Wonderful People of Thedas,

The land is in need of the listed roles below. For there are more stories to be told, awaiting the right character to narrate them. . .

Also, don’t forget to take a look at the adoptables. You will have a character and a plot to join as soon as your character gets accepted. You may add to this list if you are a faction runner - otherwise please post your wanted roles and characters in the adoptables forum and use the Adoptable Pimping Thread to advertise them!



  • There are a range of adoptables for all kinds of plots and people. Check out what our members need here.


The Revolutions Wanteds

  • Citizens with various occupations; butchers, bakers, candlestick makers!
  • City Elves
  • Dwarves - Deep Roads - Surface - Carta - Nueva Libertad - Ambassadoria - LotD
  • Libertarian Mages
  • Circle Mages - Cities these would be useful - Montsimmard, Jainen (or servants for any nobles!)
  • Nueva Libertad Qunari and Tal'vashoth
  • Templar - Traditionalists based in Circles (Montsimmard and Jainen have Knight Commanders etc) - Protecteurs Ange - based in Haven - Seekers - Swords
    • Imperial Circle Mages
    • Imperial Citizens; mundanes and slaves
    • Mortalitasi

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