• Hello traveller! You are on the verge of joining our community and we are so happy that you're signing up to enter Thedas!

    Now, before you get going here are a few reminders about Revolutions:

    • Participation on this site is for people aged 18 or older.
      • NOTE: Your date of birth is not shown publicly.
    • This game is rated with The Universal Rating System at a score of: L3 S3 V3.
    • Our password policy is thus:
      • Your password must:
        • Contain at least eight characters.
        • Contain at least one uppercase letter.
        • Contain at least one lowercase letter.
        • Contain at least one number.
        • Contain at least one special character. 
    • Our setting is AU (Alternative Universe) to that of Bioware, which means that whilst much of this Thedas is the same as the one in Bioware's work there are a number of significant differences between the two.
      • One such difference is that we are not what is often referred to as a "canon game", which means that all of the known characters from across Bioware's work are not available to be played by a member.
      • Other differences are outlined in the various documentation attached to the game.
    • The account sytem is 'Account Per Character', so you have an account for each character you play. There is a management tool for handling this.
    • To begin with, make your OOC account – we call this the Author account.
      • Do not use a character name for your Author account.


    ... and that's all for now. Onward!

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