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  1. Okay. I thought it might have been this but just wanted to double check before I posted :)
  2. Erm, so I'm not entirely sure how to respond to Ele's latest post. What sides would the sisters be taking? I guess I need a little background information so I can accurately have Gen give a response.
  3. Nothing in particular. Are you taking him over or making him from scratch?
  4. open

    OOC: tag when needed, otherwise skip.
  5. Thank you!!!!
  6. Sounds good!
  7. Thank you :) So Lys has been banished? Did her father do it? I want to make sure I structure my post correctly lol.
  8. I had never played DA before joining this site 5 years ago and have actually only played it a little bit a few years ago but I really enjoyed it. I am a World of Warcraft player so was fantasy familiar, but really loved the lore here on this site!
  9. Welcome everyone!!!!!
  10. Love this format!!!!!
  11. Absolutely! Can you start it? I am back as of today :)
  12. Oh she is? Well, yes, that will be fine.
  13. Posts will be slow this week as it is Spring Break so I will be quite busy. 

  14. Persephone - Mage- Blood Mage- Necromancer Navia- Mage, Force Mage Sandrine - House Durand Seranni - Slave
  15.  Watching Evolene the cat since last night. Hopefully baby kittens will come!! LIVE FEED! Youtube or facebook. Tinykittens HQ if you go to youtube. 

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    2. Flapjack


      It's a live feed of a rescue cat in Canada. She's 6 and had 19 litters because she was a stray. Tinykitten, a rescue, just rescued her pregnant, and she is do any day! We get to see the live birth for awareness of spaying cats, as well as the educational part of birth. It is so neat!!! Also, going back and forth between Evo and April the giraffe!! 

    3. Claire


      I thought the giraffe was a joke! lol. Totes expecting that to be revealed on April Fools. lol

    4. Flapjack


      Lol haha poor April. She's close though, I believe she is in labor now.