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The Close


On the seventh day of the gathering known as Arlathvhen, in the elven city of Ostagar all elves present came together to hear the Elders of the city speak. The leaders of the clans had been in close contact with the council and so the words spoken represented the voices of those who lead the Dalish. The following occurred...


The gathering was brought to an early close, with the initial plan of two weeks cut in half. That very moment, with all those who had travelled to Ostagar present, had become the closing ceremony. The appropriate rituals were seen to, with common prayer held to signify such an end, and then significant news was delivered to the masses:

  • Each and every clan present has been invited to settle permanently at Ostagar.
    • Keepers and their Firsts were made aware of this invite during closed meetings with the council of Elders.
    • All clans have accepted the invitation.
    • This is the main reason for the abrupt end to the gathering.
  • Any and all arranged events (agreed rituals, etc) have been moved to after The Close - this includes marriages.

In the shadows, away from all but the Elders and a select few there is shared knowledge of further reasons for the early ending to the event:

  • Reports of increased sightings of magical activity in the woodland borders.
  • Visit of the Seeker Daniel Fellran during the week lead to secret meetings with him, in which he warned of plans by the Chantry to launch an assault on the city via templars, as well as claiming that the Chantry had made astonishing discoveries of elvish artefacts in the south of Orlais.
    • He presented the Elders with papers; reports regarding potential weapons with which the Chantry could destroy all elves.
  • Extra scouting missions were carried out in secret to verify the Seeker's warning; the findings have been kept amongst the Elders, with no official reports made.
  • The Elder Daneth Durgen'Assan almost came to blows with some of his fellow council members, over a claim that he had arranged a secret meeting with a dangerous - yet unknown - individual during the week. Each Elder holds suspicions over the identity of this person
  • The dwarves who maintain the Deep Roads entrance that lies in the neutral trading territory met with two Elders and senior Emerald Knights to confirm plans for extending the city, asserting that work must begin sooner rather than later.

What this means for the aftermath

  • All clans agree to stay at Ostagar and build a new nation of the elvhen.
  • Everybody is given the choice to leave if they wish; are given magical markings so that they might be identified in the future and thus be given immediate help should they need it... also to prove themselves if they are to offer help.
  • The structure of governance is immediately put up for debate.
  • Clans are encouraged to not settle too heavily at first, as work is immediately started to create semi-permanent homes.
  • The semi-permanent homes will make way for extensions to the city, the first of which are planned to be finished within a year.
  • The city is once again reopened, with the barriers being brought down.
  • Recruitment for the Emerald Knights begins immediately.


Relevant information


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