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  1. Nicky rose from her seat and followed Zenda out, she looked left and right then found her again and trotted after her. "Zen...ZENDA WAIT UP" She finally caught up with her and tentatively touched her arm. Nicky could have blamed herself shoulda coulda woulda, would never solve anything. Instead she stood in front of her sister. Someone she had looked up to and idolised, as far as Nicky Idolised anyone. "Come on, I know just where we can go" her tone brokered no argument "remember that place we used to go diving off on the odd occasion you were able to visit?" She took her hand and went to walk in that direction.
  2. if it had been one of her other siblings then Nicky might have taken offence. For example Raist and John, despite thier differences would have worked together to tear them to pieces, Alex Junior, Laura, Maria and Tanis would have keel hailed them all. She would have been pissed. But there was a beauty in the savage raw power that Zenda exhibited. She had come to see her after that rather nasty incident, by then Barty and Whit had already done thier daddy and uncle bit, so she watched as the dick who was about to get his dick out instead flew through the wall and made squished meat chow. One of them had escaped and came up behind the red head, but as he went to put his hand round her throat she whipped her dagger round, cut his fingers off then grabbing his head yanked it back and slit his throat. Now they would know not to mess with Kits youngest. She got up and let the body fall. "Sorry Antone, any mess I'll pay" "No no no Miss Nicky, it no matter, they deserve it no?" The Antivan Dwarf chuckled "Sides i remember seeing Zendas mama do the exact same thing once when some man wanted to make her spread her legs for him." "Really?" "Si, she had come to visit your mama, just after Raistlin was born. That woman could make the wind dance, so can her daughter. Drinks?" Nicky looked at her sister and smiled a little "Thanks Zenda" She whispered wiping the blood off her knuckles and her blade.
  3. Nicky was not one who embarrassed easily, but when her sister raised her toast she felt her checks burn a little. it didn't actually sit well with the men at the bar, especially when one of them recognised Nicky as the girl his buddies had fun with and then were brutally slaughtered by the Captain of that accursed ship and his quartermaster. He stood straighter "hey sweet cheeks" he looked at Nicky "I got a pressie for you, remember Hal and the boys? They died after giving you a good time, come on darling show me what you did for them huh" Nicky went pale "Show me how you spread those luscious teen legs for them and let them fuck you" Nicky began to tremble but it wasn't with fear, maybe being around Zenda began to rub off on her. Her eyes narrowed and she gripped the dagger in her hand so tight her knuckles went white. "Come on lil girl or do we take it from yer"
  4. Well, that was not wholly unsurprising. In fact, Nicky did not even bat and eyelid, it just showed that her older sister had good taste in women, but she arched an eyebrow a little at the underlying Implication. "its only incest if its blood Zen, and as far as i know my mama and your mama didn't mess around with Marko" She smirked "Sides didn't you tell me once that you had fucked Nyla who is now fucking my big brother, and Erik?" She chuckled into her drink "oh such wondrous games played with you lot" Nicky watched the men at the bar, some of them knew better then to approach her, men that she didn't know seriously gave her the creeps and put her on edge, but they were looking at the dark haired tanned woman beside her and nudging her sisters arm she motioned with her head. "They must be new in town, cause they eyeing you up sister" She smiled a little, this could get interesting.
  5. Dain was wary, he had no idea who these men would be working for and Dayna's attitude already told him that maybe he should have brought his uncle along instead. Somehow he didn't think she would stay long after all this. "My name is Caster Marsh" he said, hand on the pommel of his sword "and i would like a word with your Captain"
  6. Nicky moved behind Frei and slipped her skirt off her. She had wanted to go to work but if she was going to be working with Frei, then what the hell, she had missed her and she been very lonely since they last saw each other. She rested her head close and her mouth close to Frei's ear. "Show me my majestic eagle" She whispered. Did it bother her that Frei had been lovers with Zenda at one time? not in the slightest, everyone was allowed to have a past, Nicky had one and on a boat like the Demons Run people grew close. It was inevitable. Sides, Frei was hers now, all hers and she wanted Frei to show her how much she had missed her.
  7. Nicky laughed a little and dragged her sister into the largest Tavern in town. Ordered some food and lots of alcohol and told the inn keeper to run a tab. In theory she could have not paid a dime for it, but unlike her older brother John, who would have insisted on that, Nicky did not. Just because her mother owned the town did not mean she took liberties. She couldn't believe Erik had worn Zenda down, hell he had been on the verge of giving up the last she heard cause Zenda was not the easiest woman to please when it came to trying to win her heart, well trying to win her over for a roll in the crows nest, despite rumours to the contrary, Nicky knew her sister didn't make it that easy. Little slut maybe, but that didn't mean it had to be an easy lay. She sat back as the innkeeper set the bottles of rum down and walked away "Last time i was in Llomerrryn i hooked up with Frei" Nicky swallowed her ale "went back a month or two later with Laura and Marianna and well .. guess we're an item now" In Nicky's experience, Raistlin was over protective of her at times, her other sisters kept an eye on her and her other brothers tended to pound men who even looked at her in the leery way into mush, not that it mattered, she just wasn't sure how Zenda would react, knowing little sister had a lover who was also on the Run "Not told the old man yet, kinda wanted to sound you out about it"
  8. Nicky moaned a little and pulled Frei's lower lip a little, she locked her arms behind her dusky skinned Rivani and let her fingers dance up Frei's spine before she deepened her kiss. In all honesty she was not sure how Frei would react to seeing her again, and this time on the Run as part of her crew. She broke the kiss only to kiss the neck alongside her before returning to the embrace, this woman just set all her emotions on fire.
  9. There was a thousand and one things to do when Zenda was in town, usually it involved a few card games, a few drinks and a busted up bar. Sometimes Nickys brother Alex would shake his head and warn the Windtalker not to break too many bars up, other times he would let her do her thing. "I dunno" Nicky shrugged "I was hoping you could tell me a little more about Frei. Raist just mumbles grumbles and changes the subject" Nicky held up her rum "Plus we got the fuck tents open again, the gambling house is open finally, or just raise Mary hell, whatever you want to do Sis," She walked off the ship holding her sisters hand that sat round her shoulder. A mischievous glint hit her eye and she nudged the Windtalker "Sooo mama says you finally got with Erik? really? Seriously? what happened to changed that one! last time we spoke you were avoiding him like a rats nest"
  10. NICKY Nicky allowed the smile to curl her lips, she had missed her love, more then she ever thought it possible to miss anyone. There was just something about Frei that compelled her to do whatever the sultry Rivani wanted. She closed the gap, undoing her top and capturing Frei's lips once more with hers. She shrugged it off and placing her hands on Frei's hips pulled her closer "I have missed you so much" She murmured between kisses. The smile widened against Frei's lips as she heard her brothers door lock. Seemed her big brother and the Navigator had similar ideas and in her minds eye she thought she could imagine the two men standing guard.
  11. "Somehow i do not think you will be sharpening your sword" Dain said with some degree of certainty, if he knew his brother then he knew that there would plenty of things to keep Dayna occupied. He doubted Caster would be sitting on his heels. "Choice is yours but what we part company when this is done?" He hoped not, he wanted Dayna to see she was important, as important as Buck had been.
  12. DAIN "If they leave they leave," Dain muttered "but Uncle you stay with them," he motioned his head for Dayna to follow him "lets see if we cant find out what noble they are working for first shall we?" Dain had no idea where this was going to go but he could feel himself reaching the end of his patience level. "You know if you feel uncomfortable you could always go onto Homestead i am sure Caster will make you feel welcome and give you something to get your teeth into"
  13. NICKY Zenda always was a show off, even when Nicky was little and the times Zenda had come to visit her mum for trips down memory lane or whatever reason, she always had to prove that she could dive off the highest cliff, leap from the tallest point, or roll out of the Crows nest, Nicky would fiercely proclaim that was her big sister. Of course Zenda wasn't but neither girl knew that. Kit knew the truth of the matter but, she would never break a promise to a woman that had been like a sister to her. Some thought she was just rubbing thier noses in the fact she was one of the best pirates on the oceans, Nicky knew that was just her big sister, nothing would change her and to be honest Nicky would worry if Zenda ever became more...malleable. According to Kit, Zenda was just like her mother in attitude, power, beauty and danger. "So, how do you get dad to lighten up?" She asked standing beside Zenda and opening her own bottle before taking a swig. "And how come you aren't enjoying the delights of mamas home?"
  14. DAIN Dain shook his head, so favours or take over, he had time for neither. He supposed he would just have to wait until he got there. He got up and crossed to the edge of the boat, trying to figure out where it had all gone wrong. Was it his liaison with the love of his life? or had they been planning this all along just waiting for the right moment to strike? He remained silent not knowing the state of Homestead he had no idea how long he had.
  15. NICKY Nicky had told Erik not to tell Frei she was aboard and, to keep the surprise she had stayed in her brothers room. The expression on Frei's face was absolutely worth the subterfuge. Standing straighter she crossed the gap between them and captured Frei's lips in a fiery kiss that left Nicky breathless. Just the feel of Frei's lips on hers were like the sweetest wine. "Oh I'm here, been here since you docked at Devils Point, Had to hide away down here so you didn't see me, wanted it to be a surprise" She stepped back and ran her gaze over the woman that had captured her heart. "As much as i have missed you my darling, i have work to, what would you have me do?"