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  1. "Well then, we should define what constitutes a bad thought then." Marcella declared. Refilling both of their glasses she raised hers and said, "Wishing you would drink your puking potion instead of your favourite alcohol, does that qualify as a bad thought?" She asked, but she was smirking as she watched for his answer.
  2. "Oh, when I ask a stupid question or have bad thoughts about you." Marcella proceeded to drink three single shots. "You see this is not entirely in my favour, right?"
  3. Early that morning when she left his house Marcella walked out in a bit of a daze. She walked all the way home even though she lived miles away, and then when she reached the compound she was late. Even then she did not realise it and ended up taking a very long bath. It had begun, and the young Shade was not sure she was at all ready for it. The poem stuck in her mind and she shuddered, even though the water was probably too hot. This Last Night, Our Night, This, our Final Night.
  4. "A drinking game, of course." It was hardly original, but it would serve, and she had her own little quirks when it came to the rules of the game. She suspected he would be angry at her for getting him to sit up for such a thing so she shoved a shot glass in his hand and said, "For every time you frown or admonish me you have to drink." She ordered.
  5. One thing she did remember while engaged thus - be loud and take time. Marcella went with her instincts now her mind was no use to her. She honestly did not understand how the bards of Orlais did this all the time! If there had been any other way... Maker, she would have done it! Yet it was not unpleasant, which was worse perhaps? Pulling at his robes, for she wanted to ensure he could not grow a conscience or decide her was going to remain celibate after she had gone this far! Marcella had thrown her lot in and now this was her path. Entice him, and then become a recruit. It was the long game and she would waver over the weeks and months but she could not deny that he felt good.
  6. This was no moment to be tentative, no time to think about who would be listening or seeing her, Marcella had a job to do and tonight it was imperative that this house was searched! They knew they might not get a better chance, so she did what she needed to do - and clearly what she wanted. It would be obvious to him soon enough that she was aroused by the man as much as the situation. The style of the dress made it easy for her, that was why she had chosen it. All she had to do was untie the top of the dress at the nape of her neck and it would drop, pooling at her feet. Evidence of her youth lay in her body, though that of a woman it was a woman at her peak. She was not thin like his former love, but neither was she overly voluptuous. Marcella was toned and strong, her body svelte and smooth. She climbed into Caius' lap and let him hold her, but she was dominant in the sense that she made the first move and she now claimed his lips first.
  7. For a moment Marcella was caught off guard, for his words made her think of Sextus. Pushing such thoughts away she took Caius hand and put it on her waist. It was a brazen move but she felt it well timed. At least, she hoped it was. "Understanding... and experience." She clarified. She did not need to say anything more, it was obvious what she was getting at. To him she was just a young woman seeking to heal a clerics heart. That was all, no more and no less.
  8. Though Marcella went to get the book she put it next to the bed and gently lay down next to him, on her back. Looking to her right she smiled at him and shook her head. "No dying on my watch." She ordered. It was time to stop talking about Toth and curses and guilt and spells and all the things that reminded him of his pain. Marcella was no expert but she figured that he needed to have a mind occupied with something other than pain. "Instead we shall play a game. So sit up." Marcella smirked and waited for him to move, though she knew it would be painful she needed him to stop laying on his front.
  9. She might have almost felt sorry for him, had she not known what he was. Marcella knew. She could feel it in the pit of her stomach, yet this was something she could not think of lest she made a mistake. The best lies, she knew, where those that were wrapped in truth, so she sank to her knees so she was eye level with him and plucked his glass of wine from his hand. "I am sorry for your loss." She told him, and Marcella conjured the empathy she had for those who had lost, for she had lost her dear mother years ago. "She sounds too good to be true, almost."
  10. Whose warm embraces did the Chantry Father miss? Unlike the rest of Thedas the clergy were allowed to marry in Tevinter, so why had Father Caius refrained. Marcella turned around and stood in front of him, asking him very seriously, "Why have you never married?" It was obvious from his home that there was no woman in his life, for though she was fairly sure he was attracted to her she could not rule out that being merely appraisal. He might prefer men after all.
  11. "Not often." She admitted, and though she hated knowing she was hurting him she also knew it needed to be done. The wound was not infected, instead of infection there was the glow of the fire beneath the skin. When water touched it, it seemed to grow more dull and she asked, "Does a bath make you feel better?" This time, she decided, she would not be joining him. The last thing they needed was to complicate things.
  12. "Which old god is that about?" She asked, but she thought she could guess. Lusacan. The thought made her shudder and she could not understand why. Of all the gods of the old religion would not the Shades magic be the most similar to Lusacan's? Indeed, it was even possible that some of their magic did come from that sect, though it made her nauseous just thinking about it! "I really like your home." She said, deciding she did not, in fact want her suspicions about the object of the poem confirmed. Marcella got up and walked around, not least so he could get a good view of her in that dress. "Do you get to spend much time here?
  13. After filling his glass she did as bidden, glad that she had insisted on a third option. Sextus seemed more relaxed here, though he also seemed in far more pain than she had seen him in thus far. As she collected what he asked for she thought more and more about her own approach. Her anger could not be helping, it certainly had not thus far, so she needed to do better. "Let me?" She asked, for how could he reached it all? It was a monstrous gash across all of his back, there was now way Sextus could care for the wound alone. She wet the cloth then wrung it out so it was damp and then tenderly began on the very edges where his skin was yet untouched. Pausing for a moment to make sure he would allow it she waited until he agreed before continuing to wash the very edges and then see ti the wound itself.
  14. Seeing that she had him enchanted Marcella forced herself to relax. Though an older man, Caius was not unattractive, she did not have to work too hard to relax entirely. As it would turn out Marcella would always favour older men, it reflected her own maturity and passions. Thus seated with Caius she drank her wine and listened intently to his summaries and when he mentioned poetry she interrupted him and asked if he remembered any to recite. "Are they all about dragons and blood and rituals?" She asked, quite innocently. "Or are there some more... beautiful."
  15. Since he preferred to bathe in potions rather than take then Marcella suspected how well that information was going down with Sextus. More concerned than ever Marcella drank the entire contents of her glass then went to refill it. Instead she just brought the bottle back with her this time, she knew they'd likely both be needing regular refills. "I want to kill her." Marcella said, and her hand was shaking as she poured into the glass. "I know it might mean you never get healed but, for what she had done I want to kill her..." She took a deep breath and then drank half of the glass then said, "Can I go at her? Get her to talk?" Marcella had not lost her talent for creating new spells, she was rather inventive with her shade spells, and she had not lost her talent for torturing people either.