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  1. Reserving for Linus Julius Gallianus, please!
  2. A letter written on a crumpled piece of parchment in messy handwriting. Nothing is capitalized and there is barely any punctuation. Translation: @Caraine
  4. Already!? :O
  5. So, who wants to go to the Praetor's place and save Faine? He'll be trying to fight the guards and have the elf. @Zhavirah @Gali10
  6. Yeah, let's do nobles first so they think they're doing well, then oops! Templars in the city!
  7. Claiming for Sorcha An Asarlachd please!
  8. Okay! So I told you I was going to go through your emporium and here are possible threads we can do. :P Bryce/Triel Elen/Idris, Sinistra/Idris Gill/Tyrion Masoleus/Andrus Ramon/Cyan Tulius/Erzsebet Not that we have to do all/any of them now, but just for future reference.
  9. Ooooh I love the coloring on this one!
  10. Ooooooooooooooooooooh!!! XD Yeah if you want to! I'm up for it, or we can just continue normal guild stuff! I love Pickle so I am game for literally anything! :D
  11. Yes, definitely! There needs to be consequences for what they did! Do you want to do a thread between the KC and my mage? Or do we want to figure out something going on and just do that within the Markham guild?
  12. Awww, that's okay Gali!
  13. I am so following this thread.
  14. Hehe I have added all your named npcs to the list of characters! <3
  15. Okay so re: Faine's last post, I guess we'll go Faine/Torgin/Praetor for a few posts, have crap happen and then Mhaiessa/River swoop in to save their butts? @Claire @Gali10 @Zhavirah