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  1. Étain

    To serve Orlesian nobility is one of the most dangerous undertakings in all of Thedas, a life filled with countless threats from all directions. And yet, Étain Roussel has served the daughter of House Valleau for over a decade and lives even to be besotted with the same woman. The half-elf appears to be on the edge of something more than he could ever have imagined...

    The lives of servants are more complex than their masters suspect.

    Étain Roussel Citizen - Other 07-01-2017

    In Heroes of Thedas
  2. Valhaun

    Surviving the wilds of Thedas is a daunting task even for those fortunate enough to be well equipped; for many of the Dalish, it is a miracle. Valhaun, broken of family and purpose, honoured his ancestry by leading his people to Ostagar. Now the question remains, what is he to become and more importantly...

    What role could a man of such talents play in the rebuilding of an empire?

    Valhaun Dradal Mage - Elf 07-01-2017

    In Heroes of Thedas
  3. Saeriel

    Thievery is a blight, or so some people would have you believe. Elves are often plagued with accusations of such underhanded dealings and in the case of Saeriel it is truer than most; after all, you do not become second in command of the Gwaren chapter of the Thieves Guild by luck. The hunter is preceded by a reputation for ruthlessness and yet her past remains a mystery...

    It would appear that sometimes a thief is more than just a thief.

    Saeriel Rogue - Elf 07-01-2017

    In Heroes of Thedas
  4. Tiberius

    In Tevinter, the air is thick with a mix of magic... and blood. The greatest nation in the history of humanity inspires towering feats of mystical ability to this day, whilst the different facets of Imperial society inspires emotion charged beyond reason. Tiberius, soaked in this atmosphere, seeks that which most people would never look to confront...

    A debt owed to an angry mage of the Imperium.

    Tiberius Sylla Mage - Human 07-01-2017

    In Heroes of Thedas