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    It took Malvae a moment to hear Trinity, her focus on the beady eyes of the pesky little crow. When she released the bird she threw it away, aggressively letting it know it was not to come near her again. "I think I should speak to Besten." She said and promptly got up. "Report to him tomorrow, you may have differing orders." Not that Malvae thought Besten would listen to her, but she might be able to prevail upon Tavius. Leaving Trinity and her siblings Malvae first sorted out Sae'on and then once the da'len was sated and sleeping she would descend into the city looking for the leader of Nueda.
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    Dedicated as Malvae was to any task he gave her she kept her keen eyes upon the noble figure and watched his every move, his every interaction. If she had taken a moment to look back to see Tavius in such an obviously tired way two things would have occurred. She would have taunted him, telling him how his years in the Circle had made him weak, but then she would have told him to find a chair or bed and take his rest. Surely they had the time and facilities? She did none of these things though as she was dutifully keeping watch, and also taking note of other interactions she saw that she thought might be of note. Not that the young Dalish asha knew what nobles talked about or why they were even there but she had an excellent instinct for such things. It was why she had been chosen. It was why Tavius needed her. Well, one of the reasons at least.
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    Still hugging the darkness Malvae gripped the metal railing, her knuckles turning white. She was silent and breathing rapidly, the anger she felt at seeing these fat, clueless shemlen was difficult to hide and in front of him she did not want to conceal it. He knew how much she detested them, he knew how much she wanted to murder them all! Bringing her here was a test of her control, and it was obvious she was fighting her murderous instincts and only barely winning. “When do we get to slaughter them?” She asked, talking as if those below had been brought to this place just for Malvae to slake her blood thirst. She withdrew her dami, the small decorative blades given to her when she had come of age in Clan Dia’dami. They were her primary weapons, the knives that she used to slaughter most of her victims. It had been too long since she had been free to use them and the Fury inside of her was calling for blood. Her breast rose and fell rapidly and her hands gripped the railing so tightly the muscles in her forearms flexed continuously. Then, as if speaking to the shemlen she hissed, “Ar tu na'lin emma mi…”
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    The Qunari were hardly anything for a Dalish to fear, the two cultures seemed to get along and her own father’s clan were friendly with them. Thus, when she saw the symbol she was merely intrigued. Nosing around the room, taking a closer looking at the tools of war she threw her fellow elf an inquisitive glance, asking him why they were there. “Is this just a stop on the way or the final destination?” She asked. Was this the true reason for even being in this damned town?
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    “What is to know?” She replied, mimicking his bored tone. “It is a shem town like most others, it seems.” Malvae had done about as much research as she could on the place but she still knew very little. What she needed to know she was normally briefed with, so she was curious why she was only learning more - potentially - about it now. Referring to the rooms they had passed she asked, “What is going on in here?” The Dalish asha frowning as she asked. “And what is our purpose here?” That seemed the more important question but Malae knew well enough from being around shifters that things were hardly ever what they seemed.
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    With a shrug she took his arm and allowed him to lead, used to him guiding her in moments such as this. It was not that the asha did not have a mind of her own, she was just used to Tavius having some plan or another, it was easier to see it unfurl and then react. She had always been good at reacting. As they walked she took note of the halls and rooms they passed, noting that the building was rather large and empty. They were still in the belly of the edifice, roaming around in the near dark, conversation casual but underpinned by purpose. “What is this place?” She asked, finally. Her curiosity had gotten the better of her.
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    Catching the signal to leave the Dalish elf resisted the urge to furrow her brow and question, she was too well trained by now to openly object or demand answers. Instead she moved out of the room, smoothly weaving between the many bodies now packed into the basement. It was a relief to be out of it, she hated so many people in close quarters, she felt trapped and a trapped Malvae was never a good thing. Once free of others company and having spotted the mage further down the hallway, out of earshot of anybody near she supposed, she wondered why he had left Furia to his little gathering? Did Tavius already know what was to come to pass? It would not have surprised her, he seemed to know everything - at least when it came to the Resolutionists. “If you are tired I am sure there is a bed that can be found.” She teased, she knew full well how he mirrored her desire for far less people in such close quarters. Putting her back to the opposite wall she crossed her arms under her breasts and finally raised an eyebrow at him, questioning his summoning of her. Not that she minded, she was just curious as to his purpose.
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    The scout had sharp eyes but she did not yet know the mage well enough to understand the meaning of such an expression. As it was she felt confused but she brushed such feelings aside to focus on the change of atmosphere in the room. Unlike the others Malvae was not so in tune with the state of affairs and she did not sense the magical potential of them all either. Instead she saw the body language and expressions of those gathered and she was on her guard. Standing up slowly she tied back her hair and kept her gaze focused on the elf entering the room. She knew him, at least, but that did not give her cause to relax. No one else was letting their guard down so why would she? Why indeed?
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    Malvae needed to be finished with the shemlen fool for if she did not disengage then she would sink into an anger she would not be able to recover from. It was stress and pressure that had her in this mood and fortunately she was aware enough to barge through the gathered group, putting the length of the table between her and the idiot human. The elven asha did not sit though, she was too on edge to relax, so she stood in front of the fire, listening. There was dull chatter, inane conversations and the distant sound of rain, perhaps even thunder. The town’s streets were all but empty now, she imagined, just a few poor souls doomed to brave the storm because they had no other choice. At least she was in the relative warm, and she was getting dry having removed her coat and placed it by the fire. Her hair was dry as she’d had her cowl up when not under a room or shelter so the amber hue of the fireplace alighted the red tones in her long tresses. Usually she tied it back, but her coat and hood had kept it out of the way and it kept her ears warm on such a cold and miserable day.
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    The Dalish elf flinched at the sound, knowing this was not entirely put on for the sake of obscuring their identities and actions. She pulled her own cowl tighter to hide her vallasin before shoving the mage forward towards Tavius. As it turned out the footsteps were a mother chasing after a toy that her little one had thrown into the alleyway in a tantrum! Malvae rolled her eyes, picking up the toy that landed at her feet. Forcing a smile to her lips she handed the wooden puppet to the woman who took it gratefully. She glanced about those gathered, having heard the shout from the Antivan. “Sorry to get you in trouble.” She told Malvae, then she retreated to the street where Malvae heard the child crying. She could barely see since the rain was torrential now, but she frowned. Was this a ploy like her own had been only minutes ago? It seemed too elaborate but their enemies were nothing if not clever. After everyone had been ushered down the steps Malvae followed, leaving Tavius to come in last.
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    The group were not entirely trusting of Malvae and that would lead to their downfall if they did not buck their ideas up quickly! The Dalish huntress kept to the rear, making sure no one took note of the group that stretched out between her and Tavius along the street attempting to seem apart from each other. Malvae had to walk across them and barge them in the crowd a little to make it seem less contrived, the elf tempted to simply take them aside and tell them to leave. If they could not handle simple blending then what were they doing there?! The problem was she knew that the reason they messed up was because of her - or more specifically because of their lack of trusting her. When Tavius disappeared into the next alleyway Malvae became even more vigilant, if that were even possible! And it was lucky that she did. It seemed that when the Antivan elf was out of sight the others became complacent, especially those furthest back, closer to her. One managed to even draw the attention of some zealot spouting the Chant, or their version of it, the ranting clerics brows knitting together and following the dark head of the human mage in front of Malvae. To save the situation she pushed her way through the crowd and linked her arm with the surprised mage, kissing him on the cheek and then pretending to point to the docks. The cleric watched them, but with less ill intent, and Malvae guided the mage another way around, leaving the group temporarily to drag the clerics attention away from the others. Upon finding the darkness of the second alley she shoved him into the wall and almost drew her blades. Instead his fiery gaze pinned him and she whispered, “Do that again and I will end you myself. You will wish you were back in the Circle, shem!”
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    Of all the Resolutionists there gathered there was none with the skill the Dalish hunter possessed. She had, since a da’len, been skilled at tracking and sneaking, her kill rate far above what her clan ever needed. Over time she’d been forced to hide her kills so as not to alert her lin, but that had not been enough in the end. Thank the Creators for the resolutionists and for Tavius for finding her. It was that gratitude that kept her close and inspired obedience and it was that loyalty that made sure she never put a foot wrong. If she failed it was because of circumstances out of her control, but that was not to be this night. Tonight the rain was a boon and she used it to her advantage. The Dalish elf wore no cloak, her clothes were sleek, tight fitting, and her hair braided. Every aspect of the elf was designed for stealth, no loose clothing would betray her, and her weapons were the only part of her that broke the smooth curves of her body. Thus, when she returned to the alley not a single on of them heard her. They only saw her when she was but five feet from Tavius. “The path is clear.” She told them all with a smirk. It was time to move out.
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    When the bird would not quit flapping near her face Malvae's arm shot out and she grabbed it, her hand beginning to crush it. The elf was in no mood for these creatures. She was, in fact, imagining it was a certain shapeshifter she was crushing to death...
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    After depositing the child with a Dalish who had been determined to help Malvae out the assassin beckoned Trinity to follow her. She wanted to walk and talk, she needed to moved around, to have some fresh air and be away from what had become a bit of a cage to her. It was a beautiful cage and she was in there for a very good reason but she felt trapped nonetheless. "Abelas, falon, if I insult you." She muttered, the Dalish not really the kind of elf to utter apologies, even when wrong. "I just worry for you and for Nueda, in my absence..." She conceded.
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    Sometimes she thought Besten lacked subtlety because he had been Dalish, but she was also Dalish. Now she knew his better she knew it was merely stubbornness that caused such short sighted-ness and unwillingness to adapt. "Delay fulfilling this order. I want to speak to either Besten or Tavius before you leave." That might take a few days but Malvae thought it was worth it. She wanted to investigate these orders and ensure that Trinity left with the best chance of surviving and completing her mission with success.