Using Images

Can I use an image for my character's avatar?

Yes, you can use an image as long as you adhere to our Image Standards and graphic rules.

What are the restrictions for image use?

Members may not use any art that the artist has not given permission for. To see our full list of restrictions please see the articles for images standards and graphics rules.

Why can't I use just any image?

Images on the internet are often abused and this site refuses to be party to stealing art and images.

What is The Art House?

The Art House is a section of the Revolutions Gallery that hosts images. Every album in The Art House houses art from an artist who has given the site permission for their art to be used.  This is a resource with over 40 artists and over 600 images.

How do I claim an image in The Art House?

The claim an image you wish to use simply post a comment on the image you desire saying something along the lines of "I wish to claim this image for my character "XXXX"". A member of staff will then tell you the conditions of use and set it as claimed by you - editing the image name to include the name of your character.

It is a first come first served policy so if you see someone else has claimed the art then do not post a claim for yourself.

What types of images can I use?

If you use photographs of face claims then you must adhere to our image standards. You may use any kind of art (again that must adhere to the image standards) as long as you have permission from the artist. For your Origin account you may use whatever you like - but again you must have permission for any art used.

How do I prove I have permission to use an image?

To prove that an artist has given you permission you must PM an admin with a screenshot of the email/note where the artist gives permission. Also, provide a link to the artist.

Can I use images from The Art House in any way that I want?

No. The artists who were kind enough to provide their work have provided us with conditions of use.

They are listed here: [LINK]

Can I use my own art for avatars, signatures, and character imagery?

Yes! Make sure to link to proof that you made it, whether that's your own website, gallery, or account on a site like Tumblr or deviantArt.

Can I use an image for my Author avatar?

You may use an image for your Author account, yes.

How do I edit images?

To edit any art from The Art House you must PM the admin, Claire. She also take requests for any other editing that you may wish to have done for any other image. If you wish to edit the image yourself use free editing software like GIMP or paid versions like Photoshop.