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  1. oh look it's a thread with a pun! Group thread for all!
  2. So since I try to get the Mortalitasi rolling can we maybe get a 'necropolis' section in Nevarra? I know this is in Nevarra city(mostly) But since it's such a vast and separated area from what's above I thought it might make sense?
  3. @elnawawi you still interested?
  4. I am captivated by her eyes in this one!
  5. You wanted input correct? Obviously you didnt give her an age yet. The current year is 9:52. What I personally prefer in my own apps is to add 'year/age markers'. How old was -character- when learning their weapon. How old with recruitment. This way you can easily trace back whether the character remember big world events like the blight or the mage/templar war etc. By the way she already sounds like one badass lady!
  6. Working through the pile of owed replied, 6done 8 more to go. 

    Are there people who I promised a new thread aswell?(remember a few but just throw here to remind me)

  7. Allright survived the convention and competition, no win for me :( but it was all fun! Tomorrow back to full activity and show you some awesome pictures

  8. Another small break for me. Working hard on my deadline for next week, so told myself no posts until it's done. Tho Cbox chatting is fine!

    1. Claire


      This is the Warden cosplay? What convention is this one for? Also, pictures of progress if no posties. :P

  9. OHH there are some really good ones between them! Very fitting! Let's see for other people: Grace / Emilia Vipera Umidus / and many more ladies: Meredith brooks - I'm a bitch, I'm a lover Emmalyn Connich: Anouk - Birds Aurelia: Lindsey stirling ft Lizzy hale - Shatter me , Emilie Autumn - Marry me Cornelius deHavlin / Titus Grimaldi Panic! at the disco - Emperor's new clothes Javos Hainere and Skull My chemical romance - blood (replace blood with human meat) Nydia and Sinistra Emilie Autumn - Thank god I'm pretty (I truly love this song for the thick layer of sarcasm she uses) Own characters: Nicodemus: Panic! at the disco - Death of a bachelor , Frank Sinatra - My way (Also good fit for mister Innes Guthrie!) Jeff and Casey Lee Williams - I burn Lionell: Mumford & sons - Broken crown , Imagine dragons - I bet my life Gill: Pink - fucking perfect Bryce: Rihanna - Towards the sun Lily allen - Somewhere only we know
  10. Added the seeker to the adoptables! Prefer to keep the stationed seekers at a maximum of four due to their elite status. Remember names age etc. are all up to debate for those who want to adopt them :) Just tried putting some nice stuff there, that served as their moral motivations and such!
  11. Oh what's that Mortalitasi to adopt?!

  12. I added some fun Mortalitasi adoptables! Seekers are coming soon!
  13. Seekers Fixed details: Kenneth Wills Male Human Age 23+ Pre-arranged environment: Seeker Just passed his vigil! Investigating the mysterious around the Mortalitasi order is his first real mission arrived together with @Esmérelda Henrietta Falkenrath in Link Extras: Photograhic memory Prefers bows/crossbows over swords Mentored by all the present Seekers Claimed by @Vauban Fixed details: Catrin van Wolff Female Human 26+ Pre-arranged environment: Seeker Descendant of dragon hunters Arrived as back-up for @Esmérelda Henrietta Falkenrath Extras: This woman is buff! Devout andrastian! Not a big fan of the Mortalitasi, believes they should have more permanent supervision Her hobbies include reading the chant of light to children, and wrestling Mortalitasi Fixed details: Ashley Verrill Female Human Age 28+ Pre-arranged environment: Mortalitasi Was transferred from the circle to the crypts Especially good with barrier spells Extras: Adores puzzles and labyrinths She's a humongous nerd --- Fixed details: Romana Noire Female Human Age 32+ Pre-arranged environment: Mortalitasi Orlesian ancestors Send to train with the Mortalitasi when she got her magic Often hired as a magical advisor by Nevarran nobility Extras: Very fancy lady Very flirty MAYBE sleeps with several of the men she advises Fixed details: Jarvia Pentaghast/van Markham(your decision) Female Human Age 25+ Pre-arranged environment: Part of the enormous Pentaghast/(or)van Markham family Becoming a Mortalitasi was expected of her as a 'noble' mage Is secretly researching a new form of healing magic with other Mortalitasi mages(more akin to how a surgeon works rather than with the aid of spirits) Her main job is that of a teacher Extras: Total scatter brain Very progressive, believes in a future where the Mortalitasi expand their duties outside that of the death Hates Orlesians and all foreign circles Fixed details: Neville Alvingham Male Elf! Age 36+ Pre-arranged environment: Born in a Nevarran alienage Brought to the circle but got transferred to the Necropolis for his skill Mortalitasi Helps designing new crypts Extras: Is good at drawing Sort of an architect for tombs/crypts
  14. yes, all the adopts are taken
  15. yes, Im giving him that promotion