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  1. Phinaria might not have any grudge for the place, but Cornelius did and the thought that two of thier own might be locked up in there casued the demon within to stir, adding fuel to his already simmering rage. How long had he wanted to burn this place to the ground and everyone in it? he had lost count over the years but it was still as strong in him now as it was when he had left the place in Caius's care twenty odd years ago. Even approaching his fortieth year he still yearned to see it destroyed. "Two of Master Fabius's students were locked in there by thier parents, both of whom follow the god of Beauty" He explained "Master Fabius had converted them to our lords way of thinking and he wants them back. We are to get them out and back into his care," He looked at the woman beside him. "You do not need to bow to me Mistress Phinaria, i am not your master" He wasn't, she may have been Fabians slave mage but she was no higher or lower than him in Cult standing, He had his power base through years of hard work, and the fact people in the cult feared him or feared what he might do if Lord Caius let him off his leash, as he did so often. It was a strange thing to be an Altus, a future Magister leashed by another. Cornelius was no fool, he knew it was the only reason Lucretia had not left him to rot in this place. "Of course we have to find them first. Come on, theres a secret entrance way through the sewers" He shrouded himself in the same shadow spell as Phinaria and walked towards the back of the building.
  2. Cornelius took the letter and read its contents. All Seemed to be in order. He raised his gaze his purple eyes meeting hers. Their previous meeting coming back to him in a flash. Honestly he was not in the mood for this, his mood dark and unsociable at the moment. The scars on his body always seemed to stand out like permanent tattoos etched in skin, the one under his left eye more prominent, it was always the way after a kill, although old they seemed to have a renewed life when he had done his lords work. She's an attractive one Cornelius the dark voice chuckled in his head. He handed her the letter back and motioned for one of his slaves to take Helia into the drawing room and give the Lady Caarus whatever she wanted. He returned to his room to get dressed appropriately and looked at himself in the mirror. Letting the illusion slip for a few brief moments before heaving a sigh and letting it hide again. He pulled a black silken shirt over his slim pale athletically toned body and did it halfway up. muttered something under his breath and returned to his guest. "Thats fine My Lady" he finally addressed her "To be honest i had forgotten about our arrangement, I've had a lot of work on with the college, you know students and religious history never go hand in hand" He motioned to a seat across from him and sat down "So when do you wish for me to start portraying you on canvas?" He motioned Andreas over and handed him a note "see to that as soon as possible" "Yes Master" The man bowed and walked out closing the doors behind him.
  3. Cornelius watched the altercation on the deck, he couldn't see all of it but he saw enough, especially when the poor sod went slamming into the mast. The sadist in himself admired the Magisters actions, but the small spark of humanity within the man, usually reserved for those he cared for, or was friends with, now that was a novel thought and one he had been getting accustomed to the last year or two, wondered why he did that? He shifted his position a little and watched as Cassius descended into the ship to view the slaves he had obviously come to see. The man had no bodyguard detail, although he did not doubt that someone somewhere was watching over his master. He heaved a sigh and folded his arms across his chest. Whilst waiting for the Magister to emerge he went through all that he knew and had learnt. Cassius was as evil as the rest of Thedas liked to paint the Vints, he craved and held onto power like a god, strange thought to have, but from what he had learnt the last month or so, the man made sure everything he had was firmly in his grasp, and if he didn't have it and wanted it, then he would acquire it, by any means necessary. He had no idea if Cassius had ever been anything but cruel, or if it was just as natural as breathing to him. he watched the other sailors take the body of the crippled sailor to a healers, but he doubted that it would do any good. The man would be crippled and probably spend the rest of his life in the care of the Chantry. Cassius had the power that was for certain, he had everything he needed but was it enough for him? and how much power did he weld to convince an Archon?
  4. Cornelius put his arm round his brother and, even though he felt a little awkward in doing so he aided his brother to the house and settled him into the vast sitting room and ordered the family healer to attend. When the Rivaini woman appeared Cornelius outlined what was going on leaving Josephina to deal with the half elf. She crouched before him and took his head in her hands, her brown eyes searching his face and eyes, nodded to herself and getting up went to where her bag was. "You should really do this under controlled circumstances Master" She directed her statement to both men, it had been made known that Lionell was a master within the house. "He doesn't want to" Cornelius replied crossing to the window and staring out at it, trying to look indifferent about the whole thing, but failing miserably. Now they were alone Josephina shook her head "are you prepared for the torment your brother is going to go through Cornelius?" The Rivani had long ago earnt the right to call Cornelius by his first name. She did not abuse the privileged either. She had been there to heal him when his grandfather had been punishing him. If there had ever been anything else between them it was not spoken off. "He knows what he is doing" The Master gruffly spoke "At least i hope he does" Josephina allowed herself a wry smile and busied herself making a potion before giving it to Lionell, "This is going to taste disgusting but it should ease the cramps and will make you sleepy" her tone brokered no argument. There was a reason she was highly regarded.
  5. 3rd Harring 951 Sanitarium for the Criminally insane, Minrathos, Tevinter Cornelius, Phinaria @Jax @Gali10 1x1 Two of the Cults Acolytes have been sent to the same Asylum that both Cornelius and Phinaria spent time in. They are going to get them back. Cornelius DeHavlin stood in an alleyway, shrouded by the night, arms folded and leaning against a wall, looking up at the place that had been his home for a long 5 years when he was a younger man, barely a teen. Had it not been for Lucretia and Caius, he might well have still been there now. Two of Master Fabius's students had gone missing, two of his favoured students. Fabius had many sit at his feet to listen to him, he was charismatic as well as pragmatic. When the two youths had not turned up for evening classes, for the last three months then he had ordered Cornelius to find them. If anyone could find them it would be him. He had not expected company though, not to this place. He waited for Fabius's slave mage to turn up all he had was "make sure nothing happens to her Cornelius" he knew what that meant, and it wouldn't be punishment from Caius or Lucretia, Fabius had a hundred known ways to punish and probably a thousand more. Truth be told, he was wary of pissing Fabius off. He glanced up at the dank grey walled buildings. Memories long hidden erupted in his mind, lashings to cleanse his soul, beatings to bring him to heel, rapes to take what dignity he had away, none of them would ever understand what they had created over those 5 years. if they had taken a different approach then maybe, just maybe he would have been cured in everything, but he was not and his treatment there had only made the demonic killer he was even more powerful. The Shroud of night would cover him but only for a limited time, he was not so versed in it that it could cover him for long, just long enough to get in there. He glanced at the moon, another half an hour to wait then time to go find thier lost sheep.
  6. Cornelius dismissed the slaves as soon as he had entered the house with Aurelia, her belongings had arrived a day previously and the luggage that came with her tonight was even now being efficiently whisked away upstairs. He heard a couple of giggles and turned to see the children of his slaves stare in awe at the young lady that was to be thier mistress. Pulling a face he shooed them away, but not in a stern manner, if nothing else it was clear he had an affection for the children in his house. Once he had shown her to the drawing room and handed her a drink he answered her question. "I have not been able to work on that for the moment. in the wake of Lucretia's murder things have been, as you well know, upside down, currently i am investigating a lead to do with Magister Lepidus" His lip curled in disgust at the mention of the mans name, and they called him vile? "Also i am currently doing a commission for Magister Nequim" he told her and sat across from her, "How have you fared since we last spoke?"
  7. It had been a long time since Cornelius even felt remotely concerned about another family member. He saw his brother puking whatever that was he was puking and getting to his feet he walked over to where Lionell was, briefly he hesitated a moment before moving his brothers hair out of Lionells face then let him puke some more. "We better get you back, I'll get Josephina to give you something to help you sleep" His tone brokered no argument, if he had to he would put the puking man over his shoulder. He wasn't as broad as his brother but his strength was hidden. Lionell might not let magic touch his body but his Rivani healer was not a mage, but her skill with Herbs had been what brought her into the DeHavlin service. She would know what to give Lionell to get him to bloody sleep.
  8. 26th Draconis 952 DeHavlin Minrathos estate, Minrathos, Tevinter. Cornelius, Aurelia @Jax @Celes 1x1, closed Aurelia is about to become Cornelius's ward, for the time being. The Servants were busy and had been busy over the last two or three days. Their master had been busy with, his own things, what with his investigation into Cassius still on going and his commission work with Helia too he was making sure that everything was in order. The west wing that faced the coast was all decorated and made just for the young woman that would be living under his roof and his protection. She was going to be treated like the lady she was, no matter what her birth. She had been Lucretia's protegee, enough said. He looked at himself in the full length mirror in his room. Smart suit, his mark on display, for her he didn't have to hide it. His long raven black hair tired back and clean shaven. When one was to become the protector of Lucretia's heir, there were certain standards one had to adhere too. He heard her carriage pull up, or rather the carriage he had sent to collect her, all his staff lined the walkway from the carriage to the door and he was pleased to see they had all cleaned themselves up. His grandmother had retired now, spending most of her days at her sisters or in the family estate in Quarinus. He was all but Magister in name if not title. He strode down the centre of the line and nodded to his head footman to open the door and held his hand out for the young woman to take. "Welcome My Lady" he quietly spoke with reverence and respect.
  9. 4th Guardian 952. Quarinus, Tevinter Cornelius, Helia @Jax @Zyah_Rayne 1x1, closed it is about three weeks since Cornelius had met Helia for the first time. He had almost forgotten about the strange request, until Helia returns..... The Hunter becomes the Hunted Cornelius DeHavlin was currently in his undercroft, the dead body that now lay strewn across the torture chamber was the first of many in the days following Lucretia's death. Some of the flock had been found wanting, and had tried to escape the laws of the Night Dragon by running to the light, or so they thought. He had been given names by Caius and Fabius and he had extracted what information he could, then he had killed them. Others had been the guards of Lucretia, those who had failed to protect her in her darkest moment. Caius had been most explicit in that. if they could not protect the High Priestess, then they were no good to him. All in all, since his meeting with the shade Helia, he had been a busy man. Cornelius had all but forgotten about his encounter with the woman he knew only as Helia something something, Usually he was good with names but the last two months had been a whirl. In more ways then one. When he had not heard back from her or her "master" he had just assumed it was not to be and had continued with his work, which had been catching those that fled, those that did not protect and gathering historical evidence on the Magister Cassius Lepidus. Which at the moment was well known throughout Tevinter so it was nothing new, Besides he could not start anything until Fabius or Caius told him it was all clear to go ahead. in a few short weeks that order would be given, but for now he had his own business affairs to deal with on top of everything else. The Burning of the Garden had caused a few raised eyebrows. Waving his hand over the remains an intense consuming fire engulfed the dead man and rendered him to nothing more than ash within minutes. Cornelius went to shower and change. His servants cleaning his rooms, his trusted servants and those who were mute. Thus they were protected, they could not talk if they did not have tongues. These Slaves he had brought specifically for that purpose. he had four, the mute four as they were called, the Masters Four being the other title. He allowed the blood and viscera to drain from him and tried to calm down his inner rage. He would need to have a body slave sent to his home he suspected f he could not calm this rage. Murder and Sex were an aphrodisiac to him one worked in harmony with the other and now, now the balance was restored. He belonged to no one and no one could rule him. He was coming out of his bathroom, cleaner, tidier and shaved, hearing the carriage pull up he didn't pay it much heed until he was told that he had a visitor, when he asked who, and was told he got half dressed and frowning in curiosity went to meet the all mysterious Helia.
  10. Cornelius changed tact and broke into a run, a fast loping run that had him catch up with his brother, then he dived bringing him to the ground, if the man wanted to get his energy out then they would. If he tired him out enough to fall asleep then that would work too. All in all he needed Lionell to slow down before the craving burnt him inside and out. "Come on then" he jeered "show me what you got LITTLE brother!"
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  12. The prisoner had held out for a while, Cornelius was mildly impressed but he could wait, he was patient, it was only when he started peeling Kazoo's skin back from his hand that the man cried, shat himself and wept and spilled the beans. He told the Serial Killer that his master had wanted the Garden burnt to the ground, no one was to be left alive. "Well someone was alive, barely" Cornelius had growled "he stayed alive long enough to give me your name" After that it took another hour of skin peeling and the room being a bloody mess, blood dripping from every orrifice the man had before he told the demon what it was he wanted to know. Cornelius arched an eyebrow when the name Cassius escaped the mans lips, after that everything came out, and finally he slit Kazoo's throat. He cut the heart from the mans ruined stinking mess of a body and moved into a seperate room, an effigy of the mighty Dragon of Night sat before him, his own alter to his dark master. He set the heart on the alter and knneling bowed his head, deep in prayer, satisfied to see the heart burn of its own accord. His master was pleased. He ordered his underlings to get rid of the body, once he was cleaned up he would go to the markets and see what this so called feared Magister was like from his own eyes. Rumours surrounded Cassius, all Cornelius knew for certain, was that the man had a real hard on about those who seemed to do better than his own buisness interests. Rumour and false promises seemed to follow this man. Well if his now very dead slave was anything to go by then Cassius used fear as a weapon and wielded it like a master. Sticking to the shadows he made his way through Minrathos's ancient beautiful streets. No two buildings looked the same, no two streets look the same. This was the glory of Minrathos, and why she was beloved by all who lived in her. Or so those in power would have you believe. There as an underlying power in Minrathos, and Cornelius wanted to know just how much power this Cassius wielded, and if it was enough to kill a Priestess. Settling on a high rooftop overlooking the Slave market, he effortlessly melded into the long shadows. The limited Shadow spell he knew would hold, at least until the Sun came out once more, but from where he was no one could see him and yet he could see everything, Sitting on the roof he watched and he waited, the Market was starting to get its fill and pretty soon the customers would begin to act in motivation, vying for the best slaves. If Cassius was as his reputation spoke off, he would want the best. Nothing less than the best.
  13. 6th Drakonis 952 Minrathos, Tevinter Cornelius, Cassius @Jax @Claire 1x1, Closed Following the fire at the Garden, and the Death of Lucretia Cornlius is about to start his investigation into Cassius Lepidus, one that is not to be handled lightly. The Hunter becomes the Hunted, Burning down the Garden More or less exactly two moths after the death of Lucretia and a month after the burning of the Secret Garden, Cornelius DeHavlin had been given his leave to investigate Cassius Lepidus. Fabius's words still held in his ear. You are to be careful with this one Cornelius, do not show any hand and do not go further then instructed. Caius's second had spoken and he would do as he was asked. Although he was still getting used to this kind of exposure by the higher ranked of his cult. He was an Altus and therefore afforded more or less the same in terms of stature, but with his history and mindset, well only Caius had openly come to speak with him, Lucretia rarely if ever did. Fabius had come to his area of the temple, something he never really expected. Now he was in his private rooms, looking at the shitting pissing wreck of a human known only as Kazoo. ordinarily he would not have given the burning of the Secret Garden a second thought. Sure it was a blow to many but he was not bothered either way. The fact two of thier number, lower ranked Priests as it went were caught in the death and destruction, and later a third, an acolyte, made it imperative that that was investigated. It had taken a while, using contacts that he rarely used, trying to find witness's had been a headache and a half and he was almost ready to put it down to in the wrong place at the wrong time until someone had brought this Kazoo too him. Now deep within the Temples hidden areas, blocked off and sealed away, in his chambers, his own work space, separate from the Cult so it could not be connected but connected to the temple via a hidden doorway to enable him and those who worked for him access. He glanced at the man now tied and looking at the pale skinned giant with eyes like saucers. "Where am i?" This Kazoo asked, trying to sound defiant but the quiver in his voice said otherwise. Cornelius could hear his beating heart, beating a fraction too much for a normal heart rate, he was scared and the fact he didn't know why he should be scared just made the maniacs job a little easier. In his experience, those who were scared had much to tell, although to be honest Cornelius wasn't altogether convinced it was him that was causing it. Something or someone else was causing this fear. "Tell me about the fire?" Cornelius amicably asked, his face hidden by his cloak but his pale hands glided across his tools. "Who started it and why?" Kazoo was not about to divulge that information "Go to hell, i'm telling you nothing, i'd rather die first!" Brave words, but Ultimately irrelevant. The pale rather large hand stopped over what looked like a set of pliers with razor sharp edges "Hell is where you are now" he rumbled, "and you are going to die, lets be clear about that" He raised his head a little and looked at his prisoner "just how you die is the question, answer me what i want to know and it will be quick and relatively painless, refuse and well, lets just say i want you to refuse" A goblet landed at Cornelius foot "I love it when prey fight". The Acolytes that worked with thier dark master walked away when the screaming started.
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    Cornelius uttered a grunt of appreciation. He had already seen this woman as more than he suspected but he had no idea just how deep her work ethic went, until now. He led her into the waiting area and introduced her to Natalia, the doors were closed for the times being, letting the girls and boys rest and prepare themselves for the nights activity. He told Natalia that Nydia would be taking over here for a while and the current Madame was good enough to fill her in on thier new residents she even pointed out the ones that would be coming of age when Nydia took over and then left her Dominus to his busness whilst she attended to other matters, "I don't know how it works in the Garden, but here your word carries my laws" he told her as he led her down a flight of steps "You speak with my authority as well as your own, in effect you will be seen as Domina when i am not around." He had no wife, he had no lover so this was how it was to be. "This area is kept strictly to those who are well versed in the BDSM scene, i have made it a rule that only the older courtesans work down here, for reasons i am sure you are well versed in" He unlocked each door showing her the equipment used "The keys to this area remain with you and myself at all times, and if a client asks for a younger whore who is not versed enough in this fantasy they are told no, if they insist they are shown the door. I have only had that problem once. Usually the men and women that work this area are in thier late 20s early 30s and show an appreciation and knowledge of what goes on in these rooms. Its called a dungeon for a reason" Despite his madness, Cornelius had a good business sense and he knew how to look after his own, he was also aware of Nydia's reputation amongst the tight knit community that worked the pillow houses, she was indeed one of the more popular whores and he was actually pleased that Nicodemus had suggested her. It would mean that with the change in management, for however long it would be, his more cocky sex slaves if that was the term although he didn't much like that one, would soon be tempered. Nydia's reputation spoke for itself and that would carry over to those who worked here.
  15. Cor pointed to the steps that would lead down the cliff path and then along the beach, he knew a trail that would get the urge to move from his brothes system and clapping his brothers shoulder began to jog towards the steps and then down, he had counted these steps everyday he climbed, them, seventy five black marbled steps that would lead down to the cliff, there was another one hundred that would lead down to the beach, a private beach. He glanced to see if Lionell was following, there could be no outright sprint, the man had to pace himself, and Cornelius hoped that Lionell would realise that, although he did not know how withdrawal would affect his half brother, he knew that the half elf's skin must be crawling by now at the very least.