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    "If it's possible." Tia answered, but now she was not sure it was what Dalma wanted. Did dwarves even get married? "I mean, I don't know who'd do it... a captain maybe? Victorius, when he had that boat, perhaps?" She had considered it, thinking Rivain the best place to do it on land, they were freer there, more open minded. It was times like this she was proud to be Rivaini." "If you don't want to, I understand. After all that shit with Aleria..." And boy, had she put Dalma through a lot of shit!!!
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    They would remain undisturbed until morning and even then it would only be for breakfast being served. Tia had all the time in the world to enjoy her dwarf and enjoy her she did! Then, when both were tired enough to lazily lie with one another the elf began to wonder... "Dalma, do you think we could like... become more?" She asked. Tia had no idea where she was going with this but she thought she would throw the idea out there anyway.
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    It was a rare thing to see the dwarf soft like this, and Tia enjoyed every moment of it. Though she would never expect it nor want it all the time she did like it when they managed to draw it out of each other. Tia enjoyed it because she was able to more properly express her emotions, and since it was Dalma's fault that she felt any emotions in the first place she was quite determined to make sure that the dwarf felt all the repercussions of it! So she worshipped Dalma head to toe, paying special attention in the present moment to the dwarf's beautiful breasts. Moaning into Dalma's soft flesh the elf indulged herself completely, but slowly and teasingly and lovingly.
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    It was true, the madame had already seen more than one patron remain and pay with the hope of spending time with the elf, or simply paying to watch her. So the madame let the two take whatever free room they wanted. There were peep holes through which patrons could watch the beautiful elf. She would make more money than a months worth of rent on that room so she was more than willing to let them do as they pleased. Tia crushed her lips against Dalma's the moment the door closed, the elf sinking to her knees so that she might worship the dwarf's body. the thief adored every part of Dalma, her muscular yet very feminine form eliciting more arousal than she had ever truly known. She released her lover's lips so that she might truly worship her body, kissing over her neck, her chest, sucking on her breasts and kneading them with her dexterous fingers.
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    Tia had not thought of the pirate since she had turned away from her and towards Dalma forever, but if she'd known Dalma's thoughts she would have sought to extinguish such lies! Yet Tia was not a mind reader so she simply smiled, utterly blissful and then kissed the dwarf again. "Wanna go somewhere more private?" She asked, her voice deep and husky. What she wanted to do and say to Dalma was not for the public. And oddly enough she simply wanted to make love, it was something she craved more often these days, falling more deeply for the dwarf as each sun rose...
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    There were more moments of such tenderness between them now, an indication of how close they'd become. Truly, Dalma had remained at Tia's side through a lot, so much so the memory of Thorek as her partner in crime has become distant. As much as she loved the other dwarf she loved his sister. Inevitably both would want more, it was an indication of their love, how often they lusted after the other. The elf was not out of place in the common room, there were many others fucking all around them, but Tia was tender even with this, seeking love not fucking. Considering where they were it was unusual, but the elf had never quite been run of the mill, she was unique in many ways. Pressing her body against Dalma's she cupped her face, her hands slipping to her neck, and she kissed her tenderly again. Though this time she also rolled her hips so their sex rubbed together, their arousal certainly obvious because of how easy it was to grind against one another.
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    Since the Dive was a female dominated whore house catering only to women who loved women the dwarf and the elf were not out of place at all. In fact they were free to fuck right there in the common room should they so desire but for the moment Tia'iz was hungry and thirsty, so she'd ordered everything that sounded delicious off the menu and bottles upon bottles of booze. It was a party that anyone was invited too, but Tia only genuinely had eyes for Dalma. Of course she looked and jested and smiled but her affections were turned to the dwarf to her left, and only her.
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    Defiantly Tia'iz stopped and crossed her arms. "Nope. You pick something, I pick something. It's how we did it right from the beginning." From the day they had met the couple had taken turns, it had become their thing and Tia did not want to change that. "Now hurry before more people decide to arrest us!" She laughed.
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    The elf laughed but did not stop, why would she when it felt so unexpectedly good! She had gotten off horse-riding before - what rider hadn't? - but on a statue? Tia was not exactly quiet when she came, and they drew the attention of perverts and conservatives alike! Soon enough the city guard were on their way and that meant the two women had to get down and away too. Tia helped Dalma down, explaining that she'd rather not get caught tonight! Though some people looked like they might try to "apprehend" to two naked women they did not want to touch them or to be seen holding them either. It worked in the elf and dwarf's favour so they took their chance and ran! "Where to next?!" Tia asked and laughed, for they could go anywhere and do anything they wanted?!
  10. "Back to Antiva, hm? That sounds like fun!" Wherever the elf and dwarf went they would have fun, but they were still interested in working with the Vint and his mute elf. "When you are ready just tell us. We want to come along and help." At that she yanked up her top and slipped off of Dalma's lap, sensing the meeting was over. Tis would be a liar if she tried to say that she had not tried to engineer a swift end to the meeting by encouraging the dwarf's wandering hands (and mouth)! "Don't leave us behind!" She said as she left the room, not doubting the dwarf would be in tow. -exit Tia-
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    It was insane but it was exactly what Tia and Dalma would do on any given day. Life with the dwarf was exciting and joyful, adventurous and sometimes dangerous. Climbing the marble horse she helped Dalma up with her and laughed the entire time, almost sliding off the other side of the statue! Once they were both sat behind the figure immortalised Tia pretended they were riding, grinding her womanhood against the marble and enjoying how it made her feel. If she continued she was pretty sure she'd orgasmed right then and there!
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    "Excellent!" Tia murmured, then she skipped off towards the centre of the city. There was a statue there of some Starkhaven Prince on a horse and she really wanted to ride that horse!
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    The elf dodged the hands that tried to touch her, shaking her head at them as she backed out of the door. Some would try to follow but they'd only be voyeurs at the show, not participants. Tia belonged to one woman and one woman alone. If they did not know that now they certainly would by the end of the night! "Did you have a goal or are we winging it?" She inquired of the dwarf, curious as to how much freedom there was to pick their own path.
  14. Tia narrowed her gaze on Bardonia when she "coughed" to get her attention. Clearly the elf had not been on a ship before! So the thief decided to educate her, just a tad. Removing her top half entirely she tossed it across the small room and then smiled at Victorius and Bardonia. "Am just getting in practise for being a sailor!" She declared. "When I sailed with the Raiders I hardly ever wore a top. It was too hot and clothes could get caught int he rigging." That much was true, of course. "And then there is all the fooling around." She smirked and looked down at Dalma, "Best to get used to it if we are gonna be sailing for months into the relative unknown, hm?"
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    "Oh you were serious? Fair enough then!" Tia laughed and tossed her clothes aside in favour of her nudity. Strutting out before Dalma she met several patrons in the hallway who raised a few eyebrows, one or two commented that the whore houses were on the "other" side of the city. Tia ignored them all though and walked down the stairs and into the Common Room. Here they were met with wolf whistles and proposals, as well as grumbling, but no booing. Tia thought that was rather good actually so she played the crowd and walked through them, her hips swaying seductively. Of course the only one she was flirting at was the dwarf, this was all for her benefit. Tia knew she liked other to see but not touch her pretty elf and the thief was quite alright with that. She didn't want anyone else touching her either!