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  1. Zyah visibly flinched when Bhreac told her the news. "The dragons wouldn't have left unless they felt threatened." But as she spoke the words Zyah saw the truth in them. Without the Féachnóirí around to protect the majestic creatures and help nurture the young dragonlings then they would seek out better nests. And with them they would take their magic. Then Bhreac had been looking for her? But why here? Unless it wasn't really her that he'd been seeking. "You thought you could simply whisk away a Féachnóirí with you to the Wilds? Are you insane? If you hadn't caught me alone but had found the others you realize you'd be very dead right now." Zyah narrowed her eyes at him. It was a desperate act, and certainly not a very informed one. The Féachnóirí as a coven was extremely powerful. But the odds of finding one like her was very rare. Even she had difficulty finding any since coming to Antiva. "Why is your clan so different than the other Chasind? The others do not seek us. They do not know us." Zyah asked. She was no longer the young naive girl he once knew. Life had taught her to be distrusting and after this particular run in with Bhreac she suspected their was more behind his reasoning.
  2. Zyah glared at the Chasind as he blamed her. "I ruined your life?" The mage snapped back vehemently. If her hands were free she would have attempted to punch him! Whatever hardships he faced had nothing to do with her. How could it? They had not seen each other in almost a decade. If anyone was to be angry it should be her! He was supposed to be her friend and she had trusted him once. And that trust resulted in her losing her mother and sisters. She wasn't there for her coven and it was his fault! All because she trusted him. "How could I have possibly ruined your life?" Zyah couldn't wait to hear the answer to that! The mage on the verge of delivering a verbal lashing, one that Bhreac fully deserved when he suddenly spoke of the dragons. What did he mean by that? "What do you mean bring them back?" Zyah's eyes narrowed at him. She'd not been to the Korcari for years therefor did not know how things were there. "And why are you so interested in dragons?" Her voice was laced with suspicion. Bhreac had the benefit of knowing what Zyah was, a secret divulged to them when they were younger, she however only knew him as Bhreac. Zyah knew nothing of the clan he was from nor their involvement in aiding the Templars that killed her family.
  3. "No. We are not." Zyah stated with an eerie calm. The mage glared at the Chasind and refused to move. Their wasn't much strength to her at the moment but that would change with time. It was becoming very clear to Zyah that Bhreac wasn't going to kill her, at least not right now. He was obsessed with getting back to the Korcari and until he did that Zyah assumed would keep her alive. Too bad for the both of them Zyah wasn't going to let that happen. "I am not going anywhere with you." Zyah repeated what she'd told him before. Why he refused to believe her was beyond her but then again she couldn't wrap her mind around why he was doing this to her in the first place. They were once friends, the best of friends, but something obviously changed. Bhreac appeared to be fit but he wasn't going to be able to literally drag her all the way back to Ferelden. Could he not see this? Could he not see that she would continue to fight him and eventually she would kill him if he didn't stick an another arrow in her first? "I don't know why you are doing this. But if you remember me at all then you know how stubborn I am." Zyah's eyes hardened. "Why are you so intent on making me come with you? When all you would have had to do was ask." That was before he tried to shoot her of coarse. "What happened to you?"
  4. Whatever potion Bhreac forced her to drink made her casting extremely painful but Zyah refused to submit. She stubbornly continued to keep the bear under her spell, using it to keep Bhreac away from her while she tried to escape. Weaving through the trees she attempted to evade the arrows being shot at her but to no avail. Zyah cried out when the arrow pierced through her shoulder and she stumbled, falling to one knee from the impact. This time Zyah did growl and her eyes began to change but the pain that came from trying to cast again was too much! Weakened from blood loss and the pain induced by the potion Zyah felt her consciousness slipping. "No." She muttered under her breath and shook her head in hopes of clearing the muddling effect. The mage refused to stay down and could only get a few feet before she stumbled again. Zyah could no longer hold the spell that bound the bear to her nor did she have the strength to keep running but that didn't mean she gave up trying. Only when she was forced to stop by her captor did she finally halt but it was more a reprieve than anything else. He was going to have to kill her because she was determine not to go anywhere with him and the hatred in her eyes expressed as much.
  5. Zyah allowed him to haul her to her feet and even allowed him to guide her out of the cave but once they were outside and out among the trees Zyah yanked herself free of his grasp and ran deeper into the Wilds, purposely heading the opposite direction in which Bhreac was taking her. Did he honestly think she would allow this? Weaving through the trees it wasn't until she came near a den that Zyah slowed her pace. Peering inside she smiled when she saw the black eyes of the beast hiding within its depths. When she heard her pursuer catching up she whirled around and faced him. "I am going no where with you." She seethed at him. Then came the growling but it was not from her. Emerging from the den behind her a large black bear came up next to her. It's black eyes were now green, the color that match Zyah's, and it rose up on it hind legs in an aggressive manner its intent clear as it focused in on the Chasind man. The pain was excruciating and blood trickled from her nose but Zyah continued to harness the magic of the Wilds to aid her, as it was meant to. "You call me Féachnóirí. Let me show you what that really means." Zyah sneered at him. The bear growled, following her command, it went to attack the Chasind.
  6. "Then you'll die!" Zyah hissed at him, glaring at Bhreac while he began repacking. She was getting more feeling in her limbs but not enough for her make use of them. "I am not going back, not until I get the answers that I'm looking for here." Zyah stated defiantly. "You're not going to be able to carry me the whole distance and if you think I'm going to comply you are out of your fucking mind." No, one of them was going to die before leaving these Wilds of that she was certain. Zyah growled in frustration as she tried to tug at her restraints. "Bhreac, why are you doing this!"
  7. What in the Void did he do to her?! Her eyes flashed angrily at him. "You're a coward." Zyah spat at him. The bitterness of the herbs that lingered in her mouth was nothing compared to the bitterness of Bhreac's words. When he finally had the nerve to look at her Zyah didn't see her friend, what she saw was anger and resentment. What could have turned him this way she didn't know but it was clear they were enemies now. "You resort to poison?" She sneered him, more angry at herself that he was able to subdue her. Feeling was slowly returning to her limbs and she shifted awkwardly in her bound position. "Why bother? What's the point in keeping me alive when you know I will kill you first chance I get." Zyah hissed. She was no longer the girl he knew. Life and circumstance had changed her as well. When she said she was going to kill him, she meant it.
  8. Why was he doing this? Zyah struggled beneath Bhreac until she felt the cold metal of his blade against her lips. Her eyes hardened and her jaw became taut. Whatever friendship she believed they once had mattered not. He was her enemy now. The blade to her neck declared as much. The effect of the toxin left her with barely any feeling in her limbs and it was somewhat frightening. But she would not grant him the satisfaction of knowing her anxiety. How was it he was here in Antiva? And why was he hunting her? And what was he making with those damn herbs!? All of these questions she would have asked him but was unable to. Instead she was forced to glare at him while he mixed different herbs together. Zyah noticed the changes in his features and some that remained the same. He was older, they both were but he was as she remembered. Except for the coldness in his eyes. He was not the Bhreac she knew. The mage exhaled sharply in annoyance at being tied and silenced. Bhreac was out of his mind! Whatever his reasons were for doing this she didn't care. First chance she got she was going to put an end to him. Staring at her hands she focused on getting her fingers to move. The Wilds had magic of its own, magic she knew how to harness. It made her stronger and more dangerous. There was no way he could make it out of the Wilds before she regained her strength. All she had to do was bide her time.
  9. Her attempt to catch the Chasind off guard was in vain. Before she could get a good hit in with her bo the man tackled her to the ground hard but she didn't go down without a fight. And Zyah knew how to fight. In this circumstance however she only had full use of one arm at the moment and her attacker took advantage of the fact. The struggle continued for several minutes until Zyah found herself effectively pinned and with a dagger near her neck. A frustrated growl left her when she realized during their scuffle he must have cut her again because she felt the weakening effects of the same toxin again. She was going to kill him! But first she had to overcome him which was not an easy feat given her circumstance. But why not kill her? This man's motives for hunting her was a mystery to her and she quickly began forming a list in her head of who would be after her. Where to begin... there were the Templars, the Grey Wardens, and there was that little incident in Antiva City with the Crows. "Who are you?" Zyah demanded while continuing to struggle with the man pinning her, albeit not with as much strength as before. The magical mist lifted allowing Zyah and her unknown enemy to see each other clearly for the first time. "YOU!" She accused, shock and disbelief written all over face.
  10. Did he really think so? Zyah scowled. She begged to differ on that. If anyone wasn't leaving it was going to be leaving it was him. This man had no idea what she was or what she was capable of. Fool. Keeping hidden behind the large rocks she refused to give away her whereabouts. It would have been much easier if she could shift but it seemed like she would have to do things the hard way. The mage closed her eyes and slowly began casting a spell, using the magic of the Wilds to do so. A mist began to form in the cave enveloping the entire area. It wasn't near the magnitude of power she could wield in the enchanted woods but in her condition it was all she could muster... at least for now. Until then Zyah was biding her time until the numbing effect wore off then it was going to get very interesting. Once the mist was thick enough to obscure any line of sight she began to move from one boulder to the next, using the rocks and shadows to hide her the best she could. She was heading for the mouth of the cave not to escape but to confront her attacker. With her bo staff in hand she crept closer and closer toward the male archer. Zyah was finally able to pinpoint where he was but not make out his face. It quickly became apparent by his appearance he was Chasind though and that meant more of a challenge for her. He wasn't ignorant to the ways of the Wild. It wasn't until she was near enough where his bow would be less effective that she went to knock him to the ground with her staff but by then he already knew she was there.
  11. They were faint but she heard light footsteps approaching the entrance of the cave. Zyah moved further into the cave using the large clusters of boulders inside to help conceal her while she sought a better vantage point. Her breathing was steady while she waited for her enemy to show themselves. In the darkness Zyah waited patiently. Clenching her hand into a fist and then relaxing it she tried to ward off the numbing feeling she felt creeping in. Whomever the assailant was he or she wanted her alive or why else use not use a fatal poison. But that knowledge did not ease her. In fact, it really pissed her off. Her ability to change form was affected by the numbing toxin but it did not make her helpless. Zyah was a resourceful mage who relied on more than just her magic. That being said it didn't mean she wouldn't resort to using other magic she knew either. However in her state she wasn't sure if of its stability. Zyah would eventually find out when the enemy showed itself and the longer the enemy waited the stronger Zyah would be.
  12. Warily Zyah took a step further into the cave and looked from side to side in the dimly lit cavern, her brow furrowing at the unease she felt. Something wasn't right. It was with good fortune that she moved when she did because it kept the arrow that was aimed at her to graze her arm instead of fulling piercing into the flesh of her shoulder. Zyah cursed loudly and whirled around in the direction the arrow came. She took a step forward with her hand extended ready to unleash her magic in the direction of the unknown enemy when she suddenly felt weird. Zyah grabbed her arm where the arrow grazed her and saw that it had cut her skin and she was bleeding. Poison? A growl of frustration left her and instead of advancing on the enemy she retreated deeper into the cave.
  13. High above in the sky a black bird soared over the Antivan Wilds. It began to circle a particular clearing and eventually the bird descended and landed in front of the caves at the base of a small mountain. A shimmering green glow encompassed the bird and its shape morphed into that of a woman with long black hair and the same blue-green eyes as the bird. Zyah stood upright and stretched out her arms and legs. She was getting used to shifting... again. It was only recently that Zyah's memories were unlocked and the truth about who she was... of what she was... made known to her. Féachnóirí. No longer did they wander the Wilds of Ferelden but in Antiva Zyah sought to find those like her but found little trace of them. For the past several weeks Zyah walked the Wilds, renewing her knowledge of the magic that came from these enchanted woods. It was in the Wilds Zyah discovered her magic was strongest but it was dragons that strengthened the power of the Wilds. Or so the Féachnóirí believed. Having already come across one dragon's den Zyah searched for more in hopes that she would find others like her. The Féachnóirí were never far from the dragons they protected but these Wilds were foreign to Zyah. She did not know the lay of the land as she did the Korcari. Stepping in front of the caves she narrowed her eyes, peering into the darkness. She did not sense the magic of her kind but she did sense the something...
  14. After Matthew left her and the other Warden to finish up their breakfast Zyah saw it as the perfect opportunity to learn what she could from the other Warden. This region of the Ferelden she wasn't very familiar with and given her circumstance it would be in her best interest to find out. The mage made some small talk, casually asking the Warden how long he was with the Order, what was Vigil's Keep like, more importantly where and how far it was located from Amaranthine. Fortunate for her the Warden thought her to be willing recruit and fed her all the information she needed to give her a perspective of the region. With breakfast finished Zyah politely excused herself, stating she was going to find Matthew. Upon exiting the cabin she noticed to the left of her were several Chantry clerics dressed in their hooded robes. The group was discussing something religious she was guessing, with all of them talking at the same time it was hard to figure but what else would they be yapping about? Zyah merely rolled her eyes and was about to walk toward the gangplank when something caught her attention. Zyah watched as one of the clerics excused himself, stating he forgotten his traveling pack and that he'd meet up with the group at the Chantry front doors. The mage suddenly had an idea. A wonderfully wicked idea which if she were a believer of the Maker would have her doing penance for Maker knew how long. Zyah followed the man, careful not to be noticed as he entered into his cabin and cracked the door behind them. With his back turned she grabbed the closest thing to her, which was a rickety old chair and hit him over the head and shoulders with it knocking him out. The cleric fell with a heavy thud but he was still breathing. Zyah shrugged, at least she didn't kill him. After she relieved him of his top robe (thankfully he had an underpiece on) Zyah did her best to conceal him by laying the blankets from the nearby cot over him. She then put his robe over her, and though they were a little large on her it wasn't enough to grab anyone's attention. With her new identity in place she made her way toward the gangplank where many of the passengers were already disembarking. Matthew stood there waiting and Zyah sighed heavily when she saw him. With her hood up it was difficult to see her face and she hoped she could pass him with him realizing. With his back turned she took advantage and quickly made for the plank, trailing after the clerics several feet in front of her. But the closer she got to Matthew, the heavier the robe felt on her. Zyah's fingers were extended out as she was about to pass Matthew but then at the last minute she retracted them. It would be stupid for her to alert him, even if she wanted to say goodbye. He would keep his word to make her Warden and she couldn't let that happen. At least the other Warden would know he tried his best to take her to Vigil's Keep. Once on the dock she hurried past the crowd, bee-lining it for the main gate. The other Warden already gave her somewhat of a layout of Amaranthine so minutes later when there was a large commotion on the boat when the cleric finally came to Zyah was already on her way out.
  15. Sleep also came quickly for Zyah, being completely sated and comfortable in Matthew's arms. With there being no where to run to it was only smart to take advantage of whatever rest she could get and being where she was she couldn't be any safer. This allowed for her to fall into a deep slumber and it wasn't until she heard voices and foot traffic passing outside the cabin door did Zyah stir. How long had she been asleep? Zyah wondered. The way the boat rocked made it obvious they were still at sea but she figured they were getting close to land because she heard orders being shouted in the distance to 'prepare' the ship. Matthew was still asleep next to her and she look a moment to gaze upon him fondly before moving to get dressed. The mage winced slightly at the soreness but did so with a smile. After finding the last of her clothes Zyah quickly got dressed. Already her mind was working on how she was going to escape the mess she was in. She didn't fault Matthew at all. He spared her life although at the same time condemning it and she truly wished things could be different. Through the port hole Zyah saw land in the distance. She assumed it was Amaranthine and her heart began to race. What were the odds Matthew would stay asleep, she wondered. It would certainly make her escape a lot easier but she doubted the Warden was that light of a sleeper.