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  1. I need to know if Jax is posting LEssa. ^^
  2. Yup! Well remembered!
  3. Will do so tonight if I have time, otherwise those in RP's with me can do it?
  4. Am rewriting stuff so took it down. What do you need to know?
  5. I've updated the OP and filled in the timeline - PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT IS MISSED IN 952! Though it must be related to the Uprising plots. ;)
  6. She ready to meet Owen yet? :P
  7. Marko and Valerius should thread. Swede v s Swede! @Victor, @Skorge?
  8. Added! Added! Also need all other current threads... I know I have one with Jax and Kat, and one with Momo! Also Caraine -Rayne and Innes... any others?
  9. Fanks!
  10. *waves* Hello! Welcome back! :D

  11. Gen and Ren will find out soon about Sandrine's real father btw.
  12. Wearing a outfit that was entirely Esme, the Seeker came to the dock in a black corset that was more functional then famine and a seafaring skirt that matched the corset in colour. She was in high spirits since receiving her orders and she was even happier when her little brother proposed this trip. Esme loved her twin siblings dearly and she had every confidence in them - more than their other sister it seemed. So she smiled and even laughed a little as Bette skipped along the dock but when she noticed Marius she thought he looked tired and his demeanour a little depressed. Perhaps this was what they all needed at the moment? They all missed their parents but they still had each other, and Esme, though she was on missions and had orders all the time always came home to them. She always would, she had promised them that. When they reached their brother they set down the basket and Esme looked over at the boats. "Which are we taking out?" She asked, "Are we fishing or sailing just us three?"
  13. 31st Wintermarch 952. Eleonore has returned to Arlesans for the Prince's Party, hosted by the Durand's. She is without spouse and children, so slighting the occasion and most will believe it is because of Mat's mistress and Ele encourages this rumour. The real reason is the Grand Duke Francoise will be there and she does not want him to see Sandrine in case he cottons on that she is his natural born child. His only child and potential heir.
  14. Oh! Well Mathieu would be expected to claim the titles his father bore, Marquis he has as a birthright, but Protecteur is a new title Just (Emperor) created and gave to Tiberius. Eleonore is assuming that Mat is not gonna be happy she is trying to steal a title from him, though none of us know if Mat even wants the Protecteur title, Ele just assumes he does. Mostly because he was pissed when it was not given to him right away after their father passed. @Skorge will know more about Mat's intentions though. This is the first Ele has told them of her ambitions, only Patrice knew beforehand.
  15. I agree with Zhav (from cbox I think) about there being no needed post order - but it would give us loads to work with if @Constantine went next and then the rest of the crew follows?