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    With her sisters dribbling out of the cave without further announcement, Skadi got curious. Especially after Syn had tried scrying, unsuccessfully. If only she'd asked her younger sister for help - it was Skadi's specialty, after all. But no, everybody had to be all sneaky and quiet, probably because they thought Skadi couldn't handle the Outside. But she would show them, yes she would! And so, the youngest sister went and talked to Mother. And apparently they had to find a Warden. And not go to the Red Springs. The latter part seemed easy enough. Skadi left the cave about two hours after Syn, having been sensible and packed some things for the journey instead of storming of wildly after she talked to Mother. See, she could be sensible and outdoorsy and what was that sound?
  2. Staying close to the cave entrance despite everything, Skadi observed her sister for a while before walking to join her at the stream - placing every step with deliberate care. "How are you feeling, Syn?" she asked as she knelt down by the stream, cupping her hands to drink. She was not worried about the taint, nor with her sister bathing in it already.
  3. As it turned out, Skadi had been off by an entire week - such it was when it came to her sisters and herself. Luckily, she was off in the right direction; a week later they were allowed to open the cave again. Even Skadi fled it for a while, wandering around in the vincinity.
  4. Staring at her sisters blood, Skadi managed to become even paler than she usually was. "No, we won't. Run out, I mean. By the next fortnight we will be breathing fresh air." SHe spoke without thinking and with absolute certainty - then immediately went to doubt herself. Had she proclaimed such because it was true, or because she desperately wanted it to be so? No matter how addled her sister was, she did not want to loose her.
  5. Skadi threw her hands in the air. "Oh, fine! Maybe you can talk some sense into her before she bleeds out!" she exclaimed as she turned and took a step towards the kitchen, then froze. "Wait. Why did I say that?" ((Short post is short. I apologize))
  6. While Syn was quite literally crawling the walls - or giving it her best attempt at least - Skadi was surprisingly normal. Well, as far as normal went for her. She rarely left the cave in the first place, so being locked inside was less of a problem to her. What did get to her was her sisters behavior. She had tried to help at first, but by now she was either avoiding Syn like the plague or yelling at her to get her shit together. RIght now it was the latter. Peeking through the entrance of Syns bedchamber, Skadi breathed heavily after having finished her latest bout of shrill screaming and watched her sister bang her head. She winced with every thud, small growling groans escaping in tact and getting stronger by the moment. Finally she let out another strangled cry, whipped her hand back and reached into the Fade to unleash... something. A hex, probably. Neither life nor death were her forte, but she was quite adept at messing with peoples luck or hampering their skills. Okay, maybe the caves were getting to her as well.
  7. Skadi just shrugged. Normally she could see well, but when it came to the sisters themselves... "As you've said, they are a special kind of stupid. They should be gone soon." She looked after Syn when the sister left, obviously distraught at being locked in - more distraught than usual if Skadi's memories didn't play her, which sometimes they did. The Youngest squinted her eyes, but she could not pierce the fog that covered the sisters fates all to often. "Do you know what troubles her?" she asked the Oldest instead. Maybe San would have an answer.
  8. "I will know when they are gone." Skadi replied, trying to sound certain despite her recent misjudgement. "If not I, Mother will. Until then... we don't." The young witch had no trouble with this, as she rarely left the cave anyways. All they needed they had here. And as for any visitors... those that came while the Templars were still around would likely be dragged off for questioning. Skadi stepped back from the stone that now covered the entrance and examined it for a moment, then let go of her sisters hand and returned to her meal. Before she had merely eaten because she was told to and she didn't want Sanny to worry - now she was actually hungry and dug into the stew with new vigor.
  9. The youngest was staring at the Templar dumbfounded for a moment, ignoring her sisters call. She had been so certain they'd have more time! How could her intuition fail her like this? Was it because the men were specifically after her sisters and her...? It mattered not for the moment. Skadi walked over, frowing at Syn as she stepped close. "San just told me to eat!" Nevertheless she put down her bowl and took Syns hand, then put her other against the mouth of the cave, ready to pull the stone closed with Mothers help.
  10. Taking the bowl of stew from her sister Skadi let out a sigh, then started to eat. She knew well enough that San wouldn't leave her alone until she had eaten, and possibly taken one of Syns horrid tasting medicines, as the middle sisters healing magic seemed to have no effect on her lesser ailments. She too went around the crystals to add her magic to the weave, but in a much more relaxed manner. The Templars were drawing close, yes, but she would have felt more urgency if they were about to knock on their nonexistant door.
  11. Skadi returned the tongue and added a finger-jab to the side, then focused on the statue. "Yes, Mother." She gave Syn a firce grin that was slightly undermined by a cough. "What do you think, sister dear? Certainly not the one of your dress! Spells, spells, and spells galore!" She twirled with her arms open wide, then started giggling.
  12. Skadi sniffed as she stepped back. "Maybe, but usually more of them after one of your little excursions. What are you even doing out there? Everything we need, we have here." She gestured through the cave.
  13. Skadi sniffed. "I'm not a baby anymore, you know? I can take care of myself." Despite her objections she didn't resist when Sandraudiga started to lead her inside. But like her sister she felt the veil shift and immediately turned back around. "Mother couldn't see her either! She would have told us otherwise, I know she would!" The witch headed back with a quick stride and jabbed Syn in the chest as a greeting. "Where were you?! Mother was so worried!" she exclaimed, then pulled her sister into a hug.
  14. Skadi was sitting at the entrance of their cave, digging through the guts of an owl with bloody fingers. "Nothing, nothing, nothing. I should have used a dire rat." she spoke to no-one ans sounding rather displeased with herself. In her heart Skadi knew that she could not see her sister, but that hadn't stopped her from trying, and spending hours preparing to try. She looked up when Sandraudiga came close and shook her head. "Nothing. Any word from Mother? I'm worried." She was sounding ill again, and coughed as she stood up, letting the dead bird simply roll down her already bloodsplattered dress.
  15. Player Name : Kai --------------------------------- Character Name : Skadi Date of Birth : 8th August 9.25 (28 as of 9.52) Gender : Female Race : Other Class : Mage --------------------------------- Art © to Anndr Kusuriuri, used with permission of the artist. Height & Build : 5'4'', Hourglass figure Hair & Eyes :- Red & Blue --------------------------------- Personality & History : The youngest of the three sisters, Skadi is the 'Fate that changes'. She wields neither Syns healing nor Sandraudigas destructive power, but her dark magic let's her read bones and animal guts, handlines and cards, the constellation of the stars and the flight of birds as well as the shadows in the statue's basin and see the past, present and future with frigthening accuracy. Strangely, she cannot see hers or her sisters at all. Besides that ability, her powers are nothing out of the ordinary for a mage, in fact she doesn't care to spend much time learning 'normal' magic. to spend her time observing important events of the past Barely a year old when they were abandoned, Skadi doesn't remember their parents or the life before the cave, nor does she care for it. The cave, the statue and her sisters are all the home she ever knew, and all the home she needs. All three Fates love the statue, but she is the only one that calls it 'mother', and she always enjoyed it's lessons on magic, even in her more difficult years. Skadi rarely wanders outside without need, and prefers the dark, damp cave to sunlight and fresh air, despite the fact that she gets ill frequently. The quietest of the three she rarely speaks to outsiders, even those that come specifically for her services, and prefers her sisters do the talking. Which does not mean she wont voice her opinions among family. Whereas both her sisters magic tends to be quick at hand, Skadi does work with lot of rituals and preperation, and this has reflected on her personality. Everything she does is well thought out and planned and executed with great care. Even asking her a question, no matter how simple it may be, can result in several minutes of contemplation.