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      • Out of her Comfort Zone.
        Val Royeaux
        Carella Falcon - Posted
        "Slow down, love." Carella smiled. "Let's enjoy me and you, yeah?" She asked, for she was not even sure of her feelings yet, she only knew she felt settled at the Peak. "I want to try out that place halfway between us first, see how it goes..." As in, take it easy, that was what she wanted to say. Usually Carella was forthright but in this instance she did not want to hurt Lessa's feelings. "It's not the right time. I am fine with hiding, but when the time does come it has to be all out, or all in. I don't like these mixed measures." Which was why she was resisting. It was too early to know what her heart truly wanted but early enough to be free with her lust outside of her grandfather's eye. Yet it was confusing to be all out outside and hiding it all at the Peak. So best case scenario was all in and enjoying fooling around in the dark...
      • The Husband, The Wife and the Arguement
        Fabien Nouvrai - Posted
        It was clear to him now that when his wife was truly agitated she went physical. But lucky for her, not overly so, he had managed to calm himself down from when she had pushed him by the time that she had her finger in his face. But if she had touched him again then it might have been hard for him to control himself. "Of course I will not allow her here again, the guards will make sure that she never step a foot on our grounds." There was though very little he could do about her hovel within the city. If he cast her out now in winter then the work he and Amélie were doing with Caitlyn might be undone. But that was quite out of sight so hopefully it would soon be out of mind for his wife. And when he had the hag 'explaining' herself, he would 'explain' to her that she was not welcomed to the Nouvrai estates.   But he had come here hoping to rest from a full day's work but now it seemed that he was required to get back out there and lose precious time for sleep and lovemaking with his wife. Angry sex was pretty good when done right but as she seemed now there was not a chance for even that. But it was still the beginning of their marriage and he did not want to give up too much ground so he would be the henpecked husband. But he realised that if they argued anymore then he would strike her. That would almost be worse than being henpecked if he wanted to have strong and healthy heirs. "Fine. I'll go right now and make sure it is done. You don't need to stay up for me." He then turned to get himself dressed for getting outside in the cold.
      • Out of her Comfort Zone.
        Val Royeaux
        Alessandra Caradas - Posted
        "or" Lessa sighed and wrapped an arm around her love "I tell them i have met someone and i intend to spend a great deal of time with her with or without thier approval? Whats the worse that can happen?" She mused.  She knew the worst that could happen but Lessa had grown tired of the sneaking around, she had seen other couples not bat an eyelid and she had her duties, but she also had her heart and her heart belonged to this woman laying in her arms. Something she honestly did not believe she would ever do again.  "Why should i hide what i feel for you rella?" She asked no one in paticular, she was just givng her thoughts voice. "Its as right to feel this way as it is about anyone else. Or anything else, i don't do anythign that causes them to cringe in embarrasment Grandpa wanted me to be a warrior queen type person and i suppose i am, so if you are comfortable with the idea i am gonna tell them about us. Dad knows, Bron knows, and they are in our corner"
      • Time to face reality.
        Élodie Lefévre - Posted
        Firstly she was relieved that Felicity was not on her way to expose the truth to Mathieu. That seemed like a win. She hoped. Then she was just relieved to be off her feet, she'd been tired and not realised it. The morning sickness (which was not always in the morning!) was making her weak. "I want Noemi to have another sibling..." She confessed. "And I want another child." Even if Mathieu did not, Élodie did. Surely that counted for something in this relationship?! Élodie did not know it, but when they'd found out Mathieu could have been convinced, but she had capitulated. Even not knowing that truth she hated herself for believing his reasons and promising to get rid of the child.
      • Time to face reality.
        Felicity Durand - Posted
        Fel arched an eyebrow. Mathieu had told her to get rid of it? "and what happens if you fall again, will he ask the same of you then too?"  Fel already had made moves to separate herself from Mathieu, she would be informing him of that in due course, but for him to ask  a woman he was supposedly in love with to get rid of another child he had made? That was so wrong.  "Then he should of taking precautions before getting his dick wet shouldn't he"  Fel was absolutely disgusted, why should it be up to the woman all the time, if Mathieu did not want any more children then why would he not do something to ensure he would not aid conceiving one. That however was not the immediate problem, the immediate problem was standing before her.  Rising she crossed to her study door and locked it, then gently placed her hand on Elodies shoulder and steered her to a chair before perching on her desk.  "So what do you want to do? i am not asking what that man wants to do, i am asking what You want to do?"   

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