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  1. Caster shook his head "I don't know. Ser Rouce didn't know about my meeting with Senya but Ethan did, Ethan doesnt have much sway with the soldiers Ser Rouce did," he put his head in his hands and drew his face down into a mask "I don't think that Senya is lying, she loves Dain mother, father never told you? Of course he didn't" Once again Caster was annoyed at his father for keeping his damn secrets "You know if father had told us this, then a marriage could have been arranged between the two, We have...we had everything the Blackers needed, and vica versa. Mother whose idea was it to put Hans in charge?" he idly asked "Out of curioisty? and who did he chose to be Kine? and i can't rule Mathias out, although he is not very high on my list of suspects. I would never believe you would be any part of this mother, believe me on that" he could never truely suspect his mother, her face when she had found out about Jainia, his mother was like an open book to her children. She could not more hide her feelings from her firstborn then she could her last. "and what are your thoughts? you didn't tell me"
  2. ((my bad i keep thinking Mattrin)) "Mother" he whispered "I know now why Dain was exiled" he frowned "and this is what was told to me, i made a mistake playing my hand too soon, but depending on what happens next depends on which one of my advisers is playing us wrong" He looked at her "I know that Katja and Ben escaped but Erik was captured, the Blackers knew where they were going before they got there. In a way Hans was left with no choice, thrust into a conflict he could not hope to win. And although i have hung those who left father to his fate, someone had to make them desert. Allowed the Blackers to infiltrate our ranks without a by or leave" he shook his head and shut his emotions down once more "I know what went on between Senya and Dain and i have promised to let her know when he returns" He shook his head "She told me to do as Ulfred says and to bide my time, she is going to let me know what is going on when it is going on. Senya never was like her brothers her and Dain had something like Jainia and i from what i recall of thier friendship. I just had no idea how serious it had got" He looked at his mother "Someone at Homestead is betraying us mother" he shook from head to toe "I do not even know where to start"
  3. Caster watched them go and looked at his mother. He had to trust someone didn't he? His own mother who had sacrificed so much and had been a rock to him at times, especially when his temper had frayed when his father was alive. He rubbed his nose "tell me your thoughts mother, and i will tell you mine. Am i really going insane here?" he told her about the nightmares, the first time he had ever spoken to her about them, especially the last one. "I should not have stayed i should have gone with Mattrin, i should have left those men and women to die alongside my wife" he lowered his head and for the first time in months and the last time, tears fell from his eyes. "I don't know who i can trust anymore"
  4. Caster looked at them all "None of you then" He shrugged and rubbed his head "apologies, i am as frustrated as you all but, the fact remains they know all our plans, are one step ahead of us and no matter what we do or what move we make we are blocked" He lowered his head "I am sorry old friends, i am...looking in shadows where there are none" He sat on a fallen log and glanced down at Homestead. "maybe it would have been better to let it burn." He heaved a sigh "Ulfred is cruel, there is nothing we can do about that, Daiman, as i said will not kill his golden goose, and as much of a traitor as his bastard Uncle is, he will look after Erik. I think its time we sent for aid outisde of Blackmarsh. I cannot rely on what Dain might bring or who Dain might bring, or if he is even alive. Hans is missing and as idiotic as his actions were, mine of late have been no better. Have Mattrin return" he looked at Ethan "I will apologise to him, we need to take our home back and we need to do it soon. Our people are starving. Ethan word a letter to Lord Blacker, inform him that his tithe in food maybe delayed due to his son and his sons soldiers eating everything out people make. It won't change a lot but it should bring those bastards into line. Daiman will want to work with me on that, he is a greedy fuck. Then find me something i can use against Ulfred, i don't care what you have to do to do it, find me something that will have me getting him off his high horse and into the horseshit where he belongs. Something that can be given to the Landsmeet that says the Blackers are murderers rapists whatever i dont fucking care." he looked at them "Well?"
  5. "just one thing Ulfred, your father wont harm my son because it is the only leveridge he has on me to give him what he wants, so don't think i wont harm you" Caster may not have liked it but it was the one thing he was sure of and he knew that Ulfred knew that too. So whilst a stalemate, a small victory it was too. He glanced at his advisers and nodded. "Right" he coldly said and walked away.
  6. Nicky smiled against the feisty Rivaini's lips as she felt Frei guide her hand. Oh there was heat all around and it was not just the pit or the throng of the bodies. She was however a tease in some ways and lowering her hand she turned herself around and placing herself flush against Frei's back she brought the beautiful Raiders arms around her and wiggled her backside in time to the music against the Piratess's body. She shot Frei a teasing grin and dared her to dance more with her.
  7. There was a lot Caster would have to take due to the fact they had his eldest Son but the thought of that twisted Blacker in the bed he shared with Jania, that had created the lives it had, was a straw too much for him. He crossed to where a barrel of fire was burning so that some people could get heat and took a bow and an arrow from one of his own men. Then said in a clear concise tone, one that had not been heard from him in a while, "I think not" He could hear the sniggers from the Blacker men, probably anticipating what punishment the crippled ruined lord was further going to have heaped on him for this. Caster knew the little bastards reputation but he had had enough. "You are a guest in this house, this house is still mine, therefore you will go to the guest room. You make one step inside my rooms and i will burn the fucker down rather than have you in my bed. Your men are sleeping in the barracks, if they don't like it i will have them swinging by dawn, i am still Lord here and you will respect that" He heard Ethan mutter something. "My people have to work to get your father his tithes, you and your men are hindering that, carry on and you can explain to your father why he didn't get his tithes and as much as he hates me, he knows i am no liar. Your men will start doing what I tell them and you will remain a guest or you can sleep in the barracks with them, or in the hay or the fucking cowshit do i make myself clear lord Ulfred" Caster dipped the arrow head into the flame and arched an eyebrow "I can loosen this off before your men get to me so, Get them out of my face and into the barracks or i burn everything including you! Your men will start respecting me or i might cave thier fucking heads in like i did thier comrades and don't think i won't do it!"
  8. "to be fair Uncle if my wife was murdered before my eyes i might have done the same thing, we both know how much Jania meant to Caster, she was good for him" Dain surprised himself at the admission. He looked at Dayna again, not wanting there to be division between them, not after all they had been through together. He honestly thought Buck would make it through that one. His heart felt heavier for the loss of the feisty Dwarf who had been a close friend and confidant. Buck had suggested once that Dain and Dayna would make a good match, but Dains heart belonged to only one woman, and despite his previous relationship with his older brother, he knew that if anything happened to her, then he might well be where his older brother was now. "So tell me what you know about the Crimson Blades?" he asked, trying to make her see that he valued her as much as he had Buck
  9. Caster wanted to strangle the man here and now, but this bastards sisters words rung in his head and he bowed his head accordingly. However behind him up on the hill swung the bodies of those that had left his father to die. five of them who had refused to accept thier place within the family, Caster was probably just as feared as the man before him right now but he didn't really care, and many of the residents wondered what had happened to thier former noble lord that he had become so dark. It wasn't just Jania's death that was for certain. "Have the finest guest suite set up for Lord Blacker" he told Ethan, his tone brokering no argument whatsoever. it grated him to even show one shred of respect to the man that had his son, his beloved son. But that was the reason for his quiet mood now. Eriks life was on the line add to that he had no idea who he could trust now, so everything she told him was kept within him. (ooc sorry Ara i have forgotten the name of the sister)
  10. Leriun fidgeted, he had been a farmer, not a warrior, a simple farmer in Redcliffe when he had been attacked by the Darkspawn, his life saved by a Grey Warden. He had always valued truth above all else, but this, this was wrong, He had been scared of the two men he was with who sought to use thier Warden abilities to further thier own goals. Right now though he was more scared of Mathew and Mal. He looked over his shoulder and in a low voice he told them about what happened in an inn along the road to Lothering, how the other two had been in the inn intent on ignoring the Warden Commanders call until they were ready. He told them how they had seen Malachi and thought that the half elf had come to reprimand them and how the other two had been harassing the tavern wenches. Felix had been intimidating towards Malachi and Callum had told them to just do as they were ordered, Felix had made some comment about not harming a one eyed man and it was not as if anyone had died. Callum had lost it then and after beating Felix had almost killed him with his sword. He then said that Felix wanted his revenge so he sent one of the others to come up on Cal's blind side in an effort to set him off again and then have him put in chains and locked away. Leriun blushed a little "That and he thought he could make a move on the big mans wife when he was locked up" Thankfully that had not come to light at the time. He shook his head and looked at his fellow rogue "i am so sorry Ma'am" he muttered "I..i am not a very good warden"
  11. Nicky had heard of the Pit from her twin brother, but she had never actually seen it. To be here now and see it, feel it and engage in it, well this was a dream come true for her. "Lead on my eagle" She grinned letting Frei drag her to the centre of the floor. Now she could show her feisty Carpenter exactly what she was made off, why it was that back home she commanded the dance floor and learnt from the best, her mother. She made sure that Frei could see and appreciate the moves she was making, being careful not to slip through the gaps, her body moving to the music almost as if it had a mind of its own and Nicky found herself a slave to it, So much so that when she got close to Frei, she took her by the neck and gave her a fiery heady kiss.
  12. Despite the tension he felt between him and Dayna, Dain had to concentrate on the immediate problem, which at the moment was starting to grate him that he seemed to be doing all the legwork. Chasing this person, that person, getting this, getting that and that was before he knew the current state of affairs within the house. He had sent a raven to drop a message at a secret meeting point for him and his lover, the same way they had communicated throughout, he had hoped she would have better clarity on the situation with his family, but the longer he waited for news, the worst he thought it was going to be. "You know i think you'll like my brother Caster" He remarked as they waited for the meeting "He's a lot like you in many ways Dayna, and he might be my big brother but, he's never fully got on with me. Right Unc?"
  13. Pulling some clothes on he barked an order to have the advisers to meet him en route, then going outside he yelled at the top of his voice. Crippled or not, when he yelled people listened, actually it was more a roar. The Blacker guards might not have been inclined to do what he said but even they quietened down when he roared. Especially when a couple of them recalled what he did to the guards who were assigned to bury him. "Want to tell me what this racket is about!"" It was not a request and when his advisers joined him he arched an eyebrow. Something told him he already knew why but what he needed to hear it from himself. For the life of his son. he was going to have to humble himself again, and he wanted to be sick.
  14. Nicky heard the wolf whistles and a little part of her felt sick inside, but she put on a smile, although she refused to wiggle anything for thier delight. She listened as Frei made a remark about something hot and smirked. When she asked about her sisters she sighed a little. "Be going home to Devils Point, Mama wanted somethings collecting from here for her, other business's and where better to get all the herbs that make interesting smokes and poisons then here" She shrugged "Then i will be probably raiding in the straits between the Storm Coast and Marches. My sisters have a reputation as rather aggressive Raiders and they rule the crew with a rod of iron. I asked them once why not just join a pirate crew but, neither one of them do well with authority figures outside thier own little crews, besides Laura thinks that a small crew is better." She heaved a sigh "mama didn't want me to go into serving on the Run like a whelp and want me to have some experience under my belt first, So did Barty come to think of it. So sail with my big sisters and get the experience i need." She moved closer to Frei and asked her where she learnt her skills, and how it was she hadn't pulled her hair out at working with her brother. Nicky knew that Raist could be a hard taskmaster sometimes.
  15. The Three wardens who had started the trouble in Lothering, were muttering amongst themselves when they got to the Warden Constables office. "You know, if that one eyed freak tells them what happened in Lothering, we are in the shit" The one that Cal had pile drived into the table at the Inn outside of Lothering. Of course they were going to omit the details about being late to heed the Warden Commanders call, harassing a couple of inn wenches and threatening Malachi, if they had any sense, they would have realised that threatening the Half Elf in any way shape or form was liable to have got the reaction they got from the red head. The Warden Constable did not need to know any of that, all Two of the three men wanted was to have Callum locked up as a mad man, the third man remained quiet. "Hey its our word against his, right?" The leader of the group smirked "and the half elf ain't around so lets just play it cool and we might get out of this shit hole and back to doing what we do best within an hour" "I don't know Felix" The third one, the one of the trio who was more inclined to tell the truth "Hes got some friends you know" "Shut up Leriun" Felix hissed "just leave the talking to me and shut the fuck up" Felix looked at the other two waited then knocked on the door, The one eyed freak had busted him up twice now, time for him to get busted up, but Felix was a coward, and the only way he could "bust" Callum up was ruin his reputation. They were backwater here, the sooner they retured to the cushy life they had outside of any stronghold the better. Right?