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  1. 12 Kingsway 9:51 Ostagar, Ferelden Kiirwe and Triel @Claire and Momo 1x1 Kiirwe and Triel make impactful first impressions on one another... literally! n/a "No, no no no!" Triel cried, running after a halla that had gotten loose. She didn't know how it had, or even if it was one of hers! It didn't matter, for she did not wish the poor creature to come to any harm wandering around as it was! Unfortunately, it seemed as if it already had for it was quite woozy on it's feet. Moreover, it was very skittish and ran away from her every time she tried to near it! The last time, it had literally bolted! Triel chased after it, only trying to keep the dear thing in sight, but was having no luck! The halla was much faster than she was and she soon lost sight of it, although she kept running as fast as she could, hoping to find it again and bring it home for care. So worried was she about the halla that Triel did not even pay attention where she was going! Another elf soon stepped into her path and, with a shout, she slammed into him!
  2. Player Name :- Momo Character Type :- Common Character Account :- --------------------------------- Character Name :- Triel Valas Date of Birth :- 11 Solace 9:27 Gender :- Female Race :- Elf Class :- Citizen --------------------------------- General Appearance FC: Tamzin Merchant Height: 5’6 Eye Color: amber brown Hair: strawberry blonde, wavy, reaches to mid-back Build: slender and graceful --------------------------------- Personality & History The Valas clan is a small group of Dalish whose primary location was southeastern Orlais near the Emprise du Lion. A hearty group, they primarily kept to themselves during the year with the exception of winter, when they would sometimes need to trade for needed supplies. For the most part, however, they remained isolated, relying on each other to make it from year to year. It was in this close-knit group that Triel was born. Her mother was the halla keeper and her father a hunter, although it was not only them who raised her within the clan. From a young age, Triel flitted around between the different members of her clan, learning whatever she could. From the hunters, her father especially, she learned to use a bow, although she was never cut out to be a true marksman. The hahren’s stories she could listened to for hours and she always liked helping the craftsmen with small tasks. However, her love and interest lay with the halla and under the tutelage of her mother, Triel learned what it took to keep the creatures well taken care of. It was as such, in 9:45 when an illness caused her mother to be unable to perform her duties any longer, that Triel took over the care of the halla. For several years they continued their normal life in the region bordering Orlais and Ferelden, until they received news of the upcoming Arlathan in Ostagar. The elders of the clan found the idea of living among their own people amenable and so they set off towards Ferelden. They arrived just before the Arlathan and indeed decided to remain, settling on the outskirts of the city. Ever since, Triel has continued her duties as halla keeper of their clan. But she also loves exploring Ostagar and the surrounding area, which seems rife with history and interesting places to explore. Likewise, she adores being around so many different clans and elves, often visiting others to learn from them. Triel is a friendly and adventurous individual, although she greatly adores the feeling of finally being rooted to one place and is looking forward to settling further in Ostagar.
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  13. Player Name :- Momo Character Type :- Common Character Account :- --------------------------------- Character Name :- Andrus Ansel Date of Birth :- 21 Justinian 9:18 Gender :- Male Race :- Human Class :- Warrior --------------------------------- General Appearance FC: Lasse Matberg Height: 6’4” Eye Colour: green Hair: long and blonde; thick-beard Build: tall, muscular, broad of shoulder --------------------------------- Personality & History Born in the port city of Tallo, Andrus is a proud Anders man, despite the fact that he is currently a slave in the Tevinter Imperium. Years of hard labor and fighting upon the sands of the arenas has done nothing to diminish his dignity, which is in fact what he often fights for. Andrus’ early childhood was rather unremarkable. Born to a dock worker and a tavern maid, he lived in relative poverty, although the child never truly knew this. His parents worked hard to take care of him and his younger brother, August. Although they went without such things as an education, they were always well fed and happy. Both boys held dreams of becoming legendary warriors, perhaps with the Grey Wardens of Weisshaupt, spending many a day ‘sparring’ with sticks on the beaches. Those fun days would soon take a turn for the worse, however, when in 9:27 Tevinter slavers came upon the pair at the beach. While Andrus was able to cause enough of a distraction to allow his brother to escape, he was taken into captivity and transported to (location), Tevinter. Always a tall and strong young man, Andrus was put to work on various building projects and hard labor within the city. No one seemed to care that he was no more than a child but only that he worked. Although he wished for his freedom again, several times Andrus was witness to what happened to slaves who even whispered of an attempt and remained docile, even if he inwardly seethed. One day, his pent up rage would be put to the test in the markets, where he would end up striking a rather cruel overseer in defense of a young woman whom he was wrongly abusing. Such an action would have likely seen his back stripped of flesh or him put to death were it not for the interference of an upper class Tevene woman, who immediately purchased him for her Ludus. He would immediately begin his training at the Ludus Umidus in 9:36. While he had heard of the gladiators, Andrus never expected to be trained as one. However, he found it a better existence than menial labor. The prospect of gaining his freedom in the games was something else which interested him and so he took quickly to his training within the Ludus Umidus. Underneath the doktore there, Andrus trained endlessly with the other recruits, learning how to wield a great axe with proper skill befitting a gladiator. Proper nutrition and endless exercise saw the young man growing in both musculature and height as well; soon he seemed the very picture of a gladiator. He had yet to achieve victory in the arena, however, although that would come as well. The year 9:40 would see Andrus to his first successful bout in a real gladiatorial fight. Many more would come afterwards. Most notably, in 9:41 he would be pitted in a doubles fight with a qunari by the name of Jhaverzhiel that would become his lifelong ally/rival within the Ludus Umidus. Somehow, the others seemed to think that the pair looked alike and dubbed them “The Twins,” although Andrus does not see the resemblance at all. Since then, Andrus has fought in the arena in the name of Domina Emilia Vipera. Although freedom was his original goal, Andrus is no longer certain if he fights for that or simply for glory and honor in the arena…