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  1. Smiling as she nipped at the soft, dark skin of Frei's breast the mage pushed back, wanting Frei on her back. Zenda had always been dominant, but she did enjoy a good wrestle as well, and a lover forcing their will over her as well. After exploring every inch of her breasts while ghosting around her deliciously dark nipple Zenda finally flicked her tongue at it, the peak erect and glistening with Zenda's saliva. "You don't need to grow a dick." She replied, referring to the toys that they could play with. "Nevertheless, I am in the mood for cunt, so let's stop talking about something neither of us want, hm?" At that Zenda cupped her lover's sex, rubbing her slick folds with a firm hand.
  2. "You won't have seen it probably, growing up on the ship. My mother and I never lost control so... you've never seen an abomination." Zenda had once, but during the war when they were docked in Ostwick. It was a horrific sight! She had been forced to stay aboard in case the Templars tried to snatch her. The Swords were all over Ostwick. "Anyhoooo, let's not talk about that eh. Yer a mage, Sibby! This is awesome! We are like... magic sisters now!" She hugged her adopted sister and actually felt very emotional! For Zenda this was expressed as pulling away and giving Sib a punch to the shoulder.
  3. Zenda laughed as Frei pulled her back, and she smiled and bit her lower lip as she was stripped with eagerness from the carpenter. Shaking her head at the accusation Zenda replied, "There are so few women ever at sea and when I made the rule there were none desirable on my ship." Her protest came with her own fingers pulling at Frei's garments, the windtalker determined to not be naked alone. "Make a case for me to change my rules and perhaps temporarily I'll do it?" She proposed, the mage nipping at Frei's neck and tugging on her earlobe even as she freed the beautiful pirate's breasts from her clothes...
  4. "You'll never be alone love. You got a new family now." It was a very odd family since all Zenda wanted to do when leaving the ship was find Frei and fuck her, but it was a family that cared nevertheless. For a bunch of cutthroat pirates they truly did care one for the other. At least, most of the crew did. You had assholes in every group, always. Sighing contentedly, Zenda enjoyed the aroma of Frei, the smell of the sea and of the woman's musk, all tantalising and intoxicating in different ways. "Do you want to go back to the ship now or...." She indicated to the bed and smiled a sultry smile. They both knew that once back on bored that was it for Zenda. She had rules and she stuck to them - religiously.
  5. "Has she done this before?" Zenda inquired, her eyes focused upon Frei's finger, the mage trembling a little at her touch. "Has she always been an evil, entitled bitch as well?" Her tone was a little harder when she spoke these words, her body tensing just a little bit more at the thought of what that family had tried! Family?! What did they know of family?
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  7. "How are you feeling?" The mage asked, for as much as she appreciate kisses she wanted to make sure that after that experience that Frei was doing alright. She stroked her face with the back of her hand gently, testing Frei's reflexes to such touches. Every woman who travelled Thedas knew how it was to be owned by men, sometimes you had to give it up rather than have it taken (and that had been Zenda's tactic most of the time) but Frei was different and she needed to know she was not too damaged by her atrocity of a mother!
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    Zenda would give no apology for cumming, she was being stimulating in so many ways it was impossible not to give in! Locked in a hungry kiss with Nyla and feeling Erik slide in and out of the wench it only added to the unbelievable arousal she was feeling in that moment. Of course Erik took it up a notch so that every orifice had either a tongue or finger in it! Groaning into Nyla's mouth until she could not hold it in anymore she told them she was coming, and coming hard.
  9. "Darling, you've seen me cast... tell me, when has my magic been its most potent? Or when I am angry what have you seen me do?" Against other ships Zenda was usually formidable and it was the emotions of battle that stirred her magic then. And the everything from pushing someone overboard with a blast of air and forging an air whip and smacking a crew-mate was a result of poorly held temper. "You have to be careful though, show them demons too much and they try to get into this world quite literally through you."
  10. Zenda kept to her word and she watched over Frei the entire time. She was not as exhausted, not by a long shot, but she could see how heart pained Frei was by it all. The carpenter had been lucky enough to know Zenda's own mother, so she knew that the mage had no way to empathise, but that did not mean that Zenda could not be angry on her behalf. She thought of a hundred ways they could repay Frei's mother for all the wrongs she had done towards her daughter, but it was only for her own benefit, to sate her anger instead of stewing in it. At the end of the day it likely did Frei no favours to dwell on it. Seen enough they'd be sailing away and putting this all behind them. So she waited, laying next to her and waiting for her to wake up.
  11. Zenda was quick to react, even though she had been about to kiss Frei - to reassure her! - she rushed to the door, opened it and then used the last of her mana to throw the messenger down the hall and almost down the stairs! How the fuck had they found her?! This was Zenda's personal secret place? Figuring that they would find them no matter what she decided to offer to watch over Frei as she slept and then return to Demons Run. Closing the door (but not before picking up Frei's things) she moved back to the bed and put the clothes next to Frei. "You should sleep, I'll guard you." She assured her and then she stole that kiss that had been promised.
  12. Once they we in a safe place, a room Zenda used when ashore, she sat Frei down and checked her for wounds, wanting to make sure those brutes had not hurt her! "What happened to you?" She asked, still quite confused about it all. "Why did they abduct you?" Of course Zenda had heard why, but it still made little sense without the full story! She sat on the bed next to Frei, looking worried over her crew mate and friend.
  13. Finding a robe to cover Frei the mage then tried to help her to her feet, using a combination of her own strength and magic. "Don't worry, neither of us will be walking to the street." She said, and she grinned like a mad woman as they reached the open window. Finding a spot of grass just outside of the estate's perimeter Zenda held onto Frei tightly and then jumped! Using her air magic she helped them float out to the grassy knoll, making the landing as soft as possible. She'd bought Frei time to recover, she hoped. The guards would still be working on the door and then trying to work out how they had escaped!
  14. The squealing was giving her a headache but Zenda could not help but smile at the exuberance! She remembered when her magic had come in and how happy she was to be exactly like her elven mother. The windtalker had a sneaking suspicion that Sibby might not have the natural talent as a windtalker, not since her first element had been fire. For Zenda it had always been the element of air,as it had been for her mother and every other windtalker she had ever known. "We'll talk to Barty when he gets back." She promised. "For now I'll teach you how to control yourself so you don't light the sails on fire." That and learning how to recognise demons and stop them from getting into her head through dreams. Being a mage was dangerous and scary when a child.
  15. When she heard a thump and then a grown from a waking man she knew the Frei was out of time. So the last few feet between her and the window ledge had to be jumped! Zenda was up in the rigging with the others often enough, but never without her magic. So this jump, though nothing new to her, was all the more dangerous. Of course Zenda made it, but only just, and it was incorrect enough to force her to drop a little short and have to grab onto the ledge with her fingertips! Using all the strange she had accrued whilst working on a ship she managed to pull herself up and into the room! By this time the uncle had found Frei and had worked out what she had been put there for, and tied up for. Figuring it was just some kinky whore given to him the uncle put her back in the bed and started, a little sleepily, to take off his trousers! Zenda's nose wrinkled in fury and she forgot she was not supposed to use magic! Sending a blast of air at the disgusting nobleman she pushed him into the wall. A rather audible snap! was heard and Zenda hoped it had been his neck! Using her magic again she pushed a heavy dresser against the one and only door so that the guards could not get in and then she used the knife she carried in a sheath on her thigh and cut Frei free. Even in the midst of an escape Zenda could not help herself. She claimed a kiss from the woman, and then winked at her and said, "Your heroine has arrived to take you home."