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    While she was in Nim'aridoln's arms and their lips were pressed together, all worries seemed to flee from Minuet. She giggled like a girl in love --for that she certainly was-- and nuzzled his face. When he set her down, her nervousness returned, but at least she felt somewhat better, but at least her love was at her side. "No," she admitted uneasily, for she still was unsure about talking with Nariel. More than anything she wanted to be accepted by the da'len, not as a mother necessarily but as her father's bonded. It was likely a upsetting situation for Nariel, but Minuet really wished to be a part of her life as she was so special for Nim. "But we shall go anyway."
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    3 Kingsway 9:51 (someone tell me if this isn't correct!) Ostagar, Ferelden Nim, Nariel, Min @Claire, @Flapjack and Momo group, invite only Nim and Min reveal their secret bonding to Nariel! (link to prior thread, plot thread) Minuet alternated between chewing on her lip and humming to herself, nervous of what was about to come. Although she was finally bonded to Nim, the love of her life, their union had been one that not everyone approved of. It was especially true when it came to Nariel, Nim's young daughter. Minuet knew that the girl had been against their bonding, something which she could understand. But they'd gone and done it anyway and now had to talk with the girl about it. Waiting for Nim, Minuet waited nervously to go speak with her. Afterwards she would also have to tell her own sister as well... something which made her all the more nervous!