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  1. I would!
  2. Quick question. Since I have Emmalyn with the couple's calendar should I use Aurelia here?
  3. From the album Celes's Creations

    There's a good reason most people don't mess with Aurelia even with Lucretia gone. Several really. His name is Cornelius and these are his friends, shiv, bowie knife, and pliers.
  4. You're welcome! And he's a fun character to light with all the angles to his face!
  5. From the album Celes's Creations

    @Jax's character Cornelius. I think he found a new play thing. Sucks to be them.
  6. @Jax Thank you very much! And you do amazing work too, especially with the male figures! @ClaireThank you so much! So happy that you like how it turned out!
  7. Nydia

    From the album Celes's Creations

    @Claire's lovely whore Nydia!
  8. I'd go NVIDIA because Radeon/AMD chips in general tend to run hot. And don't think I'm biased against AMD. I've been told Intel runs 3D rendering programs better but I still prefer AMD at the end of the day and have for the better part of fifteen years now. Intel when it's good is really good but when it's bad it's REALLY bad. AMD has just had a much more reliable performance as far as processors go for me as long as they're cooled well. But NVIDIA also has their proprietary technology called CUDA which is a bunch of tiny cores that can act as parallel processors. They're mostly important in graphics and rendering programs however more mainstream games are starting to take advantage of CUDA to augment the physics engine's modeling of atmospheric and water effects. So it depends on if the games you're interested in coming down the pipeline are CUDA optimized.
  9. I'd wait just a little bit before buying a new graphics card if you can hold out that long. NVIDA and Radeon just released their big block busters of new architecture and new memory types. They're going to be spending most of 2017 courting the consumer level buyer instead of focusing on the professional super computers like they were in 2016. I personally prefer NVIDIA cards but this is coming more from a 3D rendering viewpoint than gaming so keep that in mind. Radeon has a new memory type on their flagship cards that's supposed to fit twice the amount of RAM in the same space as their old RAM time and NVIDIA just released the Pascal architecture at the beginning of 2016 and are now just barely stepping into the actual gaming market instead of the professional market. Most of 2016 for NVIDIA was focused on their professional computing/rendering cards the Quadro and the Tesla with the consumer level GeForce only getting the new architecture in mid-late 2016. And they were damn expensive as noted. BUT! There's been some rumours rattling about that there will be stripped down versions of the 10 series NVIDIA cards (1050s, 1060s, and so forth) and if I were going to get a new cards I'd go their 10 series. Despite being more powerful the new architecture isn't as power hunger and doesn't draw as much electricity and therefore produces less heat. Nevermind that it doesn't cause you to have to buy a new power supply just to run the damn thing like the 8 and 9 series sometimes required.
  10. Catching up on threads. Barring any ill placed meteors or other such acts of God, I will hopefully have all my threads back up to date by tomorrow evening my time.

  11. Monday sounds great!
  12. Name a time and we'll video chat and play with DAZ!
  13. From the album Celes's Creations

    Inspired by the illustration in her profile. Still loving the Genesis 3 model!
  14. I'm interested!
  15. From the album Celes's Creations

    Finally got enough resources to give the Genesis 3 figure and its skin textures a shot. I think I'm in love with the way this figure bends and moves! <3 Will need to convert over my other characters from Genesis 2 but the process is worth it for the quality of textures being produced for the Genesis 3 figure!