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  1. They've been going out on some dates, spending more time with each other and getting closer.
  2. Left off with Onorion telling Silmara she was pregnant. Sil just needs to tell Mytherin lol. We are getting around to it...
  3. I believe its agreed we are keeping with Val / Portia existing story line. I am up for threads whenever @Skorge is ready to. :D
  4. Character: Ava MichelOOC handle: @Zyah_RayneLink to profile: Faction: Sword - Mage Hunter
  5. I will get it up this week! :P
  6. Phelan was not an actual adopt but player created. Therefor Phelan will be written out and I will create another adopt or if another player expresses interest in joining Siren's crew I have an open spot. Will have an update by the end of the week.
  7. I agree with this completely lol.
  8. Love it! Thank you
  9. Player Name :- Zyah_Rayne Character Type :- Common Character Account :- https://revolutions.chroniclesofthedas.com/profile/3336-micah-reece/  --------------------------------- Character Name :- Micah Reece Date of Birth :-  Gender :- Female Race :- Human Class :- Rogue ---------------------------------   Image Credit  Height :- 5'8 Eye Colour :- Dark brown, appears black Hair :- Black, thick and length kept past shoulders. Build :- Athletic but lean, lithe --------------------------------- Personality & History :-
  10. @Momo Posted thread for Portia and Idris. :D
  11. Briana and Innes pls. for the cover pls
  12. Sure. Once I come up with the new boss I'll link here. :D
  13. Katerin (played by Zyah_Rayne)
  14. LOL Well, I could come with a charrie for this. :P
  15. Did you say you may need new leader? >>