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The Silence of Avernus


On the 16th August, 952, a few days after the new Warden Commander, Innes Guthrie, came to Soldier's Peak, the era of Avernus came to its true end. For months Soldier's Peak had been nothing more but a storage place for some of the most complex inventions and experiments in Thedas. Or at least that was the opinion of those who worked on them. Mage and non mage alike, human, elf, dwarf and others all left carrying their works (or dragging them) with them. Secretly the mages emptied the Peak of the things Avernus had built or commissioned, his long presence in Ferelden finally over.

The last to leave was Ilshara, one of Avernus' agents in Thedas and one of the key researchers at the Peak. With her the last of the Warden's experiments disappeared, finding a new home.


In Soldier's Peak the dust has settled:

  • Every single mage affiliated with Avernus is gone as of the 16 August, 952.
  • Nothing that has been described IC remains. This includes:
    • The golems that protect the Peak.
    • The spells seen in Awakening or IC in the past.
    • The contents of the watch tower, for example the things Torgin and Jerem saw when they broke into it.
    • The steampunk like inventions scattered around the Peak
    • The dwarven inventions that were a collaboration with the mages under Avernus.
  • Innes only becomes aware of Ilshara's disappearance after the fact, so only as early as the 17th August 952.
  • Nothing is left - no dossiers, notes, people, inventions. Absolutely nothing.
  • Upon leaving Ilshara lifts all spells and the watchtower appears, its door open and it innards hollowed out with only a spiralling staircase in the centre of the husk leading to the upper floor in the eaves.
  • Avernus will not influence anything in Soldier's Peak any longer.
    • Nothing done in the past in Soldier's Peak will be changed or retconned, it all stays in place and the wiki article for it will be updated in due time.
    • Avernus abandoned the Peak altogether.


In the new base for Avernus ingenuity and invention continue:

  • Only Avernus' mages and affiliates know where the new base is and why they left
  • Avernus knew the way the wind was blowing (Warden Commander Innes Guthrie sent multiple messages) and so he took action before he was pushed.
    • Thus he was gone long before Innes came to Soldier's Peak.
  • Any Warden tasked by Innes to hunt Avernus down will not find him.
    • When Ilshara reappears In Character players will be able to contact Avernus again, but only through her.
  • The location of the new base of Avernus will be revealed In Character in due time.


In Thedas one secret of the Peak is unaccounted for:

  • The flying ship Torgin and Jerem stole crashed into the sea but the blueprints for it were taken by the pirate.

What this means for the Soldier's Peak

  • Control is fully in Commander Guthries hands.
  • No mages or Wardens or allies of Avernus remain.
  • Nothing of Avernus remains.
  • All areas of the Peak are accessible.
  • The area can be built upon and changed but all of this needs to go through the player of Innes, Caraine, since Innes is the Restricted Role for the Ferelden Wardens.
  • If you wish to write lore for Soldier's Peak go here.


Relevant information

If you are a Warden in Soldier's Peak please post in the Warden plot hub with your queries. If your questions concern Avernus himself then please contact the plot team.

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