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    • Claire  »  TheNightWatchman

      *waves* Hello! Welcome back! :D
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    • Gali10

      In case anyone wants in on our VERY AWESOME group thread, you can adopt a Ludus Umidus charrie!! :D
      · 8 replies
      1. Jax

        i iz thinking about another gladdy :D

      2. Gali10


        I'm always open for other characters too, of course :)

      3. Claire

        We need sgladdies to fight in the mini tourney at Gallicus!

        Gali, your Lanista is still doing this yes? Because if so she needs to visit to sort out details with Quintus, Lavinia and Davo. ^^

      4. Gali10

        That sounds good! Sure, we can totally do that!!!

      5. Claire

        I need @Simon, @Celes and ME for that! :D

      6. Simon


      7. Claire

        Davo things today? *stares in hope*

      8. Gali10

        *joins the stare*

    • Jax

      So much for a nap. If anyone has designated a diy ban at weekends lemme know ugh
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    • Simon

      Wooo more updates on a dedicated Social page!
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    • Jax

      jackie is currently in the heart unit, and at the moment has no feeling in her right arm, with physio that might change. Thank you for your messages, i went to see her this morning and to take some things up but she's still asleep, and i have to do what @Constantine and her dad is telling me too do, and listen to a cetain southern lass living in liverpool @Claire, yeah its bad enough telling my father in law i am ok but not a Drag Queen who is the BOSSIEST Queen i have ever had the pleasure of knowning but when said drag queen says listen to Claire too well who am i to argue? wont get me anywhere anyway. 
      You guys on COT have no idea what you mean to me, especially at this moment in time and the only way i can show my appreciation and love for you guys is in what i do best. So to you all, no matter how far away you are, you are my adopted family, may never get to meet most of you but you still mean an awful lot to me, Thankyou from the bottom of my heart. and @Caraine when i am next in scotland drinks on me, then we can discuss Andrew and Innes over a couple of beers. 
      thanks all of you. I love you all. 
      · 6 replies
      1. Caraine

        Discuss.  Perve.  It's all the same.

        Keep looking after yourself whilst you look after your wife.  Take care.

      2. Jax

        lol, that would be about right although who comes out on top we'll have to wait and see

      3. Claire

        Can I throw my lot in as an unbiased observer? I cannot drink but I can drool with you guys. :P Or ya know, meet half way, Jax and Caraine comes and stay with me in Liverpool? :P

        Jax darling, you mean a lot to me, no shitting ya, and I want you to stay well. When you get the chance tell Jackie I hope she gets well soon and she can chat to me about rehab stuff if she wants!


      4. Jax

        all i can say on that is OMG POOR SIMON lol but then i get to see simons man crushes too. I will pass the message on and if Cara is up for that we can make arrangements accordingly. More then likely i am easy but you two need to have finished school


      5. Claire


      6. Constantine

        give me a call when you are ready to leave the hospital and we#ll come and get you, Don't like the thought of you being on that bus that time of night. No Arguements. :love:

    • Jax

      i wont be on for a few days, been at the hospital since 11pm tonight Wife had a massive stroke whilst with her dad so see yers when i can. 
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      1. Planetboss1

        it'll be OK i promise, call me tomorrow and if needs be I'll start you at the end of May, so no stressing yourself on that part love. 

      2. Claire

        *hugs* Please know I am here and will do anytuing I can do... 

      3. Celes

        I'm so sorry! Let SpiritAdept and I know if there's anything we can do!

      4. Gali10


      5. Zyah_Rayne

        *hugs* Am here if you need. 

      6. Zhavirah

        I hope she recovers well :(

      7. Caraine

        Thinking of you and yours. *hugs*

    • Zhavirah

      You know that it's bedtime, when not a single english word makes sense anymore. 
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    • Jax

      Just a heads up. From 29th April until the 7th may i will be on a holiday. Spending time with the wife and going on a few day trips. Venice cancelled for now but we are gonna get there eventually. 
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    • Jax

      some pics of a certain drag queen.
      the first one is Stella or Constantine as you know him, Goes by Queen Nefertiti now but always Stella to me, This is Stella and the late and much lamented Connie Lingus. i only found out saturday night that Paul (connie) had passed away. The next two are Connie as queen of the Wakefield Pride and in his getting ready stage. and the last one is Stella from Saturday night. 

      · 3 replies
      1. Jax

        oh yeah and one of Lee too (my soon to be boss) he's the one with the clarinet

        dont know who the other guy is


      2. Constantine

        You little sneak!!! Lol ahhh more adoring fans teehee wait till Lee sees the one you have snuck up there

      3. Jax

        bothered not lol x

    • Simon

      Hash Tag Am Writing Amirite
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