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  1. Alright, I suppose we should just have the thread with Innes/Bria arriving at the house and see what happens! For ease, I'll include Cameron/Innes in same post but it might be from a different perspective depending on account.
  2. Depending on whether @Zyah_Rayne agrees, I think it's time for Cameron to be introduced to the Guthrie family! The thread where Innes/Bria claim him covers a few days. The first day of that thread is dated the 24th Kingsway so we can sort of fudge things slightly and say they arrive in West Hill just before evening meal on 28th Kingsway. Does that suit everyone's timelines? Any preference for how this should be RP'd? It doesn't have to be a group thread, but I think it's fair to say that Zyah and I need to see the reactions of Brodie and Mhairi (Nathair/Bridget are also important, but not as essential) before we can continue to RP Innes/Bria with Cameron and whatever they decide to do about him staying in West Hill. So, we can do a group thread or 1x1's or whatever. Throw ideas at me. Having said that, if no one is especially bothered, you can let me know your characters' reactions OOCly and we can incorporate that into the Innes/Bria threads. Obviously it's more fun to play it out though!
  3. Sorry, I know I'm being thick: if Callum has his breakdown in winter, then the dates for both threads are wrong? The tavern breakdown is dated August and the current Matthew/Amalia/Callum thread is August. Do both of these have to be changed? I can see how the 'Back to Normal' thread can be pushed back to Firstfall. I assume that's when Callum is taking up GW duties again. Am I overthinking this??
  4. Specific date or just general? I'll change it on the main timeline next time I'm on laptop!
  5. @Claire, @Jax, @Kat - just a quick query! I was updating the main timeline with 'Ripples in the Water' and I noticed that Matthew/Callum already have a thread on the 29th August (Trying to get back to normal). I've only glanced through the thread but are you planning to tie whatever happens in 'Ripples' into 'Back to Normal', or do you need to change dates?
  6. Assuming Davo will train the mage gladiators, people just need to let me know of any non-mage gladiators who want a training session with Aetius!
  7. Dethfyn

    From the album Characters

    Grey Warden Dethfyn Reorsi
  8. Bros 4eva!
  9. I know it's a pain, but since I've been MIA, I know I've missed threads. Can you take a look at this timeline and give me missing threads? Any threads involving GW characters should be included (it makes it easier to weave plots with established events): Any active threads with one of my GW characters do not have to be flagged. I add these once they're complete! Otherwise, hit me.
  10. @Jax - I'll start Innes/Lyall in a few days then!
  11. @Jax - Yes! We definitely need Lyall and Innes from back in the day! Start Gilly & Cal one whenever you're free. Let's do Deana after Cal's asked Innes to officiate. She'll come to see Cal to check that the stress doesn't upset him.
  12. Guthrie Crew: I think we can end this thread on Flap's post: If we want to continue with the idea, let's start a new thread when they're at the party (and/or Mhairi and Bridget are shopping for dresses - entirely up to you!).
  13. PM me ideas!
  14. @Claire - Send me a PM with a paragraph on what you need for Talan and Lilah each (we can just continue the thread with Sera) and we can decide who needs to start which thread?
  15. Lilah, Talan, Sera. I want Tobias and Rayne, too, but one step at a time LOL.