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*Contributed Documentation: Everything You Need To Know


What is Contributed Documentation?

  • Any kind of document that covers how to roleplay, or anything that may aid our players while partaking in this hobby would be considered a contributed document.
  • It is any document submitted by members, not staff.
  • Examples of this could be; How to play a villain; Medieval herbs; Useful browser app for RPers. Basically it is any useful document and the more tailored it is to Dragon Age and Revolutions, the better.
    • any image resources can be uploaded to your personal gallery and then posted in an article and submitted.
      • REMINDER: images must be used in adherence with our rules.
    • for helpful links post it in a comment in the relevant link directory.


How do I submit a document?

  • It is simple, just go to the Contributed Documentation category and click "add new article".
  • A member of staff will approve the document once it is ready for public view, then the article will be locked. This means the submitter will not be able to make further edits unless they contact a member of staff.


How are the documents curated?

  • Staff will review them and make sure that links and information is up to date and relevant.
  • Documents from members who have left the site will remain as long as the information is still useful.
    • By submitting a document you agree that Revolutions staff have the final say on whether it is published or not.
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