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  1. Cris glanced at Ava as she made the jest about his homeland. "Least we dont smell like pampered whores in a cat house" he teased back. This was a regular thing between them, she would point out the worst in his homelands, like wet dog smell, wet dog taste, wet dog this and that, and he would tease her about Orleasians need to smell pretty, or look pretty or act like they were better then the rest of the world. It had, admittedly taken him a year or two to get used to Ava's humour. There were times Cris could pull a joke or two, usually on a Traditionalist or the occasional Chantry mother who had got above herself, nowadays they were few and far between. Although in the last few months he had started to relax more. Maybe that was the change in the relationship between him and Ava. He didn't know. "If you head down that road it takes you to my village" he muttered "maybe we can stop there after we are done here? i wanted to check on my sister, well one of them." Two of his sisters were Chantry Sisters, one of whom ministered at the village Chantry, the other was in Lothering. One sister was a mother at the crossroads in the Hinterlands. The remaining elder was a Seeker. Cris hadn't been home since he was a child. Since he and his sisters had been taken in by the Chantry. He thought it might be nice to see how Janae was doing. "Our village was never the same after the attack that claimed half our village" He told her as they headed to the hamlet she had seen. This was the first time he had even mentioned anything of his home village "The raiders killed the adults and all but ten of us, the mages tortured us kids that remained, they showed us my parents bodies, and the others. The mage bastards raped and killed my mother and eldest sister then turned thier attention to the others. And people wonder why i hate them" He shook his head a little and focused on the hamlet "I think this is Morgans Hope" He mused reaching back into his memory "My father and other men and women of our village traded with them if i remember rightly. There is a Chantry there and a housing centre for Orphans waiting to go to the myriad of Orphanages" he cast a sideways glance at Ava and the grim light entered his eyes "this is also a holding area for those who have manifested in magic, if they are no where near a city or town"
  2. 6th Kingsway 949 secluded Village between the Hinterlands and Crestwood, Ferelden Cris, Ava @Jax, @Zyah_Rayne 1x1, closed two months after thier last mission in Orlais, having restocked Cris and Ava are coming into Ferelden Hidden Punishments Finally, after weeks of travelling, stopping off at various Templar outposts to stock up and take back the odd escaped Mage to the dicks in armour who claimed to be true Templars, Cris took a deep breath as they crossed into the Hinterlands, the last lands between Orlais and Ferelden. The Templar looked at his partner a little differently now. She was no longer just his partner in bringing the abominations to justice. She was something else. Something more and he had even stopped calling Ava the Orlesian Poodle, it didn't seem to fit her anymore. She was as ferocious as a She-Mabari and he had grown rather possessive over her. He had let her see that side of his nature none had seen in years and it felt so damn good to be able to share that with someone. In turn he saw her darkness, the hunger for the Lyrium that lit her eyes every time they took it. Ava hid her addictions as well as he hid his and somewhere along the line their own individual darkness became shared. In more ways then one. They had discarded thier weak link so Mage Hunting was now more focused. When they did capture a Mage, as tempting as it was to kill the sons of bitches, they had to take some back. usually it was when they were near an outpost anyway. Cris was home, or as near as home as he would allow himself to have. He glanced at Ava once more as they hit the lone path towards the outer regions of the Hinterlands. Ferelden was known for its. leniency towards the mages. Because thier fucking hero was one, sure it was OK to stop a Blight but she should have gone straight back to the circle and that was why he hated Grey Wardens. More then Mages sometimes. "Well my homeland, the land of the mage lovers" he spat on the ground in disgust "no shortage of heretics round here i bet, ready my dark lady?"
  3. ((fin?)
  4. He lay looking at the stars his muscled arm tucked behind his head. Aching Sore but seeing the world through a clarity he had only shared with his command from his first few years. Now he had purpose again. He was coming down now, the Lyrium fading to leave his body drained, drained but happy. He returned her kiss and drew her close to him allowing her to rest her head on him. "I like the sound of that" he murmured. "So, where next? Cause if i have to stay in a fucking circle i will go mad" He pulled a blanket over the both of them, thier tent somewhat wrecked in thier rather long and intense lovemaking sessions. More over Ava then him, he just kept it over his lower half, out of habit.
  5. His mouth twisted into a insane grin as Ava began to ride his cock hard. She slammed herself on him as hard as Cris bucked inside her. Cris moved her back a little so he could get a better angle and helped her rise and fall on him. Who would have thought Ava Michel had a decadent side? Not Cristiano Murdoch that was for certain. She was no Poodle, she was no porcelin doll, she was a dark goddess that deserved to be worshipped and worshipped in blood. The blood of mages around them, his Lyrium addled mind pictured the tortures they would inflict and his cock became harder with the thought, The Maker brought him two companions, but the Maker had told him, no shown him who was more worthy of Chris's loyalty. He put his mouth to her ear and moaned her name long and low, nipping the skin as she rode him, he moved forward putting her on her back and hooked her legs over his arms, kneeling he fucked her harder, his cock remaining hard and true. The Lyrium excess in his system making every thrust every touch a thousand times more sensitive. He would go for as long as she wanted and he growled her name in a reverent tone.
  6. Cris knocked back the third vile and let a contended sigh go as the wonderful feelings overwhelmed him. He pulled her over and sat her across his lap. He ran his hands up her legs as his breathing became deeper, how many more marks would she put on him, Cris knew that after this night, he would kill any who lay thier hands on her. Mage, Chantry, Seeker or another Templar. Only they had the power and the faith to do what the Maker willed, what was expected of true Templars. He moved his head from side to side almost as if he was reading something she could not see. He ran his hands up her body and along her shoulders, up her neck and tipped it back. He put his mouth to her neck, and bit down hard. Enough to leave another mark enough to draw a little blood, but instead of letting go he sucked the skin harder, his senses keener, hie eyes almost glowing with the high he was on and the effects of the Lyrium, He did this in a line down her neck, No one could touch them or come anywhere them. Bryant who? He wouldn't understand thier perfection, other Swords were never near thier skill. The growl emitted from his throat. His mind set, if they broke away from thier commanders they could bring any and all mages to heel, there was no such thing as a decent mage, they were all Animals, at that last thought he brought her down hard on his cock, let her claim him, no one would ever understand what they needed to do was right.
  7. Cris pretended not to see the hungry glint in her eyes, all Templar got like that be they addicts or just seeing it. he made two vials up, knocked one back and made a third. he looked at her and sat with his back against the canvas sheeting. He held one out for her, already enjoying the light buzz it gave him. he could feel its magic working on him. He wanted to see if it worked he same on her and if he might up having to give her a new nickname.
  8. Wasn't just her shirt he ripped off. he used most wrestling moves he could think off, but for every move he made she countered. Frustrated, excited, and the wrong side of sane, he grunted and pinned her arms above her head with one powerful arm, with the other hand he reached for his dagger and set the tip at her throat, for once the woman beneath him did not even bat an eyelid. There were times in the past when he had reached this point, his partner for the night had almost shit herself but not Ava. He placed the tip of the dagger to her throat and slowly moved it down her skin, letting his blade caress the flesh beneath him, until he reached her uniform trousers. "Seems a shame that the poodle is dressed wouldn't you agree?" his voice had taken on a slightly deeper maybe darker tone, fueled by his own depravity, lust whatever it was that consumed him at this time, it was obvious he had done this a few times. Maybe not with the other persons consent, there was reason most women in the garrison they occasionally went back to were concerned about him. Maybe even feared him a little, Ava was none of them, she was a class above them all. He flicked the belt off and then the button before setting the blade to one side and releasing her wrists. He reached over and got his draught, cut one and looked at her, now he would see if the rumours he had heard were true, he had more lyrium then he should have had, where he got it from he wouldn't tell, but anyone could see this was drug of his choice, he just wanted to see if the rumours concerning his friend was true, or made up.
  9. Cris narrowed his eye, the bit had him gasping and that had just made his situation worse. Getting up he dropped his trousers letting it free, walked up behind Ava and span her round, pulling her head back like she had him he bit her throat leaving his own mark. His hand moved up her side and under her top, before tripping her so she landed on the bedroll and laying over her and kissing her skin, the blood from her inflicted marks and the whip seeping more into her shirt.
  10. He closed his eyes as the stinging sensations made thier way through his body, She really did get him, how could he have not seen this after all this time. She was magnificent, his dark goddess and he growled low in his throat. He could feel her sharp talons tear along his skin, the blood seep through and although he wanted more, he brought a halt to it. before he reacted too much and crossed that line between friends, a line that might not work so well.
  11. He grunted as the lash hit him again, this time harder and the next three times. On the fourth he turned grabbed her wrist and pulled her down, the darkness of his lyrim addicted mind shining in his eyes. He had reached that point he had always reached with others like him. His breathing was something less than human and he saw her darkness, her need to control. He took the whip and tossed it to one side and pointed to her nails. A little more and he should be fine. Of course the other reason for all this was that somewhere deep inside him, he blamed himself for the deaths of his mother and older sister. This was not just about getting the Maker on side, it was about much more than that.
  12. Oh he liked it, not because this was cleansing his soul now he had done that already, but because this was what he liked. The noise of satisfaction at the back of his throat more or less proved that. "You might not have understood if i told you when we met" he breathed, his rolling as he felt the enjoyment rush over him "besides it was private" he didn't even flinch when she hit him harder "i trust you just this was private" He breathed deeper the harder she hit him, his mind replaying the games that his former lover would play only now those images were superimposed by Ava. He groaned as he felt the skin break and lowered his head, Breathing harsher deeper and wondering why it was he hadn't confided in her before, He knew she liked to stamp her authority by whatever means necessary. The more she hit him the more he liked it and the darker element, nurtured by his mentor began to surface. A growl began to emit from the back of his throat.
  13. He laughed as she easily span him round, truth be told Cristiano was drunk enough to enjoy what was happening but not too drunk that he didn't have some control. He let a grunt go as she slapped the whip arcoss his back and for a moment his eyelids fluttered, his eyes rolled back. He felt his bodies reaction long before he saw it. Over the years he had become used to this, so when he paid a visit to the odd whore house or two, he knew what to ask for and who to get, at the end of the day not every lady Templar liked this sort of game, if they had taken a vow of chastity then they were no good to him. His strange nature had most whores keep button lipped about his likes and dislikes, and as he let the sensation settle over his body he had to wonder if his battle sister, sister sword and friend would see him in the same light ever again? that and how it would change thier relationship. "Of you are going to do it, do it like you mean it" he snarled
  14. The grin spread across the Templars face, and a shudder ran through his body, he grasped her hand by the wrist and a darker light hit his eyes. There was something not altogether right about Cristiano in his head, and any head doctor would say that his former mentor had not only taken his hatred of Mages and forged it into something new but twisted any feelings he might have had in romance department. He grinned wider, warmth spreading across his body with the alochol "Is that all you got Poodle?" He trusted Ava with his life so why not trust her with this. He ran a hand down her neck "I thought you 'lesians played hardball" He was pushing her and he knew it, but that was all part of the game right?
  15. He snorted and managed to get to his feet, the room span a little but soon settled down, although when he took a step in front of her he was a little unsteady on his feet. He opened his shirt and took it off, spreading his arms a little to show a perfectly honed, perfectly muscled body. Every inch of his body muscles defined from years of training. Scars at various points on his body showed his wars, and for one his age, he had many of them. Although the scars on his back were now more obvious as to where they came from. Feeling cheeky and probably more than a tad bit drunk, he did a complete 360 showing off his physique "Like whatcha see Lightweight Poodle?" He was going to suffer for that comment but right now he was in a happy state and he really didn't care.