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  1. He had been awakened by her movements, but he did not fully wake up since it was as if there was a heavy weight in his head. And he heard everything. Everything. The birds were of course singing outside as always in the mornings, making them the most cruel servants of the gods. But then she addressed him and he had to answer her. Which he did, although with a slight groan. "Morning Awenya.." His eyes was still closed, he just wanted to lay down there just a little bit more. So he was not fully aware that she had got herself dressed. He was of course very much undressed, he had made no movement to cover up his nudity, part of that was that he had no shame about his body and that last night they had done much more than just see eachother naked.
  2. Artair had full knowledge with whom he had enjoyed this moment with and he had no regrets about it, especially considered how exhausted he was from all the fun they had been having. He didn't mind her wrapping her limbs around him as they fell together on the pelts of the bed, mostly because he was very much sound asleep when his head lied down with his eyes closed. His body needed time to recover so he was not moving very much during the night. It was only until morning that he started to mov, but he did not fully awake. It was more that he moved from ove side to the other, which required some more movement than usua since he had Awenya around him.
  3. He did his very best to get what he had been holding back for quite some time. He was definately not holding back now as he was so intertwined with her as they glided across eachother and moaning together. It was a rewarding experience and now that he was enjoying the repeated ecstasy he could feel how much he had needed it. The almost blinding sensations of pleasures pushed away all the dark thoughts that had lingered within him, that made him want to continue even more. But since he was not pacing himself as he perhaps hould have he was getting spent quicker than his stamina would perhaps otherwise permit him. But he did do his very best to make sure that he did not leave her unsatisfied even as he laid on top of her, wet with sweat and panting.
  4. It was very hot to feel himself slamming into her with each thrust as he held her up in his strong arms. But then again his strength was not unlimited, even though she made it easy for him to continue on with her oaning and her grip on his hair. Good thing that his hair was healthy and strong or else this moment might have been cut short. But he could not last forever, the shamaness riding him was far too vigourous for him to not reach his climax. And not long after that another one, with those movements she was using on him it became harder to hold her up as his knees were weakening. But he did not want to stop since he was still very eager for the red firebrand that he was hilt deep inside off. But as he was soon about to drop her he carried to a bed and got her down before he lost his grip around her. then he was on top of her and his hips never did really stopped moving, just a slight pause while he got down. Then resumed back to his earlier pace, it was even easier now that he did not need to carry her.
  5. He leaned against the wall even as she did no longer pin him to it, but he did so to make it a bit easier and feel better as he thrusted his manhood deep inside her. He felt the angle she was giving him and it gave him more pleasure than he had known in quite some time, this was a pretty new position to him so he wanted to make the most out of it. And heaing her cry out was just excited him further. And that excitement got his thrusting to go harder into her, holding her still up in his muscular arms. With all this movement and use of his strength there was not much room for him to speak beyond grunting in pleasure, even though the part of him that still could think wondered what this had brought on. But it did not mean he was going to stop, his impulses were adamant on the opposite of calming down, smacking into her over and over.
  6. When she jumped at him she proved to him that even though her power was in the use of magic her body was certainly not weak. And she made it pretty easy to satisfy her wish. And he had no other choice when she had him pinned to the wall so he lifted her up in his strong arms so he knew he would penetrate her in earnest instead of just grinding on her and getting wet. Though that was not too bad either. And then when he let her descend on him he moaned loudly in pleasure, holding on to her tihtly. It had been a while since he had enjoyed the warmth of a woman and now that he was experiencing that again, especially in his drunken state, it felt glorious.
  7. After they both got naked he was pretty glad that it was summer and there was not a cool breeze in the hut. But thart thought was quickly gone when she pressed her body aginst his own and awakened other intrests in him. He kisseed her once again as his arms wrapped around her and held her close, his hand then snaked up into her red hair as he held the back of her head, keeping her lose as they kissed. But soon his 'interest' in her started to become pretty big and needed some outlt. Which was why his hips was moving against her, enabling him to rub certain places of both of them. It was not a full act but it was enough to entice him further, making his kisses get deeper and more passionate.
  8. 12th Bloomingtide, 951 Tulach Cultraidh, Artair's Village Artair and Awenya Victor and @Claire 1x1 if the hut is rockin', don't bother knockin', title translation=Naughty Times An Fhéile De Dheannach - pre coitus thread This was not the way he had expected this party to go, but then again, it was a party and he was a bachelor Chasind. So when Awenya started to kiss and strip him he did not put up any resistance. In fact he even helped her along as they undressed eachother in the lowly lit hut. It was a bit hard for them to see eachother in the dim light but as they were kissing and touching eachother in very close quarters they did not really need to see eahother. And Artair had gone straight to business, so he had not said anything since they had entered the hut. No words were needed when he could use his tongue for better things, like wrestling with her. And then down to where her neck and collarbone met as he tried his best to get her out of her clothes while she had her hand down his crotch, his excitement made clear there. His mind was not fully his due to the drinks but there was nothing wrong with his Stalker trained body.
  9. At first he was just amused when she started to touch his face and call him pretty, what had brought this on? Then she took him and pulled him towards an empty hut, he was following along not really understanding where this was leading to, staggering a bit since he was still pretty intoxicated. But when they came to the hut she suddenly turned around and kiss him on the lips. Kissing him very vigourously in fact, there was no chance for him to get a word out before her tongue went in instead. Of course he found her to be an attractive woman, but had not been keeping much of these kind of thoughts. But with the alcohol in his blood he could not help but to fall to the impulse of taking the opportunity as it presented itself and responded in kind. Very little thought was behind it, just basic impulses that very much enjoyed the feeling of a warm woman next to him and her lips on his.
  10. He was not totally sober either, but that just made him more inclined to dance. However he had not expected to get bumped into by a magical redhead. Sure, at first he just saw a bunch of red hair but when he managed to see her face he knew it was Awenya. Of course among all that he had to not fall over over her as the bumping together with the drinks didn't do well for his sense of balance. He even had to grab her to steady himself. "Woah, easy there! I almost fell over there." He was not reprimanding her, just pointing out what might have happened with a great grin on his face.
  11. A mage stalker? He would scarcely believe that a few months ago this thought would ever be even acknowledged. But there was many things different now, especially when Seichna seemed to slip away from them. It started to now look like a thought worth considering. But it was nothing that he wanted to think about at the moment, not when he could put it off to the future. And there was little reason for him to answer her as soon there was a flash of red hair and then she was off dancing. It seemed to be the best way to spend the time now, especially seeing how happy she looked doing it. So he was left alone by the drinks, but he did not want to be alone, he wanted to be with his people, surrounded by life. So he emptied his cup and then joined in the dance.
  12. Artair nodded in agreement with what Muireach had said, they did need to go back to raiding again. There had been too much time diverted to the south and everything tied to that that he had rather wanted to spend on planning on the raids. Winter would come sooner or later and then raiding would get harder so he rather want it done before the days grew too dark. But without his sister it would be difficult even in the best of time when the larders were full. And now it was just him and Awenya sitting down while Muireach was dancing. He sipped slightly from is drink. "I rather have her with us when we raid but we might have to be just me and our dancer over there." He smiled faintly. "But then we are one Stalker less in our group and her archery skill has always been valuable.." He took a deeper sip now. It would hardly be called a group when it was just the two of them. And he might even have to start recruiting, which was not an easy business. He knew that the people of the north had something that they gave money to other people to do work for them and fight for them but it was not the way a Stalker did it. It was almost a family business, with each group made of family or close friends, from the same village usually. They all needed to trust eachother fully when surrounded by hostile northeners. So getting someone from the outside to have the same level of experience as the one they were replacing was a steep order. And it was something he rather not think about right now so he refilled his cup with what Muireach had recently taken.
  13. Artair chuckled at the little jab about his age, by the gods, Muireach was hardly that much younger. However he was very glad to get to the table of drinks so he could quench his thirst. Of course he noticed his fellow Stalker downing his mug in record time, wondered what would have happened if it had been spirits than just water. Perhaps more dancing like it was around them, but now it had turned less out of ritual and more to the amusement of the dancers. Of course it didn't hurt to be the olooker of such happy events. Even though he enjoyed himself for once but when his sister was mentioned he was pulled back to reality and got slightly tense, mostly because he just now remembered that he had not seen his sister in a while. "No, I have not seen either of them since we started.." Of course, not seeing his sister in a while, especially with Naonait absent as well was not something to really be worried about, but Artair wanted his family close to him from now on. he would think about how that would work with raiding later.
  14. Artair too joined the dance since he was a better dancer than a singer. Much better in fact so he had no trouble with any part of the rituals that was included in the dance. He knew the words of the song but they would not sound well from his throat. And so he danced as much as the rest of them, turning sweaty as the others had become from all the dancing and the proximity to the great fire. When the dancing and singing finally ended he found himself back together with Awenya and Muireach. And the shamaness asked a very valid question, what to do next? Well, he at least knew his very first order of business before he pursued any other activity. "Well, I do not know about you but I am finding myself thirsty, care for a drink?" He smiled to the both of them, hopefully they would join him to at least drink enough to make them regain what they had spent while dancing.
  15. Artair had expected to be the next target of Muireach playful ire and so he was ready for the horseplay that ensued. But what he had nott expected as much was the children joining in on the fun. It took all his skill to avoid being engulfed by the horde of tickling little chasinds together with his friend. As it was he managed to handle himself aside of the action and laughed at the sight of a man known to be a fearsome and agile being overwhelmed by innocent hands. Only in their villages could such wonderful things happen. However, more than the glares it was the change of music and the change of colour in the fire that brought Artair back to seriousness. It was time for the ritual dance and that was enough for him to save his friend and get him back to his feet, of course he could spare a friendly pat on the back before they headed to the central fire.