Lore is something we enjoy here at CoT - this is why we have a wiki! We have two main ways for members to be involved in lore and to help you understand it:
The Admins will update this article once a month. If you have any questions please use the contact centre. If you have any suggestions for the kind of lore you want us to work on leave a comment here and we shall consider it.


Work in Progress Lists

Wiki Pages to Edit:

  • Bioware Specialisations (add Inquisition specs etc)
  • Grey Wardens and the Blight
  • House of Crows
  • Imperial Chantry
  • Ostagar
  • Races
  • Seekers
  • Timeline of Events
  • Timeline Convertor
  • Timeline of Thedas
  • Weisshaupt Accord

    New Wiki Pages Under Construction:

    • Avvar
    • Canon Characters
    • Denerim's City Watch
    • Dwarva Lexicon
    • Free Marcher Cities
    • Frostbacks
    • Grey Warden Authority
    • Imperial Templars
    • Mages Collective
    • Mortalitasi
    • Order of Elementalists
    • Origins of Elemental Magic and Mastering all elements
    • Orlesian Masks
    • Qunlat Lexicon
    • Rivaini Tribes
    • Sisters of Light
    • Tevinter Lexicon
    • Thedas Maritime Warfare
    • Thieves Guild


      Bioware Lore
      Even though the game is placed specifically within Bioware's timeline (see: Setting Overview), we continue to look at the lore created by Bioware to see what would fit in our game and what would not. Since Bioware have created a lot of lore by way of the various products of the Dragon Age universe we are going to use this space to show you the outline of what is being considered for additions to our lore. The outline is as follows:



      • ???


      • ???


      • Knight Enchanter
      • Necromancer
      • Rift Mage
      • Artificer
      • Assassin
      • Tempest
      • Champion
      • Reaver
      • Templar


      • ???


      • ???


      • ???

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