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  1. Sextus had almost fallen asleep when she changed the subject and lazily opened his eyes to look at her. With a smile he shut them again, his hand resting on her cheek, caressing it a bit. "that is not the way it goes" he muttered and surrendered himself into deep slumber his hand still resting on her cheek.
  2. Sextus listened with his full attention drawn to the read. Marcella really had the perfect tone for it so he allowed himself to be carried away by the story, a smile on his face the entire time. Her voice was like a lullaby, and sextus found himself being completely distracted from the pain. So distracted that he could finally sleep without being in pain.
  3. To say he didn't stare would be a lie. He was a man after all. He swallowed hard at the view, thinking what he had ever done to deserve such a tease but then he knew - a lot- so he tried to look away. She was not going to let that happen of course and when he got a good look at her breasts he felt his body on edge, even with all the pain. She simply would not give up. Ever. He had to realize that. When she asked for the book, he slowly turned and reached for it. "You're torturing me" he said referring to the book but also to what she was doing. "Read something very interested. Historical, I'd prefer" he said and tried to relax back in a way that would not hurt his wound.
  4. "Oh, is that so?" he said narrowing his eyes, "Well, as I've mentioned before. You are all uneducated power hungry magic idiots" he said in a serious tone but he was not trying to insult her. He thought. "Take the entire history of Tevinter. There is nothing more interesting for people who know what interesting means" he countered. He simply could not believe how one could not appreciate the subject. "I remember your sister though" he said, a faint grin about him, "now she had a mind for such things. Enjoyed them too. Clever girl" he grinned more and drank to that.
  5. "Yes you can I suppose. You are my apprentice after all" Sextus had always watched interrogations along with Festus when he was younger. It was only fair Marcella was provided with the same experience. Of course, she was too young to cast incursio herself but she could torture in other ways. It felt right to have her along with his best friend, interrogating that heretic. "Let's see if you have improved since the lessons in the Circle. You were awful in history, do you know that?" he teased.
  6. "I know you will marvel them" he said a small smile on his lips. "I never make bad choices" except when it came to women but this particular choice had been entirely professional. As for the pain while they were playing, "it helps when my thoughts don't linger on it" he admitted. "That's why I try to read so much as of late" well he always read much so that probably meant something, "I will question Vivianna one of these days. Probably have Alexio with me in case I won't be able to cast incursio" a thought which infuriated him to say the least.
  7. He remained there cold as he looked though he had to admit there were things that were happening in his body, things he did not want to happen. And on top of that, his body could not handle them anymore, not with that constant pain. Remaining exactly where he was, he looked at her. "You ought to drink to that" he passed her his glass. "You've always been drawn to your desires, allowing them to get the best of you. Fortunately one of us can control himself" it was for the better, and she had to know it. She simply had to. He pulled away a bit and made an effort to sit up. It left him in great ache. "You have your mind set on whatever happened that night. I see it. I feel it" he was staring his hands by this time, his expression entirely serious, even a bit sad. "And I have to admit I encouraged you to it. Perhaps I still even do so. I am but a man unfortunately" he'd love to be someone without emotions, it would have worked perfectly for him, "but there is only one thing on my mind now, Marcella. It is this curse. It hurts and it gnaws and it scratches every single second of my existence. And I know that if I don't find a way to cure it I am stuck with it for the rest of my life" he sighed, "So please don't trouble my mind more. After all even if I wanted here and now... I can't give you what you desire. I cannot even think properly, let alone move" yes, he was being strong due to his training but that did not mean he was not in pain. In fact he was... in terrible pain.
  8. He did not drink either though she could not be sure if it was because he'd never do it again or because he was simply refusing to drink at this point. His eyes had taken a rather darker shade though how much darker could someone go from black, one could not say. "Never have I ever" he spoke in a voice of ice, "disobeyed my orders with that ending badly" it was not only his vengeful nature and idea of having things exactly as he wanted them. Marcella was also a fiesty person and even with so much training, they could still be at each other's throats. Especially after that night.
  9. He had to admit that stung. He drank the shot and fixed his gaze on her. "Never have I ever lied to my mentor about being attracted to someone" he said and did not drink. They both knew that he was speaking of Caius, for Marcella had already admitted that she had been attracted to the heretic. And that simply did not sit well with him.
  10. He laughed and drank the shot. Then refilled. "That was nasty" he commented then thought about his turn. "Never have I ever gotten drunk while on a mission?" he grinned, wondering. Of course, he did not drink.
  11. "Good. I've always been better with rules than you" he reminded her and refilled their shots. "We will play the have you ever game... Whenever we have done what ever the question asks, we drink. Simple enough yes?" and certainly more fun than her rules. Sextus moved a bit to the side and felt an ache at his back. He needed to start getting drunk. Pain was awful at nights.
  12. He smiled, his arrogance getting the better of him. "Drink" he ordered, a smug look about him."You have a long way to go before you can do just about that, my young apprentice" he winked at her and looked at the shot in his hand. "You know this is hardly fun. If we keep this up you're just going to end up drunk, vomiting around the place. This game is entirely against you" unless she wanted to get drunk of course. Then it was planned spot on.
  13. "No it does not count" he grinned, "but it still is not happening. Not by a far chance. I'd rather die than drink anything that alleviates the pain and makes you depend on it" he raised his glass to her and drank the shot any way, "just not my style" Sextus liked solving his own problems. Maker, he had been drinking poison since a very young age so that if he ever was poisoned he'd make it through without an antidote. He was not going to allow heretic magic to break his character. Not now not ever. Not even if the pain would consume him. In fact, he would not let it. "Other things you consider bad thoughts?" he asked.
  14. "Now you should never have bad thoughts about me"he told her and drank a shot himself." and no it is not. You have become rather good at not asking stupid questions " after intense training that is.
  15. "Now that is hardly fair" he said, raising his eyebrow. "And when will you get to drink?" he asked curious if this game was going to entirely in her favor or not.