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    Minuet did notice Nim rub his temples, but she said nothing about it, brushing her concern away for the time being. He was alright, she told herself, since he wasn't saying anything. Even so, she would continue to watch her beloved while they were out on their trip. But first, a little rest sounded nice. Sitting down beside him, Minuet practically laid down on him, smiling. "Very beautiful," she replied, enjoying the closeness that they could share in such a lovely land. Even if she had been uncertain at first about settling down in Ostagar, she had to admit that she liked the way things were going!
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    "Spindleweed!" Minuet chimed, happy that she could remember at least that. The name had amused her for some reason, although she was not certain about the properties. Her own brow furrowed as she thought about it. "I think it has healing properties, but I'm not exactly sure what," she finally admitted, before smiling at Nim. "We should take some anyway in case we need it!" Really, she wanted to have a large collection of herbs, for who knew what would come in handy at any given time?
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    Minuet's mind was alight with all the possibilities of what kind of home they could build together. On one hand, the thought of a small, comfortable abode with lots of plants was tempting, something cozy that she could share with Nim. But what if they somehow had a big family and needed more room? What would they do then? Finally, she decided that she could not decide and she giggled. "We'll figure it out," she told him with a smile as she held out the basket she carried for the herbs they had gathered.
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    "Oh, that's right," Minuet responded. She had completely forgotten about that, for she had already grown accustomed to being in their one place! Well, it was an idea for the future, something which she liked having with Nim. She wanted to share everything and try new things now that they were bonded! Although the idea of a more permanent home perplexed her. "Like what?" she questioned, hardly ever having considered living differently. "You mean... like what the shemlen live in?"
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    “Mmhmm!” Minuet answered with a happy smile for her beloved. She thought that it was a good idea. “We could still go out and gather, of course, but that would give us herbs to use while we’re letting the wild plants grow and replenish.” After all, if they were to remain in one place, they could not use up all of their resources, but at the same time they would need herbs! It seemed a good solution. She squeezed Nim’s hand in return. “It is a lot,” she answered. They had been so accustomed to traveling for all of their lives and now they were in one place. It was odd and Minuet especially felt the need to wander at times! Satisfying that need on trips like these with Nim made everything all the better. Still, despite the change, she was a little excited about the challenge of making their own garden. Hopefully growing plants would one day lead to growing other things as well! “What do you think? Should we?”
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    "Hmm..." It took Minuet several moments to think, for she really could not help but admire the beautiful scenery about then. It was a lovely day and the autumn light was simply marvelous. Even better, she was able to share it with her beloved! It all made her so happy. But, they were on a mission and she had to focus on the task at hand. At least she greatly enjoyed finding herbs. "I would really like to find embrium," she answered. The plant had therapeutic qualities so it was very useful to the Dalish but it was also beautiful, with deep reds that Minuet adored. "Do you think we could gather seeds as well?" she added after a moment more of walking. It was something they'd never thought of before, because in the past they had simply left the plants that were seeding alone so that they could spread and grow. But, now that they were not as mobile, perhaps it was a good idea to attempt to cultivate them as well. "We could try planting them by our aravel in the spring."
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    "Aneth ara, Nariel," Minuet answered back pleasantly as the girl embraced her father. Although she didn't know it, she was thinking almost the same thing as the girl. Truly she wished that Nariel would like her! She loved children and although she never expected or even wanted to replace Aza'onna as her mother, there was so much she could do with her! But she would have to give Nariel time. Perhaps then she would grow accustomed to the fact that she was bonded to her father. Minuet would be patient, she decided, even letting the girl take out her frustrations if she needed. For now, however, at least she seemed excited about the possibility of learning magic from her father. Minuet smiled, before saying, "I'm sure you will be able to learn that wonderfully, Nariel." After all, Nariel was Nim's daughter and she had no doubt that his talents ran to her as well.
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    Minuet certainly hoped that was the case, for she did not truly wish to deal with an angered child. While she could understand Nariel being upset, she never knew how to handle when people were angry, especially with her! It always made Minuet want to leave the situation, to be alone and focus on her music… But she couldn’t do that here, for things had to be smoothed over. She was bonded to Nim now, after all, and with that came the responsibilities of family. He couldn’t just have his daughter upset with him forever. They both deserved to have each other. So, bravely for her, Minuet followed Nim towards the camp of the A’Tear. When he paused, she moved to wrap her arms around his waist, kissing his cheek lovingly. “We can wait as long as you need to,” she assured softly.
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    While she was in Nim'aridoln's arms and their lips were pressed together, all worries seemed to flee from Minuet. She giggled like a girl in love --for that she certainly was-- and nuzzled his face. When he set her down, her nervousness returned, but at least she felt somewhat better, but at least her love was at her side. "No," she admitted uneasily, for she still was unsure about talking with Nariel. More than anything she wanted to be accepted by the da'len, not as a mother necessarily but as her father's bonded. It was likely a upsetting situation for Nariel, but Minuet really wished to be a part of her life as she was so special for Nim. "But we shall go anyway."
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    3 Kingsway 9:51 (someone tell me if this isn't correct!) Ostagar, Ferelden Nim, Nariel, Min @Claire, @Flapjack and Momo group, invite only Nim and Min reveal their secret bonding to Nariel! (link to prior thread, plot thread) Minuet alternated between chewing on her lip and humming to herself, nervous of what was about to come. Although she was finally bonded to Nim, the love of her life, their union had been one that not everyone approved of. It was especially true when it came to Nariel, Nim's young daughter. Minuet knew that the girl had been against their bonding, something which she could understand. But they'd gone and done it anyway and now had to talk with the girl about it. Waiting for Nim, Minuet waited nervously to go speak with her. Afterwards she would also have to tell her own sister as well... something which made her all the more nervous!