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  1. Thank you so much! I don't really receive art all that often so this is awesome!
  2. Aurelia Avatar

    From the album Celes's Creations

    The full sized version of Aurelia's new avatar now that I have her Genesis 3 model up to snuff.
  3. Avvar with Branwen. I'll have to check the dates to make sure everything lines up but she's been gathering information in the Lowlands so she might be useful as an informant.
  4. From the album Celes's Creations

    Someday they will have somewhere safe and theirs. SpiritAdept's character Sandrin and my character Emmalyn. I had to stop the render early because it just wasn't progressing so it's a little grainy.
  5. Hey, Windows, remember when I went in and turned off your ability to restart the computer on your own because updates? No? Is that why I woke up to having lost over eight hours of rendering time because you decided that these updates were so damn important it had to be restarted that very second? Yeah, well, you're getting the ability to restart the computer on your own lobotomized out of you for that one.
  6. Aerith- Ready for Battle

    From the album Dungeons and Dragons!

    Tanks gonna tank.
  7. Aerith

    From the album Dungeons and Dragons!

    @Momo's half-elf fighter Aerith! Thank goodness someone is wearing heavy armor in this party!
  8. Setting up a twitch streaming channel for when I'm doing art work in case you're curious to the process. Or just want to watch me get angry at computers when you can't hear me swearing at it.

    Next project: @Momo's DnD character Aerith


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    2. Momo
    3. Celes


      I tried to give Aerith a badass cape. It didn't work. Knew I should have listened to the Incredibles. 



    4. Momo


      Hahaha! That's too bad! Aerith would totally wear a cape! :P 

      I guess it's not too practical though, considering the shit they get into. XD

  9. Trystan Falhorn

    From the album Dungeons and Dragons!

    Quick render of Trystan Falhorn, @Claire's pretty boy bard. Who never catches a break.

    © Celes

  10. NSFW - Trystan and Noori

    From the album Dungeons and Dragons!

    At least if you accidentally get married you can still enjoy it, right @Claire? Trystan belongs to Claire. I just illustrate his latest mistakes.

    © Celes

  11. From the album Dungeons and Dragons!

    Speak softly and carry a big stick! Pro tip: It would appear that if Kai asks if your bard bangs the barbarian chick, you should roll perception to avoid marriage. It's okay. She thinks he's pretty and will give her lovely daughters someday.

    © Celes

  12. your feelings are pretty scarey LOLOLOLOL really i might need to go visit that little shrink now knowing you documenting it lol

    1. Celes


      It's for great justice, I promise. :p

  13. Just got my CPAP and equipment in the mail so hopefully this works and I'll be back to normal and posting soon. Wish me luck!

    1. Zhavirah


      good luck honey!

    2. Jax


      good luck babes xx


  14. Yesssssss. Make it fun! :D