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    Marius Kurt Gustav Ludwig Wilhelm Lufftendorf III
  1. Ever since he was a young boy, when he had picked up his first sword for training lessons from his older sister, Marius had held a dream that one day they might be fighting together. At the time it seemed like a flight of fancy but no, here they were side by side, brother and sister fighting these men and women that dared invade thier home. He would follow her lead, reign his anger at what they were really here for, or had come to shore for. He had no doubt that they might think about taking Es too, after all, the stories he had heard and been told a seeker would fetch a high price and he did not want to think about the tactics those bastards would employ to try and break her for the Vint market. They would not have an easy time of it, and he was pretty certain his sister would take them all with her. But he had seen enough grief in this family and he would not see another, so with his families lives at stake, and a prayer to the maker on his lips as he fought he proudly fought alongside his sister, taking all he had learnt and all she had taught him when she could, and for the first time in a long time Marius the man shone through rather then Marius the practical joker. At some point one of the pirates blades cut his shirt off his back, the young Duke twisting just in time to avoid being skewered and there, a large and nasty scar that ran the length of his broad back was on show for his sister and his returning with the cavalry twin to see. A scar that he had kept hidden and one that had almost claimed his life, at the hands of the first man he had killed.
  2. Marius had an uneasy feeling crawl up his spine, they were more interested in Bette, he narrowed his eyes, they weren't here to rest and recuperate and he glanced at the man beside the leader. A slaver, he had seen this man before, one one of his journeys when he took to sea a year ago, this man had almost killed him when he tried to stop them stealing an Antivan Ehlven girl that Marius had been seeing. He had been left for dead, the girl, Marishka, had not been seen again. Not wishing his twin the same fate he moved then jumped down from the branch, his dagger into the mans back "Slavers!" he snarled at Esme "Their fucking slavers!" They were not here to rest, they were here to get slaves to sell to Tevinter of that he was certain. He picked the fallen mans sword up, it felt strange in his hand and he was not used to the curved blade. The Captain was still talking to Esme when he had killed his second and the recognition hit both mens eyes.
  3. Marius scowled then cursed, this would not stand, not stand whatsoever, this was thier place not the purvue of some stinking pirates. He shooed Bette to run, fast and reached for the only weapon he had on him, his dagger. His sword was back home and rising to his feet he stayed where he was to cover his sisters retreat. He had dealt with Pirates before, and he didn't want any of those bastards getting thier hands on his twin, he knew what they would do to someone of Bette's nature and her chasteness would appeal to them more. He held his dagger and watched the pirates, thankfully the siblings knew this cove better then the fucking scavengers and glancing up he scaled up the tree and onto the overhanging branch.
  4. "Never say never big sister" Marius softly said "But you are still my big sister, and mayyybbbeee i come to you for advice on women in the future hmm?" Some other Nobles he knew might have been outraged that the eldest of the Falkanraths proffered a shapely body over a masculine one. Marius really didn't care what anyone else thought or did, his sister was a Seeker, to him that meant she was above such petty gossips. She was in a class of her own and a league of her own. "So guess i am the one to make the babies huh?" he tried a little levity. "But I'll make sure i am with someone for a while first" He had always said that he would marry a woman he loved and respected, not someone for political reasons. He wasn't about to go off and impregnate every willing young woman in Nevarra, although he had plenty of offers, after recent events he was more inclined to shy away from such things. He rested his hand on Esmes shoulder and lent forward giving her a kiss on her forehead. He loved this woman and he loved how she chose to live her life, one of devotion to the Maker, the Blessed Bride and the Divine. "You really are one special lady Esme, you know that? I am honoured to be your brother"
  5. Marius smirked and choked on his wine at the same time, this time though he didn't spit any out, he wiped his mouth and picked up some bread and cheese "I have experimented" he admitted "but i decided i liked women too much" He glanced at his twin "I don't tell you everything" as if he knew she was going to ask him why he hadn't told her. He turned his attention to Esme and realised that she was so closed lip about her personal life he didn't know if she had even dated. So with a wry smile to his face he winked at Bette. "Who's to say our sister has not had her dalliances eh Bette?" he liked it when Es teased, it meant she was in a very good mood, "maybe some fellow Seeker or even a Chantry sister, who knows?" He had no idea about his sisters leanings and if he did it wouldn't bother him, all he ever wanted was Esmeralda to be happy no matter what she did or who she did...err saw
  6. Marius clinked his glass against theirs and sipped from it. Finding Bette her prince huh? he cleared his throat a little and avery serious expression crossed his face, to be honest he may not be much good at running the duchy like his twin or doing the work of the Divine or the Maker like Esme, but he was a damn good poker player and when he had a straight face, it was poker straight, unreadable, even to Bette. "I dunno Esme, i mean he would have to match up to some pretty high standards. I'd need his full pedigree and his blood group. The last bit would be for the amount of blood he would need put back into his body if he ever did anything to harm our little sister" That was no lie Marius had seen Bette go through enough hurt lately, he would physically harm anyone who hurt her or Esme come to that matter "and of course he would need Esmes approval too, defiantly not a Van Markham maybe a Pentaghast, or maybe one of the other dukes or nobles, what do you reckon Es?" Of course this was a two way street because even if, teasing aside Bette found her beau, they would want to check out any potential wife for Marius and as hard as he made this for Bette, or Esme if the tables were turned, they would make it twice as hard.
  7. Marius let his sisters go first and stood looking around him. Oh he had been a sod when he was a little boy, but then he had to deal with four strong women, thier mother being the strongest. Spoilt by his mother because he was her only son, Spoilt by his father because, well because he was the only son. He had been mean to Bette when she was little, so he supposed the day her squirrels bit his nuts after emerging from his twine shower and having his twin and elder sister help check him over for anything more damaging then a squirrel bite, more then paid for all the times he had pulled her pigtails or wound her up about being in places that she couldn't be. He had not been here in years. Maybe it was a good idea they come here. Now it could be thier place and, one day thier children's place. Everyone needed somewhere right? He sat himself down next to Bette and looked around once more. "I broke my arm climbing that tree over there, remember Es?" he snorted "I thought i was a clever dick and could climb higher then you, Maker mama had all the healers in looking at me" He put his arm round Bette "only time i ever saw my twin snivel when i was a boy cause she thought my arm would have to be cut off"
  8. Marius watched his older sister, she really did feel alive on the waters, he had always come down to the docks when he was a little boy to watch her come in with thier father, from one of thier father daughter moments. Like all his siblings he loved the water, he could swim and he could sail, but not as good as his sister. Marius was able to steer the boat where he wanted, sometimes it was like Esme just told the boat where to go and it went. He pointed in the general direction she wanted them to go. "Theres a cove round there," he looked at Esme "You took me there when i was a boy for some sister brother bonding you said" He glanced at Better "you had nevarran Measles and couldn't go, my poor twin all spotty and getting spoilt rotten too, we were what 8?"
  9. Marius picked up some food and munched on it. "Rumours are the Van Markham's are wanting war" he shrugged a little, he took little or no interest in the politics of other places in his homeland, he was however concerned when the larger clans tried to make trouble for the smaller clans. Ergo thier grasp for power sent ripples that was felt by them and thier people for years. Marius may not have had much faith in the Pentaghasts or the Van Markham's of the world, but he had time and love for the people of this land that he called home. He glanced at his twin and winked a little and draped his elbow on Esme's shoulder "As the only man in a house of women, i bow to the general conscientious. I still won't leave till you are settled Bette, sides everyone loves you" He flashed a large grin "and i hear there are some nobles who would dearly love thier sons to marry you. I um..i put them straight, told them my sister will decide when she is ready for that, and it will be someone she wants to marry, or Es and i have vetted" He was teasing now, although when it came to the subject of his twin and suitors one could never be too sure. He was very protective over his sisters, more Bette then Esme, but even if Es was a Seeker, still didn't mean he would have anyone disrespect her, family, outsiders or otherwise and he had been in more then enough fights to prove that point over the years too.
  10. "I'll get over it, just thought for all the protestations how elves are better then us Shemlen, she was better then that, i was better then that." Marius shrugged it off, but returned the hug Esme gave him. "I will have to be in Orlais on the 7th of Harvestmere to meet with the Marchants, would you meet me there sister? See if we cant bring back much needed trade to our lands and show our people that the dark days are behind us?" He asked as he let her go and for good measure leant over and kissed his twins forehead "No saying i won't go looking for some sort of adventure, but only when i know the burden has been lifted from your shoulders" Marius had never wanted to loose his thirst for adventure and he probably never would, but recent upheavals in thier family dynamics, mothers passing, fathers incarcerations and Crescentia...wherever the hell Crescentia was, meant that somethings needed too be addressed and Marius was damned if he was going to let his twin burden it all. It was not fair. "Truth is," he murmured as he poured himself another drink "I was running when dads illness got worse, i never thought how much it might impact you two or even Crescentia, for that i am sorry, i cant promise i wont go travelling again, its what i am, but when i do, it will be to make business opportunities for our people."
  11. Marius looked anywhere but his sisters, his face still burning, but knowing his twin he shook his head and took a long pull of his drink. There had been advantages to being the only boy in the family, this was not one of them. He scowled a little thoroughly embarrassed and really not wanting to tell even his older sister, not even Bette knew how much that hurt, it was why he had thrown himself into his work. It had certainly been a lesson in how to grow up. Seeing that neither sister would give up though, he handed Esme the "dear John" or in this case "Dear Marius" Letter that had arrived for him the day before and busied himself with staring a rather intriguing blade of grass.
  12. Marius had just taken a sip of his whisky when Esme asked "and sleeping with whom?" the poor lad almost covered his twin in the Whisky that spurted from his mouth, not to mention the coughing fit that immediately followed, and the fact he went three shades of red. He would never in a million years expect Esme to ask him such a thing, Bette yes cause, that was Bette, but Esme, she had never enquired before and and Maker why her??? He wiped his mouth once his coughing had subsided and apologised to his twin, "err no one you know" he replied and felt his face burn. Well he could hardly tell his older sister, a Seeker, he had slept with an Elven Mage and he shot his twin a slightly pleading look.
  13. Marius had been listening to his sisters and his mind had wandered somewhat, so he nearly missed Esme talking to him. "Huh? oh sorry, my mind was elsewhere. Merchants, well theres Anton Rolando, his papa was dads closest friend in Antiva, i wrote to Anton and have set up a meeting for the next time he is in Perendale on business thats in a couple of months. I'll send you the details when i have a reply to my last letter." He lay out and tucked his hands under his head as he had to think of some of the merchant houses he had approached "There are one or two in Orlais, The Marchants for wine, and the La Foyers for cloth and clothing. Not to mention some in Fereldan." he tipped Bette a wink "see little sister wasn't always fighting when i was in the land of Dogs"
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    Marius was dozing on his bed, he had been up most of the night and the early hours, writing letters to former associates of business. Thinking it was one of Bette's new additions to her circle of friends, she was always asking him to meet her girl friends. He pulled some trousers on and a shirt and called out to come in. "Yeah ok sis come in" he yawned and got up, doing his shirt up so he didn't embarrass his sister too much. Marius was the exact image of his sister and older by a few minutes, they weren't identical but they might as well have been, Marius stood holding onto his chair so he didn't collapse with tiredness and cleared his throat "and this is?" he asked when his sister eventually came in.
  15. Marius had planned to visit thier cousin in Ghislain, but with recent events he had left that where it lay, relations between Orlais and Nevarra were not on the grandest of terms, and besides he had other things to think about now, things that would put the whole sorry mess with Crescentia and Hildegarde aside. "I thought i might start to reopen the mercantile business's we had with Antiva before all this. Convince them we are a good province to deal with again" He sat down and taking his small blade opened the wine bottle and placed it in a cooler, before opening a whisky bottle and doing the same. "That will take some pressure off Bette, is there anything you ladies need me to do?" Let them give him more to do, more so he could ease his soul and his heart and, more importantly he wanted the people of Perendale to have something good to look forward to, help his twin and ease the burdens of his older sister, after all he knew where her duty lay, always to the Divine, but her heart lay here. If he could ease that then he would have at least felt partly relived.