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    Jared drove his sword through several raiders but saw some of his crew take a hit, including one of Raistlin's carpenters, a young lad that, unbeknownst to the Bosun had been spared his lash several months ago now. Still the lad took three of them into the swirling waters with him. He moved to the edge to see if the lad had come up but all that came up was the blood that accompanied them, must have hit something on the way down. Shaking his head he grabbed the captain of the vessel and pinned him against the mast, "You made a fuck off mistake boy" he snarled and drove his sword into the mans gut. It wasn't a quick death, the man would bleed to death, slow and painful, just how Jared wanted him to. "Nice" he turned to see the rigger called Anthena, an Ehlven woman with an Antivan accent join his side "Orders sir?" Jared heard a crack and looked up, he saw Zenda now on the Run and then felt the mast begin to splinter and move under the force of the winds that she was throwing at it. He grabbed the Elf round the waist and dived to one side as the Mast with its mage in its crow nest began to veer violently too one side, the other. "BRACE!" Jared yelled, warning Whitford who had the other Quartermaster in an arm lock, he smirked briefly as Whit broke the mans neck then motioned at the older bigger man to move. Whitford dived over the side and into the water below. Jared covered his body over his crewmate as the foremast, rigging and crows nest came down, the Water Weavers neck snapped as he was tossed from the nest and got caught up in the rigging.
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    If any of the raiders even attempted to board the Demons Run, then they were cut down before they even got halfway across. That wasn't what bothered the Bosun, or the Quartermaster, judging by the looks on Whitfords face and Jared raised his gaze, in time to see one of the Riggers smashed off the sails by the waves that had suddenly pounded the sides of the Run. "WATER MAGE!" He yelled "Watch your footing and get on that boat, i want them all fucking dead!" Jared figured there was enough of a prize in the hold to make this battle worthwhile, but, like the rest of the Crew and Whitford, they needed Zenda, "Keep them occupied enough until Zenda gets back here!" Jared ordered his seasoned crew, he was under no illusions that some lives would be lost but that was the nature of life at sea and he wasn't about to change it. Cracking his whip through the air, he grabbed his opposite number by the throat and yanked him off his feet then drove his sword into him, without a Bosun to direct them, they were down one focus, Whit was heading for the Quartermaster and Jared set his sights on the Captain, but the Waterweaver was making life a little difficult for them.
  4. Jared allowed a wry smirk to cross his face, but it didn't touch his eyes. The man was like stone when it came to that kind of conversastion plus the fact that one of the mutineers was kin to him, of sorts. "Maybe he didn't" Jared conceded "but an example needed to be made, and i made it. and i am pretty sure he will fall in line again." Jared stretched and set his whip on the desk, he could tell Nyla what it was all about, but he wouldn't. She might not think any different of him, but she had a thing about friends fucking over friends. Just one of her endearments and a potential hotspot with her at any rate. Anything else was fair game but in Nyla's book, you didn't fuck over your own. Jared was fucking over his own since he joined the Demons Run, always afraid that someone might work out that he was a member of the very branch of the Merchant Princes that Barty did not like. He knew Nyla would never tell anyone who or what he was, what worried him now was, would Raistlin? He supposed he would find out one day. "Come on We have work to do, and for the record, i intend for you to make me holler again, with the whip" He let the sly smile curl his lips once more. "Just to see if your swing has improved any"
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    Jared watched in amazement as the wind gusts sent by Zenda started rocking the boat wildly. Obviously these fuckers did not know who they were dealing with, else they would not have even bothered. He had his sword in one hand, his whip in the other. "You heard the Quatermaster" he yelled "If one of them set foot on this deck I'll have yer hides. Ready the grappling hooks lads and lasses" Jared knew this was more Nyla's area, when it came to boarding actions, she knew how to deploy a crew like no other. He got them motivated. "Get ready!" he walked along the line of pirates waiting to do as Whitford told them. "Steady now, the moment they are within view lads. Archers ready?" "Aye sir" One of the Riggers yelled down, with Nicky being home he was down one archer, and she was a damn good archer. He looked to Whitford who came down to join them and then raised his arm "PULL EM DOWN TO HELL LADS!" He ordered and the grappling hooks flew through the air.
  6. Jared kept his back turned to the blonde vixen, Nyla was his best friend but there were somethings she did not need to know, and that was one of them. She knew the important stuff, that was all that mattered. His problem with Raistlin and Raistlin's problem with him would be one that would mar them for a long while. Jared wasn't even sure thier former friendship would ever be repaired, certainly not after today. He turned his head "He needed to be taught that sloppy work has consequences" It didn't actually occur to Jared that the Carpenter was taking the hit for one of the kids on his small crew, as far as he was concerned he had let his former friend know who was in charge around here, after the skipper and quartermaster that was, and he supposed Erik, seeing as Erik was the captains protege. He shook his head and opened a drawer "You never find this stuff, try it" he grinned and closed the gap between them "I know very well how you use this baby, but well maybe you need to teach me again hmm?" Jared liked the way his friendship with Nyla rolled, the Carpenter was what, a distraction for her, nothing more of that he was certain or so he thought. "Come on, why does this bother you so much? Its my purview to do this and i did as i saw fit, nothing more, nothing less"
  7. jared curled his whip and to his belt. he shook his head "the appropriate punishment was dealt. He's a big boy he can take it." the mutiny played on his mind. Especially with who was behind it and he needed to reassert his authority. No doubt Whitford would have something to say about this later. he was not going to let anone pull yhst shit again. "drink?"
  8. Jared saw Nylas look but ignored it let her have her say, he could take it. When the Bosun lashed out with the first he had intended twenty. But the hatred between the two men was such that he wanted to remind Raistlin and show his small crew who was in charge. Somone was injured and that deserved thirty. The extra one was just because. He lowered his whip when the Quatermaster barked at him to stop and nonchantly curled the whip back up ignoring Eriks words. His eyes met Raists and cold met cold. "shows over get on with your work" He had a job to do and there was no way he was ever going to let something like the mutiny happen again.
  9. Jared scowled when Nyla asked him to give Raistlin a break, he shook his head "Cant have dopey idiots not thinking straight cause they emptied thier sack after five seconds can we?" that was all he was prepared to say on the matter, Nyla didn't need to hear anymore, besides his past was his past, it just so happened some of his past was linked with the man down there. "Oh i have the coin, unless you want to play for something else?" Jared wrapped his arm round Nyla and drew her to him. "Always have the good stuff for you love you...what the hell was that" Jared saw Raistlin run off and after a moment followed. Jared looked around at the mess, and the blood spot where Gayle had been hurt. "This is your fault you say?" He could feel his lip curl into an almost smile. Jared more or less got on with everyone, but he and Raistlin, well that friendship had long been over. The only thing that vexed Jared was, like Nyla, Raist knew his past and why Raistlin had never revealed to anyone who Jerads family really were. They had been best friends once, as close as brothers, now they were virtual enemies. This had nothing to do with Nyla either, this went back a lot further. When he saw the carpenter nodd he shrugged "People could have been killed, if Nyla had been in here, she could have been killed. Or would that please you and make it one for one hmm?" Jared stepped to one side "get him up to the deck and get Whitford to tie him to the mast." Jared had no idea that Raistlin was covering for one of his boys, all he cared about was people could have died and had Nyla been in here, she could have died too, or been very seriously hurt and that just would not do.
  10. Jared couldn't help the slight surge of jealousy although whether that was because of his close friendship with Nyla or the fact she had spent the night with that man was hard to tell, maybe a bit of both. So knowng what pushed the Carpenters buttons he rested his arm behind Nyla and called down. "Hey Raistlin, you sure your boys know what they are doing? Do they need me to give them some motivation, maybe i should make an example of you huh? Big second Gen man is not immune from my ... orders is he" Years ago when both men were younger they had been friends, until Jared borrowed Raists then long term partner, a water weaver by the name of Rhiannon, charmed her when she was on one of his previous ships and slept with her, several times, of course at that point his ship had come under attack and she had died, something the Carpenter had never forgiven him for, well that and sleeping with both his sisters in his cabin. So knowing how the big man was about such things it was easy to play with him. And Jared so liked to play. "Crews looking alright, if there is anything you need them to do Nyla then by all means get them to do it, and you owe me a game of dice later and a drink or two" he winked.
  11. 13th August 951 aboard the Demons Run Jared, Nyla, Raistlin @Planetboss1 @Jax @Zyah_Rayne group The morning after the night before and Jared isnt sure how he feels about seeing Nyla leave Raists sleeping area. Tongue tied and Twisted There was enough sights on the decks of the Run that could send chills up the crews spine. Barty in a rage, Whitford in a bad mood. Zenda practising her magic on some hapless newbie who hadn't quite worked out not too piss her off, but none more so then the sight of the Bosun as he stood on the Quarter Deck and looked down at the work details. It was early, the sun was up and Jared was always an early riser. He stood watching, making sure everyone was doing thier part to keep this ship running in the way the Captain was accustomed to. One hand rested on his belt, the other rested on the whip that was always glued to his side, hence his nickname, and the fact when he flicked it, they listened. He was actually looking for his best friend, although she wasn't in her area of the ship yet. and she wasn't in her cabin either. so he had to wonder what she was doing, He got his answer as Nyla emerged from the Carpenters quarters and his eyebrow climbed a little. What she did in her spare time was her business, but still, there was a history there, and not just between him and Nyla. "Our Carpenter do something to displease you?" He called down mildly. Truth be told Jared was always looking for something to pick up on the Carpenter, whilst he respected the mans skill, strength and prowess in battle, that was all it was, everything else could be said to be borderline hatred. They didn't like each other, and Jared suspected it was only the fact the two men observed the rules of the ship that prevented full scale brawls from erupting between them. He watched Nyla look up and make her way to where he was, they needed to start getting the gang to work and the last boarding action had goods that needed looking over.