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If you want other members to see your character sheet before you post it in the "Apply" forum then post it here, in WIP!

Welcome to the Work in Progress Forum

Only post WIP applications in this forum! This is a good space for getting feedback on your app or even simply somewhere to preserve it whilst you are making it.

After three weeks of no activity in the topics in this forum they will be locked and moved into an archive. 



  • To post your application:
    • Click the button below.
    • Fill in the application form.
      • None of the fields are required, since this is a work-in-progress document.
  • Once your WIP character is ready to be applied for, find the application form in the Apply forum and fill it in. Staff will handle your WIP topic.
  • Use the 'Content Manager' if:
    • Your app was moved from Apply to WIP and you are ready for it to go back into Apply.
    • You are finished updating a previously accepted Sheet.
    • You need help with an archived app.
  • The Application procedure is covered in the Apply forum.

Some links to help:

As always, you can get help in the following locations:


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