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  1. Hades laughed at that and folded two powerful arms across his chest. Why indeed would he want to aid Nevarra? They had thier chance to remain within the lands of the Imperium. Now from what he had read, well maybe they were ruing that mistake. "My dear Tullius, i can call you Tullius can't i?" He didn't wait for an answer "The tome i seek would be of no use to you, in truth it would be of more interest to Templars or Seekers, and Nevarra had the chance to remain within the Imperium, they separated themselves and went thier own way? Why would the Imperium want it back and more importantly, why would you want to be like Tevinter" He shook his head incredulously "The tome itself is nothing more than ancient rites of existing within the fade after death i do not see how that would aid you in your crusade, or is it the scrolls that come with it?" The Mortalitasi was an interesting fellow that was for sure
  2. Hades followed him through to the Grimaldi Crypt. Given the families horrific nature and history, he did not doubt that it would be set far from other "decent" Nobles. There was no such thing in Hades mind as Decent nobles. Every Noble had a skeleton in thier closet, the Grimaldis were simply more open and honest about theirs. "i prefer the company of the undead as well as the living" Hades simply replied, eyes marvelling at the size of his families crypt. His fingers brushed reverently along the top of his ancestors crypt, Pior Grimaldus, the man that started it all centuries ago. "The Undead do not lie, steal or cheat, they are honest" He looked at Tullius perplexed, and a little amused by the Mortalitasi's words "What can you offer me that i would be interested in, and why would i wish to do anything for the good of Nevarra?"
  3. Hades had been away from Nevarra for too long it seemed, he thought he knew all the ways of the Death Mages, obviously not. The way this Tullius was acting though, there was something else here, and Hades was just curious enough to allow the Mortalitasi to lead him on. He wondered what it was this man wanted from him, because for all intent and purposes, Hades should have been escorted to the Necropolis and through the crypts with an escort, now he was being led in the back door as it were. It certainly cut down on the waiting time. Had his ancestral lands more secrets then he ever remembered? "This is all very accommodating Master Tullius" He finally said "But what exactly do you want from me?"
  4. 21st Haring 950 Nevarra City, Nevarra Hades, Tullius @Jax @Zhavirah 1x1, closed Tullius intercepted a letter addressed to another and is now meeting the Lord of Gravenreuth, clandestinely. (link to prior thread, plot thread) This was a bitter sweet homecoming for the Lord of Gravenreuth. Oh Hades still had a family home here in Nevarra, but he was Tevene now, although many vints still saw him as Nevarran. It didn't bother him that much when they spoke like that. Tevinter was all about fear and, Hades Grimaldi had that in abundance. A man approaching his late sixties he was still in his prime, with a well maintained body of a man half his age. Immaculately dressed in a black suit, his trademark in wardrobe, his hands covered with black leather gloves he stood waiting by a stream, just on the outskirts of the Capital itself. As a Death Mage he could appreciate the reputation the Death Priests had. However, he was not here to walk down memory lane however, of childhoods visiting his ancestral homeland and relatives that still resided here, his sisters and brothers included. He was here to gain access to his ancestors tomb and retrieve something that belonged to him. Something he needed and wanted. it would have been stupid to his wife or anyone else. the thing he wanted was a book, an old book, but in that book held the key to ensure that his life force wold exist after death and, in light of recent events in his life, he needed to make sure his fucking son did not discover it. So although he was annoyed at skulking around like some thief in the night, he waited for this Tullius Van Markham to turn up. If he made him wait any longer, then Hades would just walk into the Necropolis and take what he wanted anyway.
  5. Hades wiped his mouth and waited for his eldest daughter to leave and ordered two of his finest mounts to be brought forth. "I'll take you to the fields, i trust you can ride Nicodemus?" His business head was now squarely on his shoulders and he had other things to secure. Secure away from his sons grabby hands. If doing a deal with the Fire Mage then so be it. He didn't have to like his bed partners, he merely saw the sense of business. "What are your interests Nicodemus? Aside from the Lyrium?" He had Lyrium mines here so a trade like that could be beneficial for both men.
  6. Hades chuckled a little as she teased him about his actions. That would not be out of the question as far as he was concerned, once they had awoken they would certainly do that. He turned his head and kissed her crown. "I am sure i will think of something" he murmured. And he would, for now though they needed sleep, a time to recharge and if any of the hotel staff saw to disturb thier slumber, then he would make them pay. There was a reason he was feared and there was a reason he was left alone. As he felt Delilahs breathing deepen, he began to doze himself and fell asleep. For the first time in a long time he was content. (fin)
  7. By dawns early light he lay next to her, his chest heaving but the smile on his face evident. He put his arm round her and drew her in close. Kissing her face as he did. The woman was incredible. He had plenty of lovers over the years, mages, human, elves, half elves as well as his own daughter and niece who became his wife. This, this made all of them pale into nothingness. He closed his eyes for a moment, drawing in her scent and the smell of sweat, sex and everything else in the air. "So" he quietly rumbled "What would you like to do today? We have the weekend after all" This was not going to be a one off dirty weekend, this would echo through however long it echoed and it would ultimately lead to his downfall, but Hades knew this, and nothing would keep him from her. Nothing and noone.
  8. The woman, this woman was a marvel. She read his body as well as he read hers. He held her hands when she rode him, giving her something to hold onto as she rode his cock like some expert horsewoman. He thrust up filling her pussy with his very wet and very slick shaft. She was perfection, a goddess and there was none like her. He was worshipping at the alter of a goddess and he would be her High Priest. Rising up he folded his arms around her and moved her with his arms, taking her breasts into his mouth, savoring every taste of her, he ran his hand up her back and through her hair tipping her head back so he could savour her neck. Moved her down till she was on her side and lifted one of her legs and hooked it over his arm, thrusting into her. claiming her as his one and only lover.
  9. Hades groaned as he felt her tightness envelope him, it had been a long time since he felt such a tightness and he reveled in it. He brought himself up until he was on his knees and taking Delilahs hips he pulled her against him until he was fully sheathed inside her. Gripping her hips he moved her up and down, slowly at first, grunting softly as the sensations made his hard cock even harder. The fact that she was his daughter in law only added to the spice, one that he was more than happy to indulge in, but it was more than that and through half lidded eyes he watched her upper body begin to move with the sensations. Her perfectly formed breasts moved with his motions. He watched her fascinated and at that point fell in love with her. He would move heaven and earth to be with her, whenever they could. He closed his eyes and lent back a little allowing himself a different angle and began to move a little harder, they had all night.
  10. The heated kisses, the caress's all served to put his blood on fire. He locked the door to thier hotel room, slipping a do not disturb notice on the outside of not only his door but thier interlocking door. His jacket was tossed over a chair and his shirt followed. His eyes roved her perfect porcelain form, he undid his belt and let his trousers fall, although loose fitting his own pants did nothing to hide his attraction to the woman before him, he was the other side of 60 but he had the body of a man half his age, perfectly honed muscles that contained all his power and more. He moved her up the bed and released her panties from her so he could see all of her. Perfection. Why had he not noticed her before? like this? he chased the thought away. She was here now. He raised himself over her and lowered his mouth to her neck. Kissing a trail down her neck and around her collarbone until he found her mouth again. This time the kiss was fierce and there was no one to interupt
  11. Frankly Hades couldn't care less about the show now, he had lost interest in it an hour ago, when Delilah returned his kiss, the course of the night became a little more, interesting. He didn't respond straight away, but when the chimes sounded he knew it was, bad manners to leave the audience waiting on him. Reluctantly Hades let her go and waited for her to step back then drew the curtains, signalling that they were to continue, but when he and his guest left it caused a ripple of unease to permeate round the Theatre. Was the Lord and Master unhappy with the performance? They would not sleep tonight, the thought that one of thier number might end up as undead would be left in thier thoughts. In truth it wouldn't happen but the idea that it might, well that would make it more interesting for those who remained. Hades ordered his carriage brought to the front and once he had let Delilah in he told the driver to head for the Hotel then to take the rest of the weekend off unless called. Once in the carriage he claimed her lips with his and moved her onto his lap, a short journey but he was not so eager to leave what had started in the Theatre box behind him.
  12. Hades rose from his seat and crossed to where she stood. He found the play itself amusing, but the play she was referring to, he found far more enjoyable. He took a long hard look over the woman before him and rested his hands either side of her on the balcony. Without a word he lowered his head to her neck and kissed the beautiful soft skin. If his idiot son wanted to spend time with his mother instead of this goddess before him, then he would claim her. His left hand moved from the balcony to the exposed thigh of this wondrous gown. Hades heart began to hammer in his own chest, if he was a weaker man he might have keeled over. When his mouth followed the contours of her neck to her lips, he feathered them, letting her decide where to go from here. Delilah was indeed a delightful creature and one that he intended to claim for himself. She deserved better, she would get better.
  13. Hades had too control his own desire. Less he make a spectacle of himself in his own Theatre. forcing his concentration onto the actors he steadied his breathing, hard as it was and continued with the idly stroking of her leg, that was until he felt her leg move. He glanced down for a moment then raised his gaze to her before returning his attention to the stage and steadily and subtly he moved his hand to her inner thigh. Resting it there for a moment, arching an eyebrow at the depicted close escape of the characters on the stage. When he felt it was right, he moved his hand once more, and this time moved it steadily higher. skirting the boundaries but not making it so obvious thats what he was doing.
  14. The one thing about having the largest box in the theatre was that no one dared intrude. It was not often the Master of these lands attended the Theatre, usually it was one of his daughters or, his equally feared Wife and son. Hades had not attended for some time, tonight however, as enthralling as the acting was, and it would have to be. His pressence alone ensured the actors game went up a notch; his attention was more on his companion. When she held his hand the way she did his gaze turned to hers and then down to her shapley, long legs. He watched a few moments of the act, strangely enough a son and his fathers wife having a steamy passionate affair, being careful not to be caught by the father. How oddly apt, he thought to himself, all be it roles reversed. Had Titus been more of the son he had wanted then this would not be an issue. However as much as he delighted at the idea of gaming his son, he could not deny his attraction to Delilah went beyond even those petty games. She was stunningly beautiful and although he watched some of the play his attention was always drawn back to her. He told the slaves during the first act intermission to leave the drinks and food and leave, go do thier own thing until he was ready fro them. Once they were alone and the lights dimmed to announce the beginning of the second act, he released his fingers and moved his hand to her thigh. While he concentrated on the acting, his hand slowly stroked the exposed flesh. He had given his own answer now.
  15. This letter will be waylaid by Tulius Van Markham, although it was originally meant for Lady Crescentia Falkenrath. @Zhavirah It has the seal of house Grimaldi and the script is flowing. "My lady Falkenrath. As the Lord of the Gravenreuth lands, but also a man of Nevarran heritage, there is something in the crypts of my ancestors that i would like to collect. This has no import to anyone except myself and i would like to meet to discuss me retrieving what is rightfully mine. I look forward to an amicable discourse. Yours faithfully. Hades Icarus Grimaldi Magister and Lord of Gravenreuth"