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The Brink


The serene Spring of western Ferelden has been shattered. War has come once more.


In Drakonis of 9:51 the Avvar of Rifthold and the surrounding region, along with the ever-increasing lowland population of Fereldens have been fortunate enough to have seen the longest span of time without major incident for many years. Despite the ever-present underlying tension that is practically sewn into the fabric of this part of the world, life has been stable; it has thrived, even.


This could not hold, however.


In the late morning of the fifteenth day of Drakonis a number of attacks were carried out by knights of the Templar Order, spread across the region mostly at Avvar settlements. These coordinated attacks were sudden, executed with such ferocity that most of the settlements became enveloped in nothing more than brutal violence. Death had come to the native peoples of Ferelden.


The larger, fortified Avvar settlements were not attacked directly; instead, the templars have been deployed nearby these settlements, first in small groups before moving to join together into larger groups that are now placed strategically so that travel between settlements is all but impossible.


Meanwhile, in the lowlands, units of the Ferelden national army have arrived to take positions near Ferelden-occupied villages and towns. They immediately begin patrolling many of the roads to the west of Lake Calenhad.


What this means for western Ferelden and the Frostback mountain range


  • Avvar located at strategic points across the midlands of the region are under siege, having been blindsided by the brunt of the attacks.
  • Avvar in the lowlands are now considered trespassers and are to be escorted to the nearest point at which the lowlands become the midlands.
    • These Avvar are thus effectively trapped, local law enforcement having been re-enforced by military supplies and soldiers.
  • Avvar that are farthest from fortified settlements are at greater risk, as templars immediately begin to hunt for those most vulnerable.
  • The templars move their forces quickly towards Rifthold, approaching the nearby villages at a steady pace.
  • The villages closest to Rifthold are not immediately set upon, thus affording Avvar in those regions some time to react to the sudden onslaught.
  • Many templars based at Haven are a part of this attack.


Relevant information


If you are an interested or affected party, please see the Forgotten War plot thread in the Plot Hubbe.

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