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  1. Fel rubbed her brow and brought her hands down her face making a weary mask. In truth who was she more angry at? Elodie for even coming into her husbands life at a time when perhaps she had neglected his needs, and Makers hairy arse, Mathieu always had needs. Or was it because she had been so invested in doing what was right by her sons that she had allowed herself to be blinded by what had happened, thus giving her enemies and her sister in law, although the two went hand in hand with Eleonore at this present moment in time., an opening. "No, i am keeping my distance somewhat as i do not want to tread on your toes regarding Neomi, i can see how when i do something you might think i am trying to take over, when i am not" She genuinely wasn't but she could see how Elodie might think she was, Fel motioned at the mistress's stomach "I suggest going to see a healer, i would guess perhaps two and a half months but then i can be wrong"
  2. Ill sit in on annerversary but pop only for me. Well done everyone
  3. Me and my girls


  4. Only one of me well there is another but not sure you lot wanna see me with fag in me gob. Have a good night guys


    1. Claire


      You are so not gonna quit smoking in four weeks, lol! :P

    2. Jax


      Lol yeah i will try lol

    3. Claire


      We don't mind, you might mind us living in a non smoking building and having to go outside, lol! I always feel bad for visitors who are smokers. :(

  5. Chris and kirsties first dance as a marriedI couple awwwwww


    1. Claire



  6. phone conversastion at 7pmish tonight...

    J. my dad ussed to take us to welyn garden city lido. 

    Claire: whats that. 

    Jax, oh outdoor pool ...

    Claire OMG my mum used to take us there when we were kids. 

    Jax how old are you?

    Claire : 37

    well people what are the odds that at some point in the past a ten year old or even nine year old me crossed paths with baby claire???? this is a strange fooking world i tell you when someone you are about to meet, might have met you when you were likkle......see twilight zone. that might not have been the exact words used but near as damnit

    1. Momo


      Insaaaane but totally cool!

    2. Claire


      It's highly likely we crossed paths because of how often mum took me there. We got in free because my uncle worked there so basically went every weekend in the summer. My brothers were always little shits so gonna show you photos of us there see if it jogs memory. Fuck, maybe you are even in the pictures!!!

  7. in three hours will be in leeds, would say i might try and kip on the train but these seats are not all that great for that, as traveling overnight to scotland once can attest. 


  8. Kingsway - Aurelia

    From the album Revolutions - Swimsuit Edition!

    Aurelia is owned by @Celes

    © martina Scarfia

  9. you are very very welcome
  10. Kingsway - Aurelia

    From the album Revolutions Calander 2017

    aurelia wanted to prove she is lucretias heir in more ways then one Aurelia is owned by @Celes

    © Martina scarfia

  11. Hey she still made an entrance lol
  12. August - Torgin

    From the album Revolutions - Swimsuit Edition!

    Torgin is owned by @Claire

    © Barbara Wyrowińska

  13. August - Torgan

    From the album Revolutions Calander 2017

    Who says older men cant look sexy, that and Torgan didn't want all his friends to see him pose...Torgan is Augusts pinup in the mystery artists calander. Torgan is created and owned by @Claire

    © Barbara Wyrowińska

  14. I am going to be on twelve hour shifts over the next week and a half. around 5th of May i should be back to normal. so my posting will be sparodic and i'll either bomb when i can or just do the odd one or two. Really not myself atm and pretty tired, No DnD for me guys until after 5th may when my rota settles down and i get Thursday Friday and Saturday off. For now i am covering Lees leave. least i can do really. Laters 

    1. Momo


      Just take care of yourself Mama Brit! :love: Don't work too hard. We'll be here when things calm down! 

    2. Gali10
  15. And this worries me because its yours lol