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    "Who, exactly, do you think I am?" Marcella asked, curious as to how much the Tal-Vashoth knew. And since "she" liked to talk so much the Shade thought she had a good chance of getting something out of her - at least before Sextus attacked the other three!
  2. "Am I properly attired?" She asked, for she saw he had changed and she did not want to assume she should not be in some other robes. Marcella had no idea what to expect, she was genuinely at a disadvantage here, so she had to tread carefully and listen to everything he said and try to hear the things he did not say as well.
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    When the door was opened and Monica laid eyes upon Marcella she knew right away that she was not supposed to be there. Instead of leaving she squeezed herself in through the door and sat down on the only chair in the room. It protested beneath her and Marcella worried it would give way to her girth but when it did not she looked back at the woman who indicated the men cover the window and door. They did so, though they were confused. "You are not who you seem, are you child?" Monica asked, and Marcella knew that "Monica" was not who she seemed either. She had taken the same potion, so there was someone else masquerading as the fat one, but whom? "How long have you worn her skin?" Marcella asked and Monica laughed, shaking her head. "Long enough to have fucked your "husband"." She smirked. Though the way she said "husband" suggested she knew that they were not together. "Admittedly you played it convincingly. Until now I'd not have suspected you both."
  4. Relaxing slightly Marcella felt more comfortable with shadows, though she could no fathom what they expected what they thought a novice could do. Still, she had come this far and even if she was some weeks or months or even years from knowing locations she was closer than any Shade (or any outsider) had ever come. So she could not falter now. "Where and how do I begin." She asked, her pragmatic self rising to the surface.
  5. Freezing, worried she might fail and be revealed as the spy that she was Marcella asked, "What kind of test?" She did not recoil from him but she was clearly afraid, seemingly only just realising the gravity of her situation. The anger seemed to be sucked from her yet there was also steel there for she did not faint nor beg nor lose herself.
  6. Marcella was a Shade and she possessed powers so eerily close to the Lusacan clerics she would feel violated when she discovered it. Thus she saw those cloaked by shadow but she did not make it known. Instead her gaze remained on Caius, listening to him and reacting as expected. Narrowing her gaze at first then widening her eyes, she looked towards the statues again and murmured, "The old religion... it lives..." It was with seeming respect and awe that she spoke, her eyes flicking towards Caius again. "You wish me to... join you?" What would it entail? This worried Marcella, for she wondered if they had the means to discover her treachery. Or if her induction into this cult would mar her forever?
  7. It was what they had been waiting for, yet Marcella only felt dread when she was abducted. She knew she was being taken to some secret place of the cult and as much as she tried to recall the twists and turns they had been prepared for that and made it impossible, even for a Shade. So it was she did as expected of the woman Caius had taught, she appeared angry. It was not such an act really, since when she laid eyes upon him and then the dragons statues she was truly angry, seeing such heresy and treachery would put any Shade into a fury. "What is the meaning of this?!" She all but shouted. "And where am I?" She asked, her tone a little less vexed.
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    Not only was Marcella a brave woman the person she was posing as was bold, so she marched up to the door confidentially and knocked. After a minute or so the door opened a crack and eyes peered out at her, clearly suspicious. Yet when they spied the medallion around her neck the door opened wider and she was yanked inside. "Where have you been?!" One of the men asked, from the look of him he was the Karrus nephew. Before she could answer the dark haired young man shook his head vehemently and pointed at the medallion. They had not checked it properly yet. So the nephew flipped it over and looked at the engravings on the other side and then nodded to the other to confirm it was genuine. Something he probably should have done before letting her inside! Marcella rolled her eyes and sat on one side of the firepit then asked, "Are we waiting for anyone else?" If they were she suspected it was the Tal-Vashoth, but if not then the Tal-Vasthoth was one of these men or one of the two women back at the house...
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    It was a relief once they stopped and a further relief to know they would go slower next time! She felt like she was going to drop from exhaustion and it was to her credit that she did not look like it nor speak about it. Most young Shades were usually very quick to point out faults, but in true combat those faults were your friend, for they were unexpected moves that the right sort of Shades could take advantage on this. There was no way Marcella was gong to create her new still overnight so she focused on just one thing that Helia said, she focused on the things that were not to be expected or taught.
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    Pointing to the hut she said, "Two in there." And then tapped the amulet the woman had been forced to give up and asked, "Shall I go there?" Assuming they did indeed not know the face of the woman they were expecting then she should be able to pretend she was one of them...
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    It was not long before Marcella picked up some tracks and decided to follow them. She left the south road and made her way through the woods, still dressed in her skimpy orgy clothes and still wearing another woman's skin. Marcella followed the tracks all the way to a hut that had a light glowing within. Using her shade magic she conjured a shadowling and sent it to locate Sextus. Meanwhile Marcella waited in the trees, watching to make sure no one left or if anyone entered. She did not know if anyone was even in there so she sent another shadowling to find out. When it returned a moment later the creature split into two to indicate there were two people there.
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    "Perhaps there was no meeting at the party?" Marcella suggested once they were outside. "Perhaps the party was just an excuse to be in this area?" What could be in the area that was an important meeting place for any of this potential party of three? It would mean searching the grounds and the road they would have taken, going off very little unless Sextus had some idea.
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    Obediently Marcella put both women to sleep, a far more merciful end to the night than they deserved, or so she thought. The Shades had at least identified why the nephew and guest of honour did not seem to be there, the question was why were they transforming at all? Was it to protect their identities? Or did they not want the Tal-Vashoth to know who they were meeting with? "Sextus, do you have any idea what in the Maker's name is going on here?" Marcella was not too proud to admit she had no idea what was going on. It was all so bloody confusing!
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    Marcella pushed both women forward and then stood with her arms crossed. Her body language was very different now, she seemed like an entirely different woman. The two women were too shocked to speak at first so Marcella picked up a blade from a nearby table, something used for blood play she suspected. It was enough to coax the blonde woman to speak, though she did not seem to know what she should be speaking about. "Where is the nephew and the guest of honour?" Marcella asked, making it easier for them.
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    She was starting to suspect that the nephew had been "dealt" with by someone, perhaps the Tal-Vashoth. Before she could communicate her theory Sextus has gone and she knew she had to follow. When she moved into the room she copied her mentor by securing the second woman and then she indicated they use the other door in the room, the one they had not been through. If they did use it they were find a shorted hallway, this one with only two suites on either side. Only one was in use but the door to the other was locked. Whether the Archon's cousin was in there or the nephew was they were about to find out. They were also the last two rooms in the attic. The two Shades had reached their limit.