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  1. Sorry for my owed posts, hopefully that will be remedied soon :Nug:

  2. Player Name :- Gali10 Character Type :- Common Character Account :- --------------------------------- Character Name :- Deina Date of Birth :- August 2nd, 9:21DA Gender :- Female Race :- Other Class :- Rogue --------------------------------- General Appearance Height & Build : 5'7'', athletic Hair & Eyes : brown hair & eyes [FC - Dichen Lachman] --------------------------------- Personality & History Deina's mother Floscenta was an antivan chantry scholar & herbalist who came to seheron to study its flora, but she fell in love with a fog-warrior from a village of free native elves and stayed to live there. Unfortunately, their daughter was born with six fingers in her left hand, which the villagers considered a bad omen. The elders named her Deina - "impurity" in their language - and forbade her parents from having more children. Deina was allowed to live in the village, but not as one of the elves. She couldn't wander the village, play with the other children, or even talk to anyone but her mother unless it was absolutely necessary. And of course, any physical contact with Deina was forbidden. Even her father was never allowed to hold her as a baby or freely talk with her. If her mother wasn't a human foreigner, the elders would probably force her to leave Deina to die in the forests. But instead Floscenta cared for her daughter and gave her all the love that no one else would give her. She wanted to leave the village with her child, but she knew that between the qunari and tevinter slavers it was the safest place for them. She taught Deina everything she knew on how to care for the plants, and how to use them to make potions and poisons, and also taught her about the rest of the world and how to read in its different languages. Floscenta wanted her daughter to always remember that a whole world was out there, and that some day she will get to experience it. The child also learned some other skills out of necessity- like how to sneak around the village and take things she wasn't allowed to barter for, or how to use the blowgun and knife she stole to protect herself from the forest's beasts. Unfortunately, when Deina was fifteen Floscenta died, leaving her daughter all alone in the world as the village's apothecary. Other than her loneliness, her life wasn't that bad - but as the years passed that loneliness became crushingly unbearable. Eventually she decided to risk leaving the village at the age of 21. Careful not to run across any slavers or qunari, her intention was to find a ship that will take her to Antiva or Rivain. Several weeks later, when she was hiding in an abandoned temple near the shore, was when she first met Javos. He had the ship she was looking for, and was looking for someone with her skills, but it was what happened next that sealed the deal for her. Javos found an ancient knife in the temple, which he used to kill a shaman that wanted it too. Deina has seen death many times before, and people killed fighting, but it was the first murder she witnessed. And although she was a healer, and not a violent person, the sight made her know she found her home. It was only the first time, and ever since then she enjoys the sight of such violence. Considering the way she was raised, Deina is unsurprisingly shy and awkward, but as her crewmates soon learned the quickest way to get her trust is by breaking moral taboos. Deina loves her little gardens on board Ravager, and loves using the herbs she grew in them to help her crewmates - medically and otherwise. However, her favorite thing about her new home isn't her job, or even a life at sea wandering the world like her mother always promised. It is that she found a group of people just as impure as herself, who aren't afraid to be tainted by her and treat her as one of them.
  3. Great! I'll pm soon :)
  4. Hey @Victor, I can make a Deina for you, but I'd prefer her being a humelf if that's alright :)
  5. I've decided to drop Charamelle as my character, so this plot won't be happening... I apologise @Momo and @Claire
  6. Feel free to skip me @Claire / @Zhavirah Pomona is going with Mhaiessa and River
  7. Yes Awesome! I'll start the thread soon! :)
  8. @Claire do you want Charamelle stuff with Nerida? Maybe they interrogate @Momo's mage npc together? Or something else, if that doesn't fit her timeline?
  9. Toying with a grape between her fingers, she listened to Quintus and then said, "You're absolutely right, darling. I liked that idea before, and now after the tournament I like it even more. Where do you suggest will shall have it, though? Your place or mine?" Ludus Umidus was bigger, but it was also closer to the city - which meant they'll have a harder time protecting their privacy.
  10. Added new Ludus Umidus adoptable, Dollius the courtesan:


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      And yay! More crazies for Kapka!

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  12. Maybe I should go for "maybe Besten", with Trinity having received the orders through an unsigned letter written in Nueda encryption?
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