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    From her vantage point up at the cliff, Nesini spotted the water weavers work easily; unnatural waves rolling towards both the mast of the Run and the mast of the sunken prize, where some of the Run's crew still hung on. A smile tugged at her lips. The water weaver had to have a bit of talent, focusing on targets in two distinctively different directions. Under other circumstances, she would have been intrigued to meet them. But not today. "Not today, child. And I think not." The Seer spoke the last three words with notable pauses, and thumped the butt of her staff into the ground. And out at sea, the weavers waves came to a stop. They did not vanish, they did not break and roll out, they simply ground to a halt, unmoving, unnatural mountains in the water. Nesini's smile widened as she could feel the weaver falter in hesitation, then pour more power into their spell. She let out a chuckle. "Oh, such futile struggle. Blood of my blood, child, and spirit of my spirit. You have no power here." And the waves started rolling again - back towards the raider ship. Shouts of waring rose on the vessel, and then it was hit. The ship rolled wildly, and most of it's crew lost their footing. The mast whipped about with the movement, and some unfortunate souls were fling from the rigging, some ropes torn. But the ship held - for now.
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    Nesini allowed herself a smile as Erik spotted the wrack they were after. A promising young man indeed. He would make a fine captain. But then she frowned. Something was - a shout cut through her thoughts, and her eyes narrowed on the people in the water. "Well well well. Looks like you have been challenged for the price, Captain." Her words fell on absent ears as Erik leaped off the cliff and swam towards the beach. "Bah. Men. Always so impulsive." She stayed at the cliff, instead taking a closer look at the approaching raider vessel, comparing its flag to those she had memorized. If it also belonged to the Brotherhood, then her hands were bound. She had to stay neutral in conflicts - unless they broke the Code, which a squabble over sunken treasure did not. If it didn't belong to the Brotherhood, however... she could indulge a little bit of fun. Frowning as she noticed Erik going down on the beach Nesini shook her head. Maybe he wasn't quite as ready as she hoped. She spotted a fourth man approaching the fallen forms, and almost absent-mindedly incinerated him with a lightning bolt, before returning her attention to the raider vessel.
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    Accepting the tome from Raistlin Nesini inclined her head with a smile. "Thank you, lad. This will do fine." She immediately started to flip through the pages, careful not to damage anything, and absentmindedly followed Erik and Frei upwards. The view from there however was enough to capture even her attention. "Oh my. I dare say, Captain, this promises to be one successful take for your first command. Let us hope this luck of yours hold true for the future." ((FFS, I am so sorry to leave you hanging for ages))
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    Nesini was staring off into the middle distance, as she did so often, not really registering the world around her. When she snapped out it the others had already went off for their respective tasks, leaving her to search the Captain's Cabin, as Erik had suggested. A handful of coins and one very fancy necklace came up for the crew. No valuable tomes for her, just old letters, charts and some old maps. She did find - and nearly threw away - two interesting bits. The ships planned course, and the Captain's diary, on the very first pages of which was a mention of his private retirement stash - naturally buried in a chest somewhere. Maybe they could go look for that if they found nothing here. Not that she needed to have worried about that, as evidenced by the general excitement going on when she returned outside.
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    "If it is just rest for your Wind Talker you need, Captain, then I can offer my services in her stead." Nesini offered, but truth be told she wouldn't mind digging around in some of these wrecks herself. Particularly those Templar ships.
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    Keeping to the back of the group, Nesini gave a small nod of approval to the navigators plan. It was good to see him step up to the task Barty had given him, and try to keep the crew occupied. That, and the chantry tented to move more than gold, if they moved things. There might well be an old tome or two for her to claim.
  7. "Yes. She's a fine vessel, it would be a shame to loose her." Nesini nodded, then smirked. "Maybe I will. But, we can worry about the future soon enough. Now is now, and right now, I am feeling hungry." She said, then turned away from the sea and towards where she had made her little camp. "You will still join me, I presume?"
  8. Nesini threw her head back and laughed. "Cap'n, what I expect ye to do is treat meself like one o' the crew, no more, nae less. Don't go around pushin' me because I'm meself annae me true self, and yer dandy."
  9. "Ah, yes, the Trials. Do not fret too much, it is not as if it would change anything. You passed them once already; take confidence in that." Nesini replied, looking out over the waves as she walked. "What shall be, shall be, and there's that." she turned to him with a smile. "And yes - for a while, at least. I shall bring you there, and wait for you at the end. And if I am not needed elsewhere, Demon's Run shall have my protection in the meantime."
  10. "Of course, dear. It's why I went searching early." Nesini replied with a smile, then turned her attantion back to the crustacean in her hands. "Did you know that, if you twist of their pincers right at the base, they can regrow?" she asked out of nowhere, then did as she said and relieved the crab of one of them. She let the animal go free and put the pincer into a satchel at her belt, where it joined quite a few more of it's kind. "That should be enough to give us a nice meal." The elf stood, picking up her staff from where she had placed it, and gestured to Barty, inviting him for a walk. "Now, what can I do for you today, Captain? Is something troubling you?"
  11. Early morning, 28th Kingsway, 951 Seer's Island Barty, Nesini @Claire, @Kai 1x1 Barty meets the Seer to discuss various topics Passing the Torch The island, new as it was, had neither earth nore tree nor a proper beach. The rocks in the sheltered bay sloped gently into the water in some places, but they were still algae-covered rocks and did not invite many of the pirates to rest here. Nesini on the other hand did not mind the uneven ground, squidgy green under her bare feet or the jagged rocks occasionally replacing it. She knelt infront of a tide pool, intently stared into it, and did now mind the waves that washed around her legs, not even when a particularly large one crashed into her back and almost shoved her into the pool. Suddenly she moved, both hands lunging into the water and pulling up a large crab. The elf examined it from all sides, deftly avoiding its pincers...
  12. The woman didn't flinch as he went for her throat, nor did she struggle to break free, no, she only regarded him coolly and with a smile that might as well be a snarl. She grabbed his wrist as he pulled back, her nails digging into his skin with surprising strength. "I'm glad that we agree on the importance of the Brotherhoods secrecy, old friend." Nesini replied as she lifted her hand to her face, placing it with fingers spread and pulling away as one would take off a mask or shawl, undoing part of the spell that kept her disguised and showing her true features. And while she did, her tone, her voice, even her pattern of speech changed. "And in light of this, and your ignorance, I will tolerate this threat, or others made infront the crew to keep appearances. But don't stretch the boundaries too much." She had no intention of forcing him to any 'disciplinary' actions against his newest crew member, but some captains liked to make things up early on during introduction time. The message regarding such should be clear. Letting go of his wrist the elf leaned back, renewing her disguise as she did and easly slipping back into her role. "Well Cap'n" she raised her class of rum, again speaking with the careless slur she had put on before. "t'yer health!"
  13. Nesini observed Javos through slitted eyes, and for a good moment. "And why tell me this? These folks sound like the secretive type, what makes ye sure I dunnae run of with the knowledge in the next port?" [[OMG I APOLOGIZE! FFS, I thought I had all people covered for at least this month! *flails*]]
  14. Nesini let out a chuckle. "Eh, if not, I can always show off some of me other tricks." she answered with a wink. "But who are these associates ye speak of? Don't sound like no normal crew to me. Are ye part of the Armada perhaps?" She knew he wasn't, of course, and she had a pretty good guess as to whom these associates would be, but she had a role to play, and playing it she was.
  15. Nesini stood, gesturing for them to do the same. "What's next is that you and your Mates go, join your crews and have some fun. I am willing to bet a gambling den and a tavern have already been organized -" never in many an age had that not been the case "- and there's no need for hasty decisions. So go and find yourself the ol' Bottle Of Rum. I will call another meeting when we are all soberish again." Meaning the day after tomorrow the earliest.