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  1. Let the perving begin *shove Innes*
  2. That was a slap. Not riding alongside her. Innes guthrie always was the bone between them but, He was not going to back down. "and if the mages are found wanting? Will you do your duty knight captain?" He turned to go then stoppes and got im her space. "you asked me why i hate him? The day i met him i waa going to tell you how i... Felt about you." He clenches his fist "happy reunion with the baatard cauae thle only man who should have been cams father is me" He hissed. Turnining he began to walk away.
  3. Anyone else would have the good sense to do as thier Captain ordered when she was like that, but Andrew was not about to back down. He had never backed down from Briana and he was not about to start now. If she couldn't see that this was NOT a good idea then he was going to make her see. "Let me explain it in a way you will understand" He snarled "Who the fuck looked after you when he fucked off? Who sat by your bedside when you asked for him and had to tell you he wasn't coming" Andrew himself held deep wounds about that, it has almost broken him to see Briana so defeated, so when she had told him about Cameron, he knew she was not lyrium addled or deprived withdrawal. "If he loved you like he said he did, regardless of what happened Bri he would have more of an effort to have been there for you, he would have told the Chantry what they could do with thier words and been there for you and Cam?" he shook his head "will you tell him about the lad?" Andrew had grown fond of the lad, not letting the lad know anything, that was for Bri to do, but on occasions that he had been in his company under the pretext of looking after the charges of the Chantry Orphans, he had grown fond of him, wasn't hard, the boy was the spit of his mother, thankfully. Andrew was seething at the moment "he didn't care enough about you to help you then, he didn't even bother to check on you AFTER the events of the lie and what makes you think he is going to care a nugs arse now" He clenched his fist, if they were going to go at it then that is what they were going to do. "I have protected you as you have me, i am sorry i didn't tell you but you know what its for this reason i didn't tell you Captain, going to Soldiers Peak is going to be a bad idea!"
  4. Andrew was about to say something when some hapless messenger came from the Revered Mother to inform both the Sergeant and his Captain of the protocols involved in meeting with Warden Commander Guthrie at Soldiers Peak. Andrew cursed under his breath and told the messenger to go. Seeing Briana's face at that moment and he knew there was a storm coming on the horizon. well maybe not the horizon, more like between the two of them, here and now, Fuck it every-time that mans name was even hinted at and Briana always went on the defensive and now was not going to be any different then the other times. "Now you know why i don't want you going to Soldiers Peak" he glared after the retreating Messenger and had an inkling that the mother might have done that deliberately. "Every single time Innes Guthrie comes up in conversation you loose your sensibilities!" Well that was not an entire lie, but he suspected that had more to do with Cameron, although Briana had not made her move to claim him back yet, it was still there, Andrew had been discreetly looking over the lad, and had grown fond of him. So that was another reason he didn't want Briana heading off to Soldiers Peak, not that he would ever bring Cameron into this, he was not that cruel, he just didn't see what purpose having that tosser back in her life in any shape or form would do. He had not been there to look after Bri, Andrew had, and right now his over protective nature was asserting itself. He just needed her to see that.
  5. "Nothing" He shortly replied "i was just getting the men and women ready to leave, because you know Mages" He thought that would have been obvious, even to her. It wasn't a complete lie after all, every mage in Fereldan knew damn well that they had safe harbour within the Grey Wardens. Some of the worst mage criminals usually found thier lives spared by taking the joining. As much as Andrew respected the work the Grey Wardens did, it grated his last Andraste blessed nerve that they could become a Grey Warden and have no repercussions for thier deeds. He respected the Wardens, thier sacrifice known throughout history, it didn't mean he wanted to storm into the major keep of the Warden Mages either. Especially with who was in charge there. "I just think we could be doing something more productive than cleaning up after the Wardens AGAIN" He really did not want her pursuing this line of questioning, "Just head to Haven like we are supposed to do, aid in keeping the Avvar at bay or the Chasind, something other than Warden Mages"
  6. 12th August 952 Denerim, Fereldan Andrew, Briana @Jax @Zyah_Rayne 1x1 Normally Andrew doesnt disagree with anything his Knight Captain does, but when he discovers she is off to Soldiers Peak, then the Knight Sergeant believes he has to stop her going. No matter what. Andrew was overseeing the training of the new arrivals, his mind however was on other things. He had seen Briana's orders, her companies orders, and that meant his orders. Right now his mood reflected in the barking he gave the new bloods. They may have passed thier initial training and taken thier first drafts but they were a long long way from being Templars. If any of them were going to be joining his company, then he wanted them at thier best. Only the best ever got to ride in Knight Captain Talons company. Andrew had begged the Revered mother, almost to the point that he was on his knees, not to send Briana to Soldiers Peak. Not that he didn't believe she couldn't handle what was there, or might be there, but more because of WHO was there. Briana had come a long way since those times, a very long way and he did not think seeing HIM again would do anything other than stir up memories and pains she did not need right now. The mother had dismissed his concerns as had the Knight Commander and Andrew was hoping against hope that maybe something else would come up and have another Company heading to that cursed Warden hotbed of mages. He showed his displeasure at the junior knights by making them run round the compound in full armour with thier packs on thier backs. If they thought he was harsh, they were lucky, his Training officer was a hell of a lot tougher than he ever was, "Andrew" He turned as fellow Knight Sergeant Daniel came over "Bri is on her way to see you, just thought i'd give you a heads up" Andrew nodded but, folding his arms across his chest watched the hour glass as he watched the recruits.
  7. It didn't hurt, but it did sting, a lot. He sipped some water and laughed a little when she regaled him and the dwarf with stories of thier misspent youth. He was not bothered in the slightest about the tattoo bothering him during his date. Her chatter though took his mind off why he was getting it done and, when it was finished, he admired the work, took the pendant and put it back round Briana's neck. "Where it belongs" he quickly said, paid the Dwarf with a little extra for the very excellent work he had done and walked out, buttoning his shirt up, in case Briana threw a little prudish fit. "One of these days Bri you are going to have to get used to seeing a man with his shirt off, and i used to run around the Orphanage with my shirt off all the time" Of course he had been 11 years old then and younger and hadn't filled out. He wasn't sure if he wanted to explore the dog lands as much as she did and he was pretty sure that Innes was the reason why. "Well duties permitting of course" He diplomatically said. Which was not an entire lie. They might not always be together. "So one more turn on the rides and then get you back for your own adventure tonight?" he asked.
  8. Andrew was genuinely touched by what she had done, he had almost forgotten about that. "Wow, you still wear it" he whispered and turned it over in his hand "it had been my grandmothers and my great grandmother before her, was the only thing the sisters found me with after my parents died." he finally told her "OK shoulder and that then" He had given it to Briana because it was meant to be for the females, as he had been an only child, he had given it to the girl who was like family to him, "maybe one day if you leave the life and have kids, you could pass it on? keep the tradition going" he closed his hand around it, found the tattooist and showed the dwarf the design and pointed to his upper arm. The Dwarf looked over the pendant and smiled a little nodded and set it almost reverently on the side, let Andrew get settled and started to work, every so often glancing at the design so that he got it correct. Andrew fell more solemn then he usually was and his thoughts went elsewhere. Although he dare not look at Bri in case she saw the tear that sat in his eye.
  9. Andrew pulled a face as if he was juggling some thoughts but then said "Well i was going to get one of you and me as kids, or our favourite animals, mine was always a Mabari but never could remember which one you liked," He knew she had some favourite animals but, tagging down her favourite one was next to impossible. "You know cause we always been together, thick and thin and all that" The fact i fell in love with you when i was a horny teenager didn't help "Gotta keep an eye on you cause you know, you always getting in trouble" He grinned. He motioned to his back "its going on there immortalised" He draped his arm round her shoulders, pulled her close and planted a kiss on the top of her head "So, us as kids or favourite animlas?"
  10. Andrew chuckled as his friend shoved his shirt in his hand, so he put it back on, although he didn't do it up. He was getting some appreciative glances and he wanted to feel good about that. He let Briana take his arm and shook his head at her expression, She may not have considered herself a prude but she was acting like one, well like his mother anyway, if he even remembered anything about his mother. "Oh i don't know something for both of us i was thinking, you know something we can both relate to. Its gonna be a big one and i wanted to have a permanent reminder of just, us" He wanted to have something to remember thier past. Of the kids they grew up some became Templars, some were even Seekers and some had joined the Chantry as sisters. There were others who had gone other ways and he didn't think about that much. He and Briana had been successful at what they chose to do, although he did tease her about how she should have been a chantry sister, she was so set in her ways sometimes. "Any ideas?"
  11. Andrew joined in the laughter, when they were kids and in the height of summer they would end up having water fights, thankfully the sisters that looked after them were fun loving too, he actually wondered what those same sisters might think of them now. He saw Briana laugh but he refused to say mercy. He had never said it to her before and he was not about to start now. She moved off him suddenly and found himself totally drenched as two of the older boys tipped buckets over him. She had got away with that one. He raised himself up on his elbows with his laughter subsiding. Well the day hadn't started as he wanted but this was a little better. He looked at his best friend and tipped his head a little then averted his gaze as he realised that he might actually be staring. Andrew got to his feet and motioned to the other two lads that were coming up behind Briana, he lifted her, put her back over his shoulders and nodded. Standing there as the kids all soaked the two young adults once more. "I think we're wet enough don't you?" he cheerily said as he set her back on her feet. He took his jacket and shirt off, letting the sun dry his skin. "I was going to get a tattoo" he muttered "Might want to dry out first". Sometimes when they goofed about like this he missed those carefree days in the Orphanage. It wasn't all sunshine and Bunnies but they did what they did to make thier childhoods bearable. And the Revered Mother that had been in charge of thier Orphanage was not as bad as some he had come across in his time in his time since leaving to become a Templar. "So want to come see me get Inked?"
  12. Andrew rolled his eyes at her celebrations, although the smirk was on his face and his amusement mirrored the stall holder. "hey!" he really hated it when she did that, ruffling his hair. He found one stall and without warning he picked her up and sat her in the chair "You're gonna enjoy this" he told her and closed the door behind him "its secret journey" he told her knowing how she liked mysteries sometimes. What he didn't tell her, nor let her see was that it was a chair that was balanced above some water and when she did notice, more when the seat was raised, she would not be happy and it would be too late to actually do anything. Andrew picked a ball up and waved at her as she looked at him through the glass when she realised what was happening. He tossed the ball, the evil grin spreading across his face. Andrew deliberately missed with the first two, the third was a bulls-eye and he waved as Briana was one moment in her chair and the next plummeting down to the cold water below. He laughed and handed the sister beside the stall a couple of gold coins, all for the Denerim Orphanage, he couldn't think of a better way for them to the do the Makers bidding. Gods she looked beautiful when she was angry, and wet.
  13. Andrew folded his arms, amused to see how she would fair. Well if she was sure about how she felt, the best he could do was let her find out for herself. In the meantime he would never mention what he felt for her again. He lent over towards her "Flick your wrist" he told her. "its all in the way you flick your wrist Bri" Would he ever like Innes. No, he never would but he would, attempt, too remain civil if only for Briana's sake. But if that man ever hurt her, then he didn't care who he was, he would bring the wrath of the maker on the mans head. "Yeah, one of your best female friends actually" he glanced round "Shania. I am meeting her when she comes off duty at midnight" He shook his head as her first go missed and standing behind her took her hand and made a practise motion, "like that, remember how we used to skim the stones across the pond when we were kids, well just like that"
  14. Andrew didn't know what to say or do. Part of him wanted to blurt it out there and then, but what would that do? Hurt her? and as much as he wanted that smug smarmy bastard out of her life, he couldn't do that to her, he just couldn't. So he swallowed heavily and made out he was mulling over her words. "You'll know Briana" He said collecting the teddy he had just won and handed it to her "You will know when the time is right for you and you alone, dont let him force the issue, if he loves you or cares about you then he will wait till you are ready" He looked around "and if he forces the issue, you come tell me OK?" He didn't know what else to tell her, he never had that side of it. His first time had been a rush of hoarmaons and that was it all over, he learnt quick too so the next time he actually listened to what the woman he was with at the time liked. "if it makes you feel good about yourself after then it was the right time if you feel wretched then it wasn't I don't really know what else to tell you"
  15. Andrew finished his ale and got up, motioning with his head he offered her his arm, feeling a little bit like a prat for upsetting her. It was true, he had been in more than one relationship and it was old hat to him, Bri on the other hand, had not. She had plenty of admirers from both sex's but his best friend was more fussy. "How do you want me to help you out Bri?" he asked quietly "What can i say? This is new territory for you and i just want you to be sure about your feelings before you go delving into anything before you are ready. From a guys point of view that would be prime target, you know how many guys get off on that fact?" He nodded at a couple of Templars and carried on walking stopping at some stall and paying a silver, picked a ball up to throw at the coconut "Don't want you getting hurt, all i can say is follow your heart, but keep your head in balance too" He threw the first and missed, the second he missed the third he didn't. He imagined the third as Innes's head. "Anyone who ever hurts you does not want me after them"