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  1. Brim finished his ale and got up. "No need lass, you get some rest ok" He paused for a moment then kissed the top of her head "I'll see myself out. Goodnight Sid" He left Sids home and caught up with the two Carta that had been watching over him. When they were away from the area Sid lived in Brim glanced back over his shoulder "I want some lads or lasses to keep an eye on her, from a distance mind, girls a warrior, she won't appreciate being watched like a baby" "You really think they will try again Brim?" One of the Carta, a dwarf who went by the unimaginative nickname of Knuckles asked. "I think once they think i have forgotten then yes they will" Brim replied "Just make sure she gets to where she needs to go safely, see anyone waiting to jump her, stop them. But only for say the next month. Just to make sure the message gets home." "After that hiding you gave one of them i think it might" The other Dwarf, a rogue by the name of Shades muttered "But sure, I'll get some of the girls to do it, they are better at that shit. You got a soft spot for her Brimster?" Brim shook his head "No" He scowled "Just don't wanna see her take that kind of damage again cause her folks weren't born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Sides Farin could have been an easy target for those dicks himself if he wasn't protected by the name, even if he dont like it much at the moment" When Brim returned home he marched into his mother chambers and the ensuing argument could be heard the entire house over. It had people scurrying for the safety of their rooms, because Brim did not hold back, what he actually said when the shouting had stopped no one knew, but one thing was whispered, it was the only time anyone had seen Lady Helmi look as pale as a wraith.
  2. "my wife is a Shaper" He thanked Sids mother and was on his best behaviour, the woman could cook, that was for certain "She can be away for months at a time, especially if she finds something interesting to follow on. I'll give it a few more days, if she isn't back with her party then, i will go look for her, make sure she hasn't come across a sleeping dragon or stumbled into a Spiders nest or something." Or maybe she was waiting for him to go to the cave she had taken him too on thier honeymoon. That would make a nice change and he did want to visit that place again, it was part of him now. Part of the memories he had with her, something no one else knew about. "What are you going to be doing with yourself?" He asked Sid and ate some more of the stew he had put before him "this is really delicious ma'am" he looked at Sid's mama and finished his bowl, wiping his mouth "thank you"
  3. Brim let Sid see to his Knuckles, he had broken skin where his fists had connected with teeth, nothing too serious though, although the blood was more the wankers that had dared threaten his new friend. "Yeah she prefers to be hands on" he muttered "I just worry, aside from that little shindig in the Deep with you lot, last time i was out there i got smacked by a Hurlock and was laid up for a day or two, well that and recently having to fight a bunch of them with my cousin" He didn't go into that too much, truth was he was feeling guilty as hell. He loved his wife and he loved his cousin, two people torn apart and three lives shattered becasue of parents and traditions. He hoped Farin would understand one day and in the same token meet some nice lass who would steal his heart once more. Brim couldn't heal Farins heart, no one but Farin could do that, but he loved that boy with all his heart, he would do anything for him, so as much as it pained him to let it happen, if Farin needed his space then he would have it. "I might see if i can find my Cousin later, take him for a few beers or to the Proving grounds" He thought Sid might make a nice match for Farin but held off on that suggestion. He never played matchmaker, last time he did it didn't go too well and his other cousin was still not talking to hiim after that disaster of a marriage. "Actually best time i had in the deep was when we discovered an old Helmi Thaig, totally empty as if the residents just got up and left for no apparent reason that any of us could discern" He grinned "I have put an application in to the Assembly for it to be reopened and reclaimed, it wasn't Helmi anymore as the name changed but it belonged to my great great great great great uncle" He checked to make sure Sids mama was out of earshot and lowered his tone "you know if Mari is still in the deep, i could come with you guys, you know make sure you dont all fall, honestly i'd rather be dong something other then sitting on my ass doing sod all"
  4. Brim was about to ask her again about the surface when he realised the reason she had not answered it, so he wisely said nothing else on the matter. Brim kissed the back of Sid's mothers hand and bowed his head. "It was nothing My Lady" he replied "just wanted to make sure Sidonnie got home safe, not that she can't look after herself but still Orzammar is not safe this time of night" Not that one could tell under the earth. He let mother and daughter have thier conversation and stood looking out the window, just in case those thugs came back. He had not recognised them from the more shadier elements of his mothers employees but that was not to say they did not work for his mother. He looked down at his knuckles and a grim light hit his eyes. Mari had been gone for days, he was beginning to worry about her, she wouldn't have Farin to watch over her now, and she had told him she would be fine, that she would be home soon. For some inexplicable reason dread settled in Brims stomach and as he lowered his hand he looked at his wedding ring, whereas before he would have taken comfort from it being on his finger, in view of how thier closeness had changed recently. Now a sickness sat in his stomach, and he wondered if he would always feel this way when Mari was off doing what was her job. He couldn't change Mari's work and he wouldn't want to either, but he could deal with this and he would do it the moment he got home, no matter the hour, his mother and he were going to have a chat and it wouldn't be a pretty one either.
  5. If Brim wasn't so happily married, or so he believed, and in love with his wife, then he might have reacted to the pretty smile, as it was he nodded and let her take him to her mothers. "Not right is all" he muttered "I don't suppose it will ever change either" It didn't matter what Bhelan did to bring a more, equilibrium way of living amongst the dwarfen castes, there was no way he was going to change thousands of years of tradition and history in twenty odd years. Besides, unlike other lands and races, when Bhelan died the Assembly would elect a new King and that King may fall into line with what the more traditionalist members of the Assembly wanted. Even if it meant the Auducans lost thier almost eternal grip on the throne. "So um why does Ulricha want to go falling into the sky?" He asked following her, his two carta friends had split off and observed thier boss and the warrior from a distance. Brim didn't need protecting but they were damn sure when he got home, he was going to raise merry hell at his mother. Arguments between the hier and the Lady these days were a daily occurrence. "You have a really pretty smile Sidonnie" he complimented and he meant it, she really did have a pretty smile.
  6. "But you don't want Ulricha to go without you where you can't keep an eye on her right?" Brim slowed his pace too "but yeah i can see where thats going, scares the shit out of me all that sky and nothing else. Don't care what the surface clans say, nothing good ever comes out of falling into the sky" Give him a pack of deep stalkers any day of the week, he'd take that over the surface anytime. He rested a hand on her shoulder and squeezed it a little "What little i know of the Princess, if she is set on doing it, she will do it, just make sure the King keeps his word so you guys can come home. Wouldn't want him deciding that for the good of all you lot get left there with no home to come back to right?" He lowered his hand and looked around them both "Where now then?" Brim was eager to change the subject and get her back to her mothers before she got jumped again. "HEY HELMI" He rolled hies eyes and turned to see two of these so called caste keepers standing in his way. "What you doing Brim? We can walk her home, dont need you round here. Your mother sent us to get you," Brim clenched his fists and stood in front of Sid "Maybe you need to go fetch my mother from whatever bed she is in, and mind your own damn business's" "Upper and lower don't mix Brim, you know that" Brim walked up to the warrior and cocked his head a little, that girl had been beaten enough. Without warning and maybe because he was fed up with being taken advantage off himself he launched into a viscous attack that had this man on the floor squealing. "I ever see another bruise on that girls body, i ever hear of her being attacked and i will, i really will, i will come and i will carve you into little pieces are we clear?" he raised his bloodied fist "I said are we clear! IT STOPS NOW!"
  7. Brim shrugged a little and told her not to pay it any mind. Considering what he had seen tonight, he could excuse the jumpiness and she didn't know him so she had a right to be wary. All she knew was his house and it had a reputation that was for certain. Wether Brim liked it or not that was what was. He resisted the urge to give her a hug, to show her it was OK, he just nodded instead. When Sid mentioned topside though he almost stumbled. "Really? Isn't that a little crazy" he asked, feeling a shiver down his spine at the very thought of any dwarf seeing the sky. There was no way he would ever go there, unless something really really bad happened. "That would scare the shit out of me" he murmured "Kings blessing or not"
  8. Brim walked alongside her quietly for a while. It might be an odd view for a noble to have, and had he been born with no other caste then that, then he might have agreed that commoners stay where they should, but Brim was nothing like that, he was a noble and he was a Warrior, plus he was happily married, or so he thought. Perhapes Farin had been the one to keep his feet firmly grounded all these years, remind him that it was the measure of the dwarf and who they were inside, not what they born, that he tended to value people on thier friendships and thier personalities and thier loyalties too thier comrades rather then thier castes. Another one that in months to come, would prove to change him immeasurably. Wherever Brim went no matter if it was the commons or the Diamond quarter, a couple of his duster friends would shadow his move, they had come out after him when he had gone looking for the female and at a discreet nod from him they did so now. Brim felt naked without his axe, she had a reputation of her own and usually the site of her meant stay the fuck away, but he had only been out cause his wife was out in the deep somewhere, doing whatever her grandfather had asked her too, If he had known exactly what Mari was doing in the deep then he might have been somewhere else. "So, how did the party end up?" he asked keeping his hands tucked in his pockets, his eyes and ears open to any trouble "anything good?"
  9. Brim listened and shook his head a little. Farin could come and go as he pleased but he was still a Helmi, bastard or not. "Must be Harrowmonts supporters from back in the day" He muttered "he had a lot of followers and Behlan might do one thing but he isn't as squeaky clean as he would have people believe" He closed his eyes for a moment and apologised, He nearly flushed red when he saw her lift up her shirt and was about to tell her to put it down when he saw the scar and when she said what had happened he winced visibly. He had had broken ribs before and that was painful enough, but to have the ribs break the skin? Ancestors. He gently moved the shirt down, to save her modesty and his blushes. "I'm sorry, i really am, look um i can have one of my people make sure you get home ok, they are Carta so no connection to my house, if you think they would try again" He sat next to her but not right next to her, just in case she thumped him again.
  10. "Wait SID, Wait" he caught up to her and gave her the package, then heaving a sigh he took her hand and walked her to one of the Helmi business premises and sat her down. "Just stay there, least let me see to that cut" he shook his head and rooted around for something to clean it up with. Eventually he found what he wanted and telling her to raise her sleeve, he started to clean the cut, apologising if it stang. "You wanna tell me why they attacked you?" he asked "or not, entirely up to you" He took a bandage out and began to cover it "I'm no herbalist, but that should hold until one of the Princess's people can see to it for you" He tied it off "Keep it clean as well" Speaking of which. He undid the sleeve piece he had tied round his own arm and began to clean it up. The silence was a little awkward "I can walk you back if you want" He was fairly sure whoever it was who had tried to attack her wouldn't try again, but he might feel a bit better about tonight if he thought she was home safe.
  11. Brim tucked the package into his jacket pocket and growling once, mainly for missing his ale and his game of cards now he turned into the alley she just seemed to jerk down, in time to see one guy put on the floor and the second get his nuts, dick and face kicked in. He winced as the third slashed her arm and with a big meaty paw he grabbed the guy by the arms and punched his face. "Three onto one is not fair!" he grimly smiled and locking his arms round the third assailants waist fell backwards in a wrestling mood, only he made sure the other guys head hit the stone. He got up and swept his arm to Sid so she could do whatever the fuck she wanted to the guy. Although he was already tearing his other sleeve, if he could get her to calm down enough so he could at least cover that knife wound, and he looked at the bodies. Wondering if they were Carta or something worse.
  12. Harvey called out to the girl that she had forgot her package and asked Brim if he wouldn't mind, When the noble went to protest the Bar owner looked around at the mess in his bat and the expression was "you owe me Brim" Grumbling under his breath Brim took the package and walked out looking for that strange woman, who he was beginning to suspect was one of the special friends of the Princess, fucking Aeducans had crazies all over the place, why would one more be any different. He saw her head off down one direction and tried calling out, she obviously didn't hear him or ignored him, one or the other. Cursing again he trotted after her "Sidonnie! HEY CRAZY LADY" he called when he didn't get a response. "fuck me is she ignorant or just deaf"
  13. "Hey!" Brim snarled "You don't know fuck shit about me girl, don't compare me to the turds in my family i am Nothing like them and if you can't take someone laughing at yer, you best go home to the cradle and stay there" he pulled himself from under the table and stood up then whistled loud and shrill "Thats enough pack up," Brim went back to the bar, set a bag of gold on the side to cover the damages and pointed to the ale "Fill it up" Now he was fuming, now he was fed up, he maybe the Helmi heir but he was nothing like his mother or his father, he glared hard at Sid in the mirror.
  14. "yeah it usually does go wrong" Brim snarked, with a bit of cloth in his mouth pulling it so that it wouldn't fall off the makeshift bandage he had made out of his new shirt. "Especially when you punch someone in the face for just spilling ale on yer" He wasn't impressed and his tone showed it. Still the girl could punch, he could see why she was with Ulrica's crazy crew. He might be high born but at times he envied the common born, they got to do more or less what they wanted, he had to be careful about what he did wether or not he wanted to. "I'll clear a path so you can go do whatever you are going to do" he groused "Suppose I'll have to pay for all this, gee nice way to tell someone you don't like them"
  15. Brim turned as a fist hit the side of his head and roaring he picked the fucker up and threw him over the bar and into the bottles at the back of it. He ducked the mad eyes swing of a man with an axe and almost fell over the chair avoiding the blade. He realised he had left his axe at home. Dodging around until he could get it timed right had grasped the hilt of the axe but not before its edge sliced along his arm. Grunting in pain he disarmed the fucker and slammed the hilt into his face and dropped it. Looking around he saw Sid under a table, he was about to pull her out and show her what had happened, when he saw her covering her ears. Raising his fist the back of which connected with someone elses face he ripped his sleeved and slid under the table next to hers. "I could use some help here" he muttered, He wasn't kidding that blade was sharp. And he had just ruined the shirt Mari had got him last month.