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  1. Cor glanced up from his research papers, and the papers that fell to him when thier grandmother was not around. He had informed Monika about what Lionell was attempting and she had left it down to him to deal with the boy if he went mad. Nothing new in this family right? Unlike other Magisters, or Altus, Cor preferred to wear normal clothes, mage robes were so drab and boring and besides he made black look good. Or the darker colours that went with it, then again nothing about Cor was what one would expect of some conventional Tevene Altus. He glanced up as his brother invaded his office and sat back. They had to get a tailor in to measure Lionell for his robes. He was not as tall as his brother, but he was of a more muscular build. Cors was defined, Lionells was pure warrior. "Feeling better are we?" he asked sitting back in his leather seat and picking up his mug of coffee.
  2. "My healer Josephine is tending to him, she is no mage but her skills are invaluable." Cornelius told Aurelia "he is sleeping off the worst of his moods at the moment" Cor had every faith his brother would come through it intact, if it scarred his mind then he supposed it was a small price to pay if it freed his brother from that yoke. Whilst His brother was a fully trained honed weapon, Cornelius was something else, a wildcard that would always tip the field of battle if needed. As long as Lionell didn't use any of that magic cancelling shit on him then they would be fine. Cor sat forward "There is an unease in the air of late. I cannot explain it. Once Lionell is fit and well i will assign him as your bodyguard and introduce you to him as my ward, if that pleases you. No one would think twice about an Ehlven bodyguard, half blood or otherwise" He rubbed his jaw a few days stubble sitting along it, and for the first time since Aurelia had known him, Cor, who was usually so against the idea of any hair on his face, didn't rush up to get it shaved. "I have taken the commission of a reclusive and rather Eccentric Magistra, he wants me to do a series of artworks using his employee Helia, she's an, interesting woman my Lady, nice enough but ... i don't know there is something not wholly true about her and i am not sure what it is" He had no idea that she was a shade and he wouldn't until it was too late. "I suppose recent events with Illusen has caused me to look at all women like they are hiding something, or about to perform some sort of treachery so i suppose i am doing her a disservice" He touched his locket for a moment, as if they mere mention of the woman who broke his heart for the second time in his life sought him to seek comfort from a small image of a dead child. "Still she is a mystery, one i intend to solve,"
  3. Cor picked an apple up and polished it on his trouser leg, then took a bite before answering her. It was a question that he had asked himself several times over. He knew all his family history from the first ancestor to the current lineage, it had been drilled in him since he was old enough to walk, that and having a near idenic memory helped the phenmonics somewhat. Sometimes he had asked himself why his family had fallen in with the cult of Lusacan and not Dumat, that would have been the logical choice, but ancient stories told of a flawed romance between a couple of each faith. Lusacan won out in the end. Might be why his family really were suspicious of Dumat, who knew? All Cornelius knew, was his soul would forever be held within the Lord of Night and Shadows grasp, he didn't need to be in a cult to venerate his lord, and lately he had been getting uncomfortable around them, even his best friend. That troubled him more then he liked to admit. Caius was acting out of grief, even he could see that but no one would listen to him so he focused on Helia's question. "Honoured" he told her "Honoured that we are direct descendants of dreamers and a little wary. Too much expectation on those who have that lineage, even in today's more enlightened views" He rolled his shoulders a little and watched the tide begin to recede "Those that have the blood of the Dreamers tend to flaunt it around, i have seen it often enough when i have been at the Senate with my late grandfather and my grandmother. Being a descendant of a dreamer is an honour but it does not define who i am, unlike others who think it gives them Maker given rights to get what they want how they want." He let a half smile cross his lips "Are there any such illustrious peoples in your family?"
  4. Cor refilled his glass and sat forward "he is staying with me at the moment, weaning himself off the Lyrium leash. He is a half elf,, we share the same father" Cornelius was calming a little, he did when he had something stable in his personal circle "I believe he is Chaste, taken a vow of Chastity, boy goes pink when women get mentioned, but he fights better than any Venatori i have ever seen" Cor met his Lady's gaze and his tone went serious "If i could find another direction for him to go in once he has broken his leash then i would figure out when and how to bring him into the cult, but i am not sure if he would be welcomed. On the one hand he would be a coo for them, on the other he is Half Elf"
  5. Cor glanced at her, and shrugged a little. "This has been my family seat of power for thousands of years, ever since the First DeHavlin married a Tevene Magistra Slave Trader and desceded from the Dreamers. I could spend time in Minrathos but i prefer here." The people here knew the whims of thier Altus, to some degree, he didn't have to be anything less then himself, unlike Minrathos where he had to be something he really wasn't. Ask the people here about thier future Magister and they would say dont piss him off, ask anyone in Minrathos and they would run him down like the madman he was, or in thier minds had been. The very thought of him being Magister amongst them, with his history was repulsive to them. No matter what they said in public. He knew it too. He finished his drink and set it down "Where do you come from, originally, thats not Minrathos accent is it?"
  6. He let her guide him in that embrace, he didn't force his will upon her, although with other distractions he had before. He was still guarded around her, but the kiss alone made him lower it a little. He broke the kiss slowly and uttered a choked laugh. "I am no liar so yes i like you" He did, although he wasn't sure he should trust her. To Cornelius like and trust were two very separate things indeed. He sat beside her and rested one arm behind her on the rug and the other arm over his knee. "I could take you for lunch later, if you would like" He quietly said, looking at her for a moment then the sea. It had settled and would do for another hour before it began the pull backwards. "Quarinus may not have many fancy restaurants like Minrathos, but they are quaint and private" Cor would talk to Aurelia later, maybe she would best advise him on this mysterious woman. One thing was for certain, he had seen shadows around her, and as he was pretty sure she was not of his faith, something had drawn the shadows to her. He was determined to find out what it was, and decide for himself if she would be worth him taking a chance with his heart a little.
  7. Cornelius shrugged a little, he didn't know but, he liked to think that his brother was made of stronger stuff. He would survive, he had. Cornelius would never admit it, but he had grown to care about his brother, and he was getting used to having him around. "As you say My Lady, but i think Lionell is made of stronger stuff. However, telling him about what his family really believes in is going to take time and a far more deft hand then i. You are the diplomat, and i would rather this not get back to the elders. Some of them already think i am out of control." He had no qualms about making any such admission to her, she would have known this anyway. "Would you at least give it some consideration?"
  8. Cor was tired of talking, he was actually watching her intently. He made the heat in the fire warmed and moved beside her. "Fereldan, Orlais, Nevarra" He told her and arched an eyebrow, well he did it once, whats to say he couldn't do it again. "I have never been to Seheron, although i might if the need arose" He waited till she looked at him and captured her lips with his own, it had been a long time since he was even remotely attracted to a woman and for some reason she attracted him, the shadows around them gave him that hint, to his mind anyway.
  9. Cor looked at her and then taking his locket from his neck opened it up to show a small render off a baby girl. "I was with her mother for five years, I asked her to marry me when she told me she was pregnant with my daughter." He looked at the image and closed his eyes for a moment "Mya was the only decent thing to come out of a toxic relationship. She was still born and i looked after her mother but i had duties to the religious department of the college, whilst i was away she had my letters sent back unopened and dumped me by letter" He shook his head "I am not for marrying, i am done being used because it suits people to use me like that" He looked at her "My daughter is the only thing i take with pride from that relationship. I'd rather not go down that road again" He closed the locket and put it back round his neck as if keeping the locket there, kept her alive and with him, "They can try and tie themselves to me because i am an altus and descended from the dreamers, or i am an artist or fucking businessman or my grandmother is a powerful Magistra, but i refuse to marry, i asked that woman and got used like a dog when it suited. I won't allow anyone to do that to me again, she more than anyone knew what happened ... knew how i felt about that sort of thing" Ugh, he shook his head, even thinking about Illusen screwed his head and he drained his glass before refilling it. he lit a weed stick and sat staring out at the ocean. as it made its last throws inwards. "I think i would have been a good father if i had the chance, not a good husband but a good father"
  10. Interesting question. One no one had actually thought to ask him. Cor furrowed his brow a little and got up. He extended his hand and helping her stand, he walked her to the cave entrance and pointed, already the morning fog was lifting and just on the horizon he could see the Tevinter vessels heading for a conflict with a Qunari vessel or heading to the Seheron mainland. "Things like that" he told her "I look at them and i see what others might not and i do not always paint it as those snobs in the Senate house would expect. We loose men in the water wars with the Qunari, thier vessels are powerful and sleek. When a Dreadnought dies, it dies and takes everything with it. I tend to look beyond what is outside, a person can hid many things as can an object, the idea is to see what drives them. My art tends to be macarb for a reason, everyone has some darkness in them, bringing it out is one thing, putting it to canvas is another." He took her back inside and gathering some wood he waved his hand and lit a fire. "I prefer to paint the truth ugly as it is" he made the fire a little higher and warmer, causing the embers to flick off the crystals and illuminate the cave in ways that had not been seen before, even he was surprised. The shadows around her and him seemed to dance together then back off as if they knew something the mortals did not "My turn" he sat back down and raising one arm he rested it on his knee, picking his glass up with the other and swirled it "why are you not married?"
  11. Cor cleared his throat and shook his head "My apologies, just never had anyone ask me this before." He would go down other avenues later, when she was not around perhaps. He rubbed his eyes and resumed laying on his back "You are very attractive Helia, and it would be an untruth in this for me to say i was not interested but um, i am naturally suspicious of any woman at the moment, no offense" Cor wasn't just naturally suspicious, with all that had happened lately he just was never sure if a woman was interested in him, or what he had to offer her. Hence why some of his victims of late had been the odd noble woman, all with dark brown hair and eyes to match the colour of his former fiancee. Never too far to bring suspicion upon himself, but enough to drive a message home to that particular family. After all he had done for the woman, how else was he to show his appreciation for her screwing him over. "I started drawing when i was a child, painting when i was 15 and honed my interest when i was 17 till i was 25" He told her, he didn't tell her where he was at that time though, if she really wanted to know then he supposed her employer might tell her. "Your turn, where did you get your negotiation skills from"
  12. Cornelius furrowed his brow and sat up, turned side on and propped himself on his elbow. He sipped some whisky and set it down in front of him. Why would she be so interested in that? once this commission was over, the chances were he would not see her again, so he saw no reason to get personal with her. "What interests me" he mused not answering her question "is why it is that you want to know?" He was starting to think there was defiantly something not altogether true about the woman. Normally danger signs went off in his head when he thought he was in danger, but it was not so much that, he had seen the Shadows play around Helia and he was certain he would have remembered her from the Temple, he knew everyone in the Temple, from the acolytes to the priests, the scribes and the lower class slaves. So she was not part of the temple, but she was part of something, although what it was he had no idea. Maybe a sect of mages that used shadow manipulation, the gods alone knew. There were other branches of magical schools, some lesser known then others. No what interested him right now, was why he wanted to know so much about him.
  13. Cor smirked dryly, that indeed sounded like Nicodemus. Cor had no need to live off the deeds of his ancestors, in his eyes he was doing exactly what they had wanted him to do all along. His family had always been in the cloak of Lusacan and would remain so until the day he died. "Well Lionell is best left on the quiet for now, although with your help My Lady i would like to eventually bring him into the fold" Cornelius was serious about that "however it has to be done gently and that is not my purvue, it may however be yours. Lionell is a Templar, he has chosen to free himself from the chantry leash. It will be a long and difficult road for him, but eventually he will come to see that everything the Chantry taught him and did to him was a lie." Cornelius rubbed his jaw "he is a warrior and we need them as much as we need clerics and acolytes."
  14. Cornelius bowed his head and taking the Lady's hand put his lips to the back of it and stood straighter. The Altus cast a glance at his grandmother who nodded slightly and stepped back a little "My Lady Lepidus, you do our ancient house honour, please, allow me to walk you in" He extended his arm for her to take and when she had, he would wall her to the summer room where there was an array of fine foods, drinks and conversation. Whilst other Magisters and Magistras donned their fine robes, the Altus's too, Cornelius was dressed all in black, his suit hand made and completely suited to his personality. His long black hair in a ponytail, and it showed his own powerful physique. "The Orphans are our main concern" He explained as he walked her into the summer room "Their mothers are usually well looked after but sometimes, the chantry is stretched thus, two years ago my grandmother paid for and had built an orphanage in the city, as we are the first stop for our brave men heading into Seheron. Today is about them." Cor stopped one of the slaves and offered the Lady a drink "I hear you are a healer? Is this true?"
  15. "End of today" he mused and stretched. Well she had modeled perfectly for him and he was pleased with how she fired his imagination. He was tempted to do another but he put his hands in his pockets. Lest the temptation, on both sides overwhelmed him. He was aware that he was unlike other Mages, he had a fine build, a muscular build unlike those of his ilk who preferred to wrap themselves in robes and the like. Cornelius was nothing like them, he kept himself physically fit, he had too, his art and his fitness regime was the only things that got him through the asylum. Well that and the voice of his god in his head. He had long since stopped telling anyone that Lusacan spoke to him, he had learnt that they wouldn't believe him and it made him madder then he was naturally. Cor looked at her as she brushed his body and it was sheer will that didn't have that side of him take over and take her where she was. He cleared his throat and bowed his head at her compliments. "Your Magister can have it by tomorrow night" He watched the tide come in, not into the cave but at the entrance cutting off the way back to the house, of course he could get back to the house, but he wasn't going to go that way. There was something about Helia that did not fit right with him, and he was damned if she was going to see all the secrets of his house and his. "be a few hours before we can get back" He covered the art with a sheet he had brought and sat on the blanket and lay down, tucking one arm under his head. "Once we can i will walk you to the house and I'll take that to my studio to finish, you are welcome to stay if you wish, i will have one of the slaves allocate a guest room for you"