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  1. @Claire bump. Pls.
  2. @Claire bump. Pls.
  3. My apologies. I decided to make an edit to Micah's opening post. I wasn't aware that some players have charries that were ranking member's of the Gwaren chapter and wanted to take that into consideration. Again, sorry about that.
  4. Open thread for Gwaren Thieves Guild. Come meet the new chapter leader. :D
  5. They are. :) Will add to my to do list. lol
  6. Work has literally doubled for me. I'll be sporadic with posting for the next week or two. Thanks to all of you for being patient with my replies.

    1. Gali10


      Good luck! :love: 

    2. Claire


      Take care of yourself!!!

    3. Caraine


      Look after yourself! ;D

  7. I'd like to claim for Callie Duren pls.
  8. Lets get the fun times going lol. @Planetboss1 and @Jax You guys ready to start? Cuz Nyla is. :P
  9. Thanks! I'll let you know when I have her up. :D
  10. If Lunetta is still available I'm interested in adopt. 😊 Will take me a little time to get her profile up tho, if that's okay?
  11. LOL. Okay, thanks. :D
  12. @Victor Can you fill me in if Javos had Laisa punish Cerean for his disobeying him in the previous thread 'Remember the Times'? Or if Javos took the matter into his own hands. Just need to know OOC. Thanks!
  13. Welcome to the site Witch. :) I do have charries in most the places mentioned above so I look forward to possibly RPing with you in which ever you choose lol.
  14. I will be posting an intro thread with Micah within the next few days. It will be a group thread so all guild members will be invited to join if they wish. :)
  15. Current Thread(s): About that Smooch... (1 Wintermarch, 948)