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  1. Hades had been woken by his guard captain who fell to his knees telling him that Aries was missing, taken from the gladiator cells in the night, all the guards poisoned with strong sleeping potions. The guard captain was dead before he could even begin to beg for his life. Hades dressed and stormed through to the Gladiator cells, his guards that had not been drugged staring at thier master in fear and horror as he carried the head of thier former commander in his hand. He kicked the door of the Dominus open and threw the head onto the desk. "Where is my boy" he snarled, his voice cold, empty and vengeful. "I want answers!"
  2. Hades watched the annoying little shit leave and scowled a little. there was something not right about him, not right at all. He motioned one of his guards over and folded his arms. "I want Aries watched from now until his fights finish. Round the clock protection do you understand me?" "Yes Lord" "Anything happens to that boy then i am holding you and your men personally responsible" The guard captain cleared his throat "Do you think it will My Lord?" Hades watched the retreating Slave trader and shrugged "Stealing another lords gladiator is not unheard of, after all i have done it, but i didn't like the way he just looked at Aries" Hades knew a snake when he met one and he had no intentions of ever letting Aries fall into the hands of another. Piss ants like that or family. Of course he supposed Titus might try something like it but then Titus knew better then to try that shit on. Even if he did it covertly Hades would find out. He always did. "Aries my boy, come on, lets go find you a whore to sate that lust in you" Hades clapped his hand on Aries shoulder "You did good today boy, Hades is very pleased with you, anything you want?"
  3. Hades drew in a sharp intake of breath as he felt Delilahs hands move over his body, he could feel his cock begin to stiffen at her touch but he but back the urge for now. Although he certainly enjoyed the caress's of her mouth against his skin. He closed his eyes for a moment and let her continue, his fingers stroking her back, over her buttocks and back up to go through her hair. "Because i want to" he told her "I want to make sure you are safe. if i can do this, then i will tell you how to summon me in the Fade, i will not be able to manifest in this world but i would in the fade where i would remain" He smiled to himself as he thought about it more. "Someone needs to watch over you my love and thats going to be me dead or alive" Delilah had given him so much, he rarely took other lovers, and if he did it was away from the house. Usually when Titus was making demands of his wife. "From what little i know, the ritual would have to be performed in the prescience of the one i am to share the bond with." He kissed her ear and her neck "Once i find the book, it will take me years to decipher it but i am hoping nothing will change before that day." He shifted himself a little "Since you have been a part of my life, i have wanted to find someway to be there when you need me, in any way you need me. What i do know is this, i will be younger then you see me, the soul never ages my love. our bodies age, the soul does not. it is eternal. I will be as solid to you there as i am now, but i will have no magic, i will have no way of passing into the waking world." He kissed her "Does that scare you or excite you?"
  4. Hades turned from the Magistra he had been talking to and looked the annoying dumb ass that had dared approach him. Obviously this man had no idea who he was or else he would have been on his knees prostrating before him. "Not for sale" Hades replied with an edge to his voice "The boy is mine so go somewhere else to find your bargains" Hades had spent too much time and effort into the lad to sell him to a pompous ass like this, or anyone for that matter, Aries was his property and much more than that. "Now if you don't mind leaving before i have your two behemoths there slack jawed and working in my poison fields or being served up on my families dinner table" If the fucker didn't know then, he should do now. There weren't many Magisters or Magistras who had poison fields or ate another persons flesh for dinner.
  5. Hades nodded, once he had his breathe back and could think clearly. "It is an old very old spell, one that if the Chantry knew about or even the Archon might cause a few problems. The tome it is contained within is bound in the skin of two or three flayed Dalish Keepers, the words written in thier blood. It was hidden some three hundred years ago and no one has ever been able to find it. I intend to find it and use it in the purpose it was meant to be used." He kissed her neck and moved his hand to her side "If you want me to watch over you from the fade that is. We both know i am not a young man, last thing i want is to leave you without a guardian." He closed his eyes for a moment inhaling her scent "I would have to teach you the spell to anchor me there, but i have to find it first and that will take some time, plus decipher it, but would you do that, or would you rather i go to the realms of the Demons who hold no fear for me? My body will either be consumed by the family or if Titus is of a mind he would make me undead, the body does not matter, its is but a vessel, my soul however is more valuable then even he realises and whilst he is good, he is not that good or he would know that" Hades placed his hands either side of her face and tipped her head to his "Would you look after my soul Delilah?"
  6. Hades caught her fingers and kissed them. They would sit near each other at dinner, not too near to cause suspicion, but enough for polite conversation and conversation that occasionally would go over the others heads. If Titus was otherwise engaged with his mother then he would take Delilah to the Ludus so that she could see the training or an evening bout, in his private box away from prying eyes, other activities would commence that had nothing to do with what was going on down in the arena. "lets just say i am looking through old family letters to find something that will enable me to see you when i am off this mortal coil" Hades was determined that death would not keep him from a woman that has enslaved him and captured him so much he had little interest in anyone else. He kissed her softly and rested his forehead against hers "it will take me a while to locate it then when i find it, get it and decipher it but i can't think of a better reason to place myself into the fade so i can watch over you my love" He knew how intelligent Delilah was and she was far more than a baby making machine, and he wanted to nurture that side of her too. Give her an edge for the day he knew would one day come.
  7. Hades made his way through to the ancient crypt and stood admiring the ancient stone. How many of his ancestors lay here? he did not know, it was a vast tomb. Now the bodies were not interned or even burnt, now they were consumed by the family, so that in essence the strength passed on to the next generation. His own body would be consumed, but he wanted the tome for another reason entirely. He walked along the tombs and found the one he wanted, crouching down he felt along the side, and smiled as he felt a small engraved circle. Pressing it and muttering the words he had been taught by his father, a stone slab shot out, nestled in which was a heavy tome and several scrolls. He rested his hands on the ancient skin covered book and closed his eyes. The satisfied smirk on his face. This book had been buried with his great great great great great grandmother, bound in the skin of flayed Elhven Keepers and written in thier blood. He held the macarb book and stood up. "Thank you" He muttered.
  8. Hades set his glass down and returned the kiss then nuzzled her nose with his and kissed her again. "You realise that you could get very sunburn with what i have in mind don't you?" he teased, moving his mouth along the contours of her neck and too her ear lobe. He sat back and picked his drink up again, swallowing a good measure of it. "Whilst you are doing whatever you wish to do, i have some old family records to look into" Hades was making his own plans, at some point it would come to it that Titus with the aid of his scheming harpy of a mother would plot his demise. He didn't think they would, he knew they would, it was the Grimaldi way and he expected no less. At least Titus was good for that. if he didn't loathe the boy so much he might almost have been proud of him. "Want to know what i have planned?" he asked, "course i could be risking a lot telling you, couldn't i?" The teasing glint was in his eyes when he said that though. He truly did want her to know what he had planned but, there was always the chance that come the end she might betray him too, honestly he didn't care. If it happened it happened, if it didn't it didn't no point in worrying about what was going to be.
  9. Hades had watched Delilah swimming from the balcony, once he had sorted out the arrangements for the house, getting undressed and attending too his Ablutions, he walked naked to the beach. The slaves had done as he instructed, setting out food and drink, he took the brandy offered him as he walked past and sat himself in one of the lounges, casting an approving gaze over the beauty dozing in the sun. "You might want to be careful my dear, you are going a little red in places" He warned light heartily and held out a wine for her take. "Wine?"
  10. Hades shrugged and covered his mouth with a handkerchief and let Tullius do his thing. Well the man was ambitious, and it had been his ancestors dreams for Nevarra to be part of the Imperium, but in the wars that followed too many of his line had died, hence they had formed thier own little kingdom declaring alliance to Tevinter. Hades was proud of his Tevene standings but to many vints he would always be Nevarran and to the Nevarrans he would be a Vint, to both he would be a cautionary tale and a feared one. He tied the handkerchief round his head and nodded that he was ready. So close, close to his own plans, plans that would take a long while to come to fruition. Maybe this Van Markham would make a very good silent ally. He reeled off the poisons he knew would counteract the Templars poisons, of course if there was a spell that could break a Templars abilities then it was well hidden.
  11. Oh the freedom. Hades hated that he could only kiss her hand when they were at the estate, he did not care if anyone knew about them, it was in line with family traditions, but he knew that Titus would not like it, Titus could not harm him but he could harm Delilah and that he would not allow. So to see her happy with the house made him smile. "The beach is ours yes" he told her and let go of her as she started to unfasten her dress "The water is warm this time of year, go enjoy i will see to our cases" he wanted her to get a feel for it, enjoy it and have some her time while he made sure that thier getaway remained just that. "Take your time" he kissed her softly and walked back in to direct the five slaves that were here year round to look after thier house.
  12. Hades laughed, oh how ambitious this man was. "You have the wrong man for that Van Markham, it is my son who runs the poison lands" He told him "I suppose i could point him in your direction, he does seem to make very interesting deals when it comes down to it but be careful what you tell him. He has no loyalty to our ancestors as i do, he would sell you out soon as look at you if he thought it would give him an edge over you" Hades rubbed his jaw and thought for a moment, he could put the man in touch with Titus, but Titus was a canny one, he would know there was something going on that he wanted in on, and then he would betray the Mortalitasi with but a thought if he thought it would bring him more power. "I have some poison fields that Titus does not know about, Small and on the boarders where even he does not go. To counteract magic you say? i suppose i could see to it, it would have to be moved quietly of course so my son does not find out about it. These fields are more on the Nevarran side then they are Gravenreuth" He arched an eyebrow "I own them though so rest assured i will not be blackmailing you"
  13. "My son knows how to get the best yield from the workers" Hades admitted "but be assured Magister Eous I RUN this lands and everything goes through me first" Hades ran Gravenreuth with an iron grip and everyone knew it. Nothing got past his notice, and his son knew better then to let any schemes he might have had be known to his father. Hades had forgotten the amount of times he had locked Titus in the box for forgetting or rebelling against that fact. As the licing workers saw thier master they immediately dropped to thier knees, breathing in the flowers scents that would eventually kill them. Hades was content to leave them there, but work had to be done so he nodded to the overseers who got them up and back to work. "Anything else you wish to see?"
  14. Hades glanced at his companion as they rode out and shook his head. "The undead work the poison fields" he told him as if it was the most natural explanation in the world "and anyone who transgress's against my house or my laws get sent here, if they die out here they die and raised again to continue thier task given to them." Hades was rather proud of the reputation of his lands, and as much as he did not much like his son, even he had to admit Titus ran the poison fields with an iron hand. It had been a natural transition to leave the fields in the control of his son, Titus had a natural affinity for it. "We have a couple of families from Nevarra who buy from us, as well as three Tevene families. One of whom have been associates of my family for many years" He patted his horses neck and pointed. The Undead toiled without complaint, they had no choice in the matter, this was where they worked, nurturing the plants that would give rise to some of the most deadly toxins in Thedas. The living also worked here but there were more undead then there were living and the reasons were obvious to the eyes. "Should you wish to become a buyer of this, then you would be dealing with my son Titus, this is his domain after all, he took over the running of the fields a couple of years ago and it has prospered under his ownership" Although he complimented his son, the tone brokered that there was no love lost between the two.
  15. Hades nodded "I have the cubs of my tiger, they play in the gardens. You can see them if you like as we ride past," Hades walked out of the house with the Vol Dorma Magister and mounted up. He waited for Nicodemus to follow suit and walked his horse past the garden where two beautiful Tigers roamed the grounds, a carcass of a Bronte lay half eaten, one that Hades had acquired and set loose so his pets never lost thier edge. "That is Vulcanus and that is Aphiria" he pointed "Now let me take you to the fields, we will ride the boundaries of the fields, they are dangerous for you, Can't have you keeling over with poisoned lungs"