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  1. Holding Dalma's face to her cleavage - since the dwarf did so enjoy it there! - Tia laughed, but she did get a chance to read the words Bardonia had written. Raising an eyebrow at Victorius she asked, "What use is a map of somewhere we cannot get to?" If he had explained his entire endeavour then the elf had not been listening. Perhaps Dalma had? Pulling the dwarf away from her chest (she'd nearly pulled out her breasts already!) Tia asked, "Did he ever tell us what his goal even was with all of this?" Tia was merely curious, she was having good, clean fun for the first time in a lifetime, after all.
  2. It didn't matter that there were four in the room, there could have been more because Tia was sitting in Dalma's lap! She was absentmindedly twirling the dwarf's dark hair around her fingers. It wasn't because she was acting out of character being all moon eyed over Dalma, Tia was deftly avoiding talking about her haul. She'd come across something very interesting and it had not been the blades - though they were very handy given the fact they were so much better than her former weapons! "I only got one awesome thing from that trip..." She replied and she threw Victorius a wink before feeding Dalma some grapes - she was of course referring to the dwarf as her "prize" since they had reconnected in a romantic way. She'd not really had a chance to discuss her loot with the dwarf since they'd been in Victorius' close company all the way back from Kirkwall. Tonight, when they were alone in their room, she'd fill the dwarf in. As much as she appreciated the work and the promise of adventure from this new group Tia was a more cautious thief when it came to her loot these days.
  3. The elf would guide them back out with ease, her memory was excellent when it came to entry and escape routes, it was one of the things that made her a master thief! Showing Victorius most of her talents in just one job would hopefully prove fruitful. Despite the dwarf's moaning she knew Dalma was as excited to be a part of this team as she was! It was fun to push the limits without there being such a personal cost all of the time. It was like the old days with Thorek. Once they were out of the undercity and back on the Wounded Coast she asked, "Back to Starkhaven?" They'd left the rest of his crew behind there so she assumed they had to be returning.
  4. Not bothering to stop and ask why the two of them were standing still the elf pushed them through the flickering gap in the magical barrier and then forced them to rush across the bridge together! Of course Tia was last and therefore forced to jump the last few feet at the bridge fell into the chasm! With a grin on her face and laughing as she hauled herself up she asked, "Are all of your jobs like this?" Offering a hand to Dalma she added, "Because if so then count us in all the way!" Truly she'd had a fantastic time and had upgraded her gear to boot!
  5. Dodging the golem was not as easy as the elf made it look! Tia struggled the longer she had to go on, the shop giving her very little room for manoeuvre, get she managed it with style, maximising the space she had and always seeming to keep herself out of arms reach of the creature! Moving this way and that she started to enjoy the challenge even while she knew she was getting more and more tired, it only proved to be that much harder which made Tia love it all the more! Even when Dalma and Victor were out of the shop she continued, wondering if there was some kind of reward for surviving this thing? Other than her life, of course…
  6. Tia had grabbed anything and everything Victorius had said he might need before their wise and able leader was hit! Not exactly surprised by the protector she urged Dalma to get to try and find another exit! There had to be some other way out, and a dwarf was more likely to find it. Tia meanwhile took to distracting the golem, using her speed and agility to keep out of harms way. Victorius was given the chance to recover and to help Dalma while the thief acted as bait.
  7. Her elven ears pricked up at the grinding sound, her heightened senses alerting her before everyone else. Turning to the other two she hissed, "What the fuck is that sound?" It did not sound good, was all Tia knew!
  8. Tia ignored the snoring, she'd figured out what it was right away and assumed the tales of the Black Emporium were true. If so then it was of no surprise that while closed the proprietor would catch up on sleep! The thief headed towards the shiny daggers and investigated the bases and all around for traps. When she'd determined it was safe she picked them up and deftly replaced them with her old weapons. It was not a form of payment, it was just far easier to replace, it meant she could carry more of other things out with her! When the elf saw that Dalma was hanging back she beckoned to the dwarf, insisting she come inside and not miss out of the chance of a lifetime!
  9. The elven thief was an expert so she knew which of the lighter things might bear a hefty revenue. She had also heard that the Black Emporium was renowned for rare armour and weapons so she had already planned to relinquish that which she carried (all but her custom mini crossbows) and trade it in for lighter and better equipment. New light armour, new boots, new everything. If possible. Even new daggers for the ones she currently had she'd taken from Aleria a long time ago. It was time to let them go once and for all. "Lead on." She told Victorius, the elf was not snapping but she was succinct. Tia was very focused when in the midst of a job, thieving was her chosen vocation after all.
  10. It was their last night of fooling around before they moved hard and fast towards Kirkwall and the Black Emporium. Tia would remember that night for a long time, it marked a significant event in their relationship. Both lovers and now best friends too the elf was able to relax, to laugh and to fuck and to thieve, all with Dalma and whoever else were lucky enough to have the two women in their crew. For now it was Victorius, and Tia was curious to see where the Vint would take them.
  11. The bridge held but Tia heard it creak in a way that was not promising. Victorius would make it across, but what of Dalma?
  12. With her loving gaze fixed upon Dalma's face, taking the hint that her choice revealed. This was intimate and so she would act accordingly. Sliding her fingers into Dalma's tight little cunt the elf curled the tips so she would graze the little cluster of nerves she knew made the dwarf shudder with bliss. She only stroked it a little, rubbed her thumb over the still nub that was trying to hide under its fleshy hood. Tia knew how to coax it out though and she'd do so by opening up Dalma's womanhood and slowly penetrating her with two fingers. Leaning forward so their noses touched and as Dalma sighed and moaned the elf whispered, "I love you dwarf." She then kissed her nose delicately and sat up, kneeling between Dalma's thick, muscular thighs.
  13. This was a riddle even Tia got and she was a little miffed that Victorius had gotten there first. However, the way was clear so she scouted ahead as usual. She found that the tunnel actually became a chasm a few feet in, an optical illusion made it seem like a tunnel from where they'd stood, but the rickety wooden tunnel was actually a rickety bridge. As confident as the thief was that she could could across she told the others to stay while she secured one end of rope to the golem and then began to carry the rest to the other side. Once on the other side she secured the other side of the rope and waited. Now at least they had something secure to grab if the bridge gave way.
  14. "And finally... fist or fingers?" She asked, a kinky smile on her lips. Dalma knew how much the elf enjoyed a good fisting, but she was talented at giving too, as well as pleasuring her lover's pussy with her fingers. The dwarf certainly deserved such attention and Tia was intent of giving her as much bliss as she possibly could.
  15. Sliding her fingers into Dalma's pussy she asked, "Fast... or slow?" She pumped her fingers fast and then slowed right down for emphasis, keeping her blue eyes on the dwarf's the entire time. Then more quietly and lovingly she said, "I'll never look away."