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  1. Brim took the kiss like a drowning man gasped for air, his body spent and his head spinning he only broke the embrace when he thought he might suffocate, but even that was a good thought. To die being kissed by his beautiful wife, well who wouldn't want that? Brim moved off Mari and lay beside her his chest rising and falling in quick rhythm. So it was all over on that score, now they could be as man and wife should be, he ignored the warning voice in his head, this was no longer the time for doubt. Mari had made it clear how things stood and in time he hoped Farin would come to understand that. He pulled her close to him and locked one arm round her, letting her rest her head on his chest. "Well" he finally said "Thats one way to dry off after a bath" he chuckled and kissed the top of her head, sweat covering his body and the smell of sex in the air added a new dimension to his room. He nuzzled his head against hers his affection all too obvious. He closed his eyes for a moment, lost in the atmosphere and his love for her. Np one was ever going to take her from him. this was thier life now, and what they made of it, they would do so, together.
  2. His body reacted in ways that he couldn't even begin to describe. It would have been easier to cut the damn thing off and send it on its merry way, reattach it when it had come back sated and happy. Now though the walls came crashing down, the heady kiss she gave him was returned with twice the fire. He hooked one of her legs over his arm and entered her with ease. His free hand roaming her body as the kiss continued and he began to move inside her. This had been his dream for a long time, now the dream was a reality. A possessiveness that he had never experience before swept over him. Mari was his now, and he was going to prove to her he was more than a match for ANY man, he moaned a little in the back of his throat as he broke the kiss and moved to her neck.
  3. Brim took a long appreciative glance over his wife's body and then swept her into his arms, his own towel falling as he did, he met her lips with his and carried her through into his bedroom. She was right, they had to walk this path, although once they walked this then as far as Brim was concerned she was his wife. no longer his cousins lover, thier future was thier own to make, he was free and clear to be the man she needed him to be. He lay her on the sheet and lay over her for a moment looking down at the body he had dreamt about for a long time. He cleared his mind of everything and concentrated only on her. No one would come between them, he made himself that promise mentally and began to kiss his way down her body, every part of her, not one part of her skin would remain untouched by his soft gentle kisses.
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    Brim was more concerned about his axe but set the keg he had carried on the floor and opened it up, pouring himself a drink he stayed where he was for now, even wandered off for a bit, more to watch the entrance, old habits and all that. He watched as the younger Audecan had been found, and smirked a little. Little brothers were almost like little cousins in his eyes, and his little cousin would sometimes pull the same stunt. He supped some more ale, he knew the time and draining his tankard he left it on the table with the keg, this was not really his place to be, the fight had been good though. He raised his hand and made his way home. This was an Auducan thing and in his opinion he had no right to be there. (exit Brim)
  5. Brim got out the bath and taking the towel Mari gave him dried himself off before wrapping it round his waist, he went to kiss her again until she stepped back, teasing him. This was a new game that was for certain and each time he moved closer she would step back, Brim let an amused snort escape his lips, ok he would play. making sure the towel was secure, last thing he wanted was to trip over the damn thing if it fell, cause that would seriously amuse her, he moved forward and kept moving forward until she was against the wall. "Now what you gonna do?" he let his top lip curl in an impish smile, he was sober and so was she, or at least he hoped she was now.
  6. Brim actually wondered if this was some dream, a very cruel but erotic dream and he was going to wake up in his bed with a hard on but nope. the moment the soap and water hit his chest and he felt her hands move across and down his body, he realised he was very much awake. All the months of trying to be normal and pretend to be anything but had started to take it toll on him. He had got short tempered with some of his friends, only his best friend knew there was more to this than met the eye, but stone be praised Hiemdhal never let on. Brim let Mari do what she was doing, and she was very good at what she was doing. No part of his body was left untouched by her soapy trail. He sat back a little letting her do her wash thing, although having a bath was now out of his mind. The emotions she was invoking in the Helmi Heir meant that if he didn't get out of here soon then there would be a whole new meaning to the word Water Sports. Brim was also well aware of how his body was reacting to his wife's touch but he didn't stop her, it was fairly obvious how he was reacting. Brim tipped her chin up and kissed her again. Just the idea of kissing that mouth brought him out in goosebumps.
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    Brim wasn't sure what had happened had actually happened, one moment the rogue was admiring Bloodletter, the next an ogre was attacking and .. and she had run off with his axe and given him two daggers! What the hell was he supposed to do with two daggers? he was a warrior not a rogue. With a snarl he ran after her and almost winced in pain as his axe was buried in the thigh, he could almost hear the blade hit bone. He reached the rogue gave her back her daggers and with a glare took the hilt of his axe and drew it out. He ducked as the ogre swung its arms roaring at the pain, with a swing born from years of training with this axe and this axe alone, he sliced the air and cut through the wrist in a clean strike. He stepped back and pulled a face as the wrist and hand landed near his and Kapka's feet, one finger looking like it was flipping them the birdie.
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    Brim uttered a choked laugh when Kapka sidled up to him and complimented his...axe. He scratched the side of his face, she seemed like a fun one, more than Sid, who he wasn't sure how to take, she was certainly amusing at the house party but drink tended to do that. "Thanks, thats a pretty fine pair of weapons you got there yourself." he held his axe out "Wanna hold? She don't bite i promise"
  9. "I didn't talk to discuss Mari, i wanted to make sure that we could fix this..." he motioned between them both "You have been more my brother than a where do we go from here Farin, strangers who are on nodding terms, or what?" Brim wanted to know so at least he could close the past, the old adage about the past biting you in the ass didn't actually occur to him,
  10. "What the...." Brim snarled and turned "What the hell has that got to do with you!" he was angry now, very angry "Mari told me it was over between you i ask again what the hell has that got to do with you" Farin could be as angry as he wanted he got that but he was sick off being the focus of an ire that had no place anymore, not in his mind "She told me you two had called it quits weeks ago, so whats the problem Farin,"
  11. His eyes widened at first then closed and two tree trunk arms pulled her tight against him, the kiss as passionate as he could make it, considering they were both soaked through, although he was naked and it an advantage for her, seeing as his buddy downstairs was starting to stir. He kissed the top of her lips and then moved his mouth to her neck, softly kissing the flesh beneath. He had dreamt about this for months, maybe even years if the truth be told, now she had told him it was them, all guilt washed away and he showed it but holding her tight against him.
  12. Brim threw his hands up and going up behind his cousin and one step above he peered out, looked clear enough, although Farins view would be better than his. "Reckon we can chance it?" He asked unsure and unaware why his cousin would just go like that. Perhapes it was a good thing he didn't know that his cousin and his wife were betraying him, it would be a long time before he even knew but right now, he tried to make things better. It was what he did right? Sod what he thought about things. His mothers hubris had caused him no amount of shame and if any of them had threatened his aunt, and he discovered who,...then heads would roll of that he was certain. "You know i'll look after your mama right?" He muttered, for some reason he needed Farin to know that.
  13. a little bit of anger spiked at him and he narrowed his eyes "I know you are not broken Mari," he retorted "Its a bit difficult to be normal when you were not here" he snapped a little and he moved his head back then, and with a moments madness maybe he wrapped his arm round her waist he pulled her into the bath with him, soaking her clothes, her hair and the bathroom floor around them. He planted a fierce kiss straight on her lips and held it for a moment before releasing her his breath coming in short gasps "We make this work or we don't, no more eggshells" he rested his head against hers "I'm tired of it, we can either be like a man or wife or we spend our days goofing about and live separate lives."
  14. Brim nodded and listened to the noises outside for a moment. Then something Farin said or rather did not say hit him. Be it tone of voice or just the fact he knew him, he knew Farin would never back down, it was not in his nature, he was too stubborn to back why.. "Farin" he met his cousins gaze "Did anything else happen? Did anyone threaten your mama directly?" Brim knew how the houses worked, he also knew that his mother and the house elders, with their grandmother now returned to the Stone, tended to do things that they could not have done before.
  15. Brim almost felt his knees buckle, why had Mari not told him this? it just made him feel worse than he already did, "You - You did?" He asked, a tremor to his voice "I - I didn't know" It certainly explained a lot, no wonder his wife would rather be out and about and not at home as much, although of late she had been but that was for purely their reasons. Although what he could have done about it he didn't know. His mother had made sure he remained in Orzammar for weeks, "Lady Helmi has had me in the assembly, this was my first trip out in weeks" he mumbled "I had no idea that you two had even discussed that" He ran a hand through his hair "Fuck"