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  2. Prolly be between us ladies, but thanks! :P
  3. Doing it tonight.
  4. I think @Zyah_Rayne will be happy to hear that! If it involves Lavinia (their next thread I mean) then we need to bring @Celes into this. If not then might I suggest a 1x1 where Portia is sent on one of her sessions with Val? Up to you guys of course! Set up the thread! :D
  5. This is what I want ergo why I am poking for it, mwahahahahahah!
  6. Legally Titus HAS to get the title magistra and everything that entails, so anything to do with Gravenreuth itself is tied to the title, so we need to be specific here. I'd suggest that Delilah gets a nest egg, a sizeble one that includes Hades own businesses that Titus probably had his eye on. Giving her half... it's not really possible given the culture and laws of Tevinter.
  7. been thinking a bit about the old man of the family. it is inevitable and already agreed that at a given time sometime around late 952 early 953 Hades will die and it will be at the hands of Titus, probably when the truth of his very long affair with Delilah comes out. Hades however has made plans that could disrupt things for certain individuals and they are as follows. Delilah will get quite a bit of Hades revenue which cannot be touched by Titus, thus making sure that she has her own life should any harm befall Delilah once the affair is out then Titus will gain nothing and loose his inheritance from his fathers side of the family business's and the same would happen if Persephone takes a hand in it, she will not gain, these would be split between Euryale and Delilah. Hades would also ensure that Aries is similaly protected and name him Lanistra (if i spelt that right) of the Ludus. He would also come under the direct protection of Delilah and thus extending her protection from Hades around him, This does not mean there is not a way around it, however it would stay in line with the animosity between son and father and ultimately husband and wife, The other side of it is Hades is currently in Nevarra to collect some things that have been locked away in the Grimaldi tomb for centuries, an old dusty forbidden tome, if knowledge got out about it, that would essentially allow Hades to tie his form to the fade. This does not mean that he can come back all guns blazing and his magic will have long gone by then. it would however allow certain family members to summon him within the fade. He would not be able to appear in the living world, not interact with things in the living world. I wanted to put this out there to see what others thought about it. If people dont mind about it then it shall stay but be used occasionally, VERY occasionally. If they mind it shan't be done that simple. :D The only thing that is a must is the events explained above to do with Hades/Titus/Delilah and possibly Persephone. Sorry Titus daddy will die as horrifically as you want but hes not going without screwing you over first :P cause thats just dad
  8. Caster shook his head, this was why Hans was never seen as a diplomat, but he had tried and that was more than some. "He tried Mother, that is all he could do" Ser Rouce had been his mentor, a second father to him, he did not even want to think what would happen if it ever came to light that he was the traitor. "the only way i can see is if we have people to follow them around, but we do not have the people to spare and even if we did, i might have tipped thier hand." He put his arm round his mother "I do not want to burden you, but i am not the man i was, i just have to find my way to him. I cannot ever promise i will be the same but i just need time, that i do not have" He rose from his seat and held his mothers hand "Ulfred needs to be dealt with and short of poisoning him, i think the only way to deal with him is humble him, make him look weak in front of his men. this is where i miss Dain," he glaced at his mother "although if you ever tell him that i will deny it, you know that yes" it was said with an attempt at levity.
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    The first thing the Dragon wondered as she came round was why was her dark haired lover talking to her, the next when she actually regained her senses was, since when did one of her best friends start using the word Lass? eventually she felt someone on her neck and side and groaned something under her breath. With some help she was put into a sitting position, her head pounded, her neck stung but gods her side really hurt. Maker that was a fucking heated arrow. She put her hand to her neck and felt a small trickle of blood, graze nothing more but her side, she wasn't going anywhere too soon that was for certain. She focused on Gilly's words and scowled how was she doing? "like the morning after a night out with you and Callum" She groaned, oh she was going to have a headache to master all headaches. She thanked Cyan but just sat there. "I think i would like to sit here for a moment" She quietly said, but the relief that her horse was not injured was evident, "Till everything stops spinning"
  11. "Nooo, of course not," Evanna answered giggling, loving every moment of laying on the bed in her husband's embrace, "It's more likely that if they see you behaving like some Bann Funnylord they'll be absolutely convinced that they were hallucinating. No offence, my love." Not that Evanna minded Patrick's usual seriousness - his dedication to the people of his bannorn was one of the things that made her fall in love with him. Still, seeing this different side of the man only made her love him more, and she was sure that it was also healthy for him to be unburdened for a while.
  12. Well, Bastion might be ok with that, altough then he runs the risk of being accused of becoming serious about something ;P
  13. MORTAL KOMBAT! I Mean, yes, a thread between Valerius and marko sounds pretty neat ;)
  14. Caius kept his teeth bared in a half-snarl, half grin. But after a contest of wills, he did slow and still. That would let her preen and, hopefully, puff her chest a bit at his expense. For much like he liked to be ruled by her, he knew she sometimes liked to think of forceful men like himself as beasts for her to tame. He was happy to play the part.
  15. He kissed her cheek, and then her lips. Somehow he knew that Elodie would use the chance to change for something entirely else as well... Mathieu did a fairly good job as tour guide, he thought. He himself had never been an academic, but he gave the kind of bare-bones he figured the official guide should have gone for, rather than the erroneous detail his audience would never care for. Elodie, bless her loyal and kind spirit, at least pretended to look interest in it all. Although when he caught her yawning, he put on a stern voice. "Better cover that maw when I speak, girl. Do not disrespect your teacher. It might lead to some much-needed discipline." he winked.
  16. Sounds perfect.
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    At first, the woman's blatant usage of his faction's name almost made Caius snarl out loud, primed to rise to his feet and denounce. When her other words came, and the reaction to it followed, he was glad he did not. With a prompt they had all been waiting for so long to hear, she had set things in motion. One after the other, the temples were pledging themselves as comrades, something Caius thought he might only have achieved with the application of a rather large hammer. He did stand, but calmly and with all the authority he could muster in his voice. "Our sister speaks words that lift the heart, filling our eyes with glories to come. She has my gratitude." Whether she could see it or now, he bowed to Eva. Then he rose to adress the others."The dilligent work of Toth shall see us well-armed, and Zazikel's faithful shall, I trust, bring their usual...flare, to the cause." A pause to allow those who wilt to express a mumble of amusement around the table. He need not address Razikele, for the words of his haunting messenger was ample proof of their dedication. Nor, of course, would his own followers of Lusacan sit idle. They were his shadows and from there they worked. They had eager hands where the Senate would not expect them to appear. That left only one, and with this Caius finally struggled. He would need, if not to bury the hatchet, offer a bone. He turned to Rajani. His suspicions about her aside, she was perhaps the most powerful woman here, though he fancied himself a good match. Her support now would tip the scale. "But I must ask for the view of our honorable sister of Dumat, for I fear this venture doomed without the aid of the disciples of the oldest of dragons." he said, waiting politely. Forced cooperation aside, he would never refer Rajani's god as first among dragons.
  18. Yeah just getting missus settled be on it in a little bit
  19. Phinaria didn't stop her searching when Cornelius mentioned their files. Finding out where Akarius and Merasonius were held was more important for the moment. It took a while but eventually she succeeded in finding their files. "Both are kept in the open annex," she informed her partner. Phinaria remembered that she had spent time there too, although she couldn't remember how long and what happened to her there. And while her experiences in the annex were blurry, she remembered the place itself well. Contrary to what its name suggested, there was no free coming and going to the annex. The only open thing about it was that it was a single great hall with no division to inner rooms, where dozens of patients were kept together with zero privacy. Allegedly, the point was to allowed them to create a mutually therapeutic small community, but in reality it was just very cheap. Glancing at her own file, she noticed the name on it was "Phinaria Honoria Satinica". It was strange, since this was her maiden name and she was already married when she first came here, but the slave mage didn't stop to wonder about it. There was nothing in the file that Fabius didn't know, and nothing she needed to know but what he told her. In fact, all four files were a liability - exposing the weaknesses of members of their sect to anyone who had them. "We need to destroy these before we go," she told Cornelius, whose magic was more suited for this task.
  20. I am ready for Portia stuff!
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    So far, so good. Thorek had managed a slightly hurried retreat back to the cart, though he had been wracked with nerves at the idea of discovery. Oh, on any other day he would have taken on any challenger and bet on his own odds, but this was a place of magic...and templars, best fighters in the world, if the word was true. Still, he need not test himself, for he found the cart and gave it a few knocks, both to show he was there and that he had seen the sign.
  22. Hmm if it fits, give me the word if you want Mathieu to appear in this thread. *points up*
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    Valerius had heard those words, or variations of them, from several whores before. Mostly as a part of their role. They needed their clients to ask for them in order to gain the benefits, or perhaps simply to be considered worth their coin. But somehow, he knew that Mai did not say them out of habit. She meant it. "I have tasted a goddess of pleasures." he said, kissing her collar, then her throat."I fear other women would seem as tiny mice by comparison." Simple flattery, but Valerius had learned that, no less than men, women liked to be seen as superior to others of their sex.
  24. I need to know if Jax is posting LEssa. ^^
  25. Also, it's probably a good idea that @Claire (or @Jax if Lessa if conscious..?) skip me in "Arl & Arling", please :)
  26. Thank you! *hugs*
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