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    Urg was not looking for whether or not she would not die, that much was fucking expected, but rather if she could keep up with the pace of the other riggers. It took her some time to adjust to their style, he saw from her skills that it was not the pace but rather an unfamiliarity with the others that slowed her at first and that was to be expected. What was impressive was how quick she was to adapt. "Sorry Aria, but this one is good." He muttered to himself and even allowed a rare smile to touch his lips, albeit for a heartbeat only. Leaving Trinica up there til dusk, he ordered her to report to him on the bridge when she and the others were done for the day. There was more to test but for now they would eat and retire for the night.
  2. Taking a deep breath Urg forced himself to be impassive. They'd done a good job, had worked together, and for once Glerg had not killed anyone. Today was a good day. That was all that mattered. He remained silent for the rest of the walk back to the docks and then fell into his role as quartermaster, organising the other cargo and getting it all on the ship ready for when Precious wished to depart.
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    "The riggers are about to prepare the main sail for departure. I've told them you are to join them." Urg gestured to the mast where the riggers were already climbing and then added, "We can discuss your more particular talents later." [ooc: @Kai. you are up mate. ;)]
  4. It was that kind of humour that would always worry Urg and he glanced sideways at the former Sten and asked, "Do you truly find joy in such?" He was referring to how he had found Glerg earlier, the rape and murdering of elves was something that churned Urg's stomach. He had never understood his brother but that did not mean he would not try to protect him.
  5. Sending the elven mage away Urg then returned to the front of the warehouse and began moving various sacks and barrels into the cart. Leading the donkey that pulled said cart through the warehouse he passed his brother and dwarf. The kossith stopped and looked at the dwarf, his tone quite cordial. "Precious thanks you for the free cargo and she will pay an extra five percent for the rest of the year as thanks." He would tell her everything that had happened, but for most it would simply seem like the dwarf was paying tribute to the Merchant Queen. "We return in four months and hope to find you just as accommodating." Urg then left the warehouse and commanded his brother to follow. It was time to return to the ship.
  6. It was entirely believable that Glerg would have come back to repeatedly walk into the barrier and shout at the dwarf. Urg heard the little one laughing, entirely distracted by his brother's antics. Once Urg was in position and the elf had marked the spot he could hit, he waited for her signal. It took almost three minutes for her to be ready to break the barrier spell and she did so when Urg commanded it. The moment before he told her to break it Urg moved out of the trees and ran towards the back of the warehouse. In the moment his fist would have hit the barrier the magic dissipated and the barrier fell. The mage had only a split second before he realised he was compromised, the moment he did Urg punched through the wall and grabbed his neck. A second later the mage's neck was snapped. Now the barrier was down for good, and down for Glerg as well...
  7. "Can you sense where the mage is?" He asked, knowing full well that the mage had a kind of scrying ability. "In the back of the warehouse... there." She replied and pointed to the exact spot. "And can you dispel the barrier?" Urg inquired. "It'll take time, but I think so." She answered, then she frowned at Glerg. "Why are you looking at me like that?" She asked. Urg elbowed his brother and told him to go back to the dwarf. "Keep it talking, I am going to hide closer to the saarebas." the further Glerg was from the elf the better...
  8. For once Glerg had an idea his brother could actually use and Urg stopped walking and looked back towards the town. The ship was already in sight but he turned around and headed back towards the markets. There was a mage here Precious used on occasion and they might just be the person to help. With his brother tagging along Urg knocked on a red door, the house was on its own on the edge of the port town. Before the door was opened Urg warned his brother to keep control of himself. The reason became clear when an elf appeared. "What's Precious needin' this time?" The mage asked, and though she was clearly Rivaini she was also tattooed like the Dalish but was not actually Dalish. Another kind of tribe it seemed. "We need a saarebas, come." And Urg then walked away expecting both elf and brother to follow him back to the dwarf. Though this time they did not approach, they needed to discuss tactics.
  9. Just as Aria was the only one to elicit a rare smile from the kossith, Glerg was the only one to cause his twin to roll his eyes. If it had been that simple he would have done it already. "Do not underestimate saarebas." He warned. They more than most knew the real power of a mage. "We go to Precious." And that was the end of the discussion. At least on Urg's part, but he would wait and see what his brother did, they were not yet out of sight of the warehouse after all.
  10. It was times like this that he wished they had reliable mages aboard, but there was no such luck. Urg made a mental note to search for an all round mage who was neither windtalker, water weaver or healer. Someone, for instance, who could take down this barrier! Since they had no choice but to return to the ship Urg yanked at his brother's arm and pulled him away before he did any more damage to himself! "We'll get Precious, she is the only one who can deal with it now." Urg figured the Tallis would agree to a lower price in order to get the shield lowered, then she'd investigate and either find the mage who made the barrier or kill the dwarf for his treachery. Then again, when was it ever possible to predict Precious?
  11. Urg did not hesitate, he motioned for his brother to start pounding while he walked into the warehouse to find out why the little merchant had gone back on his word. There was more to this than a greedy and stubborn dwarf, he was sure of it. However, as he went to move past the dwarf Urg found himself thrown back by a magical barrier. The dwarf stood on the other side of it so Glerg would not be able to reach him either. After recovering his senses he looked back at the dwarf who was smirking. Since dwarves could not cast magic it meant he had done a deal with someone who could. The question was, did he pay the new price or go back to the ship empty handed?
  12. This particular port was good for one thing specifically and Ocean's Deceit was running low. Since the product came in large barrels and they only needed four of them it made sense for the kossith brothers to carry one each. Even one barrel was too heavy for one human to carry alone, but easy enough for Urg to carry two. When they arrived at the little warehouse on the northern dock there was a dwarven merchant ready with their product. Urg paid him with what was agreed but the dwarf refused to let them take the barrels without an extra ten sovereigns. Since it had been Precious herself who brokered the deal there was no way he was paying more than she had agreed. What he wanted to know before he started hurting people was why the dwarf was suddenly upping the price? "We've been paying this rate for months. Why are you changing the deal?" Urg all but growled. "It is what it is..." The dwarf replied, and he folded his arms across his barrel chest, clearly refusing to budge.
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    As Quartermaster he was responsible for the crewmen and so he often oversaw punishment if not inflicting it himself. Unlike his brother he could control himself and his strength, but it was still preferable to all to have another give the lashings rather than either kossith brother. Urg wanted to take Trinica aside and to give her some advice, it was his duty as quartermaster to do that, but everything this woman did seemed to piss Aria off and she was not seemingly trying to make that any better? "Have you ever been a rigger?" He asked. That was the agreed test between him and Aria and now it was time to see if she was worth keeping!
  14. If there was one thing about his brother that had always been good then it was how he was so faithful to Precious. Whether it was because her genitalia confused him so he ignored her femininity or because he simply respected her Glerg had always supported their friend and had followed her all over Thedas. It was this dedication Urg was reminded of now and it was enough to bring him out of his negative slump. "I have some supplies to get. Come?" It was not an order but an offer and he expected Glerg to follow him to accept the offer or go back to the ship to reject it. Urg left the tavern and headed towards the forest, going inland.
  15. Not being much of a talker, Urg drank and drank and drank, barely getting a buzz from all the ale, and watching his brother carefully. He knew how to get on his nerves and he was testing him to see how long he could put up with the silent silent treatment!