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  1. "Look Nicky..." Zenda began, though she let the other woman walk her to the cliff where they had jumped off a decade or more ago. It had been years since Zenda had done such. "I need to go back to the ship." I don't belong here... she thought. "Mother always said go back to the sea when I get angry." And this was why. Zenda had never been able to completely wrangle her temper.
  2. It was not so easy for Zenda to dismiss. They were all dead and she had done it, so easily. Sometimes her own power scared her and she frowned as she looked at the dead bodies. This was why she was a pirate. She could do less damage to others there, she was more in control. Not hearing a word that was said Zenda walked away, leaving through the hole in the wall she'd created. Avoiding looking at the would be rapist of her little sister she walked through the alley and then towards the docks in a daze.
  3. Perhaps she should have let Nicky deal with it, but Zenda was hardly a rational sort of woman. Indeed, she was hotheaded and rather violent given the chance. Thus, she reacted to them showing no mercy. None at all. With a scream of rage she released a pulse of air magic straight at his chest, pushing him backwards until he made a man-sized hole in the wall. When he was discovered under the rubble later his chest would be found caved in and ruined, the force of the Windtalker's magic having shattered his rib cage and exploded his chest. To the others she used air ropes to lasso them then strung them up, dangling them as if from the gallows, their feet kicking and twitching as their life drained from them. Last time no one had been there for Nicky and Zenda had not been able to avenge her, but this time she was not letting them utter another vile word...
  4. That was a good point, actually... Nyla had fucked Erik too, and they'd both fucked each other and others on the ship. So Zenda grinned and shrugged. They truly were a fucked up bunch of pirates! However, when Zenda started getting attention she shouted at them saying she wanted pussy tonight, so unless they had a cunt they'd better go gawking elsewhere. Zenda was not looking for a woman at all, Erik was all the fucking she needed or wanted, but even if he weren't Zenda had taste and those men certainly were not good enough for her! Picking up the drinks she moved to a free table and deposited the lot of them, the Windtalker snatching up a shot right away. "To Nicky on Demon's Run!" Zenda toasted.
  5. Zenda choked on her drink when Nicky told her about Frei, the Windtalker realising now why she had wanted to sail with Demon's Run. It wasn't just about daddy and sister! "Nicky, you know me and Frei have fucked a few times, right?" Was it incest for sisters to have fucked the same woman? It felt like incest... Zenda shuddered.
  6. Why was she asking about Frei? With all the other questions Nicky had that one got a bit lost and went unanswered, but it had briefly piqued the mage's interest. What did she want to know about Zenda's former lover and friend? The mention of the fuck tents stole her attention and she started looking for them, but alas, she was basically monogamous now (except for a few exceptions - like threesomes!) so the fuck tents were off limits. Besides, she only wanted to fuck Erik! On that subject, Zenda was happy to answer! "Yeah... he wore me down." She jested. "Finally fucked him and discovered he had a golden cock that gives a hundred orgasms at a time. Been missing out there I had!" Zenda smirked and directed Nicky towards the taverns instead. First more drinks were in order and food to soak up all that booze!
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    "Yeah, you goes go and get wet, I'll have your backs." Zenda smirked, for she was no fucking water weaver, her magic was above the surface, not inside of a fucking wreck! Oh of course she could swim but Zenda relied on her magic to defend her, so given the choice, she stayed above water. High above it. Like in the Crows Nest. That gave her an idea. From the top of the mast of the ship they were investigating she could see danger a mile off. So the mage used her magic to lift her up to the top of it, Zenda sitting pretty up there and grinning down at Raist and Nyla.
  8. "And miss out on shore time with my little sister? Fuck no!" Since she was a very young child Zenda had always believed the captain to be her father. Everyone knew that her mother and Barty had on and off flings and most believed that one of the "on again's" was during the time Zenda was conceived. And since her mother was not a promiscuous little slut like Zenda herself there were no other candidates - or so the mage thought. So, knowing Nicky was Barty's meant only one thing to the Windtalker - she had a little sister! Putting her arm around the redhead she asked, "So what mischief are we getting up to tonight then?"
  9. Having been dozing in the Crows Nest, practically wrapped around the mast the Windtalker sat up straight and looked around when she heard the bellowing of her name! Mumbling something about shore leave and finding Erik she looked over the edge of the Nest, her bleary eyes trying to focus on the red blob below her. Once her eyesight clearly and she spotted Nicky the mage rolled out of her temporary bed and fell towards the deck. To anyone not used to Demon's Run and to Zenda they'd have been shitting their pants seeing the Windtalker falling like a rock from the sky. Mere feet from the deck the mage slowed, air magic swirling beneath her cushioning her fall. Thus she ended up on her feet, walking onto the deck as it it had been coming from the bridge or the gangplank. Snatching the open bottle of rum she said, "Don't mind if I do!"
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    It was too easy to forget just how fucking good Nyla was at this. It was a challenge for any woman to use such a toy, it was not as easy at Nyla made it look, certainly! Yet she rocked her hips and thrust into the mage with ease, made easier by the fact that she was so very wet. With Erik resting, probably sleeping nearby the two women took their time, Nyla fucking her slowly to begin with but not out of any sense of "sentimentality". No, this was purely so they could draw out this initial fuck. Neither did Zenda care about making too much noise and waking Erik, it was not as if he would care that the two of them were using their time wisely! Zenda threaded her fingers into Nyla's hair, tugging on it more and more as she felt the beautiful blonde thrust a little harder and nibble her nipple in that playful, dangerous way that Nyla only could. Growling a little in response the mage pulled on Nyla's hair, pulling her away from her breast only to kiss her and bite and pull on her lower lip. "Naughty..." She murmured when she pulled away, but then she shoved the blonde to her breast again to resume. Zenda laid flat again on her back and pulled her knees higher, giving Nyla to angle and space to fuck her harder. Oh, Zenda would change position soon enough - she loved being fucked hard from behind with this toy - but for now she wanted to watch as the pirate slammed into her, her body sweaty, her breasts swaying and her bitchy little smile on her face.
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    Casting her eye over the loot he was gesturing to she said, "It's about the same as the one you and I got from that lighthouse." It was a rather memorable robbery, they'd nearly gotten caught because they were fooling around at the top of the tower! Winking at Erik she then moved away with Nyla and nudged Raist as she past him. They'd be there and back again in no time.
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    Having been retrieved by Nyla the mage walked up to their captain and asked what he needed. Clearly he needed her specifically otherwise he'd not have changed his mind about keeping her back at the ship. "What do you need, captain?" She asked with a grin.
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    No matter who she'd been with over the years it was always fun coming back to Nyla. This time around was a genuine surprise and she hoped it'd not be the last time. It was more than fine with Nyla to bring the sexy pirate into their fuck sessions, she enjoyed watching her with Erik and joining in with the pair. For now though her lover was exhausted and she and Nyla had plans to entertain themselves. "I'm first with the next one." Zenda promised, though her words had less conviction to them when Nyla's fingers were inside of her cunt. Slowly kneeling in front of Nyla the mage helped her into the harness and then secured the buckles. This was something both women were extremely familiar with. They had such aboard Demon's Run for when they'd fuck out at sea. "Been a while since I saw you in one of these..." Zenda commented, and she teased at the straps, testing them, her fingers pulling at the shaft so Nyla got a little thrill, the "anchor" secure inside her pussy.
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    Erik would sleep, it was inevitable. Once the two women had rested and drank (water for Zenda for the moment) it was time to investigate what else the hut had to offer. Erik had left surprises for them all over, boxes and things hidden in draws and cupboards. Zenda wandered around naked, his cum, her own and Nyla's dry against her skin now but her cunt was still as juicy as ever. When she discovered the first of the toys she held it up for Nyla to see. "Who gets to wear it first?" She asked.
  15. In the end only her hips rocked, her pelvis undulating, for Zenda embraced Frei tightly, moaning into her ear as they both climaxed. Even in the afterglow of their cumming she rubbed her sex against her lover's, stimulating them further but more slowly. Zenda wanted to remain like this, exactly like this, simply laying atop the strong carpenter and gently and slowly rubbing her clit against the slippery folds of Frei's quim. She sighed, satisfied. Her lips were next to Frei's ear and she whispered, "You've convinced me." It meant Zenda was ready to bring this affair aboard, for she was not sure she could not be intimate, seeing Frei every day and not fucking her at night? That would be a self inflicted curse!