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  1. The other woman's voice startled Portia. Though she didn't necessarily jump, her heart was indeed beating a little faster. "I.. I'm here. Apologies. I did not hear you come in." The elf eyed the other slave, quickly coming to the realization she was blind. Where that might have put some people on edge, Portia on the other hand relaxed a little. It was obvious the other handmaiden couldn't see the redness in her cheeks over the embarrassment of being caught unawares. "Hello, Idris. I am Portia." The elf took a few steps closer. "I was told to wait for one of the Domina's handmaidens and be instructed. I'm assuming that is you?" There was a timidness in her tone. Portia was uncertain of what her new role consisted of and she was even more unsure of the other handmaiden.
  2. Mid Pluitanis 951 Ludus Gallicus Portia, Idris Zyah_Rayne, @Momo 1x1 Portia has recently been purchased by Lavinia as her handmaiden. Idris has been tasked to teach Portia of her new role and whats expected of her. The role of slave was not something Portia was born into. She was once free, living with her parents who were modest herb merchants living in a small town in Tevinter. It wasn't until her father angered a Magister in the previous months was Portia taken from her life and made a slave. Lavinia was not her first master but she did acquire her within her first month of becoming a slave. The Magister who originally enslaved Portia had her for no more than a few weeks before his wife demanded that she be sold. Fortunately for her Lavinia took interest in her the slave markets and snatched her up quickly. Now standing in the slave quarters sectioned off specifically for the handmaidens of the Domina, she was told to wait there. Another one of the handmaidens would be arriving soon to teach her the ways of the ludus and explain to her what was expected of her. Portia did not wander around the small room but stood firm in where she was told to wait. Portia had never been to a place like this before. A ludus, though she'd heard of them before, was a strange environment for her. What would her life be like here? Were her masters known to be cruel? What exactly was a handmaiden? She knew that she was chosen for her role because of her appearance but what else could have prompted the Domina to purchase her? So many question were running through her mind that she did not notice when she was no longer the only one in the room.
  3. There was nothing more splendid than being with Quintus. It went beyond mere lust or attraction. It was the depth of her love for the man who was her entire world that made being with him wondrous. And the more they came together the more enraptured she was by him. Did he have any idea how his mere touch effected her, let alone when they coupled? A shudder ran through her the moment he filled her with his arousal and her moans of pleasure mingled with his creating a sound that was euphoric and carnal. Portia wrapped her legs around her love and shifted her body so that she move with him, her hips moving to meet his with each thrust taking him deeper. The water rippled away from them as their bodies collided in the bath and they became more fervent in their lovemaking as pleasures reached new heights. Portia professed her love to him as her breathing became unsteady and her eyes locked with his. The elf was hopelessly in love and nothing would ever change that. It didn't matter the circumstance, Quintus would always have her heart.
  4. There was no way to describe how it felt being in Quintus' arms felt other than true happiness. Her smile mirrored his and soft laughter escaped her at his remarks. "You can have my body. I want you to have my body. You already have my heart and soul." She wrapped her arms around him tighter, her lips caressing along his wet skin. "Several sessions you say?" Portia pulled back looked upward, poking her lips out slightly as if thought. Her playful expression blossomed into a wide grin and she moved flush against his body. "Words can be misleading. Perhaps you will need to show me instead." Portia leaned in and stole a kiss. It was meant to be teasing but as soon as her lips parted for him she couldn't help but deepen the kiss.
  5. Portia loved seeing Quintus smile, the way his facial features would relax and smooth away the stresses he carried with him. Her lips continued to dance across his chest, her fingertips tracing along the defined muscles along his torso. "I keep nothing from you." The elf admitted. She once harbored the secret of her night with Valerius during their breakup but she admitted to it and they were able to move past it. Portia was uncomfortable with deceit therefore avoided it if she could. The only secret Portia carried was the affair she had with Quintus. "Do you hold back with me?" She suddenly asked her love. He was a considerate lover with her and always sought to pleasure her but she sometimes wondered if she was enough for him. Did she satisfy his needs that he would not want to look elsewhere? He was a virile man, of this she knew, and she was curious. It was during her conversation with Mai earlier that day that her curiosity grew but it was when she learned that Quintus had turned to Sinistra so soon after he ended things with her previous that the seed of doubt was planted.
  6. Portia giggled, her shoulder sensitive to Quintus' playful bite. "Do you have many secrets, my love?" She asked him, teasing him mostly. The handmaiden knew Quintus lived many lives, and some were more trying than others, but he always seemed to come out on top. Whether it was luck or skill or circumstance Quintus endured and it helped shape him into the man he was today. A man Portia was head over heals in love with. No, they did not live a perfect world where they could openly express their love but perhaps that made her love him even more. Portia knew how much of a gift it was to have him and Portia felt fortunate to have him in her life and to share these times with him. "I do not need to know all your secrets." The elf murmured, her hands stroking over his in the water. "I only need to have you." Remaining playful Portia turned in his arms and this time she began teasing the crook of his neck with her lips. "Besides, I do not have the same favor with the Gods as you." She laughed, her hands seeking for more sensitive places on Quintus' body to get a rise out of him.
  7. Portia's eyes closed as Quintus whispered in her ear, the way his lips brushed against her sensitive lobe made her shudder and she pressed against him seeking more of his touch. It was as if Quintus peered into her soul and saw her heart's greatest desire. In a perfect world they could be together and have a family. Portia wished this even though she knew it could never be. But when she was in Quintus' arms anything seemed possible. The handmaiden wasn't surprised he sired a child or children for that matter. It was a gift she'd never be able to give him and there was a slight tug at her heart. "Is the Domina bothered by this?" Portia asked, her tone a bit more distant than it was seconds ago. Would any of his children be considered heirs to the ludus? Or would that even matter? The politics of Tevinter was not something Portia was familiar with nor did she want to be. All the elf cared about was the well being of her love and what she could do to make him happy. But children was not something in her power to give, not given their circumstances.
  8. None of what Quintus told her surprised her. He was a very desirable man and as a gladiator he'd been considered a prize for sure. But Portia not only desired him but loved him as well. It didn't matter if he was gladiator, champion, Dominus, or slave. To her he was Quintus, the love of her life and no one would ever compare. "If I was a magistra I'd have kept you to myself." Her eyes lingered to where his lips kissed her fingertips before turning her gaze to meet his. "I'd never share you with anyone else." It was a selfish thing to say and though it was said lightly Portia knew in her heart that if she had the power there would only ever be him. "Do you miss those days?" Portia turned a little serious. "You're days of Champion. If you could go back, would you?" The handmaiden only asked because she saw the spark that came to his eyes when he was in the sands. She noticed everything about him so it was impossible for him to miss.
  9. Portia's smile turned into an impish grin at Quintus' request. Her eyes remained on him while she reflected on the conversation she and whore had earlier in the day. "I believe she emphasized how you would take her, the way your body would collide against hers." Portia wasn't mocking the other woman but she did change her voice slightly to mimic Mai but it was purely out of fun. Portia tsked the Dominus. "You are such a feisty lover." Portia moved when Quintus moved, keeping the same arms reach distance from him. "Apparently your take charge attitude suits her very well." The elf giggled, before she dipped under the water and didn't emerge until she was directly behind her lover. She pushed back her dark hair from her eyes then wrapped her arms around his waist as she kissed the back of his shoulder. "All it takes is being around you to get me riled up." Portia murmured huskily. "I am just not the only one." And with that she grinned and pushed away from him, moving toward the edge of the baths.
  10. "No." She answered, while her hands continued to sensually roam his bare torso. "Maybe a little." There might have been a spark of jealousy to begin with but Portia could not fault the whore for desiring Quintus so. The handmaiden could understand the other woman's desire to be with Quintus. She too was drawn to him this way but she also loved him and that was what matter to her most. As much as she enjoyed the physical aspect of their relation it was the love they shared that she guarded most. Portia did not doubt how Quintus felt about her therefor she was not jealous of what Mai told her but it did make her think. Portia raised a brow. "Should I be?" She was only teasing of coarse but it made her curious to how it effected him at hearing this. "You left quite the impression on her." The elf slid from his lap, the slickness of the water allowing her to escape his strong grasp. Portia waded back a little from him but her smile remained. "Are you curious to what she said?"
  11. "Yes." Portia breathed as her eyes roamed over his handsome face. "We have a little time." She added huskily. It would never be enough time but Portia treasured every moment she had with him. "I couldn't help watching you in the sands today." The elf's lips curled into a sultry grin. "You were quite the sight." Portia nipped at his lower lip before trailing kisses along his jaw up to his ear. "You had me thinking all kinds of thoughts." She murmured in his hear, a soft moan following as Quintus held her firmly in his lap. Portia fingers traced along the defining line of muscle on his shoulders, down his chest, before meeting his gaze again. "Mai thought so too." Portia grinned in amusement. "You should have heard her."
  12. Her smile widened at Quintus' beckoning and she the reached for the single tie behind her neck, pulling on it so that it became undone allowing her dress to slip down her body and pooled at her feet revealing her to her love. Portia's eyes never left Quintus as she entered the hot spring, taking advantage of every second she had with him to gaze upon him openly. When it was just the two of them she let her love and adoration for him be see but after today's events Portia desired much more than just the sight of him. Portia waded toward him and smoothly ran her hands up his muscles chest and over his shoulders, wrapping her arms around him and pulling him close before kissing him in a manner that spoke volumes on how much she missed him, how much she yearned for him. She knew why other women lusted for Quintus, their reasons were obvious but for Portia her desires for Quintus ran much deeper. She was in love with him, an all consuming love that forever bound her heart to him.
  13. Portia was near her room when she was approached oddly enough by Mai. The bedslave informed her the Dominus wished a message be delivered to the Domina about his whereabouts and the elf raised a brow. The handmaiden grew curious as to why Mai was the one to tell her this and by the smile the woman wore Portia could only imagine how she came to be chosen by Quintus to deliver the message. But after Mai left her it was Portia that was smiling as she started back toward the villa. The Domina wasn't due back for many hours but Portia wasn't heading to the villa to wait to deliver message. After reaching the corridor that led to the hot springs Portia was careful to enter unnoticed. It wasn't difficult since this part of the villa was restricted and not even the guards were permitted to enter unless instructed by the Dominus or Domina. Portia found Quintus relaxing in the steaming water of the spring and she let her eyes linger on him for a moment before making her presence known. She remembered how he appeared on the sands earlier that day and the lust it evoked in her. But unlike before she could do something about it now. The handmaiden stepped away from the doorway and approached her love. Her footsteps were light, barely heard as she padded across the stone floor. "Am I interrupting?" Portia smiled at Quintus when she was within an arm's reach of him.
  14. 20 Bloomingtide, 951 Ludus Gallicus Portia, Quintus Zyah_Rayne, @Claire 1x1 Something in Common The day had been an interesting one. With her Domina away in the city Portia was given a rare opportunity to spend the day in a more leisurely way. Of coarse she attended to all her duties and followed up on the tasks the Domina left her. But Portia was efficient so it took her little time to complete all that was required for her and with her free time the handmaiden decided to wander the ludus and take advantage of opportunities she was rarely granted. Pretending to tend to the veranda that looked over the sands of the ludus Portia was able to gaze upon her lover openly. The sight of Quintus under the sun, working and flexing his lean yet muscular body was enough to get her hot and bothered. Was it no surprise she counted back to the day they were last in each other's arms? To when their bodies came together passionately and Quintus' hands and lips were all over her body making her writhe and moan from pleasure. But then her moment was interrupted by the bed slave Mai who joined her on the veranda and evidently sought to enjoy the view of the lanista as well. The whore was very open about her lusts for the Dominus and even shared her experiences of being in his bed. Portia wasn't exactly thrilled about hearing her lover's past exploits but she was not surprised by it either. The handmaiden couldn't help but make comparisons when Mai described the way Quintus would take pleasure in her services, it was hard not to when the whore got excited by just by speaking of it. Portia learned other things from Mai as well, things that the bed slaves knew that others might not. There was talk of how the Dominus had not asked for any of the bedslaves for some time (except for the instance with Sinistra), news that pleased Portia and she found desired her love even more for it. That was hours ago and Portia still could not get Quintus off her mind. It was well into the evening and Portia was on her way back to the slave quarters. Normally tonight would have been a night where she'd visit Valerius but with her Domina not present Portia did not believe it necessary to carry out that instruction, especially when all she could think about was Quintus. She missed him and it was going on weeks since she last felt his touch. At least she was able to catch his gaze earlier while he was on the sands but it had been ever so brief. But it was those brief moments that kept hope alive in her heart.
  15. "By conversation!" Portia laughed, waving away any kind of impropriety of her meetings with the gladiator. Though the handmaiden had shared his bed once already it wasn't something she was going to speak on. "Untouchable, yes." Portia corrected Mai. "The Domina is very strict on what we handmaidens can and cannot do. I only do what she allows. My platonic visits with Valerius are by her instruction." Portia had more liberty to move about the ludus since she was the Domina's head handmaiden but she was still restricted on many things. Portia moved back onto the veranda when she heard the gladiators lining up so she could see the lanista one last time. She said to Mai. "It is not often I get to speak with other slaves. It has been a pleasure and I hope we can do it again." The elf looked over at the blonde and grinned. "And enjoy the view." She had other duties to tend so she could not linger much longer.