Contact Form

How to Contact the Revolutions admins – Simon and Claire:


  • Support Forum – the best place to get help.
    • It's open to guest posting.
    • Is where the admins primarily check for member issues.
    • Includes three master topics, one of which might suit your specific query.


  • Private Conversations – the second best place to get help.
    • A discreet way for members to speak to the admins.
    • Can talk to either one admin or both at the same time.
    • Please check the account profiles of the admins before messaging them.


  • Email – the best off-site place to get help.
    • Use the contact form below to get a message to our inbox.
    • You can also just use the address to message us (linked below).


  • Social accounts – the second best off-site place to get help.
    • Interact on the site of your choice in the ways available – private messaging to each account is open.



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