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  1. Sounds good!
  2. I DON'T KNOW! *flails arms exitedly*
  3. Sure, lets do that! :D
  4. So. APParently Biowares Project Dylan, a name apparently chosen because "Hudson and team wanted to make the Bob Dylan of video games—one that would be referenced for years to come" turns out to be Anthem, a game that looks for all that we have seen like a generic third-person-shooter mashup of Destiny and Horizon: Zero Dawn.

    ...yeah, I wanted to do some witty exit line here, but honestly, I think the above does not need further comment.

    1. Simon


      Other than being snarky about teaser trailers and pre-alpha footage, no, I don't think we do need anymore comments.

  5. Right, more awars then, since the Forgotten War became unforgotten! :P Ranna An Kibeth - Rogue, Tracker, Dual Weapon Wielder, Mercenary, Avvar (since we lack an Avvar Exile) Méabh An Innis - Avvar, Rogue, Ranger, Sky Guardian Skadi - Apostate, Anders, Mage Calvert Eames - Warrior, Templar Sword
  6. Yeah, sorry I didn't reply. Was sorta stuck in where to take it. And my vote is for Precious to be in.
  7. If there is interest, I'd also like to run a game of Dresden Files Accelerated at some point.
  8. Oh my, Simon posts! :D
  9. Thank you
  10. Right, time to get back to work here. Also time to claim these. Immediately active chars only for now. Sabriel d'Arrignan - Mage, Circle Mage Gaston de Tellier - Rogue, Duelist, Orlesian Nobility Trinica di Contarini - Minions of Precious, Rogue, Assassin, Alchemist(if that applies to poison making? Edit:Just realized that Alchemist is a specialization, not a random skill, so likely not applicable) Renée Durand - House Durand, RR-Orlesian (If she actually is one, @Claire? Not sure rn. Also, we need an Award for Player of the Grand Game. Just saying <.< Edit: Just looked into the Noble House tab, guess this Restricted Role doesn't apply) Nesini - Mage, Brotherhood of Leviathan, and considering her RR spec, all the Elemental mage skills.
  11. All the drama happening. Excellent. Renee doesn't work without drama.
  12. Sorry, I'm at capacity for the moment.
  13. Kai

  14. As long as your system is up to date, there should not BE alot of work to do from your end to make it happen. A game has to work when it is shipped. I'm not meaning it has to be completely bugfree, but you should be able to play it if your system fullfills the minimum requirements.
  15. So, you are telling me that despite being five years in the making they managed to somehow release the game basically unfinished?