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  4. My three week awayness is over. I will be posting over the next few days. Please do not expect posts right away as it will take at least a week to catch up. Thanks in advance!

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    Watching the cultist as he bowed to his god the Somniari waited for him to stand again before taking him to the inner sanctum. For this particular Somniari when he moved throughout the Fade he walked and as he walked the ground rushed beneath his feet until he had arrived at his destination. They did not have to go far, for Manius had wanted to go to the Shrine of Dumat within the Temple of All Gods. Where the Somniari led was to a place only the Triad and a few other select cultists had ever seen. On the way to the inner sanctum they passed the shrine of Razikale and in there five high clerics were seen, kneeling in a circle. Amongst them was the former priestess of Dumat and Toth, Evacesca. The Somniari had brought them all here, and he protected them, even whilst he walked with Manius. It was rather too much to explain and the how's, why's and where to's were not something to be revealed in the space of a single visit. For now Manius had the opportunity to listen to his god. The inner sanctum could not be entered by any other than a Somniari. He knew he was not the only one in the world - there were at least three elves (two of them Dalish) and one Avvar he had spoken to often. There were also Fade Beacons, mages who shone brightly in the Fade, drawing demons and spirits and all kinds of things, both good and bad and indifferent. Though these could not shape the Fade they could enter it and bring others with them in a similar manner to the Somniari. When they arrived outside of the Sanctum the Somniari stepped inside and then knelt on both knees. Manius could not come inside, but he would be able to hear the roars of dragons and whispers of the old ones. The Blights had almost silenced them, but they were protected, sometimes sleeping inside of the sanctum. Whatever it was that was in there might not be gods - but they were most certainly real.
  7. Having lived outside her entire life Carella knew a few tricks for sunburn and the like. She told Lessa to wait while she went to fetch some things and about ten minutes later she returned with some leaves and what looked like berries. The "berries" were squeezed onto the skin and an oil like liquid dripped from the mercenaries hand and then she rubbed it into the sunburn. On the worst parts, Lessa's shoulders mostly, she used the leaves. "You should sleep better now." She said when she was done, then she lay down and invited Lessa to lay with her.
  8. "Look Nicky..." Zenda began, though she let the other woman walk her to the cliff where they had jumped off a decade or more ago. It had been years since Zenda had done such. "I need to go back to the ship." I don't belong here... she thought. "Mother always said go back to the sea when I get angry." And this was why. Zenda had never been able to completely wrangle her temper.
  9. It was all happening so fast! Élodie had no idea what she wanted to do. She only knew that she wanted to keep this child. The suggestion, should she decide to get away for a while, was a good one though. It'd be the last place he would think to look for her. "So you think I should hide the child away?" She asked, her voice wavering. "That Mathieu should never know?"
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    Dismissing such a notion he waved his hand in a manner to suggest he was batting away her words. "Never." He said quietly but defiantly. "Valleau blood is too strong to allow frail southerners traits to dominate." He insisted. "Besides, she looks Valleau through and through, I don't see a drop of Nouvrai in her!" To Laurent that meant his blood was simply too strong and Amélie had produced a beautiful, blonde bouncing baby! "Let's hope this little one is not as much of a handful as Amélie was, hm?" He said and winked at Seleste then took a sip of the dark liquor. It burned as it went down but by the Maker it felt good. It had seemed like it'd been years since Laurent had gotten properly drunk. Maybe tonight he could slake his thirst properly?
  11. Eury smirked at her cousin lovers deal, but when the kiss came she waved the guards away behind Pans back. Euryale had everything she needed right here, the couple of undead that served them both would remain, the guards would not. Eury did not need any guards guarding her or her lover. She deepened the kiss and pulled Pan onto her lap and pointed to the arena, locking her arms around her waist and kissed her shoulder. "Now watch" She murmured.
  12. I think we had no specific date (just "Late 9:48"). Is it Fabien's turn? Or @Victor waiting for Amelie post first?
  13. Coe almost let out a giggle when the hand came down on his head and shook his hair. But he was still a bit too worried about the poison to relax enough for that. With both hands he reached up to pull the hand down, and then held onto it to make sure it didn't come back around for another unexpected attack. He looked over at his Mistress, and then to the other hand that he wasn't holding. Well, it was down... below the heart, did she want him to lay down on the bench? He gave the man a very surprised look when he stated that he had stopped counting how many times this had happened. Did it really happen that much? "Maybe they just didn't like him?" he stated, without realizing the words had actually came out of his mouth and not staid safe inside his mind. His face went even more pale thna he normally was when he realized what he just said. He dropped the man's hand and cupped his own hands over his mouth as if to try and force the words back in.
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    Manius raised his eyebrows! The smell of burnt herbs was unusual for a Magister who relied on the more elaborate magic, the greater sources of power that couldn't be missed. So when he closed his eyes and thought about the room, following the distinguishing scent and finding the same room in the fade, he was really surprised. Standing silent in awe for a while, like if regaining his balance. "I probably shouldn't let your methods .. distract me, but know this: I'm impressed" He admitted, trying to get his head off how smooth the transition was, and pushing all question about the dreamer's magic to the back of his mind. Standing up - because he suspected they would take a tour? - he witnessed how the fade bent to the dreamer's will, and some place started to come nearby, a place Manius thought to be long lost. The great statue of his worshiped god was standing there, in a silent demand of him to bend the knee.. And he did, reality or not, Manius would show respect to Dumat.
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    Lessa blushed a little when Selene called her beautiful, maybe because she really didn't feel it with all the weariness around them all. She scowled a little when she listened to the senior Knights words and had to admit she had a point, a pretty good point as it went. "We better head off to the Seneschals office then" She sighed "He'll know who to look for and where cause i sure as hell dont" Lessa shook her head "you really think these two will need protecting?" She saw Selene nod her head and looked at Gertrude "What do you think?"
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    Coe looked at the man when he spoke up before his teacher, he then went back to admiring the staff and all it's magical goodness. He was still too distracted by the staff too listen to the next exchange of words between the other two in the room. He gave the Staff a little spin in his hands, testing the waters a little more, wondering when the next time he would be that he got to use it. He looked over just after hearing Andrus state that he was still bleeding. Yeah it was a bit of a sting to his confidence, but that was quickly forgotten when he pushed the staff out in front of Andrus. The look on his face was 'I can try again yes?' this time he had the staff, he was sure he could make it work... this time... maybe. The boy's attitude had changed, showing a more confident, if not arrogant, side. He gave Yenem a questioning look when she blatantly stated 'Good'. He gave Andrus a confused look and shrugged his shoulders, not sure if she really expected him to leave and go bleed out somewhere or not. He moved closer to inspect the cut, it was in fact not bleeding, but looked like even a slight bump would send it gushing.
  17. Lessa mumbled an apology, realising she was getting way ahead of herself. She cooled her enthusiasm and sat up, picking a bottle of ale up she handed one to Carella and pulled her shirt on shivering in the sudden chill of the evening. Although her skin had started to go red from the heat of the sun earlier. That and the sex earlier had made her body burn not just with desire but the heat too. She winced a little as the sunburn really started to kick in. "I think i am going to look like a lobster" She muttered, as if to prove her point a sweat stain appeared on her shirt. "Yeah its gonna be uncomfortable to sleep tonight"
  18. Nicky rose from her seat and followed Zenda out, she looked left and right then found her again and trotted after her. "Zen...ZENDA WAIT UP" She finally caught up with her and tentatively touched her arm. Nicky could have blamed herself shoulda coulda woulda, would never solve anything. Instead she stood in front of her sister. Someone she had looked up to and idolised, as far as Nicky Idolised anyone. "Come on, I know just where we can go" her tone brokered no argument "remember that place we used to go diving off on the odd occasion you were able to visit?" She took her hand and went to walk in that direction.
  19. "Let me guess, he is too old and he has his own machinations to be creating ugh" Fel pulled a face and heaved an exasperated sigh That man had a cruel streak in him that even she had failed to really notice, even after nearly thirty years of being his wife. A small part of her would have liked to have think that he had been thinking about the effect, if any it had on Felicity but she knew her husband, he did not like complications. Regardless that he helped create this complication. Of course he was happy to have sex with his wife because Felicity could no longer have children and had been unable to have them for the last nine and half years almost ten now. "perhaps someone needs to remind him that it doesn't matter how old he is, if his plumbing is still working and he is sleeping with a younger woman whose plumbing most defiantly is in working order, he is going to make a baby" She shook her head once more "Ok so you've lied to him, so your what three months four months, and you are showing, so we need to keep you as inconspicuous as possible then perhaps get you out of Arlesans for a few months, somewhere he would not be able to find you i suspect" She rubbed her jaw in thought. "Well the only thing i can suggest is i send you to stay with my aunt in Val Chevain. Trust me, she has little patience for Mathieu these days and she will have even less tolerance if she hears about this. Magdalena is old but she still has a sharp wit and a sharp tongue, her husband is a duke and he is one of the Council of Heralds ambassadors." Fel stopped and checked herself, realising that maybe Elodie did not want this"If you want me to help you that is, other then that i do not know what to suggest, he will follow you to your parents of that i am reasonably certain"
  20. It was not so easy for Zenda to dismiss. They were all dead and she had done it, so easily. Sometimes her own power scared her and she frowned as she looked at the dead bodies. This was why she was a pirate. She could do less damage to others there, she was more in control. Not hearing a word that was said Zenda walked away, leaving through the hole in the wall she'd created. Avoiding looking at the would be rapist of her little sister she walked through the alley and then towards the docks in a daze.
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    The chamber they ended up in was breathable at least and the humidity was welcomed by the Somniari. Smiling as the breeze hit his face and disturbed his white hair the Rivaini slowly sat in that spot, crossing his legs and he lowered himself to the ground. Inviting Manius to sit with him he explained that there was a way to slip into the Fade while aware without the use of lyrium or blood, and he could take the magister with him. Taking some herbs from his satchel, which he carried with him always, the Somniari lit it and let it burn between them. The smell of the herb was sweet, like honey, soothing the body and the mind. "Close your eyes and think of this room." The Somniari told him. "I will see you there..." Easily slipping into the Fade (he rarely required the herb to help him, but it helped others too) and when he opened his eyes he was there. The smell of the herbs was fresh, not dry in the Fade and it was how he knew for sure he was there and not in the "real" world. Though to him this was the real world. In some ways it was more real to him than the land of the Awake. Still sitting he waited for the Magister to join him. Their first place to visit would be the Temple of All Gods, where Dumat resided still.
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    Seleste smirked a little as she sat cradling her drink and let him tell her. It was an old argument she would call him My lord and he would berate her for it, a private dance with no such admonishments intended, it had become customary for them to act as such. She had lost count of the evenings she had spent sitting beside his bed, trying every spell she knew that did not resort to blood magic to try and heal whatever malady had affected him. All in all though she had to admit defeat and had left him, rather reluctantly, in the care of the mages. "Your sister was given a beautiful funeral, one befitting one of her station and grandeur" She respectfully replied, "and yes, Gwen is defiantly a Valleau, enjoy it while you can Laurent, one day she will show her Nouvrai blood" She giggeled a little.
  23. if it had been one of her other siblings then Nicky might have taken offence. For example Raist and John, despite thier differences would have worked together to tear them to pieces, Alex Junior, Laura, Maria and Tanis would have keel hailed them all. She would have been pissed. But there was a beauty in the savage raw power that Zenda exhibited. She had come to see her after that rather nasty incident, by then Barty and Whit had already done thier daddy and uncle bit, so she watched as the dick who was about to get his dick out instead flew through the wall and made squished meat chow. One of them had escaped and came up behind the red head, but as he went to put his hand round her throat she whipped her dagger round, cut his fingers off then grabbing his head yanked it back and slit his throat. Now they would know not to mess with Kits youngest. She got up and let the body fall. "Sorry Antone, any mess I'll pay" "No no no Miss Nicky, it no matter, they deserve it no?" The Antivan Dwarf chuckled "Sides i remember seeing Zendas mama do the exact same thing once when some man wanted to make her spread her legs for him." "Really?" "Si, she had come to visit your mama, just after Raistlin was born. That woman could make the wind dance, so can her daughter. Drinks?" Nicky looked at her sister and smiled a little "Thanks Zenda" She whispered wiping the blood off her knuckles and her blade.
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    When was the last time anyone but a servant had obeyed her and listened to her? Fabien was half out of the door when she gripped his hand, her expression quiet confused. "You would truly do this?" She asked, still not believing it. "Or are you going to find another bed to sleep in?" Amélie did not think he would, she was starting to believe he truly intended on going to the hag to do as Amélie commanded. She hated being the typical "nagging" wife but she felt so strongly on this issue - not least because the woman had been holding her child and had gotten past the guards, just like Alwyn had...
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    "I'll join you in the fade then" Manius stated, letting his sharp gaze ease. His duty was to protect the mage while he enters the fade, but truly the barriers that protected the place was cast by Rajani, and they were strong enough to hold on their own with minimum support of Manius magic. He could allow himself to be absent for good hours each day at least. It's not like there are anything else to be done here anyway, learning about Dumat and the hidden arts of of their religion was worth the effort. Knowing more about the man who shared this complex with him was another important thing. "Here we are, not the best of air, but hopefully better?" The high priest entered another room, which was more humid than the rest of the place, and he felt a breath against his skin. "What does really fuel your powers? It's not like Lyrium potions nor blood, is it?" He wondered. "And if you have questions about me, feel free to ask as well" He added.
  26. Anyone fancy an angry Chasind? Grrrrrr! lol
  27. "Slow down, love." Carella smiled. "Let's enjoy me and you, yeah?" She asked, for she was not even sure of her feelings yet, she only knew she felt settled at the Peak. "I want to try out that place halfway between us first, see how it goes..." As in, take it easy, that was what she wanted to say. Usually Carella was forthright but in this instance she did not want to hurt Lessa's feelings. "It's not the right time. I am fine with hiding, but when the time does come it has to be all out, or all in. I don't like these mixed measures." Which was why she was resisting. It was too early to know what her heart truly wanted but early enough to be free with her lust outside of her grandfather's eye. Yet it was confusing to be all out outside and hiding it all at the Peak. So best case scenario was all in and enjoying fooling around in the dark...
  28. Cal made some off handed half hearted murmur but as she sat up he pulled her back down. He had been lucky if he had got maybe three hours of sleep since his injury and anything else. His body, now super humanly foul tainted magic altered was screaming at him to rest, for once he listened to it. Even Wardens had thier limits and it seemed that Callums body had reached its limit. "Don't" he murmured sleepily "lets just get some sleep, no more shop talk i promise. Lessa gave us the use of this place for a holiday, wont waste it on pointless talk when i can waste it doing what we want to do" he pulled the covers over them and settled back down to sleep. He glanced at her gave her one last breath stealing kiss and drifted off to sleep, hoping that tonight he would at least have one decent nights sleep.
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