybe it was enchanted or magic was implemented straight into it." he rattled once again, notable was that his steps got easier once he found more comfort in her presence. She better got used to his babbling fast as he loved to talk about findings and anything he found interesting. Which were a lot of things almost to much for his fragile body, luckily his brain was big enough to keep track of it all.
      • 22
        Mending the broken
        River - Posted
        "Faine" he mumbled once more, needing the captain to inch just a little closer. Now that he had the man close enough he planted a kiss on the lips. Any form of being subtle was out of the window. Admitting to the fondness and attraction he had carried for this man so long. "I-I should have done that way earlier" River said as the kiss ended.
      • 22
        Prince in the bag
        Piers Galavir - Posted
        "I...uh, well yes. There's a great deal of difference between them." It took Piers a moment to respond to the statement Idrick made, not understanding why the man would think that. Did the Avvar leave their mountain so infrequently that they could honestly mistake Dalish elves for members of the Chantry? Or did it simply not matter in terms of their world view? Perhaps they didn't think so, but if they wanted to know about other people coming on to their territory it was about to become very important. A proper discussion of all the various people of Ferelden would have to wait though it seemed. The man and his brother had other questions that were more pressing to them, and thus it would be those that Piers answered first. "The villagers are a little difficult to guess at." Piers waited until Idrick took a seat first before doing the same on a simple wooden chair that creaked lightly under his weight, his hands settling neatly into his lap. "I have very little contact with them since they are so far away from the Circle. In fact, I imagine most of them would revile me for being a mage. However I imagine that they are moving more and more into the mountains due to a recent population boom. You see, after the Blight was over there was..." Piers shuffled in his seat uncomfortably for a moment, a blush creeping onto his cheeks. "Surely, you can imagine how many people returning to their homes celebrated. That resulted in a larger number of children being born than normal, many of whom are now adults. With so many more people in Ferelden, they needed more space and probably started looking toward the mountains for land and a place to call home. Given the history between your people and the people of Ferelden I...imagine they may not think highly of you, which is why they chose to take land that you have declared yours." It had taken Piers a bit to figure it out, but he understood that the 'tin men' they kept referring to were Templars. They would be the only people in heavy suits of armor that would regularly clash with the Avvar. He himself had been called for to heal someone who had sustained terrible injuries from one such skirmish, however Piers was not about to volunteer that information. "As for the Templars, that answer is more straightforward. It is the duty of the Templars to escort those with magic to the Circle of Magi and to secure all of Thedas from the threat of maleficar, wild magic, and demons. They are merely entering your mountains in sure of those with magic so they don't harm anyone. Uh...technically speaking now, since I have been liberated from the Templars that were escorting me, I would be considered an "escaped mage" and that would give them reason to come here now." There was a pause for a moment before Piers began speaking again. "Actually, come to think of it, that is not an entirely accurate description of all Templar activity. The Templar order is currently fractured and what I just described would apply to the faction that call themselves the Shields. Another faction called the Swords are...not to speak ill of them, but they stand relentlessly opposed to the very idea of magic. If you've fought a great number of Templars it could be them that you are facing. They would be concerned about any rumors of magic that have made their way to them, enough that they might be willing to go to war over it. There are also the Traditionalist, who remain loyal to the Chantry, but I can't imagine why the Chantry would send them to battle you. If it were, I would have to wonder if it was the work of a rogue Revered Mother or someone of greater standing. It...would not be the first time a member of the Chantry operating under her own ideas started a war..."
      • 17
        The Harpy
        Regions of Orlais
        Geraldina Entranzio Feralino - Posted
        Geraldina set an easy pace for as they walked back to their own camp, noticing that she was quite tired. "Stefano and I have an extra tent you're welcome to," she told the girl, smiling, although she was sure that Seron was likely to give up his own small caravan to accommodate the new member. The kossith was sweet like that. "I also have some extra clothing you're welcome too," she continued, smiling. Although, they would be the more modest of her outfits, for the one she was wearing now was quite low cut. Either way, they would get the child all set up and made to feel at home. No one was going to treat her poorly again. Otherwise, they would likely have Ashaya's fist in their face and Geraldina's boot shoved up their ass! 
      • 7
        A New Year Spend In Open
        Regions of Nevarra
        Silva Ainsworth - Posted
        "With this group, who knows," Silva replied, very much doubting that anyone would want to celebrate. They were driven so hard during the day and at night most seemed to take their chance to rest. She still wondered why there was such a rush to move. Having traveled on her own for many years, she was accustomed to setting her own pace, not this. At least she could walk many miles, but as a healer, she had to worry about people's health if this pace continued on too long. Shivering slightly, she pulled her worn cloak tighter about herself. She was always cold and despite having spent years in Southern Orlais where winters were harsh, it still crept into her bones. "Any wishes for the new year?" she asked her companions as they walked.
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      • Claire

        Everything went well at the clinic today. The doctor put me on new medication and introduced me to other Multiple Sclerosis specialists, including the MS nurse. Because of the numbness in my face and pain that I have been having in my neck they are sending me for an MRI and a VEP. Even if they do change the diagnosis to MS from TM the doctors are confident that I won’t need interferon. The reason for this is that I’m not relapsing and remitting, at least not yet. All in all the appointment went well, my pain is being managed and I now have contacts at the MS clinic and therefore better support. I feel positive looking forward, whether it’s TM or MS the result is the same I still have the same symptoms and therefore need the same treatment.
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        1. Jax

          that is good to hear hunni x

      • Claire

        Wish me luck at the hospital today!
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          Good luck

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          Good luck! :love:

        4. Jax

          Good luck hunni :love:

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          Good luck lovie!

      • Jax

        replies sunday i am having a real shit week at work and think i need a day or two to just get that place out of my system so i can enjoy my days off...that and i wanna shake this bug. 
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      • Jax

        No replies today or tomorrow...not feeking well..sorry guys ache all over and my wrists are killing me. 
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        1. Momo

          :love: Go rest! Your Texan daughter demands it! Hope you feel better soon!

        2. Caraine

          Feel better soon!

        3. Gali10

          Feel better!  *hugs*
        4. Zhavirah

          Go rest, you deserved it :) We'll be still around when you come back

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