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  1. Where do I request an 'away' status? Is this something I can do on my end? I am still away until May 28th and don't want people to forget. 

    1. Gali10


      There's "member away" in account settings :love:

    2. Claire


      What Gali said! It's so cool!

    3. Simon


      Yep, just select your name in the top left corner for the account menu, that's where the link to Account Settings can be found.

  2. I will try to post when I canI will be pretty inactive for the next three weeks due to our SOL testing, I will try to post when I can

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    2. Simon
    3. Flapjack


      LOVE CASTIEL!!!!!

    4. Claire


      Am shocked no one has claimed his face tbh.

  3. Lol lol lol , yes, this gives us plenty of drama to work with! Now, what is this plot you speak of!!! Lol lol
  4. She won't think it's fair that they are getting the child when they can have their own and probably will. Why do they automatically get it? Because they are a couple? With being left out of the bonding and then they getting a baby? She's not in a good head space right now emotionally so..
  5. Really?? Wow... Nariel is really going to be unhappy now. Yikes.. Irin too lol. Though she won't openly express it.
  6. Also, the plot summary for dia'dami has been updated. Let me know if I missed your thread!
  7. Who's getting Yara's baby again?
  8. whoops, I forgot Rinmara! - Dalish Elf
  9. Magestia? Of course!!!!!! Just tag me when ready. They just got married if that matters :)
  10. These please :)
  11. Totally missed this tag!!! But yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Good on my end.
  13. Welcome!! What type of games do you prefer?
  14. Haha, so true!
  15. @Planetboss1, YAY! I love Pandora! Haha, the reasons obvious ;)