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  1. "Thank you sweet girl." She said with a grandmotherly smile. The group left Mabel alone with her dog. Thyon and Ananth looks at the old woman. "I don't trust her." Thyon said to Katja. "Ananth keep an eye on her." He said and the elf nodded. "You should go and get some sleep. You and Ben too." He whispered.
  2. "Well that is not exactly a compelling argument, Dain Marsh." He said. "By all means leave. I have no obligation to help you. If you insist on fighting, then I would like to remind you of my men standing in this room." Darkhan stated. "But I am a reasonable man. So let's try again. Why should I lend my men to your cause, Dain Marsh? What would be my reward for doing so?" He leaned his head closer.
  3. Once Dayna has threatened the guards, they were allowed to enter the Crimson Blade's mansion. As they wandered deeper into the building, they witnessed several of the mercenaries spending their time drinking and chatting with the servant girls. "Crimson Blade have taken control of the former owner of the mansion. That's how they are. If you are unable to pay them in time, they will take what you own." Dayna explained to Dain. They found Darkhan sitting in a chair. He was watching two of his men fighting. There was a girl sitting on his lap. There was a man tied to a chair. That man was wearing a noble's attire. Darkhan was a handsome man. With long black hair and a rogue's charm. Yet, it was clear that this man was dangerous. Just by looking at his arms, there were scars yet a lot of strength to them. When Dayna and Dain approached, Darkhan gave them a look. "It has been a while, Red Falcon. I never thought I would see you again. What are you doing here?" Darkhan said. "That isn't my title anymore. And I am here to introduce you to Dain of House Marsh." The elf said and gestured to Dain. "Oh? And why do you seek me, Dain of House Marsh?" Darkhan asked and leaned forward.
  4. "Yes, little girl. The gift of kindness. Now that is a wonderful gift." She said and then made a cranky laugh. "Ah Mabel...Poor poor Mabel. Rarely does she have the good fortune of being touched by the warmth of kindness." Mabel said. The Mabari Hound sat next to its master and calmly breathed.
  5. After their agreement, Ethan went to sleep that night. As always, he did not sleep well. Nightmares haunted him. Guilt and shame fueled the nightmares. He woke up early and sweating. After preparing himself, he headed toward the door of the tavern and found Caleb already waiting for him. "Good morning. Did I kept you waiting?" He asked as he stretched his arms and back.
  6. His look was again hard to read. "Would you believe me if I told you?" He said as he maintained his gaze on her. Herbert sighed. "My father and my brother Karl are blinded by ambitions and the past. To them, House Blacker has always been wronged by House Marsh. Centuries ago, we welcomed your ancestors when you migrated to the Bannorn. We provided you a home and protection, only to have that trust repaid with a rebellion and losing our lands." "There are faults on both sides. And I just want to end this cycle of war and death." Herbert said. He then placed a hand on his chest. "Lady Fayja. If you too share the same opinion, we should be allies. Your name carries weight and from there come influence. And with influence there is power." "What do you say, Lady Fayja?" [Ally with Herbert] or [Refuse him]
  7. ((Sorry for being silent these days. It is because we are moving and I had to do some other stuff.)) "Now why would my Captain care or want to see you?" The Crimson Blade Guard asks. "Because he is with me." Dayna said. The guard gave her a surprised look. "Dayna? The fuck are you doing here?" The guard reacted. "Let us in so we can talk to Darkhan about it. And better be quick before I hack your arms off." The elf threaten. The guard took a step back and then complied, letting them in.
  8. With a smile, Glora crossed her arms. "So, Thomas Greywind. By what Maker's fortune is it that we happen to cross path?" She asks. Meanwhile John and George watched him from their hiding place. Just like an audience watching a theater.
  9. "You are so sweet, little girl. Mabel likes you." Mabel said with a smile. "No need. Mabel is used to this. A little fire is enough." She said. She then eyed at Katja up and down. "Yes...Mabel see it on you. You have the gift." Mabel said.
  10. "Your choice, little girl." Mabel said. "Mabel shall guide you all through it tomorrow morning." She said. "Now if you don't have anything else...Mabel would like to sleep near the fire." She said. Thyon and Ananth kept their eyes on her. They clearly did not like Mabel's presence. The old woman has been cryptic and secretive. The Mabari seemed to have sensed their distrust and the hound barred its fang toward them.
  11. "Did I promise that?" She look down to her Mabari. The hound sniffed. "Oh yes, I did." She then said. "Yes little girl. There is a way through the forest. Many ways. There is one that dodges spiders, wolves and other malicious creatures. However there is another road. A quicker one. But a lot more dangerous. Guarded by souls who longed to pass to the beyond." Mabel said. "It all comes down to what you want to do. Would the little girl take the safe road? Or the quick road? Mabel can guide you through not both at once." She spoke and then smiled. "Hana. I would suggest the safe road. At least, we'll be sure that any of us won't be harmed." Thyon adviced. "But...Aren't we in...A hurry?" Ben/Aster said timidly. [Take the Safe Road] or [Take the Quick Road]
  12. "The safest route would have been the Imperial Highway. Why anyone would go through this spider-infested forest is bugging my mind." Mabel snarked. She look at Katja and then smiled. "Unless the little girl has a good reason to avoid that route?" She said. The others tensed as they kept their eyes on Mabel.
  13. A girl appeared. She was riding. By the way she is riding her horse, she is no doubt a capable rider. Glora wasn't as plain as George described her to be. She has a calm face and was wearing a fine dress. When Hans appeared with his lute and started playing, her attention was drawn to him. Glora have a smile on her face. "And who are you, stranger with a lute?" She said not unkindly.
  14. The old woman made a smile. "Your choice, little girl." She said. Ananth made a nod, like it was a sign of approval of Katja's choice. Ben sat close next to Katja. With his mood changing for the better thanks to Ananth's and Thyon's presence, he is more or less back to his usual affectionate self. "Now...I am all ears. I sense you have something you want to talk about?" Mabel asks Katja. She seems very prepared to answer her questions.
  15. "Yes." She said rather bluntly. She has always been a blunt person. Dayna made it clear that this conversation was over. After some hours searching for Darkhan, eventually they found the Crimson Blade outside a mansion in Ostwick. Dayna crossed her arms and look at Dain. "Would you be so kindly to speak to them?" The elf said. "Who the hell are you two?" One Crimson Blade asks.