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  1. just that one as far as i can see :D (ongoing)
  2. Ok i am going to be updating the OP tomorrow, if you guys could let me know finished threads then that would be much appreciated :D @Claire @Zhavirah @Zyah_Rayne @Flapjack
  3. 9th August 948 Nerominium, Tevinter Hades, Deliliah @Jax @Zyah_Rayne 1x1, Closed Hades has purchased a small house just along the coast from Nerominium, kept off the books for him and Delilah. Trip to the City Hades had not told Deliah why he wanted her to accompany him on a buisness trip, he had just asked if she cared to come along. It had been hard keeping himself away from her when they were in the sprawling mansion that was thier home. Seeing her sitting with Titus, dancing with him had incurred feelings of raging jealousy within him. What moments they had together were snatched moments and the way this was going, it was getting too risky to be in the City all the time. His son had a lot of contacts within the city and sooner or later someone would blab and that would be it, he was not afraid of his son, but he was concerned about how Delilah would fare. Titus was not known for his tolerance of being upstaged or bested by anyone. He had to admire his sons personality when it came to business deals and the such like, he did not however have to like the boy. With Delilah as his wife, he should have cut the apron strings but no, he was still a mummy's boy and that was what Hades despised most. That and the fact that he was loosing his affection for his youngest. His every waking and sleeping thought was of the woman that now sat beside him on the ride out along the coast. They were more careful even around the servants. There were those so utterly devoted to Persephone that if she ever found out, well that would be the end of this. No what they needed was a place away from Gravenreuth, away from the main cities. Away from everywhere that word could find its way to the poisoned lands that were thier life blood. Delilah had been inquisitive but he had not said anything else. Until he reached up and banged the roof off his carriage. The carriage slowed them stopped and getting out he held his hand out for Delilah to take and walked her round to the other side of the carriage "Its a small place, five staff and its ours" he whispered kissing her hand "No one will ever know, would you like to come inside and look around?"
  4. Cal, Innes and errr RAMSEY!!!! lol
  5. @Celes also forgot to ask for this guy to be placed in the dramatis op ooops
  6. 26th Cloudreach 951 Frosthold Bernt ar Vigdis, Branwen an Iliana @Jax @Celes 1x1, closed shop talk (link to prior thread, plot thread) This was where Bermt liked to be, this was where he felt at home. In his workshop surrounded by his tools and everything that made him feel alive. Everything Bernt did was to better his peoples lives. Some would see that and some wouldn't. To some he was what thier people needed, to others and the majority he was a freak. Man some days he could not catch a break with these people, his own people. At the moment though he would not let that distract him. A handsome man in his 40s he was not as bigger built as most of his fellow Avvar, that did not mean he had a weak body, far from it but he wasn't a walking mountain either. If he had to fight he would. He just preferred to avoid it. Right now he was putting his brain into how he could adapt Lyrium into a rock drill in such a way that it would not kill the workers working it, or damage anywhere else in the hold. Storage space, living space was always needed in Frosthold and he wanted to make it better. But when he lucked out for the hundredth time in as many hours he cursed long and loud, and it was unlike him to curse, he was usually so quiet.
  7. 31st Wintermarch 952 Durand Estate, Arlesans, Orlais Felicity, Eleonore @Jax @Claire 1x1, closed The party draws nearer and Fel is making last minute preparations and she is already hearing rumours of why Eleonores family are not here and its annoying to say the least, the very least. For the umpteenth time in as many months since the party was "forced" upon her family by the wretched Duke Francois, and then expanded on by the Grand Cleric Felicity cursed in a few unladylike ways. Of course Mathieu was nowhere to be seen and she had a vague idea of where he might be, then again with Eleonore stalking around perhaps it was better he was scarce. Bad enough one child with the grumps, in Tomas, who was arriving later that afternoon, she honestly couldn't justify him being kept out of this. but to have three, seriously they were all like bickering children. If Eleonore wanted to keep that maker damned pole up her arse then let her, if Mathieu wanted to whisk his mistress off and do whatever let him, she was honestly done with it all. If this went well enough she may well retire herself from this scene and find something more idyllic for a few years. She closed her eyes and clenched her fists then unclenched them, slowly counting to ten and exhaling. Clearing her mind. Of course it did not help that Eleonore had told everyone who would listen why her husband and children were not here. Personally Felicity thought it it was a load of old horseshit, and there was something else at work here. She had thought it and said to Eleonore's face, the older Durand Daughter would never shy away from showing off Sandrine. Something else was going on here, but frankly the Marquise had way too much on her mind at the moment to even care about it. Let Eleonore have her secrets on this one, no doubt it was something minor and blown all up into something it wasn't. She didn't for one moment think it was all to do with Elodie. Some but not all. "Now the Altare Illusio have been given that area of the land to set up on yes?" She asked her secretary who nodded. "Yes Your Grace, a Marquee has been arranged for them to eat and sleep in..." "Yvette they will eat in the Marquee but they are carni folk and they will sleep in thier aravals or caravans or wherever they choose" Felicity sighed "get your head out of the clouds girl this is not like you!" "i am sorry Your Grace, but i have heard so much about the Carnival," "And you will get to experience it too, everyone will be able to see them, that includes the people of Arlesans, I'll be damned if they miss out because the damn Duke of the North wants to flex his pompous ass" She scowled and shook her head "Go take a break and get those letters off to the Grand Cleric and the Emperor himself" "Yes Your Grace, thank you Your Grace" Fel rubbed her brow and folded her arms. Dressed like a ranger today, her trousers thick lined to keep the worse of Arlesans cold from her legs, the shirt and long Hala Leather Coat she wore also keeping out the cold. She had forgone her Mask such things were not needed in her family home. She glanced as Paol made his way over. "The Comtessa is on her way over" he remarked seeing Eleonore "Do i look like i give a Nugs ass?" She retorted and seeing his arched eyebrow she waved it off. Truth be told, her argument with Eleonore still stung. She had reached out an olive branch and it had been snapped away, she wouldn't make that mistake again. "Go over the security arrangements" She told him not apologising for her words. Then again the Lioness did not apologise where her sister in law was concerned.
  8. Caster looked at each of them in turn and leant against the stone his arms folded. "You have all been telling me to tread with caution and shot down any answers i might have had, Now you want me to be the leader YOU want me to be" He heaved a sigh "My son is with my former Brother in Law mother, he will be safe. Daiman is not going to kill his golden goose. I know that you know that so rest your heart on that" He turned to Ser Rouce and Ethan. "Now see here's the thing, every move i have tried to make has been thwarted by the Blackers, They know everything and thus i find myself wondering what one of my Trusted advisors is reporting back to them?" He turned his gaze on both "Mattrin is not here so it can't be him, it can't be my mother for all she has lost, although it would make sense if i thought my mother to be a woman who would see her family suffer for the sake of personal gain" He walked round both men "So that leaves you two. John is missing, Hans, maker damn him, is also missing as are Katja and Ben. So which one of my trusted advisors is selling us out to the Blackers? Hmm?" Caster looked at them both and a dark cold light hit his eyes.
  9. Cor exited from the building and stood a little way along from the Magister. He had finally got his way and the Ehlven Scribe had been marked as belonging to him. He rested his hands on the railing and looked down at the chattel below. Honestly he would have liked nothing more than to pick out a couple for a sacrifice to the dark lord, they all made his skin crawl. Ridiculing him when he was a boy and yet welcoming the "cured" Altus back into the fold, especially now as it was becoming apparent he would probably be taking his grandmothers seat in the Magisterium, and the DeHavlins were powerful. Fawning pricks and cunts, everyone of them. He put some bids in for body slaves, as per Nydia's request of him when he attended the Silken Palace two nights ago. That woman was a gods send, she certainly knew her business and she had managed to bring some of her clients over before the Garden went up in flames. Flames set by the man standing across from him. He rubbed his eyes when he saw the next slave, a Kossith and not just any Kossith, a Serabass. Cor listened, captured on the crossing between the Marches and Seheron. A man like that guarding his whore houses. He raised his hand to start the bidding, he wanted that Kossith.
  10. if you want to give me a date @Claire and a general gist of what you are wanting then i can start the EleFel (literally) round 2
  11. Here ya'll go mage arrival alert
  12. Can i use this for Dain (NPC) Pls