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    Sextus knew by now that anything that could have gone wrong, had gone wrong. Readying himself, the Shade conjured some shadowlings and got ready to incapacitate the suspects in the hut. Meanwhile in the hut, Monica was studying Marcella. "I am sure he liked it, your husband" she said, a smirk on her face, "Probably never had a Tal-Vashoth on his crotch. We are quite the experience" she said, and the other two men started laughing. "What escapes me is what you are doing here. And why on earth would you interfere in something... so trivial?" Monica or, actually, the Tal-Vashoth seemed rather confused though she soon shook it away. "It is of no matter now, I suppose. Unless you are truly here to buy some?" she arched her eyebrow, closing in to Marcella.
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    Well, now that was a rather interesting mission. And a very important one. Sextus nodded. He knew now why he had been paired with Helia. She was good at picking up clues and so was he. "Do we have anything to start with?" he asked and Vittoria was quick to reply. "Only that she was to visit her best friend, the Neridus younger heir. That is where she said she'd be going" Vittoria passed a folder to them. "This is everything that is known for her so far" Sextus passed it to Helia first. Whatever had gone down between them, he liked to believe he remained a gentleman. "Whatever questions you have, ask away" Vittoria urged them and she looked at Helia.
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    "Of course we are" the Karrus nephew hissed, narrowing his gaze at the woman. "I thought that our message reached you. The change of plans? What in the Maker's name took you that long?" he barked, pacing nervously across the room. His eyes met with the other man's in the room. The tall, the dark one. "If she is not here soon, we shall leave" the tall man said. "It'd mean our message did not reach her" he said and locked his gaze with Marcella. "Have you brought it with you?" he asked, arching his eyebrow. Meanwhile, outside the hut, someone was approaching. Sextus spied on them from the shadows. The figure was quite large, he suspected a man, a fat man, no no, it was a woman, it was... Monica? The fat woman was walking straight towards the hut, about to knock on its door any second now.
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    August 951 DA  Minrathous, tevinter imperium (Helia & Sextus (@Zyah_Rayne & @Darth_Phillious (any ooc points/plot points) (link to prior thread, plot thread) He had been summoned by the Domini. Since it had been announced to him that he had been chosen to join them in the coming years, he had been trying his best to master his magic and train himself as best as he could for leadership. Festus had revealed that they would be training often and in quite different terms than before so he awaited to see just how much things were going to change from now on. Meanwhile though, he was still a Tenebrum, and would be probably for years until he'd take over a position of Dominus, and he had still his obligations as an agent. as thus, when Vittoria had summoned him to her office for a mission, he was there on time, ready to take on whatever the leader had in store for him. what he did not expect though, was to see that he would be sharing this mission with no other than Helia. whatever had happened between them was in the past, yes, but there were still open wounds, at least for him. After all, Sextus as a historian, as well as a shade, was known for his excellent memory. He simply tended not to forget things.
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    "yes" he agreed. "and I shall watch through the shadows. Will step in if something goes wrong"which he fully expected to happen. After all, nothing seemed to go like planned in his life. Ever.
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    Sextus had been unlucky in the north side of the estate so when Marcella sent for him, he headed straight her way. Once he was there, he looked at her. "What is going on? What have you found?" he whispered. The hut was a bit further down and he had not noticed it yet.
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    "Perhaps" he said. "We shall keep that in mind while we search around for whatever could have happened to their carriage or them" he suggested as they began heading for the exit. "Take the south part of the outskirts. I shall scan the north" and with that, the Shade started heading his way, keen on discovering what exactly was going on here.
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    "Children. Playing" he hissed. "No, I have not got the slightest idea but I know that it is either something very foul or something very stupid. There are no other ways about it" he said and beckoned her to join him in the darkness. "We have to find them. And we have to discover the reason of their delay" he whispered as they began leaving the party. There was no point in staying anymore "This medallion will help us identify them. Wear it" he ordered. Perhaps they did not know how the women looked either? He hoped. Anyway, he suspected it had to be worn to work. "We need to scan the ourskirts of this mansion. Perhaps something indeed happened to them. We're losing time here" he said and as soon as they exited the attic he began heading downstairs, concealed of course.
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    "I... I don't know" the woman trembled. Sextus circled her. She looked at him in horror. "The lady asked you a question" he reminded her, his tone dead serious. His gaze, deadly. The woman looked as if she was ready to pass out. "Look, whoever you are, I am telling the truth. I don't know where he is. He was supposed to be here tonight but-" and she was shortly interrupted by the other woman, "Jocasta!" the other protested but the blonde was too scared to not tell these strangers what they wanted. "He never arrived tonight" she finally said, "We were wondering if something happened to them". Sextus nodded, "What do they look like?" he asked. The woman shook her head, started crying. "What... do they look like?" he repeated and approached her. "They are transformed" she finally revealed "Jocasta! Are you insane?!" the other shouted and Sextus slapped her so hard she fell to her knees. "How would you recognize them?" he asked, and the woman pointed to her medallion. The Shade smiled and snapped it off her neck. "Put them to sleep" he ordered Marcella and of course, he did not mean killing them. They had no idea who they were and the blow would leave them rather dizzy. They'd probably think they imagined all of this by the time they'd wake up.
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    There was no time and he had to make a quick decision. And certainly there was no time to unlock the door. Within the darkness he spoke to Marcella "Shut her mouth too, for a minute" and he handed the woman he was holding to his apprentice. Then stormed in the open room. Three people were fucking. Within seconds, a black smoke had filled the room, entering all three people. Several screams and a few moments later, they all had passed out. They were not dead, just incapacitated. And the good thing about orgies was that one's scream could never raise suspicions. If they managed to be heard, that is. Locking this door too, Sextus reappeared from the shadows and nodded at Marcella to allow the two women to talk. "Greetings" he said, smiling sinister. He quickly adopted his serious look. "We have some questions for you" he simply said.
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    He looked at her but did not answer. Instead, he vanished in the shadows. And in the shadows, he slipped into the room, taking a good look at the two naked women, in the room. It took him only a second. He knew that Marcella was to follow and grab the other one. Reappearing quickly, he shut one's mouth and dragged her in the shadows, making sure she was not to scream. Now, they only needed a quiet place to do this
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    Sextus played along but he was wholly, body and mind, given to the conversation behind the black curtain. "well, Leopold is still not here, yes of course i am sure" a woman's voice spoke, ever so low, barely above q whisper. "are you sure that nothing happened to him?"another woman. Sextus looked at marcella. "well, I don't know. Do you think we should ask roderick for help? Perhaps he knows how to find him or if something bad happened?" so.. The nephew was still missing.
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    Sextus took the initiative and walked close to one of the curtains. The usual sound were heard so he moved on. And he moved on until he stopped before the fourth of the rooms. He beckoned marcella to, people were whispering here. And he thought he heard a very familiar name...
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    But they were noticed before they dared react. "Oh dears" Monica said in a high pitched voice (probably due to the drugs and pleasure). Sextus sighed and turned around with a smile. "I see you are having fun" and with a guy who wasn't her husband no less. "Quite" she said and chuckled, her eyes still on Sextus. "Are you staying?" she asked, and the lust in her voice was vlear. Sextus shook his head. "I'd not want to intrude. After all, I'd like to begin with more privacy. For my wife, you see" he countered and looked at Marcella.
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    "yes" he told her. "But we have to open doors, one by one" he revealed and they both knew what that meant. "which means" he looked at her,"prepare for spectacular sights" and with that he walked past the people fucking on the floor and turned right to a corridor. It was a long dim lighted one, like the rest of the attic, and it was full of doors. The noises and scents made it to them even as they were standing. Holding her hand, he opened the door to his left. Two elderly men with a young woman. They did not even glance at them as they entered. Sextus closed the door again. "next one is yours" he told marcella and grinned.