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          Welcome to the Plot Info Hub



Hey there! Looking to get around our plotting system? Well this is your central navigation page! This single post is the Plot Forum's index, a place where you can quickly check through our plotting system, whether that is because you prefer this method or you just need to find something quickly and the search function isn't your thing.


In here you will find links, tips, and explanations to help you further understand and become comfortable with our plotting system. So let's get started! Our links come under categories and our listed below:


  • The plot forums and their threads are the number one space for plotting.
    • everybody is free to engage in private plotting 
    • plot runners reserve the right to remove players if the plot thread is not being properly used
      • "proper use" is defined as using the plot thread for any and all plot-related communication
      • plot runners will be given reminders that an outline of how they handle public-vs-private plotting is an essential part of their OP
    • some plots will be run exclusively in the plot hubbe forums
  • If you require any help use the Support forum or the contact page.


Utilising Other Tools

Thread Starter Template

When you start a new thread in the Plot Hubbe there is a button in the editor that gives you a form that is ready to be filled in. This is an effective structure for providing essential information for your plot (and/or group). If you do not wish to use a certain section then simply delete it.

Game Updates

At the top of the main page of the forum, in the tabbed topbar, is a scroll of information. These concise updates provide in-play background to Thedas, from significant border disputes to significant weather movements; much of this information cannot be found elsewhere, and is a quick reference method for plotting inspiration, whether you're just starting or are in the midst of a plot.

Game Updates and the In-Character Calendar

The updates pair well with our In-Character Calendar (link is above), which holds a record of the most significant happenings throughout each year since Revolutions began. Most of this information is the result of plots and threads that have been played out by our members, but is also used as a portent of things to come.

Between the short Game Updates and the embedded events within the Calendar, most of the events of our setting are revealed. This information can be invaluable to all plotters.

Our System

Plot Episodes
There are occurrences across Thedas that are important and yet not documented by In Character play. The details of these occurrences cannot be limited to quick updates or a calendar entry, and would be diminished if placed in a particular thread within the plot forums; it is here that there is less chance of a greater number of people seeing them. 
As such, these occurrences have a structure of their own and we call them: Plot Episodes

  • A Plot Episode is a write-up which varies in length, and is written from an OOC perspective. It details a happening and the immediate effect it has on Thedas, explaining directly everything that has happened.
  • More often than not a Plot Episode will not exclude any information, and is deemed as exclusively OOC info; this is not available for players to use with their characters, unless said characters have logical reasons for use.
  • Rather, this info is to be used as an aid for further plotting and IC inspiration, since for some players we have found that a greater knowledge of current events throughout the game is very helpful in this area.

Plot Episodes will be created by the Plot Team, and given prominence on the site; you will find them in the Articles section of the site, which can be accessed through the redirect link in the Plot Hubbe forum. Also remember to keep an eye on our Update feed in the sidebar for new Plot Episodes and reminders of existing Plot Episodes.

Plot Records
Game Updates, Plotlight, IC calendar, and some components of the thread starter template in the Plot Hubbe are a potent collection of resources.
Together, we call them: Plot Records
This is an item that provides a specific purpose: it is quick, direct, and aims to give instantaneous prompts for ideas to players. It is also informative and displayed in a variety of formats, in an effort to provoke inspiration of differing types.

Plot Records are created by the Plot Team, are updated on a regular basis, and are much closer to an IC perspective than Plot Episodes; as such, the integrity of the information is not always guaranteed.
Plot Actions
This is what we normally know as "plotting". That term is reductive in our game, as can be seen when looking at our system overall; it doesn't accurately represent the activity that all members can engage in; it is our purest form of plot activity and so deserves an umbrella term to indicate that: Plot Action
Whenever you post in a plot thread, make a thread yourself, use any part of the system... this is a Plot Action.


Plot Types

The various types of plot that are run in the game are defined below. Coming soon, in this forum's thread listing you will see the colour tags known as Prefixes highlight each thread by its type.


A structured, organised occasion. Often built upon lore, such as an anniversary of some kind.

    • A hub for a organised group, often united by a single purpose. Includes groups with authority.
  • GROUP:
    • Any group of people, united by the specific plot.
  • PAST:
    • Anything set before the existing board year, which can be found in the top bar.
  • QUEST:
    • An adventure in the classic style of RP, specifically with regards to there being a definable goal to achieve for the character(s). These are particularly open to die-rolling.
  • OTHER:
    • Anything not covered by the other Prefixes.

So there we have it!
Now you have a place that you can follow (look above this post), bookmark, or remember to check whenever you are browsing through the plot forums. Again I shall remind you that you can use the Help & Feedback forum or contact a staff member if you're looking for some help.
Happy plotting!

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