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  1. Selene preferred the longbow for two reasons. One, she had always used it, and two its destructive power could determine the flow of battle before it had even begun, and if the rain of arrows coming down on the slavers was anything to go by then that worked just fine, there was a third reason and she showed it now. Selene had tracked her partner as any good sister in arms would do, any who came up on Gilly's blind side she dispatched with an ease born or one used to her weapon. She followed her onto the wagon and drew her bow, She wasn't going to take the young woman's scalp but she was going to even the score up a little. Firing her arrows she put it though the leg of the slaver Gilly was fighting, then another into the head of the woman that had been creeping up behind the younger woman. "New Girlfriend? She's pretty" Myra asked loosening off her own arrows. "My brothers girl" Selene retorted and let loose her own arrows once more, every arrow found its mark and eventually the bandits were thinned out enough for them to start surrendering, but the Dalish rarely took prisoners, especially when it was over something like this. "What? You have a brother?" Myra arched an eyebrow as she lowered her bow "You never told me!" "I Don't tell you everything. We'll send a Raven to the city, they can send wagons for these." "This is our territory 'lene" "No, the woods there are Dalish Territory, this bit is Amaranthine" Selene gave the Dalish archer a pointed look and shouldering her bow made her way down to the camp and towards the cages to start letting the kids go and filling them up with living and wounded raiders.
  2. "Hmm" Selene dryly responded. Selene was a complex woman when it came to affairs of the heart, she liked men and women, she had been in love with a man when she was younger but he had left her for parts unknown and she had explored the other side of her sexuality. In her mind it gave her a 50 50 chance of a date on a night. She had her admirers and this Dalish had been one of them. A couple of months of physical meetings gave way to something more personal for a year or so until other things drove them apart. It didn't bother Selene half as much as the fact that whenever that bitch saw her, she always did that. "Once" She offered as the only way of an explanation. They followed the Dalish and found the Raiders encampment, looked like they were doing more then counting the spoils of thier recent raids. In wooden pens they also had slaves. Human Children, Dalish Children and what looked like City Elf children as well. Selene hissed in anger. "Fucking Slavers" She whispered and looked at her former lover "We do this together, you can take the Dalish children back to Ostagar or wherever your camp is, we'll take the others back to Amaranthine, the Chantry will know where to find thier parents." "Chances are 'lene," Myra glanced across at her "They come from all over Fereldan" Selene wondered how big an operation these fucks were running but although it might be hard to tell where the captives came from, it was almost certain where they were heading. "Tevinter" She growled. "You and i will stay back and cut off thier approach" Myra explained "We both have Longbows, that will thin out thier numbers, your friend here can join our warriors, if she wishes" Selene nodded her ascent but she couldn't speak for Gilly. "Does that sound good to you Kirkwall?" She reverted to the nickname Gilly seemed to have picked up from first Cragan then most other Silver Order Knights who had made her brief acquaintance
  3. open

    Selene had to give Colm credit, they had opted to let him speak, and the poor lad looked like he was about to fall through a hole he was that nervous. Selene, however saw in him and indeed Cyan Gilly, and Lessa as well as Gertrude the future of the Order. Cyan pretty much had a personality of her own and it was a fun one. Lessa had one that merged her noble blood and the slight common element that had crept in with working with those who were not born with a silver spoon in thier mouths. Whenever she became the next Bann she was going to be a damn good one in Selenes opinion. Gilly, well whatever was going on with her would sort itself out in time she supposed, or at least she hoped. Shit happened people reacted differently to different things, and from what Gertrude and Lessa had told her on the ride over, it was hardly surprising that the Marcher had acted the way she did. If Selene had been there herself then they would all be dead and hanging by thier entrails. Gertrude, well Gertrude was the personification of an Exemplar and humble Knight. She may have needed to lighten up a little and Maker knew when this was over they all needed a break, right now though, she was happy to let Colm or even Cyan take the lead, they had after all served with Fiona Cragan before they became Silver Order Knights and thus, pperhaps knew her best. Selene however was thinking on the long term. IF if turned out Fiona Cragan was dirty, then it would reflect on Kyra, and that would not be a good thing at all, even the hint of corruption within a familyn as old as the Cragans would be enough to have everyone baying for thier blood. The people of Amaranthine had had enough of being linked to traitors and turncoats. This might tip them over the edge.
  4. Selene shrugged a little, to be honest there was nothing that could be done, they were red heads, they would either blame each other or blame themselves and yet neither would approach the other, as a red head herself she wanted to bang their collectIve heads together. "You'll find each other again" was all she said on the matter, "Now sleep or swim?" She wanted her brother to have something else on his mind now, and she wanted him to know if he wanted it she was there for him.
  5. "Blonde terrorist?" Selend frowned and looked at the teenage mage healer and chuckled, she had never met Deana but she had heard plenty about her, "Well, have to do what the doctors say right?" Selend rose from her seat and leant over, kissing his forehead, she stroked his cheek for a moment, relief that he was alive, fear at what the next few months would mean for him, determined he not do this alone. Everything came through her in equal measure, as much as she wanted to stay she knew he needed his rest, Senior Knight she may have been, but even she knew where not to upset the healer, She told hime to rest and she would be back later, it was only when she out the Infirmary and away from the public gaze that she leant against the keeps walls, put her hands over her eyes and wept.
  6. "No i was in the city fighting the fucking renegade guards and trying to stop others from.killing innocents with Gilly Colm and Gertrude. lessa and Cyan went to the deep with the wardans" Selene crossed her arms across her knee and then laced her fingers through his. He would need keeping an eye on, she would take a leave of absence if she had to, Fuck the rules this was her little brother and she would be there if he wanted her to be "So, fancy a road trip when you feel upto it? Thought we should both head to lothering, finish your journey?"
  7. "No youre not" Selene whispered "She was angry that was all" Selene let him.step back and let him calm down. selene sat back on the step and waited for join her. Callum had come to mean a lot to her, Gilly too if truth be told. selene had never had what they had, as far as she could tell what they had was special, but like any young couple they probably didnt really talk about shit She suspected underlying tensions whatever they were had just gone bang. Getting up she went back inside, found the strongest alcohol she could find and came back.out with two glasses and poured them. "So, what you going to do about it?"
  8. selene nodded and waited for the lead Archer to return to where they stood. A woman with her cloak hood pulled up and over her features. "Selene" she remarked and kissed the red head full on the lips before stepping back "We were following our sister and her family until they were attacked. Thank you for not interferring" "Myra" selene touched her lips a moment before clearing her throat and stepping back, then remebering her manners introduced the dalish hunter to Gilly. "Was that all.of them?" "No theres a slighty larger encampment down the trail. I saw you and your partner come in thought we would deal with them and wait for you.So, want to come.with?" selene glanced at Gilly and motioned with her hand "If you are going to call Fereldan your home better get used to the wildlife around here"
  9. selene let him have his rant, it was better then sitting there and watching him go all moody and morose. "You have what, loved her since you were a teenager so don't tell me you couldn't care less." selene was and could be far more stubbourn and forthright then her brother. "Did it occur to you that sometimes you are way too honest for your own good? Callum you are not like dad, so you kissed another woman? You didnt have sex with her, dad would have jumped her bones given the chance." selene cleaned up the mess and came outside. she walked straight up to him and wrapped her arms round him. "its ok to be angry cal but dont cover what you feel about it, thats a dangerous road brother and one you do not walk"
  10. That was a lie, a big one that came from her brothers lips, so going up behind him, she reached for a towel, then smacked him round the back of his head. "dont tell me big lies like that, course iy matters to you you doofus"
  11. "they wont let you do anything little brother until you are healthy and re-trained" Selene told him honestly. Selene had learnt over the last year that her brother preferred blunt honesty. Shr set things down and died her hands. "yeah they did. Be a while before they are all rounded up" She admitted "Whrn we find them, then they will either come quietly or not" A Slight malicious tone enteted selenes voice "I am hoping they dont." selene reached out and cupped her hand round cals cheek. "you need me to get you anyyhing, food? Change of clothes? Alcohol?"
  12. selene was silent, at least until they were nearer to the camp. "Then our job is done, we let the Dailish have thier revenge and leave" she matter of factly stated. The last thing any of them would want is an arguement with the Dalish. Selene was a good Archer, but she was not as good as their archers. she had an eerie feeling crawl up her spine and put a slender finger to her lips. "We're being watched" she mouthed and with her eyes motioned to the trees above.
  13. Selene walked past her brother, made herself a coffee and coming back out told him to shift up and sat next to him. She was silent for a moment reading the mood and sipped some coffee. "Good stuff." She set the mug down "So, Gilly came back to the Barracks and hasn't really said a word, you wanna tell me what this is all about?" She knew, Gilly had told her and Lessa and no one else. Like the Noblewoman she had opted not to put her opinion in. She didn't know the full onslaught but she knew enough to know it must have been pretty bad. She glanced at him sideways "i am not here to bollock you or call you any stupid names, i am here cause i think you could use the company, but i want to help, if i can"
  14. Selene shook her head and told herself that the lass was a city girl, so she let the savage comment slide. "No they are not Savages, but they have precious little to trust humans for. I don't know what it is like for the Dalish in the Marches or anywhere else, but our King gave them Ostagar after the Blight, for thier contribution to the Wardens during that time." Selene had never come across a savage Dalish in all her life, of course there were those who would rather shoot first and ask questions later, but given the precarious line between friend and foe with the two races, she could hardly say she blamed them. She glanced at her companion "it matters not in my book, they killed and injured these people, stole what they had. We are going to get them and bring them in." She told the Dalish woman to stay where she was, they were near the Brecillian Forest road and there was a Dailish encampment there, "I will send someone to help you as soon as i can" She promised and joined Gilly's side. "Welcome to your first real day on the job kiddo," She knelt down and looked at the tracks "OK we'll go this way, circle round them, leave the horses here they'll make too much noise" Selene followed the trail with Gilly behind her and told her to follow the path she made. The bandits had been rather clumsy in thier getaway and had left a trail a mile wide. The Silver Order were no mere city guard, and Selene was about to teach Gilly how to be sneaky.
  15. Selene took in his injuries in a heartbeat and was silent for a moment. This, this did not look good but it wasn't the physical injuries that bothered her, over the course of the last two or three days she had seen much worse. It was her brothers demeanour that caused her some concern. She sat herself out on the bed and looked at the book he was reading "Tevinter horror stories?" She arched and eyebrow and chuckled a little "You do have a weird reading library brother" She watched as he marked his page and set the book down. Selene ran a hand down her face saw the stubble looking all over the place and getting up rooted through his drawers until she found what she wanted then sitting in front of him she held up the shaving mirror and told him to hold it. It wouldn't matter if he protested, in her opinion this would make him feel a little better about himself, not a lot but a little. She lathered up his face and steadily began to shave him. "It would not have bothered me if Cragan had ordered me to return to duty, I hadn't come to see you since it happened and my place is looking after my kid brother, whether he wants it or not. Just found each other Callum, not about to abandon you when you need kin most" When Lessa had told them what had happened and who was on the casualty list, Selene wanted to get here before now, but she had been put on hunting detail, her expertise at tracking had meant for the last day or so she had been hunting down the renegade Silver Order and Guardsmen that had fled. She had got some of them, but not all of them, that would be rectified in another couple of days. "Did Gilly come to see you?" She asked concentrating on what she was doing and attempting to get him to talk to her.