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    It was not often Kaiden got to see a herd of brontos and to do that with his sister and her friends just meant it would be really fun. And wgen they saw them he saw that a few of the ones in the herd were really big ones. They were not the ones he wanted to ride. But then Ulricha caught up with them and found one that looked smaller and perhaps more friendly. But as she was last to get there he couldn't help but o tease her, even if it was just a little bit. "Hah, you're an elf-licker!" He did not fully understand what it meant but he wanted to be oene of them, his sister and her fun friends. He remembered their uncle's word so when she got on top of the beast and then signalled to him to come over he got there as fast as his little legs could carry him, jumping up on the bronto right to where Ulricha was, it seemed like the best spot on it's back.
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    Kaiden did also thought the rhyme was a bit funny too, making him smile. Though he wondered what Kapka meant by her having plenty of ways out. He knew that she was casteless but she was with his sister so she was not like those thugs that Nodal was warning him about right? Then it seemed that their fun was changed from hunting darkspawn to bronto racing. He was not exactly seeing the fun in fighting monsters but riding rock-lickers did sound a bit fun so he perked up a bit when Ulricha mentioned it. And he refilled his mug as the others go more ale, now t tasted a lot less than puke in his mouth and more like true ale. Though he did not take too much since he was still young and his stomach could not handle as much as the elder in this company. "Yes, that we could do!"
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    He thought about it, even as Sid gave him a punch. He knew she was just doing it to tease him so he did not get upset at all by it, he had seen Ulricha's friends being like that to eachother so he felt like one in the group. But he was still thinking about the future. That there would be lots of time between now and when the pilgrimmage was going to happen would work in his favour. It would give Kaiden the chance to make a convincing argument of why he should go with them. He did not have anything solid just yet but there was still lots of time. And although he was himself interested how things worked on the surface, he was a bit glad to hear that Kapka might have things to do as well. A bored Kapka could be scary sometimes.
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    The idea of going topside.. He had wanted to see how things looked p there, especially after Ulricha had showed him some of the interesting things that came from there. But now that going up there seemed to be a real thing he was less confident about it. It was a very strange world and if Ulricha would go then he would be without her for a very long time. Now it seemed to have been a really good idea that he had sneaked into this party or else he might have missed these news. Despite the ungraeful puking. He notied that Kapka was ready to go to the surfae, which was not surprising since she was always ready to do things, like drinking and fighting. Kaiden wondered how muh fighting there would be with a pilgrimage under the approval of the king. But still, he looked to his sister. "But if those who go on this pilgrimage do not become surfacers... Can I come with you?" Now he had taken the plunge, she could say no to him but that would make him very sad since it would mean that he would be without his dear sister for a very long time, perhaps longer than it took when she was off fighting darkspawn for real and not just to clear for a party. He would very much like to se the surface even though the thought of going up there made him nervous. Then again, his sister would be right there with him.
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    Kaiden had of course known that the party might be dangerous but he wanted things to get dangerous, he knew life must be something more than just stay at home, the Diamond quarter at the most. But then his sister made her announcement. Both his jaw and mug dropped, the mug made the most noise. He had not known about this, he was shocked. Both because this was really, really big and he could hardly believe that there was a chance that it would be done. The king would hardly get to the Assembly about this if he did not think that they were likely to agree on it. But at the same time it was a strange thing, all who came to the surface became casteless. It had always been so, at least in his lifetime, albeit short as it was. But soon he regained his speech. "Ulricha.. What.. What is a pilgrimace?" Maybe he was still too stunned to recall exactly what it was but right now he had no idea what it would mean more than it required a trip topside. And that it was likely to be something relating to the Chantry and Andraste. The assumption was easy to make since it was to his mind the only reason for his sister to venture to the surface that he could see and he knew that she did not share the belief in the Paragons as most of the other dwarves. Kaiden himself was a bit unsure to be honest, he had not thought that much abut what he believed in when his mind was more occupied with how things worked.
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    He was shortly done puking, though his cheeks were red from the slight embarrassment of briefly being the center of attention. Good thing it passed over enough so he could wipe out the corners of his mouth clean. Then accepted the ale from Sidonnie and used it to clean his mouth from the puke. "Thanks." Of course that meant that his mouth now was tasting ale and puke. But he swallowed it down because he could not spit it out after Kapka had said he could not handle his ale. He would show her. Of course these were the friends of his sister but he still liked them, they were actually nice to him, even with Kapka's teasing. And when the puke taste disappeared the ale tasted pretty good.
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    He had done his best to hide while there was fighting, it was pretty easy to know it from the sounds the big monsters were making. He then poked up his head when most of the loud noises had stopped. Well, except for his sister that was pretty loud. But that just made him grin. And forgetting about that when they were going for the barrels they would easily discover him. So he was pretty much busted now. So he got up and then he saw the results of the violence. Darkspawn blood and guts everywhere, there was even a head lying over there! Kaiden was not a warrior, not very used to much violence or gore at all. So he did what any young boy in his position would do. He puked, though he was mindful enough to lean over the side and not over any of the party stuff.
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    He heard his name being mentioned and he immediately thought that he had ben discovered! He had really wanted to follow down to the Deep Roads and see it for himself, he was old enough, honest! Of course no one had given him any permission to do so which was why he had been hiding among the baggage that was destined to be consumed at the party. He had nibbled a bit when he had felt a bit hungry, though his hunger had disappeared when he had caught a glimpse of the darkspawn that his sister and her friends were fighting. They really looked like scary monster, even from afar which he luckily was. But his keen ears had also picked up the earlier discussion of ogres ahead, tha was something he was noot that keen on and he hoped that they would deal with them quickly. But instead he just heard Kapka and the Helmi talk about their weapons. He could understand the appreciation of a finely crafted axe but was this really the time? Still, even though he was certain he was discovered he decided he would remain where he was until the ogres had been dealt with at least. Perhaps his sister had only mentioned his name in some other context?
  9. He had very much enjoyed his meal. It had tasted very good, all of it and there were many crumbs in the corners of his mouth as he was finished, smiling to his sister. "Yes, we can go back home now, this was very good!" He was feeling a bit excited though, the pie had been pretty sweet and he knew what would happen when he had a lot of sweets, first he would have a lot of energy and then he would be tired. It would be best that they got home before that happened. But right now the thought of more adventures almost made him think that perhaps he should still be out and about! No, he was not going to do that now that he had already said that they would get home, which was actually the more sensible idea. He wiped away the crumbs that he just now noticed with the sleeve of his shirt. "On my next birthday I am going to request having at least one apple pie." That could be one of the best birthdays, though Ulricha had ensured that his birthdays were as good as they could be. And he loved her for it.
  10. He was not really too interested in King Bhelen, Kaiden always thought that he was a little scary. But this human ambassador was still a bit interesting, perhaps next time someone like that would come to the palace he might try to get to the feast too, even with all the people there. too bad that his sister did not remember much of it. "Oh, okay." Then he got interested in the pie, since he saw the reaction his sister had to a bite of it. And her enthusiasm transferred to him so he immediately brought the pie closer to him and took a bite. And it was just as delicious as she had said it was, he moaned in pleasure between the first bite and the second, because he wanted more. "M'yea, Itsch really good." He might be a prince but he was still talking with food in his mouth, these new flavours was really good, he was so glad he had tried this.
  11. He looked up to his sister with big eyes, she had seen these kind of things before? And in a different siza and colout? That was really interesting. "How? Did you see one in the market? Or where did you see them?" He was feeling a bi hungry now even though he was really interested in to hear the story she had to tell so he put the piece he had cut out in his mouth, was then surprised by it's taste. It was not dry like a fungus usually was, it was rather wet but what surprised him was the peculiar taste, it was nothing like he had ever tasted before so he had really nothing to reference this with. His mind decided that this would be 'apple taste'. He looked to the drink and the pie, wondering how much like apple they taste and he deccided to try it, beginning with the drink, taking a cautionary sip. It was not the same, clearly the process of making this juice change the taste into something less sharp and definately smoother. Still had the apple quality to it.
  12. It took mere seconds between getting the knife and then the apple, then he carefully made a cut, it was a sharp blade after all, making an interesting sound as he did it. It was much harder than a mushroom but he managed to cut out a piece of it. He then inspected it and found that the green of it was only on the surface, a shell or something similar. He smelled it and he detected that the scent was similar to the juice, but the inside of it was white, not goldenbrown. "Hmmm, interesting.. It doesn't look like any mushroom I've ever seen before, have you Ulricha?" He turned to his sister, showing the piece to her, then he looked down on it and his sharp eyes spotted that as he held the piece the edgeds stopped being white and started to change colour to. "Curious.. I think that the green thing over it keeps it fresh and when it's exposed to the air.." He looked back to the juice. "Very curious."
  13. He was just about to try tasting this applejuice but then the waitress returned to them and showed them something big and green. He too took a closer look and he got to smell it. I smelled like.. green. He didn't know why he thought of that but when the idea was in his head it just made sense. He studied the surface on it, it did not look like any mushroom he had ever seen. "Woah, it's really green.. Is it that green all the way to the center?" Looking at the glass of juice, which was decidedly not green, it was more of a golden colour so he wondered what made it turn into a different colour when a fresh one was green. If it had been his sister presenting the apple he would have just taken it and start to study it, cut it to the core to see what was there, but right now he just looked at it as the waitress held it before them, too shy to do such a thing. But he also now noticed that it was a little string like thing on the top, wondering how that was part of the growth process of such a thing, he felt he needed to see where these topside wood-mushrooms were growing with his own eyes.
  14. When he smelled the food that was put in front of him he was almost falling off his chair. Not literally but still, the smell was the uttermost deliciousness! He had no idea that mushrooms could smell that good, this topside stuff was literally full of wonders! it was all e could do to keep himself from devouring the pie like a starved bronto, but he kept his manners in check since there were others in this tavern. He looked over to the jug of juice, looking into it's content and sniffed. "It looks a bit like weak beer, but it doesn't smell like it." Even though he had not yet become a drinker of beer he still had some knowledge of it, both due to his curiosity and the sheer availability of it, since everyone drank it everywhere. And he knew that the dwarven ale was much darker than this so in his mind he made the connection that if this had been beer then it would be weak. But he did not smell any alcohol in it. Curious, did they make the juice without any sort of fermantation?
  15. Kaiden smiled to his sister and nodded eagerly. "Oh yes, this is really exciting!" Any thought of sadness that might have been in the boy this morning was now gone like it had never been there. Spending time with Ulricha and see all the new things was just the thing for him to cheer him up and it clearly showed from the big smile that was now on his lips. And there was also the fact that he was eagerly waiting for the food to come by, just to really see what in the Stone they had ordered and then have a taste. He was hoping that it would taste good of course!